The Diary of John M. Steward

This diary is in the possession of J. M. Drerup, of California.

Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

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Submitted by Arlene Goodwin -

John M Steward - His Diary

Spencerville, DeKalb County, Indiana

Bought in Auburn, December 11, 1878 - Cash 20 cents

Wednesday, January 1, 1879.

I and Samuel Steward haul Walnut logs to Leo, we and all our Family take Turkey roast dinner at H. W Beams, we had Oysters to night the Beam’s Families eat supper with us, David Howey & Ida go to party at I. Wyatts in Eve, weather cloudy Still & frosty A.M. moderate & some Snow in P.M. S. W. Wind & Storm in Eve.

Thursday 2

Peter, Samuel, I, & all about the house all day, only do the chores, Furnish’s & Mae Hollibaugh visit us to day, Jas Furnish & Ida go to Oyster Supper in Eve to Metcalfs, David Howey goes home this morning, weather is clear, vary high S. W. Wind all last night & all day, Severely cold by Sundays night & Morning 18 Deg below zero.

Friday 3

Walley takes Ida to town to work for S. Fairfield in Sleigh, I & Peter Cut & haul two loads of wood in A. M. Sam was sick yesterday, he goes home this P.M. Walley freezes his ears, Walley & Peter cut some wood in yard, Peter & children spell & sing to night, clear & high S. W. Wind all last night & all day, Sun dogs in morn, vary cold, 25 Deg below zero.

Saturday January 4, 1879.

Peter & I. Beams go to town in Sleigh, I go to Leo with Sled load of Walnut saw logs, take dinner with Uncle Smithy, Walley, Delley & Fordie Rensinger/Kensinger? cut & get in wood from yard, Jas. Furnish brings Ida home this Eve & sets up with her, Cloudy A.M. Clear P.M. vary cold severe S. W Wind & frosty. There 14 Deg below zero.

Sunday 5

I & wife go to Sam Tarney’s in sleigh, find them all well, have a vary pleasant social & dinner then return home in Eve, Jas Furnish takes Ida to Fairfields in Eve & to church, Peter & children Spelling in Eve, weather Cloudy, vary cold, Sharp

S. W. Wind all day, Snowy Some in afternoon, 5 Deg above zero.

Monday 6

Peter go to Shambaugh to cut wood, I write a letter for Sam Tarney, up to H. Beams a while & for dinner, he is butchering, I go in P. M. to town in Sleigh, buy Some goods, P.O. Stamps &c $1.10 also pay shoe mending bill, $1.50, Total $2.60, weather Moderate, white clouds & sunshine, not thawing, S. W. Wind vary chilley.

Tuesday 7 1879

Pete goes to towns to mend his boys boot Soiled by Cut of Axe, Sam Steward Comes down he & I haul Walnut logs to Leo from C. Watsons farm, Marion Hollopeter her for dinner, I write & figure some this morn on papers of Waters Estate, raw S. W. Wind, Cloudy, Some Sun in A. M. Moderate winter.

Wednesday 8

Peter takes his son Fordie back to his mother’s, Sam takes load of logs to Leo, I go to Auburn in Sleigh, pay $19.54, on the George & Steward Division suit of Costs, Harriet Ervin here today, my wife & her go to Jas Steward’s for dinner, Moderate, Snow last night, S. W wind, Sharp Air, Cloudy A. M. clear P.M.

Thursday 9

Peter takes children to School, I put a cleve? In my axe, then he & I cut & haul up logs for wood balance of day, wife alone to day, She cuts out & begins to make me a Vest, H. Beams down here a while, get a letter from Granny Johnson of Reed City Mich, Cold N. W. Wind, frostey, Solid winter, Cloudy, Sun out some, Clear to night, moon light.

Friday, January 10, 1879.

I take children to School, then go to J.S. Boots a while, then to John Henderson J. P. Office acknowledge & Stay on docket an exicution left by Wm. Shutt of $96.45, then come home Saw & split wood in yard, Peter doing nothing he goes to town, frostey, Sharp S. W. Wind, Colder, Stingey?, Clear bright Sun, hazy Cloudy in Eve.

Saturday 11

Peter & Walley Saw Some wood in Morn, I hitch up team to sleds, I & Walley & Delley haul in all the fodder 4 loads, Peter helps J. Beams in P. M. wife doing Baking, house work & finishes My Vest, Ida comes home this Eve, Weather Moderate, Cloudy, Some Misting Snow in Morn, N. W. breeze, Clear & Colder to night.

Monday, January 13, 1879.

Wife & Eva washing, I take children to School, I stop at Jas Henderson a while, Peter Splits some wood in yard in A. M. Sam Steward & wife come down, in P. M. he hauls a load of logs to Leo, & I & Peter Saw balance of logs, then come via School for Children, weather Clear, vary frostey, Sharp S. W. breeze, Moderate in P. M. & Smokey, Cloudy up.

Tuesday 14

I & Sam make round trip with our last logs to Leo, 25 logs total, home for dinner, then go & bring home top logs and limbs 12 pieces for my own use, Peter gone to Shambaugh to Saw wood, Children at School, weather Cloudy, vary raw westerly wind or breeze, Fogey all day, moderate winter, fine Sleding.

Wednesday 15

Sam & wife go home this Morn, I haul 3 Loads or 8 Small Walnut logs to Hursh Mills, children at School, Peter at Shambaugh’s Wife at home all alone at baking & general house work, my walnut logs are all hauled, weather Cloudy, foggy Morn, Snowing by 10 A. M. East Wind with much Snow balance of day, vary Stormy, moderately Cold

Thursday, January 16, 1879.

I take children to School, feeding watering choring cleaning Stables, Cuting wood &c through the day, Much Cripled & lame in back & hip, wife unwell also, Peter Comes from Shambaugh this Eve, we go to Church to night, Cloudy Sleeting in night, East wind, in Morn N. W. Wind Snow & Sleet till 10 A. M. then Clears off, fine P. M.

Friday 17

Peter go to Shambaugh this Morn, I am choring & attending the Stock in A. M. Eva Stays home from School to Iron cloths, I Roselle & wife go to Geo W. Hendersons in P. M. find them all well, about 5 or 6 inch of Snow fell on 16th, Cloudy frostey & fogey, raw Cold South breeze, Sleets in Eve Some, get Colder.

Saturday 18

I & young George Henderson go to Ft Wayne in Sleds, many People in Stores over Crowded, I settle with Peters mill to day for Walnut logs, Sell Butter & App jell, return to Henderson in Eve, weather Clear & frostey, vary Cold S. W. Wind in Morn Moderate in P. M. cold frostey in Eve again

Sunday, January 19, 1879.

We Start for home, Mae go with us to Hollopeters we all Stay till Eve & for dinner, find them pretty well, We then come on home stop at Uncle Smiths, to Warm, they are well, Weather Cloudy & Snowey in Morn, Clears off, Sharp Stingey West Wind all day, Colder to night.

Monday 20

Peter go to Sam Stewards in Sleigh, I go along to Peter High’s to settle Barney Estate vandue? notes by Cash, Wife & Eva washing, Roselle is Sick, Wall & Delley at School, Shovel Snow & Saw wood a while in Eve, Snowing all A. M. then Clear & fine & warmer until 4 P.M. then Cloudy & Cooler with S. W. Breeze

Tuesday 21

Pete goes to town, I take children to School, then go to Spencerville Stoping at Jas Henderson, & Wm Shutts, Peter comes home with me, I put helve in his axe, Sam Stewards stop here a while on way from Ft Wayne, Peter goes home with them, weather S. W. Wind Sharp & frostey, Cloudy in Morn, Sunshine balance of day & broken Clouds, Moderate.

Wednesday, January 22, 1879.

Children go to School Roselle is yet sick, I am Sick with disintary & lame back & hip, I moderately get about, water things, split & Cut some wood, fix Stove pipe &c, Uncle Smith here in P. M. in Sleigh, weather frostey Morn, Sun Shine & hazy Cloudy all day, Moderate S. E. breeze, thaws much, Snow Settles down.

Thursday 23

I haul up Some logs for wood, in A. M. Geo Henderson & wife here for dinner, I go to town in P.M. in Sleds, order wagon Wheels ironed, Send out 3 Cards & one letter by mail, Ida comes home with me, has worked 3 weeks for S. Fairfield, Cold Morn, Moderates much, West breeze, Sunshine mixed with Clouds.

Friday 24

Wife & Ida & Beams women visit Furnishes, I take them there in Sled, I then go to Leo & get more Shod at Uncle Smiths, M. E. Church Society having good meetings in Leo, I return home in Eve & haul up a load of wood, I feel poorly, Roselle is better, weather Cold Morn, Cold & raw S. W. Wind all day, Cloudy, Moderates Much in P. M.

Saturday, January 25, 1879.

in A. M. I cut a hickry tree for logs & Walley & Delley cut wood in yard & choring, in P. M. Walley & Delley saws the logs & I haul them to Hursh mills, 3 logs two trips the logs are for Sale, I am weak & vary lame & Sore in hip & joints, weather clear, Cold N. W. Wind all day, thawing much, Sleding Soft

Sunday 26

Ida go to church with Beams, I wife & Roselle go in Sleigh to Bear creek Church & then __? To Sam Stewards for dinner, return home in Eve & Stop a while at P. Highs, I am sore & lame weak & feel worthless, weather S. E. Wind damp & cold, hazy cloudy & Sunshine all day, thawing, Sleding nearly gone.

Monday 27

Walley go to School, Delley goes to town & to Sam Stewards on greybill, Ida & Eva washing & churning &c, wife do the house work, Ida Sewing in Eve for self, I am vary lame & Sore, in barn A. M. writing & posting books in P. M. weather warmer, rains last night & all day, roads icy, Snow melting fast, Sleding done, Snow on fields.

Tuesday, January 28, 1879.

I am yet much cripled & lame, but I cut & drag up two logs for wood, children go to School, wife doing the house work, Ida finish washing then Sewing for her self, I & H. Bears & Myers here this Eve, Doug Furnish here all night, we open apple holes this Eve, warm & Cloudy, no wind, Snow nearly gone off of fields, roads Some Slushey.

Wednesday 29

I & Walley wash & load up 16 bu App, App keeping poorly, Walley go to town in P. M. & I clean Stables, feeding, choring &c, Ida Sewing for her self, wife doing the house work, weather Clear, vary fine, thawing much, getting Muddy, I am not yet vary rugid.

Thursday 30

I go to Ft. Wayne with Apples & butter, I. Beams go with me, Sell apples at 30 cts per bu, Sell butter at 15 cts per lb, the Market are dull, we get home late in Eve, weather Clear, vary fine, frozen up in Morn, Muddy roads in P. M. cold nights, Nathan Squires & wife at my house to day visiting wife, Ida Metcalf here & Stay all night

Friday, January 31, 1879.

At home mostly choring &c go to Hursh Mill in Morn with H. Beams I feel much the worse of ware of yesterdays trip, I cut some wood & tinker around, Ida Metcalf go home this Eve, weather Clear, Cold raw north wind, Cold nights, ground muddy, some Cloudy, in Eve.

Saturday, February 1, 1879.

I & Walley cut wood in yard in A. M., in P. M. I cut in woods & Walley hauls wood , get letters from I. N. Steward & Mrs. Bishop in Kansas, women Baking & cleaning up to day. Peter comes home this Eve absent 11 days, Jas Furnish here to night, Cold N. W. Wind, while Cloudy & Sunshine, Some Snow in Eve.

Sunday 2

Jas Furnish takes Ida up to Sam Georges to work, we are up to Beams, in eve, Jas Stewards wife up here to day, John Beams boys here to play with Delley, I am not vary rugid to day by yesterday work, (lameness) weather Cloudy , Cold N. W. Wind to cold to Snow, Clears of vary fine in later P. M. ground hog day.

Monday, February 3, 1879.

Peter Walley & I go to town in A. M in wagon, Sam Steward comes down in P. M. after his wagon, Peter goes home with him to Split Stove bolts, wife & Eva Wash & Scrub up to day, young folks go to Hursh School in Eve for singing, Cloudy vary Cold, west wind, Squally & flying Snow, hard on wheat.

Tuesday 4

Children go to School, I am in the woods Choping down a hickry tree trim up top &c. I have a cold & am lame in Shoulder & hip, Scarcely able to work, wife at home a lone She peaces lines & knots a bed Comfiter, Cold hazy clouds & Sun Shine in A. M. Moderate in P.M. thaws, cloudy like rainy snow.

Wednesday 5

Children go to School, I am at H. Beams in Morn, Samuel Tarney Wife & children come here on a visit in Buggy, they are well, I & Sam go down to D. Shearers a while after dinner, I am unwell with cold & lameness, weather moderate, an inch or two of Snow in night & this Morn, north wind, freezing in Eve.

Thursday, February 6, 1879.

Children at School to day, I haul up 7 loads of wood & cut some in yard, have no visitors to day, wife give the house a general brushing & sweeping out, I am lame & poorly with Cold, weather cloudy, Snowey by Spells, raw & Cold west wind, Sun out Some Clears off fine in Eve, bright moon.

Friday 7

I & wife go to Spencerville, bring my new wagon wheels home from Shop, hear from S. B Wyatt, & from Michigan on my Tax which is $23.54. Sam Steward & wife comes down, Peter comes home with them, I am yet lame & sore, weather Clear, vary fine and Warm, thaws some, cool night.

Saturday 8

Sam & wife go home in forenoon, Peter & Walley Cut wood in yard before dinner, & then go to town in P. M. in my buggy, I look over my Deeds & receipts in A. M. joint Set & file my Saw in P. M. then I & Delley Saw Some wood, weather clear vary fine & warm, thaws through day, freezes at night & frostey.

Sunday, February 9, 1879.

All at home, John Pring & wife & Son come here to day in wagon, they bring I. N. Steward wife & Child home, just in from Kansas of an absence of near two years, Newton is badly Cripled in hand, done in Kansas by bursting gun, joy in Circle, Clear vary fine & warm, thaw by day, freeze nights.

Monday 10

Children at School, I & Peter Cut & Split Some wood in yard before dinner, Peter & Newton go to town in P. M. in Buggy, I Cut wood in woods in P. M. Nette & Eva do the washing, wife do the house work, weather cloudy, Southerly wind, thaws much, Smokey in P.M. look for rain or Snow Soon.

Tuesday 11

Sam Steward & wife Came down last Eve are here yet, Jas. Furnish comes to see Nute, all doing nothing, only choring &c. I put brine on my meat, Sam & wife go home in P. M. we have of Mess of Parsnips for dinner, weather raining all night & all day off & on, S. W. Wind & turns Colder in Eve, Cold rain & little Snow.

Wednesday, February 12, 1879.

Children at School all but Roselle, Peter & Nute visit Stewards & Beams to day & this Eve, I write to Michigan in view of Selling My land & pay the Tax on Same $23.54, go to town in buggy in P.M. wife Baking Bread, weather frozen, quite cold & S. W. Wind & Snowing all day, an inch or two of Snow.

Thursday 13

Children at School all but Roselle, I churn this morn, Peter gone to town all day with J. Beams, I & wife Nute & wife take dinner with H. Beams, & visit all P. M. they are well, we are pretty well, I am not ru_id?, weather Cloudy, Cold Strong west wind all day, Snow Squalls off & on, Clear to night & vary Cold.

Friday 14

Children at School all but Roselle, I deliver the Steer to Shilling get my dinner, then return home via R. Johnsons & Jas Stewards, Stoping at above places to talk Some & rest myself, being vary much worried out, Peter only choring, weather Clear & vary Cold, Sharp Stinging west wind, Sun dogs in morn, Mercury 4 degrees below zero in morn.

Saturday, February 15, 1879.

No School to day, I, Peter & Nute go to town in flat sleds, in A. M. Nute has Dr. Murphy look at and dress his wound, gangreen in the wound, Cut & Split some wood in yard in Eve, weather Clear & Cold S. W. Wind, vary cold but warmer than yesterday, Wife Called to Jas Stewards to see his wife, Sick in bed.

Sunday 16

Walley and Delley go to church to Mourers, I take Nute to town in buggy to Murphey to dress the wound, Symtoms for a good hand unfavorable, wife go down to Stewards to see the sick, are better, weather Cloudy, S. E. Wind & Sifting Snow all day, thaws, some, look for Sleighing.

Monday 17

Children at School all but Roselle, I, Peter & Nute go to town in flat Sleds, Nute sees the Dr. & has wound dressed, his hand is quite bad, I buy a load of corn 18 bu at 30.cts per bu, $5.40, young folks go to singing this Eve, Eva, Nettie & wife wash to day, weather N. E. Wind & Snow all day, prospect of Sleding, 2 or 4 inch of snow, quite cold.

Tuesday, February 18, 1879.

All the children at School, I hung up my meat for to smoke, I & peter Cut 3 hickry logs in A. M. I haul 2 logs to Hursh mill in P. M. Peter gone away in P. M. Newtons hand looks some better flimation checked, weather Clear, hazy clouds in latter P.M. Smokey horizon, in P. M. thaws, Sleding vary poor.

Wednesday 19

All the children at School, Peter gone away untill in P. M. he goes in Sleigh after children in Eve, I am about the house choring & helping the women Some, Jas Steward Calls, I. Beams Calls, H. Beams Calls, Nute is in better cheer, Snowing hard all day, S. E. Wind changing South, S. West, West &c., drifting, vary Stormy, Cold.

Thursday 20

My wife & Peter, & Nute & wife go to Sam Stewards to visit, go in Sled, Eva Stais at home with me, I chop in woods all day Cut down hickry for logs, I saw off butt of tree, Walley & Delley go to school, Walley go to church this Eve at Mourers, cloud & Sun Shine in A.M. N. W. Wind & Snow Squally in P. M. thaws, some in A. M. foir Sleding, Snow 4 to 6 inch deep.

Friday, February 21, 1879.

I & Walley Cut 4 logs before breakfast, I haul 5 logs (hickry) to Hursh mills, Peter & Nute go to Auburn in Sleigh, they call & see Sib? George & Children, children all go to School, my wife & Nette Stay at home & have a pleasant time, Cloudy, raw S. E. Wind, Cold night & morning, thaws Some near noon, Sleding quite good.

Saturday 22

Peter & Walley Cut a log for me & then Cut & Split Some wood balance of day, I haul the log to hursh mill on last of the Snow, Nute go to town with ____? Furnish in wagon, I haul 3 loads of wood in P. M. on Sled in Mud, Clear & vary warm, Snow goes fast, raw N. W. Wind, Smokey, Some Sleet last night, freezing to night

Sunday 23

All at home in A. M. Sam Steward & wife Came down last Eve, they go home this P. M. I take Nute & wife in buggy to Mr. Prings in P. M. I Stay there all night, Nute & wife ben with us the last 2 weeks, his wounded hand doing fairly, weather Clear, vary Cold & Strong N. W. Wind all day, thaws a vary little in Midday in Exposed Sun we got quite cold going to Prings.

Monday, February 24, 1879.

I & Pring out in Morn & view his barn timber & lumber, I go on to Geo W. Waters Estate in A. M. stop & see G. W. Hendersons awhile, their son George is poorly, I find some of Waters poorly, my business is to settle matters of Waters state, weather moderate winter, thaws in Midday, frozen night & morn, Cloudy & raw Southerly breeze.

Tuesday 25

Jane Waters is poorly, up early writing & figuring on Estate Matters & with Geo. O. Waters, &c. in A. M. I go in P. M. & settle with Wolford received $1.00 cash, note $1.75, due the Estate, remain with Waters again, Sleet & ice this morn, from S. East, fogey & Misting all day with rain, thawing much, roads Slush & water, north breeze.

Wednesday 26

Up early for to go to Ft. Wayne, is vary Stormey I do not go to the City, remain with Waters, in House all day, go to Jas Waters awhile in Eve, weather much Snow with high S. W. Wind in night & drifting, vary Cold & freezing much, I am quite lame in hip & shoulder & have ben so for much of my time in the past.

Thursday 27, 1879.

Up early & go to Ft. Wayne in buggy, Geo O. Waters go with me, I Settle up & arrange Some of Estate Matters in City & with John Waters, return & Stay with Waters again, weather clear, quite cold morn & night, Cold & raw breeze from S. West in A. M. & N. East in P. M. Sleds & wagons run well on road, we get quite Cold going to & from City.

Friday 28

Being lame & woryed from yesterdays trip we get up late, Allen Waters come after hay I help him load it up &c, also talk on matters of Geo W. Waters Estate, I being the Administrator of Said Estate, weather Cloudy & Cold, raw S. W. Wind all day, Snow Storm in P. M. I return home in Evening, Stop for Supper with Hendersons, they are well.

Saturday, March 1

All at home, Peter & Walley cut & help me to load 3 Ash Saw logs, I haul them to mill on Sled, Sam Steward & wife came here yesterday, he is sick to day, I use his team & sled on one log, Walley driving my team with one log, Cloudy, thawing much, roads are Slushey, Sleding wearing out, Peter at my place all week, only choring & cut Some wood on Monday.

Sunday, March 2, 1879.

I & wife go with H. Beams & wife to Concord, in Sled to Funeral of Samuel Brown, Sermon by Rev. Lancaster, a vary large Congregation the church, Store room, & Shop was crowded, Uncle Squires here all night, he goes home with Sam Steward & wife this morn, heavy & severe Snow & wind all day from N. East, drifting & blinding, 6 or 8 inch fall, quite cold.

Monday 3

I take children to School in Sleigh & Spend A. M. in Search of Collection for S. B. Wyatt on notes, Stop at Boots & Sponhowers, & return home, Hat Ervin here to day on visit, her boys go to mill in Sled, boys here for supper, Jas Furnish & Mother here awhile, Clear, vary fine & warm, Snow going fast, Sleding good till in Eve.

Tuesday 4

Peter helps me measure & load up all my wheat 15 bu. & 2 bu corn, I take it to mill at Hursh in A. M. Mill not runing, Nute & wife & her sister come up to day visiting from Prings, return in Eve, they are well, wife is quite poorly & has been for all week, I am lame, Sore, & poorly, Short winded, Cloudy, thawing, pleasant day, partially clear in P. M. last Sleding to day.

Wednesday, 5, 1879.

Writing & choring in A. M. I & wife & Mrs. Beams go to town in P. M. in H. Beams Wagon, we sign & leave Pension Papers to Barneys, Walley haul crocks to sugar camp in Eve, Sam Steward here in Eve & returns, weather Clear, frozen in Morn, thaws much, vary fine, roads Slushey in P. M. wife is better, My Shoulder & hip lame.

Thursday 6

I go down in buggy to Waters Estate, take dinner & feed at Prings Nutes hand is doing well, Stop & See Hendersons awhile, my Business is to secure better Surety on notes of Geo O. Waters due the Estate, Janey Waters is poorly, rained hard in night & this Morn, Mistey till near noon, Clear & fine P. M. Muddy.

Friday 7

Figure & argue near all day to get Geo O. Waters to let me have his land notes in place and exchange of my vandue? notes against him, in behalf of the Estate, Exchange one note for one, return home in Eve, take Supper & feed at Prings, clear & fair, frozen in Morn, thaws much, frost out of roads, vary muddy, waters vary high.

Saturday, March 8, 1879.

I work on Jas Steward flat Sled in A. M. John Barney, Sam Barney, and Sam Steward & Nute Steward get here for dinner, object of meeting to rent Barney Estate to Sam Steward of which we do in P. M. John Tarney & Nute Steward Stay here all night, weather clear, fine & vary warm, roads Muddy, frost out, Spring time, Summer birds here.

Sunday 9

Doug Furnish here all night, & all day, Nette & Tarney go home, Furnish go home in Eve, Beck Furnish & Beck Beams here to see us awhile, wife go down to see Stewards in P. M. I write in P. M. Clear fine Spring weather, warm, clear A. M. Some cloudy & Showery in P. M. heavy thunder & rain this Eve continuing in night.

Monday 10

I work on Jas Stewards Sled to day after grinding my axe and tools, Delle goes to Shambaughs after Peters axe, Peter & Walley Saw & Cut wood 3/4 of the day, School out Sat 8th, S. M. High was Teacher, wife & Eva washing & clean up to day, I feel sore & lame, vary fogey Morn, Clear A. M. red Sun & Clouds P. M. vary heavy thunder Shower after dark, continues raining.

Tuesday, March 11, 1879.

I work on Jas Stewards Sled to day, Peter goes away in Morn & returns near Evening, Walley & Delley work in woods Some, Delley haul up to load in wagon, I feel quite lame in Shoulder & hip, weather ____? Cooler, Cold N. West wind all day, ground vary Soft & full of water, roads bad, D Kosht comes & Stays over night.

Wednesday 12

Daniel Kosht goes on leaves 1. Doz bottles Wonder of World on Commission $3.75, I Pay him $3.00 to Settle old bill, he paid me $1.00 for lodging, Peter go to Sam Stewards this Morn to work for him, Wall & Delley open Camp, in Morn, Children all go to Hursh School last day, frozen in Morn, thaws, much, clear all day, Cool S. W. Wind.

Thursday 13

I help boys in camp in A. M. to hang kettles & begin boiling Sap, I clean up Timithay seed in P. M. off of barn floor, Wife made Soap yesterday & the day before, yesterday I worked on Stewards Sled in A. M. repaired my wagon in P. M. this Eve Several neighbors meet here & we Petition for a School district, weather fine & clear all day, raw & cold N. W. Wind, ground Settleing.

Friday, March 14, 1879.

I take the School District Petition & visit many of our neighbors & get their names to the Petition, all urging the Petition granted, I also go to Spencerville & get my own & wifes Pension checks, My self & wife are both poorly, weather an inch of snow this Morn, Cloudy & Sunshine all day, Cold freezing Some, Cold N. W. Wind.

Saturday 15

Help wife Stir off Some Molasses in A. M. & start a kettle of Soap to boiling, in P. M. I visit some neighbors to sign School Petition, I fix Mag Watsons clock to running, I & Tom Furnish go for School meeting at Boots School house, a mistake, no meeting, Cold, Cold N. W. Wind, vary hard on wheat, Partialy cloudy, with SunShine, Snow squalls in A. M.

Sunday 16

Peter comes back last Eve, he & Walley go to Sam Georges this Morn, I do the choring & read the papers, wife reads bible in A. M. & goes to See Stewards Sick in P. M. H. Beams & wife here awhile in P. M. Eva go to Beams in Eve, wife has vary Sore throat, & Cold, I am Sore & lame, Cold Morn, Moderates a little, partialy Clear A. M. cloudy & Snowing in afternoon, Cold N. breeze.

Monday, March 17, 1879.

I attend feeding & choring, wife cuting carpet rags &c, Eva & Kelley do the washing to day, I go around to Shearers, Shaffers, & H. Hursh, B. P. Truster with School Petition, also go to Hursh Mills after my flour, grist not ground, waters have ben high since Mar 6th, weather cold & froze up, Cold N. W. Wind, cloudy & Spiting Snow, 2 in of Snow in Morn

Tuesday 18

I clean Some grass & Clover Seed in A. M. Paint wagon wheels in P. M. Dave Dumphrey dress my pigs in P. M. Walley comes home from Sam Georges in Eve, Lib & Sam Send enlarged Photo of Jas Lewis Steward to my wife her first Husband, Cold & Clear in Morn, Clouds up, sun our some all day, Cold westerly wind, appearance of snow.

Wednesday 19

I & boys Saw & Split wood in A. M. D. Kosht here for dinner & in P. M. I & him are talking on trading of his farm for my Mich land, boys haul wood in P. M. Sam Steward & wife & Ida Waters come down here this Eve, Peter comes home this Eve from Sam Georges, frozen up, vary Cold N. W. Wind all day, clear with white Clouds in Sky, thaws in sun & on ground some in P. M.

Thursday, March 20, 1879.

I remodel wagon Tongue for Sam & dress & file my Cross Cut Saw in A. M. Sam & wife go home in A. M. Peter dresses up in finery & go away in A. M. I am in house in P. M. Writing &c, boys doing nothing but playing, I am sore & lame, Cloudy Cold East wind, frozen up, Snows vary hard all P. M. & all Eve, 6 or 8 in of Snow, blowing.

Friday 21

I & wife & boys go to town in the Sled, 6 or 8 in of Snow, Come in Mud & slush on return home, get some corn for Peters pigs, get a fair of Boots for Delley, get my Pension Check Cashed $18.00, Delleys boots cost $1.75, boys in Camp in P. M. & I am doing errands, fine & warm, Snow melting fast, Clear with Some Clouds in Sky, Smokey.

Saturday 22

I am Choring & writing in A. M. go to Hursh mills in P. M. to have my hickry logs Scaled 1377, feet at 80 cts for hund, total $11.01, I go to School meeting in Eve, Prings boys bring Nute Steward Wife & child up this Eve, boys are working in Sugar Camp, wife vary poorly in Eve, 2 in of Snow last night in night, Mistey rain in A. M. cloudy raw & Cold wind in P. M. Sugar weather

Sunday, March 23, 1879.

I & wife, Nute & wife, & Prings, & Rensinger/Kensinger? all at H. Beams for dinner, Peter came back this morn, Prings go home this Eve, Denney Steward & Etta Bair are here this P. M. & for Supper, this is a Splendid Sugar day in Camp, wife poorly, I am Sore & lame, weather Clear fine & Warm, Snow all going, Sky Some hazy, denote Storm.

Monday 24

Walley & Delley in Camp gathering & boiling Sugar water, I am not very Stout am choring in A. M. Puttying my wagon wheels &c, in P. M Nette & Eva washing to day, Nute out & around Some his hand is healing, Peter goes to Sam Stewards, weather vary high N. W. Wind all day, Cloudy, growing Much Colder, roads vary Muddy.

Tuesday 25

We are up early, we Sugar off our Syrup in A. M. My wife Nute & wife visit J. Beams, after Sugar is cooked, Stay there till Eve, we have 1 gall molasses, & 28 lbs sugar, I & boys Saw & Split wood in P. M. & boys haul up sugar water & some wood on little Sled, I Split wood till dusk, weather is Still & vary warm, clear till near Eve, then Clouds up, Symtoms of rain

Wednesday, March 26, 1879.

Walley & Delley boiling Sugar water about all day, I clean Sewing machine in A. M. Paint my wagon wheels, Spring seat, single & Double trees, neck yoke &c, boys are wet in Camp, weather Cloudy & rainy all day, vary fogey all P. M. roads vary muddy & bad.

Thursday 27

My wife, Nute & wife visit with Jas Stewards to day, Walley go to town & I & Delley Saw wood in A. M. I go to Stewards for dinner Walley Delley & I Saw & Split wood in P. M. get a letter from Ida Steward, weather Cloudy & mild, Clouds broken in P. M. & Some hazy Sun Shine, Clear & fine to night, grows Colder.

Friday 28

My Wife & Nute & wife, & Mrs. Beams visit Abe Furnishs to day, Walley & Delley in Camp, fresh the sugar trees & haul in the water & Some wood to the house, I remain in house all day overlooking & examining the Papers of G. W. Waters Estate, froze up this Morn, clear & grows warmer, thunder Showers in P. M. vary heavy thunder & much rain to night.

Saturday, March 29, 1879.

Boys working & boiling in the Camp to day, I am choring in A. M. haul wood to house in P. M. only able to haul half loads the mud being so deep & bad, to bad for man or beast to work in, the women Stir off Molasses & Sugar in P. M. weather is fair & Clear, Midling warm, consideably windey.

Sunday 30

All at home, Sam Steward & wife come down to day, Ida Waters with them, Peter comes home with them absent Since Monday, H. Beams & wife down awhile in P. M. I feel woried & tired & Sore, weather Clear & fair, Cool in Morn, roads are vary bad.

Monday 31

Walley go to town, Delley go & fish in run in P. M. Walley & Delley gather Sugar water in Eve, Peter go away in Morn & return in Eve, wife & Eva washing to day, I do the feeding & choring & make a Double tree & file & dress my cross Cut Saw to day, weather clear fine & warm, Cool morn & Eve, hazy in later P M. & Eve, threatening rain, Uncle Smith here a while & for dinner.

Tuesday, April 1, 1879.

Walley & Delley gather in the Sugar water & boil all down to Molasses 1 gall, Peter works for J. Beams in A. M. & goes to town in P. M. I Sow Tim & Clover seed on wheat in A. M. I clean up Tim Seed off of the barn floor in P. M. weather cloudy to raw, rains & some sleet in A. M. high N. W. Wind & grows Colder in P. M. Squalley, Clear & Cold to night.

Wednesday 2

Peter & Walley Saw & Split wood mostly all day, Sam Steward Comes down & brings Nute & wife here, Sam & Nute go to mill after dinner, I sow Tim & Clover seed to day on wheat, Sam trades us 5 geese for 8 hens, then goes home, froze vary hard this morn, thaws, Squalley Clouds, trys to snow all day, Snows vary hard all Eve 2 or 3 inches

Thursday 3

I put away my Smoked Meat, & do all other chores, & chop in Woods in A. M. Peter out loafing with neighbors, in A. M. & at home in house all P. M. I remain in the house in P. M. Walley lays about house all day in idleness, I am lame sore & tired, John & Hank Beams here awhile in P. M. vary cold, high west wind, Snowing vary hard all day, drifting, Severe day.

Friday, April 4, 1879.

Peter Split wood in A. M. & work at Beams for S. Howey in P. M. Walley haul a load of wood in A. M. Nute & wife go to Prings in my Buggy & horse, Walley & I Saw wood in woods, all P. M. Saw up one Tree, vary cold, froze vary hard, big & cold N. W. Wind all day, Sun Shine & clouds all day, Sun Shine & Clouds all day, Clear to night, thaws to day, freezing again.

Saturday 5

I & Walley Sawing wood in A. M. Walley goes to town in P. M. I chop & Split wood in P. M. Peter working at Beams in the Sugar Camp, I am vary lame & sore from yesterday & to days work, weather frozen, Cold raw N. W. Wind in Morn, turns fine, Clear & thaws Much, all birds are here chirping in glee.

Sunday 6

I Shave & have a general wash, I go to Jas Stewards there for dinner, Sam George brings Ida home to day after an absance of 9 weeks, She is well, George Stays for dinner & feed, Uncle Smith here this P. M.& late Eve, weather frozen in Morn, Clear & vary fine & warm, Snow drifts vanishing.

Monday, April 7, 1879.

Walley & Delley Fresh the Sugar trees, gathering Sap & wood & boiling, I am Spliting & choping in the woods to day, Nute & wife come to day from Prings by noon, Ida & Eva wash to day, Ida is pleased to see Nute wife & child, weather clear, vary fine & warm Snow drifts all vanish to day, fully Spring now.

Tuesday 8

The boys working in Camp, Nute & Delley go fishing to day, Catch 4 fish, I Sow balance of grass Seed this A. M. Paint my wagon wheels in P. M. the women all out in Camp stiring off the Sugar & Molasses, in P. M. Weather Clear, vary fine & warm, mud Settle down, roads fair.

Wednesday 9

Choring Some in Morn, & write letter for Self & Nute, write & post accounts of Waters Estate all P. M. Peter comes home from Beams, the boys boiling in Camp & wife goes out & Sugars off into Molasses, wife & Nute go to town in buggy, weather clear fine & warm in A. M. rains, off & on in P. M. & all night, good rain for wheat.

Thursday, April 10, 1879.

Choring, hauling wood, & get 4 bush of Corn from H. Beams due me on book act, in A. M. Mrs. McClure, & Mrs. Shearer, here visiting, Peter comes home & goes to town, in P. M. I go with horse & buggy down to the Waters Estate to Settle affairs, weather damp, dreary, Sprinkles off & on all day, rain all last Eve.

Friday 11

At Waters, they are well, I see some Customers in Morn, then take Train for Ft Wayne, at 11 A. M. about the City arranging acts in behalf of Estate all P. M. Put up at the Hedekin House, $1.00 pr day Stoping 1 day, weather clear & vary fine, Cooler, frozen Some & frostey in Morn, Cool air, roads vary muddy & bad.

Saturday 12

I am out early in Court room, at a number of places in City Settleing affairs of the Geo W. Waters Estate, pay out $45.93, for the Estate, borrow the cash for the above, return back to Waters in Eve on the Train, find them well, Stay all night, weather vary Clear & fine, frost & a freeze in Morn, Moderates, Sharp northerly breeze.

Sunday, April 13, 1879.

I am up early for the return to my home in my buggy, Start for home near noon, take Dinner & feed at G. W. Hendersons, give calls at Prings, Hollopeters, & Uncle Smiths, Supper with Smiths, get home in Eve, find folks well only my wife is not rugid, weather cloudy and Showery in A. M. Some warmer, broken Clouds in P. M. Clear in Eve.

Monday 14

I go to Auburn to day with H. W. Beams to Pay my Taxes, pay $10.04, on I. S. Steward estate, pay $2.55, ditch tax on Samuel Tarney Estate, get my dinner at Sim Tarneys, the Women folks washing to day, my wife is not Stout, I am lame & much woried, weather Cold & raw, Cloudy & hazy, rains some in P. M. & Eve, Children go to first day of School.

Tuesday 15

I am at home, rig up my wagon & the women wash in the forenoon, I go to Hursh mills in P. M with wagon, I & Nute fishing till in the night & catch quite a mess of fish, haul a load of my lumber home, Walley goes to town, Peter Spliting wood in woods, weather Cold & raw, rain & Sleet in Morn, Snows vary hard & fast & melts after breakfast, Clears off warm.

Wednesday, April 16, 1879.

I haul two loads of wood in A. M. Peter Spliting wood in woods, Walley & Mrs. Beams go to town in buggy with old Doll Beams mare, in P. M. I & wife & Nute & wife, go to Hat Ervins to Stay all night, find them well, I get 10 bu of Corn of Noah Morr, Ida washing bed cloths in A. M weather Clear & fine, raw & cool P. M.

Thursday 17

After breakfast we all go with my corn & Stop with Sam Steward, for dinner & a visit, H. Ervin go with us to Sams, Sams wife & baby not Stout, we all go home in Evening, Ida cleaning house, Peter & Walley Sawing & Spliting wood in woods, weather Cloudy Cold & hazy, froze Some, Spiting Snow in Morn.

Friday 18

Choring in Morning awhile, then work for H. Beams on his kitchen balance of day, Peter & Walley with my Saw go & cut wood for Dan Shambaugh all day, Ida & wife cleaning the house, Nute goes to town & a fishing, weather Clear & fine, gets warmer, froze in morn, the wind is raw & Cold, we may have Snow yet.

Saturday, April 19, 1879.

Peter & Walley yet at Shambaugh all day, I & Nute Delley & Selley haul in Sugar Crocks, Kettles & barrels, & two loads of wood in A. M. Ida working for Self, wife cleaning house & white washing, I work for H. Beams on kitchen in P. M. Delley takes Nute & wife to Prings in P. M. weather Clear & fine, froze in Morn, gets warm.

Sunday 20

Peter comes here & Stays, Ida & Eva got to Church with A. Furnish to town, Mrs. Beams & Cyde here awhile, then Mrs. Beams & my wife go to J. Beams in Eve, Walley go to Sam Stewards, I go down to Stewards in Eve & get hair cut, Delley gets back from Prings in Eve, weather frost & ice in Morn, Clear & fine, quite warm, growing weather, Cool eve.

Monday 21

I rig up the plow while the boys haul up a load of wood, we then Start the plow for oats in A. M. Peter goes to Split wood for Shambaugh to day, comes back in Eve, Ida is washing in A. M. I & wife go to town in P. M. with wagon with Ida to get Furniture for Ida, weather Clear fine & warm, all vegitation growing finely, wheat I looking vary fine.

Tuesday, April 22, 1879.

All up early, load up my wagon with Ida’s Furniture, beding & clothing, & provisions, then Peter & Walley Moves Ida & the load to Huntertown Allen Co. where she Sets up Dress making & Millinerry, in Partnership with Miss T. Grube from Auburn, I work for H. Beams on Kitchen of a day, weather clear fine and warm, growing warmer.

Wednesday 23

Walley plowing, I help him plow around the trees, Peter plows for J. Beams to day comes back in Eve, Wife & Eva cleaning door yard &c, I trim & grub in orchard & fix & spade Cabage seed bed, Sam Steward & wife & Ida Waters Come down late this Eve, weather Clear fine & warm, vary warm, like summer, growing time.

Thursday 24

Sam Steward Wife & Ida go home in Morn, my Wife go with Mrs. McGilvary to Mrs. G. W. Barney’s Funeral & Burial in town, Walley plowing, I trim in Orchard & yard &c, Peter Spading our garden, the women folks Make garden in Eve, I plow after Supper, it wories me nearly Sick lame & Stiff, weather Clear fine & Warm, quite warm.

Friday, April 25, 1879

I am quite lame & unwell, but yet I try & work some, grubing around apples, Walley Draging oats ground, Jas Steward’s wife her visiting Peter works in garden a little while then in house till after dinner, he goes to town in P. M. we clean oats & Start Drill in Eve, warm & high west wind all day, thunder & Some rain this Eve.

Saturday 26

I drill oats in, in A. M. 2 acres 4 bu Seed, Walley choring, wife work in garden in Morn, Peter goes to a neighbors house raising to day is back in Eve, Lib George & Delilah Waters visit us to day with children, Walley plows in P. M. & I chore about, weather light Clouds, Sprinkling rain this morn & late P. M. Fine growing time, we will have plenty of orchard fruit blossoms.

Sunday 27

I & wife go to Church in town in A. M. Peter loafing about but here for all meals, H. Beams & wife here awhile in P. M. the children all Call at neighbors awhile, I write some & read some in P. M & Eve, wife reads the Bible Some in P. M. weather Cloudy & warm, Sprinkles Some in Morn & Eve, rained much in last night, rains much late this Eve, fine growing.

Monday, April 28, 1879.

Delley & Celle go to School, I & Walley haul Manure till Supper time, then I haul a load of Stone to Hursh’s & get some lumber to fix flower bed in yard, & Walley go to town, Wife & Eva Washing &c to day, Peter go to J. Beams in forenoon & to town in P. M. here for all Meals, weather fine & Clear, Cool Morn & night, warm in day.

Tuesday 29

Walley plowing for Oats, I trim in Orchard in Morn I then fix lumber along Flower bed & from walk the balance of day, Wife & Eva hoeing & cleaning in Flower beds & Making Soap, Peter go to Beams in forenoon plows for me in P. M. Clear & Cool night & Morn, warm in day, thunder & rain at 5 P. M. clear again.

Wednesday 30

I work for H. Beams today on his kitchen, Walley plowing & draging for Oats in A. M. he prepares Some Potatoe ground & Starts the plowing for Corn in P. M. Wife & Eva finish flower beds, clean house &c to day & have the Soap boiling, Peter loafing Some & chore Some here to day, weather Clear & frost & ice in Morn, Cold wind all day, Sun Shines warm.

Thursday, May 1, 1879.

I work for H. Beams to day on his kitchen fiting Caseing & hang doors, Peter & Walley haul Manure to day, Wife & Eva wash bed ticking & fill with Straw in Eve & Clean house & c, Nute Steward Comes up from Prings in Eve, he & family are well, weather clear & fair, Cold Morn, Night, frost & ice this Morn, quite Cool all day.

Friday 2

Walley draging balance of Oats ground in Morn, I then drill balance of My oats 2 acres 3 3/4 bu Seed finish at Supper time, after Supper Delley plows & I Spread Manure, Walley goes to town, Nute fishing Catch none, Peter white wash Kitchen in A. M. does nothing in P. M. for us, weather Clear & fine, frost & ice in Morn, warmer than yesterday.

Saturday 3

I & wife change room Stove into Kitchen, Cook Stove into out Kitchen &c in forenoon, also open furrows & drains in Oats in A. M. Wall & Delley plowing by turn for Corn, I fit in Window Sash for H. Beams allso fit in one window for my Self in P. M. Nute goes to Prings again, Peter round about in A. M. to town in P. M. Cloudy, hazy, Cool, Sprinkles Some rain at noon, rains much this Eve.

Sunday, May 4, 1879.

We are all at home feeling quite weary of our past weeks work, H. beams & wife here for dinner & a pass time, Ed Wyatt & Geo. Wilson here for dinner, Lib Rhoads here awhile in P. M. Wife up to the Beams awhile in Eve, Eva down to Steward’s awhile, Peter here till Eve, to day H. Hursh’s wife Dies, Clear & fair, after 10 A. M. Cold breeze, rained all last night and untill 9 A. M.

Monday 5

I Start Delley to plowing, Walley is laid up with lame foot, I plow Some in A. M. Sam Steward & wife Came down to go to mill, he & I clean his wheat & go to mill thence to funeral of H. Hursh’s Wife in P. M. Women go to funeral with Beams, I plant Potatoes after Supper, Peter go to Beams to work, Cold & raw all day, Clearing in Morn, Clouds up black, clear in Evening again will be frost.

Tuesday 6:

Delley draging Potatoe ground, I cut Seed Potatoes & mark out Potatoe patch in A. M. in P. M. Delley plows, Walley limps & drops potatoes, & I cover Potatoes, 2/3, of an acre, after Supper I Spade a part of garden for truck, Peter gets Corn of Mrs. George & takes abode with J. Beams, clear Cold & raw all day, ice & frost this morn, I am Much woried.

Wednesday, May 7, 1879.

Delley plowing, Walley Spreading Manure & goes to town in evening, I Spade around & trim up Pear & quince trees in A. M. write letters in P. M. till Supper, dress window Casing & make a hay rake Shaft after Supper, weather Cloudy & Cool, frost in Morn, Clear in Evening again & Cold, I am lame Sore & weary.

Thursday 8

Walley plowing, Children go to School, I Spade grape vine row in A. M. plant it with Snow flake Potatoes in P. M. I work in barn after Super choring &c, Wife Sewing Eva Cleaning at Smoke or Milk house, weather clear, frost in Morn, growing warmer, quite cool, in Evening.

Friday 9

Children go to School, Walley plowing, I put new Casing & Sash Slats in Window in A. M. & repairing at house till Supper, Walley finish Plowing field at Supper time, After Supper we all work & tare away the old Baking Oven out of yard, young folks go to Spelling to night, Clear & fine, frost in Morn, dry & Much warmer, I am weary.

Saturday, May 10, 1879.

In Morn I Sow corn Shock rows, to oats in Wheat & Walley plows it in, then Walley & D. Furnish go fishing, Delley go to draging for Corn, & I clean rubish out of yard & Set Trees in yard & repairing &c, I go to town in P. M. boys get no fish, in Eve Ida Waters come down, weather Clear, vary warm, fine breeze P. M.

Sunday 11

I & wife Roselle & Ida Waters Start to Sam Stewards in Buggy, the Tyre comes off & I return home with Buggy, the rest all go on a foot to Sam Stewards, I am writing to day, young folks to Boots School house in P. M. & Organise Sabath School, wife & Celle return in Eve, weather dry clear & vary warm, although a fine breeze going all day.

Monday 12

Children go to School, Walley is draging Corn ground, Delley’s Ewe has twins a white & black lamb will not own the black, we pen her up & make her Suckle them, I am painting & choring &c in A. M. go to Jas Steward’s, R. Johnson’s and Wm. Shutt’s in P. M. Wife & Eva are washing, weather Clear dry & vary warm, a fine breeze going all day, all signs of rain fall.

Tuesday, May 13, 1879.

Delley draging & Walley repairing old fence in A. M. I am writing letters & cards in A. M. & go to town in P. M. Walley Bolling in P. M. Wife washing Carpet & also Sewing, Celle go to School alone, Weather Clear Sultry & hot in A. M. thunder & Showers in P. M. heavy rains Pass around us both North & South.

Wednesday 14

Children go to School, Walley draging in A. M. & Bolling in P. M. on the Corn ground, finish it ready for Marking out, I am triming fruit trees to day, wife go to Chas Rhoades to day visiting, Eva at home Ironing, weather clear & hot A. M. Cloudy P. M thunder & Sprinkles rain in P. M. heavy rains pass around us.

Thursday 15

I & Walley Mark out the Corn ground with Shovel plows 7 acres in A. M. I get Seed Corn 1 bush at noon from H. W. Beams, I mark or Cross out Corn ground & Walley plants Corn with planter in P. M. Delley & Selley go to School, the weather is cloudy fogey & Misting Some all day, is quite Cold, raw damp air.

Friday, May 16, 1879.

Delley & Selley go to School, I am Crossing out corn ground in A. M. finish till noon 7 acres, Walley Planting in A. M. Wife drops 10 rows of Corn & Walley is

Covering it with hoe, Walley goes to Sam Stewards in P. M. & I plant Corn in P. M. with Planter, do not quite finish, frost this morn, is Clear & fair, Cold night, cool all day.

Saturday 17

Walley Comes this Morn & reports Sam Steward very bad with Swelled leg, he goes back to help him in the Corn, I finish planting my corn & Some Sweet Corn, then I & Wife go to Sams, I & Walley plant Corn for Sam, Oliver Waters, Nute Steward comes here to day, Wife Stays with Sam, frost this Morn, Cold nights, Clear & fine, Some warmer.

Sunday 18

Laurie Mare foals me a Colt (Norman) I & Nute, Oliver & Ida Waters came home last Evening, I Nute & Oliver go down to Jas Stewards awhile in A. M. Oliver & Ida go home in P. M. Walley Eva & Delley & Selley go to Sabath School in P. M. I Nute & Selley go to Sam Stewards in Evening & Stay all night his leg is vary bad Called bone Arasipilas, weather is Clear & fair, frost in Morn, Cold nights, warmer to day.

Monday, May 19, 1879.

I & Walley planting Corn & doing other work &c, for Sam all day, Nute goes out Canvissing the Sale of a History of Tropoeal & Polar World, I Nute & Selley go home this Evening, Wife Still Staying with Sam, he is resting Some easier, Cold nights, Cold heavy dew, Clear & fine, Much warmer in day time, getting quite dry.

Tuesday 20

I & Nute go to town in A. M. & buy groceries for Sam Steward, I & Nute go a fishing in P. M. with hooks, poor luck, Catch a few little ones, wife comes home this Evening, Walley will work for Sam all week, he is Some easier, weather Clear & fine, quite hot to day, thunder & a Sprinkle of rain in Eve.

Wednesday 21

I am planting Pop Corn, Squash Seed, Beens, &c, in Corn field finish all truck planting only late cucumbers, doing farm choring &c, go to Johnson’s & get Potatoes for Sam Steward, Walley yet at Sam Steward’s Wife Sewing & Eva Ironing Cloths, Delley & Selley go to School, weather vary Cold, Cold N. E. Wind, Cloudy in A. M. clear P. M. we expect frost to night.

Thursday 22

I & H. Beams join our Team of Bill Horses & we all go to Sam Steward’s to the plowing & corn planting frolick, Several teams there, plow, drag, & plant the field near 8 acres, I make field bars & ditch flood gates & put all up, Hank plows, Walley & Sam Howey plants weather Clear & fair, frost in Morn, Cold night, Cool day, warm sun.

Friday 23

We are at home, I repair & paint Buggy Till for H. Beams, & make a fine Plow Double tree for Sam Steward, & Stick the Peas &c, Wife Sewing & baking, Walley is at Sam’s yet, we left Roselle at Sam’s yesterday to Stay all of this week, a Pedler Noadstine Stoy with us to night, clear & dry, frost in Morn, Cold N. E. Wind, Cold raw day.

Saturday 24

I buy 12 bu of Corn of NoadStine of his purchase on the Gratts farm, Culled Corn 25 cts per bu, I & Him go after it in Morn, I sort it over again into grainery in A. M. I & Delley haul Some wood in P. M. I & Delley go to town in Eve in wagon, buy Shoes & clothing for Delley on Credit, $3.28 worth, Nute Steward & wife come up this Eve in buggy, light frost in Morn, Clear dry & hot.

Sunday, May 25, 1879.

We all Stay at home to day untill in P. M. then the young folks go to Sabath School at Boots School House, J. Beams here awhile in P. M. Nute & Wife go back in Eve to Prings, Wife feeling lame Sore & tired, as well as my Self from past weeks labor, weather thunder & heavy rain in early Morn, rains off & on all day, turns vary Cool.

Monday 26

I & Walley Start the plow in Morn for Corn in Meadow, I Serve my Mare Laurie to Baltz’s Norman bay Stallion, I chore about on place in A. M. & cut & place Sod on the old Baking Oven ground in P. M. Selle comes from Sam Steward’s in Eve, Walley goes to town in Eve, Quite Cold raw & damp, thunder in Morn with Some rain, Mistey A. M. & in Eve.

Tuesday 27

Walley plowing till Supper Then go to draging, about 2 Acres off of Meadow plowed to plant to Corn, I am Soding in yard & choreing &c in A. M. Shell Seed Corn in P. M. Spading in garden & hoeing, & wife seting out Cabage in Eve. D W. Steward here for Settlement in P. M. Wife visits with Mrs. H. Beams till Supper, Cloudy & Cold in A. M. Clears off in P. M. & gets some warmer.

Wednesday, May 28, 1879.

Delley & Selley go to School, Walley finish draging & Mark out the Corn ground in A. M. & I Spade & rake the Cabage ground, I & Walley plant the Corn 2 Acres in P. M. Wife goes to town with Beams, Eva Ironing & Baking, G. Wilson here Wanting work, weather Cold night, vary heavy & Cold dew, Clear & fine, quite Warm.

Thursday 29

Children go to School, I & Walley work on the roads under J. S. Boots Supervisor, we Scrape & grade with our Team, we eat our dinner & feed at Abe Furnish’s Sam Steward & wife Stop at my house for dinner to day, Nute Steward Comes up this Eve, Clouds & Sun Shine all day, thunder and rains pass around, warm, fine breeze.

Friday 30

I Nute & Delley go to Auburn with Shearer to the Soldiers decoration of graves, we Martch in Column to the Cemetery where we have Prayers, Music, & speeches &c, we take dinner with S. U. Tarney, every thing goes of in Peace & love during the day, Cloudy & Sun Shine all day, warm with fine breeze, thunder & rains pass north & South in P. M. Sprinkles here in town.

Saturday, May 31, 1879.

Walley & Delley haul Sawdust & wood to day, they go to town in A. M. for a Buggy wheel, Nute goes with them, H. Beams Shears our 5 Sheep 43 lbs, Mr. White dresses my Colt, Calf, Pigs & lambs, in P. M. they are here for Supper, Mr. Shull & Ida Steward come here this Eve, warm & fine breeze all day, Clouds & Sun Shine, A. M. Thunder & much rain in later P. M. & in night.

Sunday June 1

All at home all A. M. young folks all go to Sabath School in P. M. in Beams Wagon, Mr. Shull & Ida Steward depart in P. M. in his Buggy for Huntertown where She is now living, weather warm & raining in A. M. turns Cool in P. M. Sprinkles Some & Sun out Some in Eve, Nute goes to Sam Steward’s in Eve.

Monday 2

I & Wife Set out Cabage in A. M. I hoe in garden in P. M. Walley planting Mellon Seeds &c in A. M. & ditching in P. M. children go to School, Sam Steward & wife come down & Nute is along, wife Stays here, Sam & Nute go on down to Cedarville, & will Stay over night, Cloudy & Cool & drizling Some rain in Morn & Eve.

Tuesday, June 3, 1879.

Walley is ditching all day, I am hoeing in garden, & help to lay Barn Bridge Sills, for H. Beams, children go to School, Wife Baking, & works in garden Some, Sam returned in P. M. Stays for Supper then he & wife go home, he traded horses with Uncle Smith, weather quite Cool dreary & Damp weather.

Wednesday 4

Walley replants Corn till Supper & then goes down to Prings on his Colt in Eve, I & wife go to town & exicute our Pension vouchers & Send them off by mail, I replant Corn in latter P. M. &c, We prepare to go to Prings Barn raising to morrow, weather Clear & fine, grows warmer, fine Stiring breeze.

Thursday 5

I & wife go to Prings in Wagon to the Barn Raising, the frame is raised complete with plenty of help, we go & Stay all night with G. W. Henderson, Walley goes home in P. M. we see many acquaintances at Prings, weather a rain in past night, Clouds & Sun Shine all day, much lightning & Some rain in Eve, Cold heavy dew yesterday Morn.

Friday 6

We Start to for home in A. M. take dinner with Prings, Stop in Cedarville with Uncle Smith & Stay for Supper, Nute Steward & wife is with us going to our place to Stay awhile, I take my buggy wheels home from Smiths, weather Clear & fair, Cold Morning & heavy dew, warm day, Cool evening.

Saturday 7

Walley draging Corn with harrow, Delley Straightening up the Corn after him, I repair & grind my Scythe in A. M. I mow the grass in yard in P. M. & hoe at Potatoes &c, Nute is out to town & Canvising the Sale of a booek he take 4 orders to day, weather Clear fine & warm, Cold dew this morn

Sunday 8

Nute & wife & my wife go to town in buggy to Church in A. M. we all go to Sabath School in P. M. in wagon, a fine School & large Attendance, My wife opens the School with Prayer, Sim Tarney & his Son Comes here this evening in Wagon to Stay over night, weather Clear, vary fine & quite warm, Cold dew this Morn.

Monday, June 9, 1879.

Children go to School, Walley hauls wood in A. M. & drags balance of Corn & plows Potatoes in P. M. I go to Shearers in Morn with Sim Tarney, Sim then goes on for home, I Set up Corn & hoe Potatoes to day, Wife Sewing &c, Eva & Nette Washing, Nute is out Canvissing, weather Clear & fine, Some Clouds, this Eve threatening rain.

Tuesday 10

Walley plowing Corn to day, I hoe Corn & potatoes to day, am not feeling well & do not hoe but little, Children go to School, the women are Sewing & Ironing, Nute is our Canvissing, Weather Cloudy in Morn, Clears off fine, is quite warm, a light breeze through the day.

Wednesday 11

Walley plowing Corn to day, I am not well but hoe Some Potatoes & Corn, Delley Sets up corn after Walley, Selley goes to school, Nute out on the Canviss & takes 8 orders in A. M. Nute & Nette & child with my horse & Buggy go on a visit tour for a few days, Sim Tarney & boy with team Stop for the night, Clear & fine breeze & warm A. M. thunder & much rain P. M.

Thursday, June 12, 1879.

Sim Tarney goes to town this Morn My wife goes along, they get back by noon, the boys go fishing in A. M. Catch none, Sim goes on home, his boy Stays here till to morrow, My wife visits Jas Stewards in P. M. Walley plows Corn in P. M. Delley Sets up & I replant Corn in P. M. I Set out Rutabaga, Cabage, & Tomatoe plants in A. M Clear fine & vary Warm.

Friday 13

Walley plowing Corn, Delley goes with Tarneys boy to drive a beef to Auburn, Wife Sewing to day, Selley go to School, Eva is weeding out the flower beds & c, I am writing & looking over papers a part of the day, & also seting out beet plants & hoeing in garden, weather fine & warm, fine growing time, mixed Clouds & Sun.

Saturday 14

Walley plowing Corn finishing all twice over done by Supper time, wife & Eva Sewing, doing house work &c, Eva goes to Sam Stewards in P. M. I hoe in garden all A. M. & work on Sulkey hay rake in P. M. untill Supper time, Walley goes to town in Eve to festival, weather fine Cool breeze, broken with Clouds, & Sun Shine till Supper, we then have a heavy rain & thunder.

Sunday, June 15, 1879.

I Stay at home all day, wife go with A. Furnish’s to church in Spencerville, I Shave & write Some, Delley comes home this Morn from Sim Tarney’s Nute & wife & child come home at noon from off of their visit, Sam Steward & wife come here in Eve a while, Cooler, Clouds & Sunshine in A. M. Squall Showers all P. M.

Monday 16

Nette & Eva washing, wife doing the other house work, Delley go to School, Walley choring & repairing Some fence, I work on hay rake, Marion Hollopeter & wife & two of her Sisters come to see us in P. M. he goes to town, I & Walley go with him, they go home late to night, Uncle Smith here awhile, weather quite Cold, Cloudy A. M. Clouds & Sun Shine P. M. Clear in Eve, were fear frost.

Tuesday 17

My wife, Nette & Walley go to town in A. M. they take 2 bu of Corn to the mill, I work on the rake & do other choring, My wife & Celle go on visiting tour to Auburn in buggy to Stay Several days, they go in P. M. Walley goes to Sam Stewards with my horse to plow Corn for him a few days, Nute went yesterday on his Canvis, weather Clear, quite Cold, vary Cold air, Clear & fair all day.

Wednesday 18

Delley hoes the Cabage in Morn then goes to School, Nute & Eva are now my house keepers, I work on the rake in A. M. I go to town in P. M. with H. Beams & get rake axle ironed, Nute Comes home this Eve, Shearer & Beams Cuts the Sam George grass on this place, weather vary Cold in Morn, Clear & fine, Cool Eve again.

Thursday 19

No School to day, this is the Old Settlers day of Meeting in Auburn of DeKalb Co, I do not go, I work on the Hay Rake to day, Mrs. Mathias Rhoads visits us to day, Nute is our Canvissing to day, weather Clear & fair, Cold Morn & Eve, warm by day.

Friday 20

Delley go to School, I work on the Rake to day, Nute is out Canvissing to day, he is having fair luck, he is working the book & nursery agencies, Shearer & Beams finish getting in the George Hay 8 loads in all (Clover). Weather Clear & fair, Cool Morn, gets quite warm, I get a letter & Card from Ida Steward & Geo O. Waters.

Saturday, June 21, 1879.

No School today, Delley Cuts off Some dock in A. M. & goes to town in P. M. Nute is out Canvissing to day, I work on the hay Rake finish making all new wood & paint it also, Nette & Eva doing house work & Baking &c, Walley comes from Sams in Eve, weather Warm & Clear, fine rain in Eve.

Sunday 22

I remain at home all day, Walley goes off in Morn with S. Howey & is gone all day & into the night (loafing). Eva & Delley go to Sabath School, Nute & Nette go to Shearers awhile in Evening, Sam Steward & wife Come down awhile in P. M. I write, read, & Sleep Some to day, weather Clear fine & warm, growing weather.

Monday 23

Walley plows Corn to day & Delley hoes & Sets up Corn, I am painting on the rake & c in A. M. I & Beams Set up the rake in P. M. Wife comes home off of her visit this Eve, I rig up My Mower in P. M. weather Clear & fine, warm growing weather, Nette & Eve washing to day, Nute out canvissing.

Tuesday, June 24, 1879.

Delley & Selley go to School, I grind the knives & go to my Mowing of Clover, Walley cuts out fence row with Scythe, I mow till noon, I am weak & nearly over come with fatigue, Walley mows in P. M. untill Supper, then hauls a load of Stone to Hurshs for me, weather Clear fine & quite warm.

Wednesday 25

Walley Mows to day untill noon, I cut out fence row with scythe, in P. M. we rake up the hay of yesterdays cutting & haul in one load, I go to town in Eve to buy a hay fork rope, get none, Sell the wool 37 lbs, 26cts, total $9,75, 13 3/5 lbs is Delleys wool $3.55, weather Clear & fair, vary warm.

Thursday 26

We haul in hay to day 7 loads Peter Rensinger/Kensinger? helps us haul day get all in but two loads, Walley & Delley plow Corn in the Morn untill the hay is dry, Nute with his one hand helps to bunch the hay, Weather clear & fair, warm with cooling breeze, fine hay weather, Some Symtoms of rain in P. M. & partially Cloudy.

Friday, June 27, 1879.

Walley & Delley plows Corn all A. M. & work on Axle for H. Beams Wagon, in P. M. we haul in the balance of the hay two loads, then I work on axle again, Walley goes to town in Eve, weather Cloudy & fogey in Morn, Partially Clear, & vary hot in Mid-day, heavy thunder & rain in later P. M. with wind.

Saturday 28

Walley & Delley plow Corn all A. M., I make two ventilating doors for Mrs. Beams to day, H. Beames makes one for him Self, out of my lumber, all the Beams Famalies & our Selves have an ice cream Supper at H. Beams given by Walley & Sam Howey, weather Cloudy, mistey in A. M. heavy rain after dinner & all P. M.

Sunday 29

Walley & Eva go to Hurshes visiting Delley & Selley go to Sabath School, the rest of us Stay at home reading & writing &c, Nute comes back to day was gone Since Friday Morn, I am not feeling vary well to day, weather Clear & fine, fine growing time, quite warm through day, Cool in Evening.

Monday, June 30, 1879.

Selley go to School, Delley picks cherries, & Walley Mows balance of Cover 8 Acres in all, in A. M. Walley plows Corn in P. M. Delley is Sick in P. M. I fit & hang Mrs. Beams ventilating doors in A. M. & make myself one in P. M. Nette & Eva washing, wife caning cherries, Sam Steward & wife down in Eve awhile, Nute goes to town twice, weather Cool Morn, Clear & fine, warm day.

Tuesday July 1

I go in buggy on Search of wheat & Corn in A. M. buy Corn of Gratts ____ bush at ____cts, total _______ borrow 8 Bush of wheat of J. S. Boots worth $8.16, Walley plows Corn & rakes the hay in A. M. we haul in the hay in P. M. 4 loads, 14 loads total on the 8 Acres, Nute bunches the hay & helps to unload, weather clear fine & warm, fine South breeze in P. M.

Wednesday 2

I go past Gratts pay $5.00 on the Corn & go to Boots & get my Wheat, then Nute goes to mill with it in A. M. get the grist & a load of lumber home Soon after dinner, I & Walley cradle 11 Doz of wheat around the field preparatory for to run Reaper to morrow, I am feeling vary poorly & weary from labor, weather Clear fine & quite warm, (hot) we eat ice cream at Beams this Eve, I get 12 bu of Corn from Gratts this Eve.

Thursday, July 3, 1879.

Sam Steward with team & wagon comes early to help me harvest, & Peter Rensinger also helps me, I & Nute grind knife & set up reaper, Nute drives on the reaper, we cradle & reap 110 doz of wheat today, I have 105 doz of the Foltze? Variety 4. Acres but thin on the ground, I feel quite poorly & weary, weather clear & fine, Some White Clouds, fine South breeze.

Friday 4

We all go to Spencerville to Spend the Fourth, we have fine Martial & brass horn & Organ Music, Singing, Speaking prayers & Orations, all in the grove, other harmless & Comical amusements in town, Basket dinner, Fire works & Balloons in Eve, Prings are up they take supper with us then go home, we return to fire works in Eve, weather clear & vary fine, quite hot day.

Saturday 5

Sam Steward & Rensinger/Kensinger? returns, we all go in the Harvest field, Nute drives, we cut about 6 acres 194 Doz, Shock up late in Eve, I am in a Maner nearly worn out, I have Dysintary all the time lately, Nette & Eva gather Raspberries on the 3rd & to day, put up 16 cans in all, weather Clear & fine quite warm, but temperd with fine breeze,

Sunday, July 6, 1879.

This is my 38th birth day, we all stay at home resting from labor of the past week, the children go to Sabath School in P. M. I walk over the place looking at the Stock & Crops, write some & Sleep Some, Peruse the Bible Some, weather clear fine and quite warm. Clouds up in Eve, Symtoms of rain soon.

Monday 7

Rensinger/Kensinger? & Sam Steward come on the Harvest for me, being rainey we do not harvest, I fix & hang my ventilating door to bed room &c &c, Nute goes to town, Sam goes home in Evening, I grind reaper knives in P. M. weather warm, rains vary much, rainey all day & to night, to Soft to run reaper.

Tuesday 8

Nute goes to town & St Joe Station in A. M. after his books, Sam comes down Peter Sam & I cradle & finish my wheat harvest by 10 A. M. 15 Doz to day, total acres of wheat 11 , total Doz 330, we then cut the George 5 acre lot for Peter, finish late doz, 115. Doz, 1/3 to Peter, 1/3 to George, & 1/3 to myself, Sam goes home in Eve, weather cloudy & wet in Morn, clears off hot.

Wednesday, July 9, 1879

I work some in barn, tare a part & load up reaper &c in A. M. Nute, Walley & I go up to Sam Stewards before dinner with team & reaper to Cut his wheat after dinner we move to his wheat on Rhoads Farm 2 miles away, Set up reaper & cut 3 acres 75 Doz, weather warm, cloudy & rainey in A. M. clears of fine & hot in P. M.

Thursday 10

We are up early feeling vary Sore & weary, I & Nute grind reaper knives in Morn at Johnsons, we reap all day 5 acres 125 Doz, we ear our dinner in grove, we retire in Shade for an hour Soon after dinner, being near over come with heat, weather Clear & vary hot, have a Shower at noon, heavy lightning in N. E. in Eve.

Friday 11

We are up early feeling vary Sore & wary, I & Nute grind reaper knives at Johnsons in Morn, we reap until later Supper time when a heavy thunder Storm stops us, we get wet, Clears off fine again, cut about 4 acres mostly new & Stumpey, tegious cuting weather clear fine & hot, fine breeze in P. M. heavy thunder Shower at 5 P. M.

Saturday, July 12, 1879.

Up early & off for the harvest field, finish his harvest, 14 acres 260 Doz on Rhoads Farm, then move to George Farm by noon, eat dinner in grove, in P.M. we cut balance of Sams wheat on George lot 3 acres 55 Doz, finish late in Eve, we move all the machinery home, weather clear & fine quite warm, I am much worn & quite weary.

Sunday 13

All at home, I am vary weary & weary glad wheat harvest is done, I Shave & wash in A. M. I go in Buggy & take Nute & wife to Prings in P. M. I then go on down to Water’s in eve find S. I. Waters quite poorly with Phthisic?, Olive & Willey are well, weather Clear & vary fine, quite hot & no air going.

Monday 14

I am up early, S. I. Waters is yet Sick, I & Willey get the breakfast, I spend the day visiting Parties in order of Settlements to G. W. Waters Estate, make no Collections and in Consequence make no Payments, I find nearly every Person in their harvest fields, weather is Clear & vary fair, no air going is vary hot all day, Some of the harvest hands give out.

Tuesday, July 15, 1879.

Up early, go to Ft. Wayne, looking over Court Maters & Claims in behalf of G. W. Waters Estate, allow Some individual & Docket Claims, Spend the day in above business, leave the city late go out for the night with G. W. Hendersons, find them well but weary of the harvest, weather Clear & fine vary hot all day & night.

Wednesday 16

I Start for home in Morn stop in Cedarville for axle for Sam Steward, get home by noon & find my folks well, I rig up the mower & grind knife in P. M. then Mow some in the Eve after supper, the machine works well, I also Mow out the fence Corners of Meadow, weather clear & fine, quite hot, cool breeze in P. M.

Thursday 17

Walley mows in A. M. & Rakes up hay & hauls in hay in P. M. I am busy Making & putting in an axle for H. Beams untill 3 P.M. Beams helps haul 1st load of hay, then I & Walley haul in 2 more loads, unload with horse fork & new rope all works well, weather clear & fine, is quite warm, cool breeze in P. M.

Friday, July 18, 1879

Walley Mowing in A. M. while I with Scythe mow yard weeds dock &c, in P. M. Walley rakes up hay & Him & Delley haul in 1 load, I become quite ill & sick in P. M. from Poisoned & Sore hand have much fever all P. M. & night, Wife & Eva help unload the hay, weather clear fine, & quite hot, Scarcely no air going to day.

Saturday 19

Walley finished Mowing this morning 8 acres grass light, I am yet quite feeble with sore hand but being unable to hire a hand I muster ambition & I & Walley & Delley haul in 4 loads of hay in P. M. Eva helps unload 2 loads out yet which we doodle up well, weather clear & fine, quite warm, but Some breeze.

Sunday 20

All at home, I & wife prepare to go to town to church, before we Start Sam Tarney & wife & family all come to visit us, and Sam Steward & wife with N. Johnson & wife also come down, Johnson & wife go to Beams for dinner, all here awhile in Eve, all are well, I am felling better again, weather clear & fine, quite hot.

Monday, July 21, 1879.

John Beams with Team helps Peter haul in the George wheat, & I & Walley with team haul in Same, we haul the George wheat 5 acres, & my Foltz Wheat 3 acres by noon, in P. M. I & Walley haul in the 1 acre lot of Foltz wheat, Delley helping haul wood for Steamer, & 1 load of my hay also weather Clear & fine, hot, signs of rain.

Tuesday 22

Up early to haul in the last load of hay, but it rains & we do not get it in, Walley goes to Beams to help thrash, I clean up Barn & grainery in readiness for the thrasher this P. M. Sam Steward & wife come to help us, thrash after Supper, weather, much rain in A. M. vary hot & Showery all day, Sun between Showers.

Wednesday 23

We finish trashing this A. M. Peter takes water tank to town in P.M. 72 bu of the George wheat, Peter 1/3, George 1/3, myself 1/3, 24 bush each also 72 bu of my Foltz wheat 4 acres, I & Walley in P. M. Straighten up wheat in my other field 7 acres, 225 Doz, weather SunShine & Showery in A. M. vary not P. M. with white clouds & Suns Shine.

Thursday, July 24, 1879.

Delley Rakes the Meadow & I open up the hay doodles in A M. Walley, Delley & I haul the load of hay in P. M. it is nearly unfit for use, 10 loads total of Timothy hay of 8 Acres, I Sow some turnip Seed in garden in Eve, weather fine & pleasant, Some Clouds & Sunshine all day, fine Corn growing weather

Friday 25

Walley & Delley gather about 3 bu of apples & take them to town & sell at 45 cts pr bu, we built a Sluce & graded mud hole in our land yesterday in P. M. I mow weeds with Scythe along the fence fix Mrs. Beams doors, & go to Gratts &c in A. M. we have ice Cream Supper to night, weather clear & fine all day, quite warm, signs of rain.

Saturday 26

Rained hard this morn at 2 p.m. I go to Gratts farm this morn & get 15 bu of Corn at 30 cts, Mrs. Gratts goes up to see it measured, we unload Corn before dinner, the boys haul two loads of wood after dinner while I write some, then Walley goes to Sam Georges in P. M. & I & Delley haul a load of lumber from Mill &c, in Eve Marion Hollopeter & wife & her Sister come here, weather clear warm & fine.

Sunday, July 27, 1879.

This Morn I & wife & Marion Hollopeter & wife & her Sister Maggie Galloway all go up to Sam Tarneys, they are well & glad to see us, Uncle & Aunt Smith of Cedarville come to see us to day, Uncle & Delley comes on up after us, we go home in Eve, I & uncle Smith go to Cedarville & back to night, weather Clear fine & warm.

Monday 28

I am writing all A. M. & making out an application for Pension for Uncle Hiram Smith, in P. M. I & Uncle go to Spencerville to execute papers before Barney, but Co Clerk must Execute it first, Smiths go home in Eve, Walley cuts oats & sells his 2 year old colt to day for $75.00, I cut oats in Eve weather Clear fine & warm.

Tuesday 29

I cradle oats all day, Walley binds oats, Nute Steward & wife moves Ida home to day from Huntertown with Prings team, Ida is fat & well, Nute & wife go back to Prings in Eve, Ida was home Sick for to get home but is now Cured, Eva & Maggie Galloway went to Sam Tarneys yesterday & come back this Eve, weather clear fine & warm, Cool nights, Signs of rain

Wednesday, July 30, 1879.

I cradle oats in A. M. & haul a load of 38 5/6 bu of wheat to St Joe Station get 98 cts pr bu, in P. M. Walley binds oats in P. M. he went to town in A. M. we have ice cream Supper here to night (free) Sam Steward & wife are down, neighbors are in, have pleasant time & Social, weather clear fine & pleasant, quite warm, cool nights.

Thursday 31

I cradle Oats in A. M. and haul a load of 43 bus of wheat to St Joe Station in P. M. get 98 cts pr bu, the boys haul wood in A. M. & bind Oats in P. M. Ida & Maggie Galloway are Sewing to day, Wife & Eva doing house work & Ironing &c, weather clear fine & warm, cool nights.

Friday, August 1

I Cradle Oats & finish by supper time, Walley binds oats, Delley helps Jas Furnish to day hand Sheaves, I help bind oats after Supper, I am vary weary & much worn down by work, have had & now have Dysintary for last 5 or 6 weeks, quite bad by times, have to use wonder of the World to keep it in check, weather clear fine & pleasant, hot day, warm nights.

Saturday, August 2, 1879.

We haul Manure in A. M. Walley is Sick in P. M. I bind & Shock balance of Oats in P. M. 3 acres 100 Doz, we haul in a part of the load of tangled oats in Eve, young John Mullen stays here to night, Walley is better in Eve, women all busy at house work & Sewing, weather clear & fine, Sign of rain inn evening.

Sunday 3

We are up early, Ida & Walley Maggie Galloway & Sam Howey go to Newville to John Tarneys, I & wife go to Spencerville to E. M. quarterly Meeting a full Church, we see numerous old acquaintances, we go with S. Fairfield for dinner, weather rainey in Morning & later P. M warm in Midday.

Monday 4

Up early, Ida goes to work for H Beams, Maggie Galloway & my wife visit a while to day at Beams, Wife takes Maggie to Hollopeters this P. M. Walley is quite Sick, Delley goes to town after Medicine, Eva is washing, Elle & Delley churn, I am writing to day, weather rainey all A. M. hot Sun & Cloudy in P. M.

Tuesday, August 5, 1879.

Peter helps me to day haul in my 7 acre field of wheat there was 11 loads, Walley is Sick but hands Some Sheaves in the Mow in P. M. my Wife goes down to Margaret Stewards to see Willey he is quite Sick, weather is warm, Watery Clouds all day, Moist day, good for Corn crop, Symtoms of rain any time.

Wednesday 6

Peter Rensinger/Kensinger? helps me in Morn haul in 2 loads of Oats day, it then rains off & on balance of day & Peter goes away, Sam George & wife & children come down to see us & get their wheat 24 bu 1/3 of 5 acres, they are here for dinner & at Beams for Supper, weather warm and Cloudy, rains off & on Since 9 A. M.

Thursday 7

We rig up wagons & begin hauling Manure to day, Peter helps us in P. M. Walley is better & helps Some at loading, we put our hogs & pigs & Cattle in onto the wheat stubble, ground is moist good for growing Corn, weather is warm, Watery Clouds al day with Some Sun Shine, clears off to night & turns cold.

Friday, August 8, 1879.

the Machine comes on quite early & Thrashing for John Beams, all day, do not finish, I am helping him, Walley & Delley haul Manure to day, the machine thrashes 48__? of wheat & 70 bu of oats, weather clear & Cold, Strong N. E. breeze all day, Some are fearing frost.

Saturday 9

I help J. Beams finish thrashing by 9 A. M. then the Machine Moves to H. Beams job on M. Watsons Farm, I help him till 3 P. M. day, I then go home, Walley & Delley hauling Manure & wood till I get home, we then haul in balance of Oats 3 loads, weather Clear & fair, but quite cool, cold night.

Sunday 10

My wife goes to church in town with Abe Furnish in A. M. Prings boys, George Hollopeter & wife & Nute Steward & wife come down this Eve, Stay all night, Prings & Hollopeters go home & Nute & wife Stay here, I walk over to Farm in A. M. viewing crops & My Stalk, weather clear & fine, vary cold Morn, moderates down.

Monday, August 11, 1879.

I Start Walley to plowing to day for wheat in the orchard, Sam Steward & wife go home this Morn, I & Delley Spread Manure & place Straw in the plow furrows, to day, ground plows in Extra fine order, I write Some for Nute in A. M. he goes to town, women are washing, weather Cloudy, Moderate & fine.

Tuesday 12

Walley plows to day, I & Delley Spread Manure & place Straw in plow furrows to day, unload Oats off of wagon at noon & I Beams gets wagon in P. M. to haul grain to Market, weather Moderate temperature, Cloudy all day, Sprinkles rain in Morn, & Some in Eve

Wednesday 13

Walley plowing to day, I & Delley Spread Manure & do the choring, I am writing letters to Bishops in Kansas, this A. M., Nute is out canvassing to day, women are doing their ironing & house work &c, my wife is Sewing on Shirts, weather Moderate, is cloudy all day, Sprinkles rain in Morn & Some in Eve, heavy thunder heavy rain & some hail at 11 P. M. to night.

Thursday, August 14, 1879.

Walley plowing & finishes the Orchard to day 3 acres, I & Delley Spread Manure this A. M. & I writer Some for Nute in A. M. Nute & Wife & Mrs. Beams go to St Joe Station in P. M. My wife is called to Chas Rhoads in P. M., I go in P. M. & engage in Machine for to morrow, weather quite cool, Clouds & Sunshine, Signs of rain.

Friday 15

Walley & Delley go to town in A. M. with Apples & Eggs to get groceries & Beef for the Thrashers, Wilks, Sander thrashes in P. M. until near to Supper, when rain Stops us, rains, much all later P. M. & all night, Cold & Strong N Wind, danger of frost Should it Clear off, Corn would sufer

Saturday 16

Late in Morn we start up the Machine, finish by 10 A. M. 150 of wheat, 125 of Oats, eat dinner then go to Bill Howey to thrash, I help Howey all P. M. Walley helps Furnish to thrash after Supper, I am vary near worn out, weather rains Some in Morn, vary cold N. Wind, rains much all last night also hails Some, Clears off cold & fine.

Sunday, August 17, 1879.

Nute Steward & wife with my buggy go to Prings this P. M. my wife go to church with Furnishes, to Spencerville, I Stay at home & read, Sleep, & write &c young folks got to Sabath School, weather clear, vary fine, Warm day, Cold Morn & night, vary near to frost, presume there was frost in low wet lands.

Monday 18

Up early, I go to Howeys to thrash & Walley go to H Furnish in A. M. & to A. Furnish in P. M. to thrash, we finish at Howerys in A. M. I am choring in barn &c in P. M. feeling much wearied, Nute & wife Comes home at noon & goes to St Joe in P. M. weather Clear & fine, Cold Morn & night, warm day, I go to St Joe with Nute.

Tuesday 19

I am about home all day, doing my Choring &c, Walley goes to plowing for wheat in the west field, the ground plows in fine order, Nute is our Canvassing on his books, & paper, Nutes wife is washing, weather warm and Clear, prospect for frost has vanished, fine Corn weather.

Wednesday, August 20, 1879.

Walley plows to day, I am called to Jas Stewards to Trash Clover Seed, my wife goes to help cook, I pitch clover on loads all day, become much wearied, left arm nearly fails me, Seed turns out god, weather clear & fine & warm, Cool Southerly breeze.

Thursday 21

I become voialently sick at last midnight with vomiting, I continue vomiting all night & morn, eat nothing, go & help to thrash again, but fail & return home vary ill & weak, Nute goes & works in my place, weather clear & fine, Southerly breeze, Some hazy in S. W. horrizon.

Friday 22

I writer Some for Nute this Morn, then go & help Steward thrash wheat at his home in A. M. & at Johnson Farm in P. M. I feel weak & poorly, Nute is our canvassing on his books, & paper, wife helps to Cook to day again at Stewards, weather clear A. M. Southerly breeze, hazy Sky, & some rain in P. M.

Saturday, August 23, 1879.

I go & help thrash again, finish the job by noon & get dinners, the machine goes to C. B. Huffman, I return home & go to mill in P. M. with 10 bu of my new wheat for Flour, Stop at Huffmans in Eve as I go home, grind 2 bu leave the rest there to dry out, weather clear fine & pleasant, good corn weather, rains in last night.

Sunday 24

I & wife, Nute & wife, & the young folks, all go to bear creek to Rev. Lancaster’s Sacramental Meeting, large Congregation, Extra Servises, See many friends, I & wife & Uncle & Aunt Hiram & Lydia Smith, go to H. Ervin’s for dinner, go home in Eve, weather Clear a. m., cloudy P. M. rains some in Morn, looks, for rain in Eve.

Monday 25

Walley plowing, we gather up Apples, butter, Eggs &c to go to Ft. Wayne Market to Morrow, Nute & wife go with us in Eve to Prings, So we can Start in Morn Early, find Prings all at home & all well, they are all glad to see us down, weather clear & vary fine, hot day, Cool morn & night.

Tuesday, August 26, 1879.

We go in Morn to Market, I peddle on the back streets nearly all day, Slow sale, I get 20.cts for Apples, 11.cts for butter, 10.cts for Eggs, we return late in eve to Prings, I am weary & disgusted at the Market, weather Clear & fine, dry & dusty, warm day, Cool Morn & Eve.

Wednesday 27

We go over early to G. W. Henderson, they are not all well George is Stabed by his own knife while slaying a Sheep, Mag has the chills, I return by noon to my home, Walley plows in P. M. I do not do much in P. M. weather dry warm & fair, warm day, cold Morn & nigh.

Thursday 28

Walley plowing, I am doing general choring in A. M. & write on Geo. W. Waters Estate Papers in P. M. preparatory to going down there to morrow, to look after Settlements, My wife receives much Injury to night, coming from church by H. Beams runaway team, weather clear & fine, warm day, fine Moon light Evening.

Friday, August 29, 1879.

I go early & go to Cedarville with Bailey & Howey, thence go on to Waters Estate with Uncle Smith, & he goes on to Ft. Wayne, I find Waters on Sick list, am vary busy all day Settling Estate matters, Stay here all night, weather clear dry & hot, warm Morn & night.

Saturday 30

Go with Geo. O Waters into Ft. Wayne on load of hay, vary busy all day addjusting Estate Matters of Geo. W. Waters, Estate in the Courts & Clerk Offices, lave town & Stay with I. Waters, all night 5 miles from town. My lame arm is vary painful, weather Clear, fine & vary hot, vary dry, hot night.

Sunday 31

I got to Waters Estate in Morn, find them poorly, Stay there till noon, then Uncle Smith Comes & takes me to his home there go to Church, & eat Supper, he then takes me on to my home, late in Eve, my lame arm is much Swelled & vary painful, weather Clear fine dry & vary hot, all day & night.

Monday, September 1, 1879.

Walley & Delley haul manure this A. M. & a part of P. M. I am out all A. M. looking at wheat ground, & the clover Seed, Cattle Sheep &c., Nute Steward & wife & child, Come up from Prings, in buggy to see us, they go back in Eve, & Nute expects to Start to Kansas Sept 3rd, weather warm & fair all A. M. Showery in P. M. thunder & lightning &c, rains to night.

Tuesday 2

I & the boys are not doing much to day, I do Some house choring to day & up to Beams awhile, I am sufering vary Severe in left arm with Swelling & Pain, wife & Eva washing to day, weather Moderate S. E. breeze, dreary & rain off & on all day, & all last night, & to night, temperature is moderate.

Thursday, September 4, 1879.

I am writing all A. M. on the matter of the Geo. W. Waters Estate letters &c. I & wife go to town in P. M. & Execute our Pension papers do Some trading, pay Interest & Store debts &c., Mrs. R. Askew & child comes home with us in Eve, weather cloudy A. M. clear & fine in P. M. day is warm & night is Cold, N. W. breeze.

Friday 5

Mrs. Askew & my wife go visiting to day to P. Highs & C. Watsons, the boys gather & wash the apples for Cider, I file & dress cross-cut saw for John Steward & do Some other choring, S. Steward & wife come down this Eve & Stay over night, weather clear & fine & warm, Cold Morn & Evening.

Saturday 6

S. Steward goes home this morn, I go to Shearers in A. M. & contract the hire to his Reaper to cut my clover Seed next week, Walley is plowing I repair dry house in P. M. Mrs. Lucinda Snyder of Pierson, Ind. Call on us for a chat, Mrs. Askew visit Beams to day, Mr. Askew & girl come this Eve after his wife & Stay all night, weather Cloudy A. M. Clear & fine P. M. raw air, cool night.

Sunday, September 7, 1879.

Mr. Askew Wife & children Start for home this A. M. Ida came home last Eve from P. Bishop’s being there two weeks, Ida, Walley & Rensinger/Kensinger? go to Isiah Grosh’s to day to eat Mellons, & visit, Lucy Fairfield & Son John, and Lyde Beams Call on us in P. M. weather Cloudy, raw & Cold breeze, denoting Storm, Mistey rain in P. M.

Monday 8

We get Kensinger to Come & help Walley to Make Cider & then take it to Auburn to Sell, they fail to Sell & bring all home in Eve 80 gall, I am Severely afflicted with Swelling & pain in left Shoulder & left arm & left chest, am unable to Sleep or work, weather Cloudy & Cool, Clear Cold night, women are washing & baking.

Tuesday 9

My affliction is growing worse & I am treating with herbs, & liniments, Walley plowing & he finishes this Eve, Rensinger/Kensinger? helps in Morn awhile to fix for Cider boiling, wife boils down 40 gall into cyrup, Delley goes to Am. Johnsons & get 3 bus of sweet Apples, I can do nothing but lay & Suffer pain, weather Clear & Cool, Cold night, we fear frost.

Wednesday, September 10, 1879.

I am feeling no better, & am Confined to the house, Suffering intence pain & want of Sleep, am growing weak, I know not what ails me, believe it to be Rheumatism, am using herbs vinegar & liniments, Walley & Delley are hauling Manure, my wife & Mrs. Beams go visiting to John Bakers. Weather clear & fine, warm day, frost this morn, Cold Morn & Eve.

Tuesday 11

Walley & Delley haul Manure to day finish by Supper time, then Walley goes to help Shearer thrash Lyde Beams & Eve go to C. Watson, in P. M. & get grapes, they come back & go to town in Eve, I am gaining none, Suffer Severe pain, feel weaker, weather Clear, fine & warm day, Some frost, Cold Morn & night.

Friday 12

Delley draging for wheat in A. M. & awhile in Eve, Walley is at Shearers thrashing all day, Mrs. S. U. Tarney & one of her boys Come to see us to day from Auburn they bring Some fresh beef & c., they return in Eve, I am no better feel weak & discouraged, I cannot Sleep at nights, weather Cloudy, denoting Storm, have some rain before & after dinner, Clears off in Eve.

Saturday, September 13, 1879.

Delley is draging all day, Walley rigs up reaper in A. M. to cut Clover Seed, he cuts Corn in P. M. wife & Eva baking bread, Pies, Canning grapes &c., doing the general Saturdays work, I am no better, trying new Med, weather Some Cloudy in A. M. Clear in P. M. Stiff Cold breeze all day, cold nights, no frost.

Sunday 14

Walley, Eva, Delley & Celle, go away & spend the day loafing, wife go to Jas Stewards to day Ida Stays home with me & get dinner, Tillie Henderson calls to see us, Sam Steward & wife comes down in Eve, they & all our young folks go to town to church, I am no better, weather is raw hazy & Cold A. M. Clear P. M. & cold.

Monday 15

Peter & Walley cut Clover Seed to day, Delley comes from Sam Stewards this A. M. Mag. Henderson comes up to day to settle her Estate matters with High, I cant feel myself any better, and in bed part of the day, Wife is working hard, Ida & Eva are washing, weather clear & fair, Cold breeze, Cold nights.

Tuesday, September 16, 1879.

Walley goes to help Sam Steward Thrash, my wife & Mag goes to Highs & to Sam Stewards to pay in their dues due Ann Tarney, I give my wife $29.00 to pay hers, wife comes home in eve, Ida is gone to Ft. Wayne, Peter is Cutting Corn to day, Delley is Rolling, weather Clear & fair, warm day, Cool breeze, Cool nights.

Wednesday 17

Peter Cutting corn till noon, Delley draging & Rolling till noon Pete drills wheat all P. M. Mag comes back, Uncle Smith of Cedarville comes to see me, he get a sack of oats, Mag goes home with him in P. M. Ida Sewing for Eve & Peter, I am no better, am out Some, weather clear fair & fine, Warm days, Cool nights.

Thursday 18

Walley yet at Sams, Comes home after dinner, rains much & thunders in A. M. to wet to drill, Peter & Walley cut the balance of Clover Seed in P. M. 8 acres, Wife hard at work Canning tomatoes &c., Delley & Lyde Beams go to town, get me some whiskey for Me’d, I am feeling vary bad, Ida Sewing for Eva, weather rainey A. M. Cloudy P. M. turns fair, clears off in Eve.

Friday, September 19, 1879.

Willey Steward Cuts corn for me to day, Walley cuts corn, Peter drills balance of field of wheat to day 8 2/3 acres, & furrows it out all day at it, Delley choring, &c., wife vary busy making tomato Catsup, makes a fine lot of it, Ida Sewing for Eva, I am feeling vary bad & weak, weather Clear & fine A. M. hazy P. M. Sign of rain.

Saturday 20

Peter & Walley cutting Corn to day, Delley draging in Orchard, I am not suffering much pain to day by I am vary weak & languid, Wife & Eve go to Auburn to Reunion or Aniversity of Battle of Chickamauga, they go with Beams, Ida stais at home doing the house work, N. Steward comes up to day, weather clear, fine, & pleasant, fine day for reunion.

Sunday 21

All remain at home to day but Ida, J. Furnish & Ida goes to Sam Georges to day, I am vary poorly & Sore & lame, my Shoulder is no better, Uncle and Aunt Smith Come up to see me from Cedarville, Sam Steward & Wife come down to see me in Eve, Nute Steward goes back to Prings, L Fairfield here awhile in Eve, weather, Clear & fine, but some what Cold.

Monday, September 22, 1879.

Walley finish draging & Rollin the Orchard by noon, Peter doing his own choring & Some for us in A. M. he drills wheat in P. M. Orchard, Walley digs potatoes in P. M. Delley Eva & Selley gather the fallen apples in A. M. I am no better Suffering Sever pain in the Carbuncel or Abscess, weather clear fine & pleasant, Cool night.

Tuesday 23

Peter finishes drilling Orchard in A. M. 4 acres 7 3/4 bu Seed, he takes 34 bu of wheat to Market for me in P. M. at $1.07 total $36.29, Walley diging potatoes, Cutting Corn &c., all day, Ida is at Fairfields, working this week, Eva & wife are washing, I am no better, vary much pain, weather fair A. M. Signs of rain P. M. rains this Eve & all night quite hard.

Wednesday 24

Being wet none of us do any thing in A. M. in P. M. Walley cuts Corn & Peter furrows out the Orchard & cleans out water courses, I an confined to the house with much pain my Abscess is growing larger, & worse, weather Cloudy & Some rainey in A. M. quite warm, good wheat growing weather, turns Cold & Clear off this Eve.

Thursday, September 25, 1879.

Peter & Walley with my horse & Buggy go to Ft. Wayne to the Agriculturiel Fair, N. Steward Came up yesterday, he is our canvissing to day, I am in the house all day Suffering pain & loss of Sleep, weather Clear, vary Cold, heavy frost & freeze this Morn, day grows vary warm & fine, vegitation much frozen.

Friday 26

Delley draging the Corn field for wheat yesterday & this forenoon, Peter drills wheat this P. M. in the Corn field, S. M. George, wife & Family, come down last Eve and go home to day, be buys a Heifer & 2 Shoats of me for $20.75, weather Clear, Cold morn, fine & warm through the day. I am suffering vary much.

Saturday 27

Being wet not much being done all day, Peter & Walley Cuts & hauls up some wood in P. M. the women are Scrubing cleaning & baking to day, I am in bed all day feel unwell & Suffering Sever pain with Abscess, weather Cloudy, dreary, & rains off & on all day, Chilly breeze. N. Stewards went down to Prings yesterday.

Sunday, September 28, 1879.

Peter & Walley go to bear creek to church to hear Rev. Lancasters last or farewell Sermon, the rest of us Stay at home, I am Suffering much pain & am much reduced in flesh & Strength Uncle Smith & S. Steward & wife come to see me, Prings boy bring N. Steward & wife up here, weather fair & fine, Cloudy in A. M.

Monday 29

Nute & Nettie & the children gather up a load of Apples for Cider, Walley & Delley go in P. M. & make the Cider at Hursh Press, 106 gal from 35 bush, Walley gets up a load of wood in A. M. the women wash in P.M. Ida at Fairfields working this week yet, I am Suffering much, weather clear fine & fair, Cool Morn.

Tuesday 30

Nute & Delley go to Ft. Wayne to Sell the Cider, they have fair luck Sell 104 gall for $6.64 & 3 bu of Hickrey nuts for $3.00, they get home in late Evening, I am in much pain & Suffering, Walley doing the choring & hunting hickrey nuts & c., weather clear fine & warm, fine wheat growing weather.

Wednesday, October 1, 1879.

Nute & wife go hickrey nuting in A. M. I go in Morn to town with J. Beams & have my abscess cup open, by Murphey, it was large & painful & run near a quart of Coruption, I stay in town at Fairfields, am much reduced, Nute comes after me in Eve in buggy, weather clear fine & vary hot, equal to harvest weather.

Thursday 2

The youngsters out hickrey nuting, my abscess is vary Sore but all severe pain is gone, I Slept last night vary good, it is Still wasting much coruption, I walk out in P. M. with wife to the woods, all hands go out, get many nuts, Walley drills Some wheat in P. M. weather Clear fine & vary warm, a gale of wind in Eve, rains to night.

Friday 3

H. Beams thrashing last P. M. & to day, Walley helps him to thrash, we are all out nuting in A. M. Nute & wife & my wife go to town in P. M. My wife is vary poorly with sore throat & goes to see the Doctor for help. I begin to feel like myself to day, I eat dinner at Beams to day, weather Clear fine & vary warm, had a fine rain in the night.

Saturday, October 4, 1879.

I go out nuting to day, I am feeling better, Nute & Walley & Delley Saw & haul up wood in A. M. Nute & wife take my team in P. M. & take 16 bu. of apples to Prings to dry on the Share of . Walley takes the Heifer up to S. M. Georges in P. M. weather Clear, & vary fine, & vary warm. Jas Furnish brings Ida home this Eve.

Sunday 5

Young folks go to town to church in A. M. S. Steward & wife & H. Ervin come to see me to day, H. Beams & wife are down to see me & here for dinner, Jas Furnish here also, Nute & wife return in Eve, wife & children go to town to church in Eve to hear Rev. Keys Preach, weather cloudy A. M. Clear & fine and vary warm in P. M.

Monday 6

I & wife Nute & wife are out nuting to day, we cut a tree & get a fine lot, Ida is home She & Nette are washing in A. M. Delley is draging in A. M. Walley get home at noon from S. M. Georges, he drills wheat in P. M. Eva Irons in P. M. & Ida is Sewing for Self in P. M. Weather Clear, fine & vary warm, like harvest.

Tuesday, October 7, 1879

Walley finishes drilling wheat in corn field 7 acres 11 bu Seed, Ervin boys go to mill past here, H. Ervin comes along, She & I visit M. Steward to day, Ervin boys return & they all go home in Eve, Peter helps Walley awhile in Eve to run water furrows in the wheat, weather clear fine & vary warm, Clouds up in Eve Sign of rain.

Wednesday 8

Nute & Eva & Walley go out nuting, gather a fine lot, I go out in Eve & gather a few, Ida is Sewing for her Self, Delley is on the go all day hunting a dress Paiter for Ida, Wife is vary busy doing house work &c, weather warm, but cloudy with misting & rain off & on all day, had a fine rain in last night.

Thursday 9

Jas Furnish & Eva go to Waterloo to the fair, Delley goes to S. Stewards with him last Eve to go to the fair to day, I hull hickrey nuts in A. M.. & write in P.M. Beck Furnish visit us in P.M. is here for Supper, Mrs. & wife. Beams also here for Supper, Valley goes to town, then picks apples, weather clear fine & vary warm all day, fine shower in morn.

Friday, October 10, 1879

Delley comes home from S. Steward, he & Walley pick apples & do other choring, I am nearly well, writing to day, Ida washing in A. M. She & Nettie & Eva pick the geese in P. M. Wife is making mango Pickels & catsup to day, Nute is out canvassing with my horse & Buggy all day, weather clear fine & vary warm, Smokey in P. M.

Monday, October 13, 1879.

I am off early, Stop & see Henderson then pass on, make a number of Collections, have good luck, meet with Geo. O. Waters in Eve, go & Stay over night with him at his home near Gloids Mills, find the People generly well, I am vary much wearied this Evening, weather Clear, vary fine, vary hot, like harvest weather.

Tuesday 14

Remain all A. M. at Geo. O. Waters, in P.M. he with his team go with me to the old Waters home Stead, he takes Some Corn home, on return I Stop with Uriah Johnson all night, made a few Collections, luck fair, find Johnsons well, Geo. O. Waters is to haul wheat to morrow for me for the Heirs, weather damp foggy and mistey A. M. Clear & hot in P. M.

Wednesday 15

I hire Johnsons horse & buggy to day for to go out on my Collections, meet with fair luck, go to Christ Ueble’s? find them well, have a few words of difference with him on his Scandal, return to Johnsons late in Evening, taking S. J. Waters with me, Geo. O. Waters Markets wheat for me, for Waters Heirs 35 bu, 123 total $43.35 weather foggy & damp A. M. Clear & fine P. M.

Thursday, October 16, 1879.

I clean Johnsons Sewing machine this Morn untill Geo. O Waters comes along, then I go with him to market balance of wheat in Ft. Wayne 29 5/6 bu, at 1.29, total $38.45, on return in Eve I stop for the night with Mr. O. P. Waters, pay our much money for the Estate, & Collect in some, weather Clear, fine, Warm & pleasant.

Friday 17

I get out early & off Collecting, meet with fair luck, in P. M. Geo O. Waters Comes on the hunt of me, we then pass around & collect Some & then return to his home for the night, he pays me by giving his land note, weather Some Cooler, partialy Clears off, Showers again in Eve.

Saturday 18

I go to Ft Wayne with Geo O. Waters, he sells some wheat for his father-in-law at $1.33, I make Some Collection & a few payments for the Estate in Court & to private parties &c., Parties bring a resqued Prisner (Christ Uebele), into the City & deliver to Sheriff & into Jail as Crazy, I return with Mrs. Uebele & Stay with her & Family at Mrs. O’Briens over night, weather Clear & Cool all day, quite Cold Morn & Eve.

Sunday, October 19, 1879.

This Morn I go with Mrs. Uebele to their home where we find the windows & Stove in Atorns, the house & furniture badly demoralized, done by Uebeles Mad Career, I help her with the cows & righten up in house, then Start homeward bound a foot, Stop over night with Geo W. Henderson, weather Clear, Cold & frostey Morn & Eve, Cool air all day, Windy & hazy in Eve.

Monday 20

I go to Cedarville this Morn with Mr. Henderson, Uncle H. Smith with horse & wagon takes me to my home, by noon, in P. M. I go with him to B. & O. R.R. Track & help him gather a load of Coal, then return, feed again & eat Supper, wife comes home from Auburn leaving Mrs. S. U. Tarney vary Sick, weather Clear & fine, warmer, Moon light evening.

Tuesday 21

I go & look after thrashers & do other Chores in A. M. H. Beams with team, & John Beams & Rensinger/Kensinger? all help me in later P. M. 1/3 of day to haul & Stack 6 loads of Clover Seed, run two teams, Wife & Eve are washing, Walley & Delley husking in A. M. we cover the Stack with fodder, weather Clear, frostey Morn, pleasant day, westerly wind Symtoms of Storm Soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 1879.

Walley & Delley Husking in A. M. & I go to Wyatts to see Thrashers about hulling my seed, get no fair promise, Rensinger/Kensinger? helps me in P. M. & we haul & Stack balance of the Clover Seed 3 loads, we cover it with fodder, weather Clear frostey Morn, Some hazy clouds in A. M. Westerly wind & Cool all day.

Thursday 23

Walley & Delley Husking in A. M. I am doing other chores, &c. Walley Dellie & I Saw & Split wood in P. M. boys haul up one load, I Split on till Eve, then go to town with H. Beams & Rensinger/Kensinger? in Buggy, See thrashers about hulling my Clover seed, weather Cloudy Cold & raw, Much wind & Snow squalls off & on all day, disagreeable.

Friday 24

I go up to Metcalf’s to see Thrashers about Hulling my Clover Seed, & replace foder Covering &c., on my Clover Stacks in A. M. Walley is Husking, Nute Steward goes with me in Buggy to Prings in P. M. I go on down to Acadamie & Stay over night with John Waters, weather Cloudy, Cold westerly wind, Some rain & sleet & wind in night, Clears off in Eve, Cold & heavy frost.

Saturday, October 25, 1879.

I am off early & go & See J. J. Waters for Collection of his note due Waters Estate, he goes to Ft. Wayne with me & draws Money from the Bank, I make other Collections & Payments for Waters Estate, do some trading for Self & return & Stay again over night with John Waters, weather is warmer again, Clear & pleasant, Cold & Heavy frosts Morning & Evening.

Sunday 26

I got this A. M. to J. J. Waters & stay for Dinner, agreeably & well entertained, I then depart homeward bound, arrive home late in Evening, on my way Stop to see Henderson, they are all away to church but their Hired girl & a Ft Wayne lady, weather Clear, frostey Morn & Eve, fine pleasant day, good roads.

Monday 27

I go to town, Contract with Bair for some lumber to repair the house, doing other chores about the farm &c., boys are husking Corn, wife doing the house work &c., Ida washes cloths then goes to make a Suit for M. Steward Cuts & fits it & makes it here at home, J Beams helps me butcher a fine hog this Morn, weather clear fine & warm, frostey in Morn.

Tuesday, October 28, 1879.

Boys husking Corn, & I am doing chores & fix Sash in Kitchen window &c., in A. M we saw Split & haul up some wood in P. M. also get a load of wood from J Beams to burn in Thrasher Engine, I went to town this morn to get groceries, preparing for Machine to be here to morrow, weather clear & fair, is Cooler, frostey Morn & Eve, windy.

Wednesday 29

Clover machine comes this morn Starts up at 10 A. M & finish at 4 P. M. thrash 14 Sacks, equal to 24 bu of Clean Seed by measure , J. Steward & Shearer help me thrash, weather fair A. M. vary high S. W. Wind all day, hazy clouds in P. M. Symtoms of Storm or rain, mild Sun Cool Wind.

Thursday 30

Boys husk some Corn, I go to town in Buggy in A. M. I Sell a fat lamb, for $2.50, total $22.75, Chaney gets the lamb, J Beams gets the Calves & D. W. Steward gets the Shoats, I. N. Steward Comes up this evening, weather cloudy, Some rain in the night, Colder & S. W. Wind all day, winter signs.

Friday, October 31, 1879.

We gather & bury over Cabage, Beets, & Rutabagas in A. M. I & Nute Steward go to Auburn in Buggy in the Evening, Stop with S. U. Tarney, Mrs. Tarney is vary Sick with Fever, I pay J. S. Steward Estate Tax $7.96, we go after fruit Trees & Shrubery Sold to parties here, weather Cloudy & raw, Cold westerly wind, Snow Squalls, Enough Snow falls to tack chickens.

Saturday, November 1

I am about town awhile & pay off Attorney & Court Costs, while Nute hitches up & loads his trees & Shrubery, we then return home by 1 P. M. Wife & children gather & cover the Sour Kraut Cabage yesterday Evening, Nute goes down to Prings this P. M. weather Clear all night, frozen up & frostey, Cold & raw, Clouds & Sunshine.

Sunday 2

We are all at home all day, reading, writing, eating Hickrey huts, &c., Jas Furnish takes Ida down to Geo W. Henderson in P. M. we are all reasonably well, my Shoulder & breast is not vary Stout, weather clear, vary cold & frostey, vary cold westerly wind in P. M. real winter weather sure, Snow Squalls off & on all day.

Monday, November 3, 1879.

I & Delley get Sheep in Meadow & the cows into the clover & other Choring in A. M. Walley is out with gun in A. M. Gets one Squirl, Walley, Delley, & I Saw & Split Some wood in P. M. in the woods, Wife & Eva washing & Selley churning to day, weather Cloudy, Cold & raw, Snow Squalls in later P. M. ground is white with snow.

Tuesday 4

I & Walley take my two fat sows to St Joe Station in the wagon weight 500 lbs, at 2.90 total $14.50, Delley cleans out the hog stables, I contract my clover to Barney at $4.80 per bu, weather clear & fine in A. M. & warmer, grows Colder in P. M. Cloudy & raw wind.


Wednesday 5

Walley & Eva husk Corn in A. M. I & Delley cleanning clover Seed in A. M. Walley, Delley & I finish cleaning the Seed in P. M. I take the Seed to Barney in town in Evening, 23 1/60, bu at $4.80 total $110,48, pay the thrashing bill 67 cts pr bu, $15.48, wife & Lyde Beams go to town in P. M. in Buggy, weather Cloudy & Cold, Snowing Some all day, raw windy about 1 inches of snow.

Thursday, November 6, 1879

I am up and off early with horse & Buggy, go to Vondue Sale of a Mr. Bellows near Gloids Mills, large Sale, high prices, I buy nothing my business is to see & make Collection on Waters Estate, Stay over nigh with Geo. O. Waters they are well, weather moderating, Snow Vanishes, Cloudy & damp A. M. Clear & finer P. M. Cool in Eve.

Friday 7

I am up early, I go to Ft. Wayne to day to do Some trading, & pay the Tax & other claims, & make some collections all for the Geo W. Waters Estate & his minor Heirs, I am appointed Guardien for them, return quite late in Eve & Stay wit O. P. Waters over night, weather clear fine & pleasant, Cool air in evening, Some frost.

Saturday 8

I go to the Geo W. Waters Farm in A. M. & meet there with Geo O., John, Stephen, & Allen Waters to make disposal of hay & Corn & c, Sell corn to Geo. O. at 20 cts pr bu, & hay to John, Stephen and Allen Waters $7.00 pr Ton, I collect Some, pay out some, also prosecute a note for Collection of O. P. Waters, Willie Waters is with me, we go and Stay with Mary Uebele to night, weather clear fine & pleasant, quite warm.

Sunday, November 9, 1879

I Start for home this morn, leave Uebeles well, S. I. Waters is at Uebeles & quite poorly, Willie Waters goes home with me, we Stop for dinner with Geo. W. Henderson, Ida Steward goes home with me from Henderson’s. She having sewed for them all past week, We get home late in Evening, weather clear fine & pleasant, war day, Cool & frostey to night.

Monday 10

I husk corn to day & do some of the choring, Walley & Delley are husking & haul in Some corn, & some fodder, H. Beams husking for us to day, Ida & Eva washing, wife Sewing &c, an old invaled Man stops here for dinner, I buy a 25ct Story book of him, weather clear fine & pleasant, Cool & frostey morn & Evening.

Tuesday 11

Walley husking & getting bark, I wife & Delley gather Sort & wash the last of our Cider Aples 18 bu in all, are all A.M. at it, I Delley & Willie Waters go to Cider Mill, above Spencerville in P. M. Sell 30 gall cider in town for $2.00, get home vary late in Eve, apples mad 55 gall Cider, weather fair & pleasant, frostey Morn & Eve, fine Shower of rain in latter part of past nigh.

Wednesday, November 12, 1879

I am writing in A. M. & doing choring &c, I Sort over Corn in P. M. & bring Cider vinegar & barrel home from Beams Celler, change vinegar into other Barrels, Clean a barrel out for our fresh Cider, Walley husks Some in Morn, Wife goes to town with Ada Henderson, weather much rain in night, westerly wind, rain Squalls off & on all day.

Thursday 13

I help J. Beams butcher a hog in A. M. the boys are husking Corn all day, I & Eva husk in P. M. we finish husking all to 12 Shocks, Ida Sewing to day, Wife doing house work, weather Clear, vary fine, & vary warm, we look for a few fair days.

Friday 14

I write & figure some in Morn, My wife, Ida & I go visiting to John M. Hendersons, I pay the balance of the Shutt Execution of $73.80, & Oct 24th paid $31.00, being total $104.80, being the only execution ever issued against me by any one, Walley, goes to town a horse back, we return in Evening, weather Cool & raining all A. M. Cold westerly wind in P. M. Signs of getting Cold.

Saturday, November 15, 1879

Sam & wife go home this morn then I & Walley Saw wood & Delley & Willie haul the wood until 3 P. M. then the boys clean out the Stables, I am doing other choring, Walley & Eva go to Singing in Eve to Hursh School house, Jas Furnish with Ida this Eve, weather clear, fine & warm, westerly breeze, new moon South.

Sunday 10

I am writing mostly all day, Delley with horse & buggy takes Ida up to Sam Georges to work a while, Willie Waters go a long up to see his Sisters Delilah & Ida Waters, Uncle Smith comes to See us to day, they are all well, we are all pretty well, weather clear & fair, Cool westerly wind, Symtoms of Cooler weather.

Monday 17

Walley goes out to husk Corn for Bailey, I & Delley haul in two loads of corn, then I Sort the corn over, Roselle go to a birthday party at John Henderson’s the women washing to day, John & Hank Beams here in P. M. & dress pigs for me, weather cloudy, mixed rain and snow all day, Much Colder.

Tuesday, November 18,1879

I am choring & cleaning out barn floor &c in A. M. Measure up 4 bu of hickrey nuts, wife & Eva rince & hang our the washing in A. M. Every on of us go to town in P. M. do some trading, Walley at Bailey’s husking corn, weather Clear, frozen & frost, warm sun, Some white clouds, Cold S. E. wind all day, vary chilley.

Wednesday 19

My wife go visiting to day to Randolph Bairs, Eva Ironing &c, I haul in a load of Corn, Sort it over, & fileing at my cross cut Saw, Delley & Walley Cut some wood & clean out the hog stables &c, weather clear, Frost & frozen in Morn, warn Sun, vary Cold westerly wind all day, Some rain Sleet & Snow after dark, gets quite cold.

Thursday 20

John & Hank Beams here in Morn, I file my saw & do the feeding & choring in A. M. Wife Sowing and Baking bread cooking Pumpkin, in P. M. I & Delley Saw & cut a load of wood & haul it up doing chores &c, Walley is yet at Baileys husking weather Cloudy, frozen & cold, vary Cold N. W. Wind all day, blustery & Snow squalls in late P. M.

Friday, November 21,1879

Walley is yet away working, we are moving the Stoves in A. M. also doing other choring, I am working at puting in a window in Kitchen, boys get all the wood into the our Kitchen, I. N. Steward comes up this P. M. on his own horse, weather cloudy, Cold & Wintery, frozen up, Clears off in Eve.

Saturday 22

John & Hank Beams, & James Steward here awhile in Morn, Walley Steward comes home, he & Nute Steward go to town & to Sale, I finish the window of Kitchen in A. M. I & Delley go to town with buggy in P. M. buy Suits of clothing for him & Willie Waters, weather cloudy, Cold & wintery, raw wind, tendercy of Moderation.

Sunday 23

I & wife & Boselle go down to James Stewards for dinner & a chat, Eva & Delley with Willie Waters Stay at home, Walley gets home this Evening, Sam Steward & wife come down to Stewards this P. M. & return home with us in Evening, I. N. Steward get my buggy & goes to Prings in Morn, weather Clouds & SunShine, Snow Squalls, raw air Some warmer, Sam & wife go home in Eve.

Monday 24

James Furnish comes here this Morn to hire use of My Leicester? Male Sheep, I go with him to Abe Furnish’s after the Ram, I & Delley Saws & Split two loads of wood, we then haul it up, we also haul in a load of corn fodder & Cover Potatoe holes, Walley goes away to work, weather clear in Morn & Eve, Some clouds in day, raw & cold wind all day, Some Snow yet.

Tuesday 25

I get up at 3 A. M. to go to Ft. Wayne with John Beams, he has his Turkey & Some wheat to market, 6cts pr lb for Turkey, $1.23 for wheat, I pay our Some on Bittinger note & lift some for the Geo. W. Waters Estate, I am looking after Claims & am Called into Court for the Call a Suit for the Estate, get home in Eve, weather Clear, Cold Morn & Eve, frozen up , Cold Westerly wind, Sun Moderate the air.

Wednesday 26

I go to John Beams in Morn, then go & Spend balance of A. M. with H. Beams & get dinner, wife Sewing, Eva Ironing, boys doing nothing but some choring, I am working on the lumber for to build a new Outdoor Stairway in P. M. Walley is yet away with Kensinger Sawing wood at Shambrough’s, wife sewing is for Willie Waters, weather Cloudy, Cold Sleet & rain all day, ground iced over, trees coated & hanging with ice cikles.

Thursday, November 27, 1879

Being National Thanksgiving day I & wife & Roselle & Willie go visiting to Sam Stewards, I present Sam with a fine $2.25, Hand Saw, & wife presents him frame and glass to Marriage Certificate, Eva & Delley Stay at home & they have Chicken for dinner, Walley comes home, we get home in late Eve, weather Much warmer, muddy, rain all last night, & this Morn & all P. M. by Spells.

Friday 28

I go to town with James Steward in A. M. I cover 2nd earth covering over my Potatoes, in P. M. Walley returns to Shambaughs to work for Rensinger/Kensinger?, Delley & Willie Waters do nothing but the choring, Wife is Sewing for Willie Waters all day, weather rains all last night, rains off & on all day & on all day, vary high west wind P. M. turns colder.

Saturday 29

I take 18 bu of wheat & 2 of Corn to mill, & Delley & Willie clean out the hogs & Willie Clean out the hogs & horse Stables, when I return Willie Steward comes & he helps Delley Saw & Split a load of wood in P. M. while I put a helve in his axe, Walley gets home this evening, weather quite Cold, Snowed an inch or two in night, ground Soft & Mudey, Slavish teaming, Strong west wind & heavy Snot Storm all day.

Sunday, November 30, 1879

At home all day, I am writing doing the chores &c, Wife reading, children reading Some and Cracking hickrey nuts, Delley & Willie go down to Stewards & get hair trimed, Walley goes to Sam Steward’s, Jas Furnish Calls in Eve to see Ida She is not at home, weather partially clear, 3 or 5 inch Snow, warm Sun, cool air.

Monday, December 1

I help H. Beams butcher hogs & Beef to day, Walley goes to Shambaugh to Cut wood, Nute comes up to day with horse & my Buggy, wife Contracts Sale of Turkeys at 70ct each Shillings, he takes them from house on 6th, Wife & Eva are washing, children got to School, first day, weather clear, fine & warm, Snow all goes, Slush & mud, bad roads.

Tuesday 2

I file my Saw and Sharpen my tools in A. M. Nute out canvassing Some, he & I Saw a load of wood in P. M. he then goes out Canvassing, I Split & chop until Eve, I am feeling vary poorly, with dysintary, & lameness in hip & kidneys, of old army injuries &c, weather Cloudy, warm & mild, Signs of Storm Soon, Slush & Mud.

Wednesday, December 3, 1879

Children go to school, Walley gets home from Shambaughs, he hauls a load of Stove wood then goes off to see a Colt, I help H. Beams load fat hogs in Morn for St. Joe delivery Sold at $3.35, pre H’d, then I work on lumber for Stair way, & go to mill after grinding in Eve, weather cool, mist & rain all day, much rain before day bread, deep mud.

Thursday 4

I do up the choring, & clean our the grainery & place away the Flour & Bran in Morn, while Nute brings his Corn here from Beams with my team, he then goes away with his horse, Myself wife & Walley then go to town trading & paying off Act’s &c, children go to school, we Send on our Pension vouchers, weather quite cook & raw, Cloudy with S. E. breeze, roads Soft & bad, Signs for cold.

Friday 5

Children go to School, Walley & I Saw, Split & haul up two loads of wood to day, we then Catch & pen up the Turkeys, doing the feeding & farm choring &c, wife attending her house affairs & is quite unwell with a cold and cough, I am Sore & lame in hip & troubled with Dysintary, weather clear in Morn, then Cloudy till in P. M. Warm & Smokey, Clear till Eve.

Saturday, December 6, 1879

We weigh the 20 Turkeys 198 lbs, I write a P.O. Card & a letter, help Shilling to load the Turkeys, then work balance of day choring and cutting & planeing Stairway lumber, Walley rides my horse to Cedarville & to Geo. W. Hendersons, Delley & Willie clean hogs & horse stables, weather S. E. Wind & rain all last night & all day, grows much cooler.

Sunday 7

We all remain at home to day, Sam Steward Wife & child come down to see us, go home in Eve, P. Rensinger/Kensinger? Is here this P. M. Walley comes home late this Eve, Delley & Willey oil up their Boots, I oil my Boots & 5 Pair of Shoes, I write Some, we all read our Books & Paper, weather clear & fine, Cool air, pleasant over head, mud deep.

Monday 8

Children go to School, Walley Starts to School to day, Eva Stays at home & helps wife wash, I do the choring & work at barn on Stairway lumber, I Sell Walleys fat hog for $7.00, to Shilling, he drives it a long with him, J. Beams here in Eve, weather an 1 or 2 inch of Snow, Snows a little all day, Snow thaws and Mud, Clear off in Eve.

Tuesday, December 9, 1879

I pull down the old Stair way in the Morn, then go to town with Furnishs a foot, they are driving fat hogs Sold at $3.35, pre Hd, return home near Eve with Foltz in wagon, I contract my fat Shoats to Garfield, Children go to School, wife Sewing, weather Cloudy, S. W. wind, rains in night, rains off & on all day, Some lighting this Eve, damp raw air.

Wednesday 10

Garfield comes to see the Shoats he gives me $56.50 for 15 head they weight 1540 lbs worth $3.67, pr Hd, he helps me load them in wagon & I take them to town for him, Frank McCrorey helps load & goes to town with me, J. Beams comes home with me after noon, I then work at Stairway, weather cloudy, rains all night & some to day, high waters, bad Muddy roads.

Thursday 11

Children go to School, I complete the new Stairway, Cover a part of Apple holes extra with Earth, do the choring &c, Jas Steward here awhile in evening, Wife is baking bread to day, H. Beams get loan of Some of my tools, weather Cloudy, frozen up this Morn vary Cold Westerly wind, freezing all day, roads rough.

Friday, December 12, 1879

All go to School but Walley, I & Walley haul in all of the Corn fodder & 12 Shocks of unhusked Corn, also haul clover Straw & Cover over Apple & Cabage holes, Nute come up in A. M. & goes to town in P. M. Walley & Eva go to Singing in Eve, Ed Wyatt here for Supper, weather cloudy, vary Cold, westerly wind, frozen hard & freezing.

Saturday 13

Nute goes to Prings this Morn, Sam Steward comes down this forenoon, he helps I & Walley Saw & Split 2 or 3 loads of Stove wood, then we hitch to wagon & load up 2 Shoats for Sam Sold for $.600, I & wife takes them to Sams with him in Evening, weather Clear & Cold, Sharp air, thaws Some in the Sun, Vary hard on wheat.

Sunday 14

We return home at noon, Jas Steward & wife visit us & here for dinner, here all P. M. H. Beams here in Eve awhile, Ida Steward get home this Eve from Auburn of an Abcence of 4 weeks, Jas Furnish comes down this Eve & keeps Ida’s company, Sam Stewards wife is poorly, weather Cloudy, Cold raw falling N. E. Wind, denoting Storm, Snows Some in later P. M. & Eve.

Monday, December 15, 1879

Children go to School but Roselle, Ida Sewing at home to day, wife doing house work &c, in evening Wife & Eva do the washing, I am doing the choring, working on a meat bench & haul a load of wood in Eve, Delley Furnish Stays here to night to get a dress Cut & fited &c. weather Cloudy, N. W. Wind vary Cold, Snow & blustery all day, 1 inch of Snow.

Tuesday 16

Children go to School, Ida goes over to Johnsons to cut & fit a dress for Mrs. Johnson & brings it home to make, wife washing to day, I work at meat bench & do the choring &c, also fix up the boiling place & haul a load of top wood from beams for butchering, weather Cloudy & Snowey in A. M. Moderates, thaws some, Sun & clouds P. M.

Wednesday 17

Children go to School, Ida is Sewing on dress for Mrs. Johnson, Wife is Baking to day, I am helping J. Beams butcher all day, I & Ida to town in Eve with J. Beams, Descey Wyatt a School girl comes & Stays here to night, weather vary raw, Cold, Some flying Snow, Cloudy A. M. Clear P. M. frostey.

Thursday, December 18, 1879

Children go to School, Ida is Sewing for Mrs. Johnson, Wife is Baking & doing the house work, I am choring & preparing for butchering & also haul a load of wood, N. Steward Wife & child comes up to day from Prings with wagon, he gets me a new gun, weather vary frostey in Morn, Clear & fine, thaws in Sun.

Friday 19

We butcher our fat hogs 5 head average 180 lbs dressed total 900 lbs, John & Hank Beams helps me, Ida & Nute’s Wife helps my wife, Nute goes to St. Joe Station after his Bibles, we get Sausage made, lard rendered, & Every thing cleaned up, weather cloudy & Cold, East breeze, no thawing but fine winter weather.

Saturday 20

I am choring in A. M. & helping Nute &c. Walley is cutting wood, Nute & wife go to Prings after dinner, I & Walley Saw & Split wood & Delley hauls 3 loads of wood, Ida Sewing for Mrs. Johnson, Wife & Eva cleaning up & doing the house work, Eva goes to town in P. M. weather cloudy, Cold & raw, Spitting some Snow in Evening.

Sunday, December 21, 1879

Walley is away to Maurer’s church, Ida & Eva are up to Beams all day, the balance of us remain at home, I write some & read papers, my wife reads the Bible &c, Walley Comes home this Eve with Sam Steward & wife from John Wyatt’s weather Cloudy, Cold raw Easterly wind, heavy fall of Sleet & rain after dusk & all night, every thing iceing over.

Monday 22

Children go to School, Wife & Eva go to their washing, Sam & wife go home this Morn, I do the choring & churn in A. M. at noon Sam returns here on his way to mill, I go to mill with him, also go to Shambaughs & get 2 gal of Honey, we get home late in Evening, weather clear & cold, roads are vary icey & hard, Sleds are runing.

Tuesday 23

Jas Furnish brings my Leicester Ram home, Jas Steward comes up to have me help finish his Sleds, I do the choring then work balance of day on the Sled, Jas Steward helps me some till after dinner, the Children go to School, wife doing the house work, weather Cloudy, & vary Cold raw Southerly wind, rain & Sleet again to night, making more Ice & Sliprey Sleding.

Wednesday, December 24, 1879

Walley cuts Some wood then goes to town, I finish the Sled in A. M. & Delley do the choring, in P. M. I & Delley go to town with Beams on Sled, we Stay for the Christmas, Eve gift table & exercises, I present wife with a fine Bible value $14.60, Nute Steward & wife come up, have oysters for Supper, weather Cloudy, Cold & raw westerly wind, damp air, Cold, vary icey roads.

Thursday 25

Jas Furnish takes Ida to Christmas dinner to his Fathers, I & my wife Nute & wife go to Jas Beams for a visit & dinner, H. Wilson & wife & Father Bittinger are there, all the young folks Stay at home, I & wife & Nute & Ida go to Oyster Supper at H. W. Beams, weather cloudy, vary Strong & Cold Westerly wind, Snowing all Morn & A. M. Grows vary cold, & clears off.

Friday 26

Nute goes out Canvassing, Children go to School, I & Walley Saw & Split & haul 3 loads of wood to day, Ida Sewing, wife doing house work, but little Snow, ground Covered with heavy crust of Sleet & ice, & roads vary sliprey, I am felling unwell & taking a Severe cold, weather clear & cold, vary Cold west wind all day, Some Scatering Clouds.

Saturday, December 27, 1879

Nute & wife go home to Prings in Sleigh this Morn, Walley & Delley out after rabits with gun & get one in A. M. Ida goes to Ft. Wayne this morn with Jas Furnish, Wife goes to town with John Beams in Sled, I & Walley Saw & Split wood & Delley hauls, get up 3 loads in P. M. weather clear, Some Scatering Clouds, Moderate & thaws some in the Sun, icey.

Sunday 28

Delley & Willie go to Sam Stewards, Eva goes to Jas Stewards, Walley goes to Sam Georges, & expects to be gone a week, I do the choring & write & read some, wife reads the bible, Jas Furnish takes Ida & Eva to Maurer Church in Eve, F. McCrorey, D. Bell, & Lyde? Beams call awhile in Eve, weather Cloudy, raw damp Easterly wind, thaws, rains in Eve.

Monday 29

Id & Eva do the washing & Scrubing to day, the other children go to School, wife doing the house work, I am not vary Stout poorly with a Cold & troubled with Dysintary, I do the choring & overhaul my gun in A. M. go out in P. M. with gun Squirreling get two squirrels. Weather cloudy, fogey & misting rain all A. M. Ice melting Some.

Tuesday, December 30, 1879

Children go to School, Ida is Sewing for Self, I do the chores, working on a new pair of buggy Shafts for Self, Clean out the horse Stables &c, I am felling quite unwell with Dysintary, Ida goes to Leo to Literary with Bell & McCrorey in Eve, Eva ironing in Eve, weather Cloudy, Clod northerly breeze, freezing some, Snow & Sleet in Eve.

Wednesday 31

Children go to School, Ida is Sewing for Self, I do the chores & make a Plaiting board to day to present to Ida to morrow, wife doing house work, Eva is Ironing & c, weather an inch of Sleet on ground, heavy crust of ice, every thing iced over, roads Smooth & fine for Sleds, Cloudy A. M. moderately cold, Clears off fine in P. M.

Closing year 1879, you are now gone from us never to return, but your History & memory will last & remain with us for ever, as thou hast abundantly blessed us Properously, temperally, mentally, Physicly & financially, with healthiness, good crops, fair Prices, Civility & great Peace, Now farewell 1879 & may 1880 equal if not supersede you is our desire.

On the next page is a newspaper clipping:

Jack McGowin of Edmore, sapped and bolted for two shingle machines that cut 72,000 shingles in one day. An Extraordinary day’s work, it is said.

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