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DeKalb Reference Book

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Birth, Marriage, Death, Cemetery and Obituary lookups.

Arlene Goodwin

DeKalb Co.'s soldiers' participation in the Civil War and other wars

Kenneth Warstler

The DeKalb Barometer Vol.1, December 1931

This has a history of the Coburn Corners Church of Christ, an article about the Auburn Greeting Card Co., old recipes and various articles.

Debbie Tarantino

A History of the Coburn Corners Church of Christ 1837-1987

Debbie Tarantino

History of DeKalb Co., Ind., published in 1885 by Inter-State Publishing Company, Chicago, Ill.

Arlene Goodwin

History of DeKalb Co., Ind.,
published in 1914 by BF Bowen & Co., Inc., Indpls., Ind.

Arlene Goodwin

History of DeKalb Co., Ind., John Martin Smith, published in 1992 by Natmus, Inc., Auburn, Ind.

Arlene Goodwin

History of Northeast Indiana, William H. McIntosh, published in 1920 by The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York.

Debbie Tarantino

"The Newville Bugler, History of Newville, Indiana," October 1943 to April 1946, Ed. LuReign Strong

Debbie Tarantino

"So Grows A City" Official Publication of the Greater Garret Centennial Corp. Garrett, Indiana 1875-1975


Please include your ancestors' name in the index, and the page number(s) Please limit your request to less than five (5) names per email.

Debbie Tarantino

Karl Blust

The William H. Willennar Genealogy Center



Newspapers for:

Butler (3/1894-present)

St. Joe (1905-3/8/1984)

Auburn (1864- to present)

Hamilton (7/1901 - 12/1997)

Waterloo (1867 to present)

Lynn Kaiser

Birth, Death and Cemetery lookups.

Lynn Kaiser

Census Records

Lynn Kaiser

Court Records

Lynn Kaiser

DeKalb County Courthouse Records



Birth, Marriage, Death, Will, Probate and Obituary lookups. Detailed research is $5.00 per hour plus costs.
Eliza Funk

Garrett Public Library



Garrett Newspapers

Kate Birdseye

Waterloo Public Library



Newspapers from the 1860s and research for the Waterloo area

 Richard Newcomer


Eliza Funk

Butler Public Library

Lynn Kaiser


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