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To include your DeKalb County, Indiana Genealogies in this list, contact:

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Please use the following as a guide and be sure to include source information (or be prepared to provide it if asked upon request).

SURNAME, first middle:

Birth Date:

Place of Birth:


Spouse (Full name):

Marriage date:

Place of Marriage:

Parents of Spouse:

Place of Death:

Death Date:


Mother (include maiden name):



Other Relatives:


Other information and Sources:
(This information should be considered a reference that leads to the original source.)

Genealogical submissions of your DeKalb Co. ancestors my be listed and may be also linked to your e-mail address, if you wish. Be sure to include URL's, if any, to any web page that also pertains to information on this person, so a link may be added to that page.

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