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DeKalb County, Indiana Cemetery Books & Those on Website

1. Cemetery Inscriptions, DeKalb Co., IN-Vol 1 by Mrs. Douglas (Kate) Vose, John Houlton Chapter, NSDAR, 1987 DeKalb Co. Historical Society. This book covers 19 cemeteries in 8 townships: Fairfield, Franklin, Keyser, Richland, Smithfield, Stafford, Troy and Wilmington. Cemeteries included are:
a. Fairfield Center {Fairfield Twp.} on web page
b. Hessen Cassel {Fairfield Twp.} on web page
c. Newcomer {Franklin Twp.} on web page
d. Rude {Franklin Twp.} on web page
e. Garrett Calvery {Keyser Twp. } [includes Mausoleum at Garrett]
f. Corunna {Richland Twp. }
g. Sedan {Richland Twp. }
h. Sixteen [Zion Luth.] {Richland Twp. }
i. Barker (aka Summit) {Smithfield Twp. } on web page
j. Cedar Lake {Smithfield Twp. } on web page
k. Forney {Smithfield Twp. } on web page
l. Sheffli {Smithfield Twp. }
m. St. Michael {Smithfield Twp. }
n. Renner {Smithfield Twp. }
o. Big Run {Stafford Twp.}
p. Eddy {Troy Twp.}
q. Mt. Pleasant (aka Ginder) {Wilmington Twp.}
r. Norris {Wilmington Twp.}
s. Rose {Wilmington Twp.}

2. DeKalb Co. Cemeteries, Vol I, by Malinda E.E. Newhard, -1972 (watch for errors)
a. Alton {Concord}
b. Cosper {Union Twp.}
c. Jenkins {Concord}
d. Krontz {Wilmington Twp.}
e. St. Joe (aka K of P) {Spencer Twp.}
f. Wartenbe {Stafford Twp. }

3. DeKalb Co. Cemeteries, Vol II, by Malinda E.E. Newhard, -1978
a. Cedar Chapel {Butler Twp.}
b. Mott {Union Twp.}

4. DeKalb Co. Cemeteries, Vol III, by Malinda E.E. Newhard, -1978
a. White City -West Side {Spencer Twp., Spencerville}
b. White City- East Side {Spencer Twp., Spencerville}
c. Concord (aka Morr) {Concord Twp.}
d. Watson {Jackson Twp.} on web page
e. Bear Creek {Jackson Twp.}

5. Cemeteries of S.E. DeKalb Co., by Fayne Harter.

a. Alton {Concord Twp.}
b. Concord (aka Morr) {Concord Twp.}
c. Jenkins {Concord Twp.}
d. Orangeville {Concord Twp.}
e. Old Evergreen {Newville Twp.}
f. Riverview {Newville Twp.}
g. St. Joe (aka K of P) {Spencer Twp.}


6. Cemeteries not listed in above books, but on <>

Catholic (Immaculate Conception) {Union Twp., Auburn} on web page
Cedar Chapel {Smithfield Twp.} on web page
Evergreen {Union Twp., Auburn} on web page
Evergreen, Old {Union Twp., Auburn} on web page
Lutz {Grant Twp. } on web page
Ridge {Grant Twp. } on web page
Rude {Franklin Twp.} on web page
Stroh {Grant Twp. } on web page
Tamarack {Grant Twp. } on web page
Waterloo (aka Maplewood) {Grant Twp. } on web page
Zion Lutheran (German) {Fairfield Twp.} on web page

7. Cemeteries in DeKalb County, Indiana without interment listings in above references:

Dunn {Grant Twp. }
Husselman {Grant Twp. }
Christian Union {Keyser Twp. }
Embry {Keyser Twp. }
Wilhelm {Smithfield Twp. }
Woodlawn {Union Twp.}
Roselawn {Union Twp.}
Butler City {Wilmington Twp.}
Cotrell {Wilmington Twp., Geo. Cotrell farm}
Kraft {Wilmington Twp.}
Newville {Newville Twp.}
Riverside {Spencer}