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Auburn Courier - October 18, 1909

Judge Appoints Board
Board of County Charities and Corrections Appointed Friday Afternoon

In the matter of the appointment and the creation of a board of county charities and corrections, Judge Bratton Friday Afternoon appointed the following Samuel J. Tarney and Mrs. Lettie Boland, one year. William H. McIntosh and Mrs. Carrie Caswell Hogue two yeas, Charles Eckhart and Mary E. Elhers three years. During the latter part of the present term of court the judge will appoint two new members of the board of county guardians who will being their duties in that capacity November 17.

St. Joe News January 21, 1909 Indiana’s Dependent Children. Article on the States Board of Charities.

Order Book 44 Page 38 October Term 1909

In the matter of the Creation & the appointment of the board of County Charities Corrections

It is or ordered that a board of County Charities & Correction be and the same is hereby created and established and the following people are hereby appointed to constitute said board and members for the period of.

Samuel Tarney and Letta Boland for a period of one year. William H. McIntyre & Carrie Coswell Hogue for a period of two years, Charles Eckhart and Mary E. Elhers for a period of three years.

Order Book 44 Page 138 Vacation after the October Term

The creation and appointment of the Board of County Charities & Corrections

Board appointed by Judge Emmet A. Bratton October 15, 1909

Samuel T. Tarney for period of one year

Lettie Boland for period of one ear

Wm. H. McIntosh for a period of two years

Carrie Caswell Hogue for a period of two years

Charles Eckhart for a period of three years

Mary Ellers for a period of Three years.

Order Book 44 Page 392, 393

Most of document destroyed by 1913 fire

In the matter to commit Hale Walker and Inez Walker…to the care and custody of the Board of Children’s Guardian…Comes also Viola Walker? And the court finds that Hazel Walker will be eight years in ? 1910 and Inez will be ? September 14, 1909. Reddick Walker.. their father (looks like he abandoned the family and the mother has not mean of support and it would be best if children are committed to the Board of Children’s guardian for their care and control.

Microfilm Civ-01 Index Point 002024 to 002034 Board of Children, Guardian of DeKalb Co Litchfield, Benjamin Franklin and Florence Heckman.

Auburn Courier, March 24, 1910 Newville Woman in Court Thursday

From Friday’s Daily

Mrs. Rose Rex of Newville appeared in court last evening where she appealed to Judge Bratton and W. P. Rhoads of the Board of Children’s guardian for homes for her four children, whom she stated she was unable to support. Mrs. Rex stated that her husband, George Rex, had wholly abandoned her without leaving any provision for her support or the support of he four children. She asked the court to assign the children to either some school or private homes. She prefers that they be placed in DeKalb County homes if it is possible to do so. The ages of the two girls are eleven and fourteen years and the two boys are seven and four years.

The woman is frail and it can readily be seen that she is not physically able to support the children. An effort is being made to find good homes for the children where they will be well take care of. Mrs. Rex is to be pitied. She is loath to lose her children or have them taken away from her but cruel circumstances demand such an action. The husband who deserted his family should if caught, be dealt with severely that he may learn a lesson never to be forgotten.

Order Book 45 October Term 1910 Page 173, 193

Board of Children’s Guardian vs. James Brandon and Mrs. James Brandon For Custody of Children The Board files petition for the custody of said children. Page 193 Court finds for the Board of Children’s Guardian that they should be guardian of Raymond Brandon Auburn Courier October 6, 1910 Paper States The board of Children’s guardians have begun an action in the circuit court against James Brandon, in which custody of their six year old son Raymond is demanded. The complaints allege that the child is incorrigible.


Order Book 45 October Term 1910 Page 245

In re the Board of County Charities and Corrections

Samuel J. Tarney for a period of 1 year

Lettie Boland for a period of 1 year

Wm. H. McIntosh for a period of 2 years

Corey Coswell Hogue for a period of 2 years

Charles Eckhart for a period of 3 years

Mary Ellers for a period of 3 years.

The court now appoints Samuel J. Tarney a member of said board for a term of three years from the 15th of October 1910

The court also appoints Lettie Boland as a member of aid board for a period of three years from the 15th of October 1910.

Auburn Courier April 14, 1910

Attorney Willis Rhoads, chairman of the Board of Children’s Guardians today filed an action in the circuit court asking that Hazel and Inez, daughters of Mrs. Viola Walker, of Auburn, be committed to the care of the board. The petition sets forth the fact that the father of these children whose respective ages are eight and fourteen years has abandoned the mother and children without leaving means of support for them, and that the mother is unable to provide for the children. The present whereabouts of the father are unknown. The judge grated the request and good homes will be found for the children.


Auburn Courier June 16, 1910

Board of Charities Make A Report

Report on County Infirmary. Etc.

To the Honorable Board of County Commissioners of DeKalb County, State of Indiana

In pursuance of our duties as the board of County Charities and correction we beg leave to report that we visited the county poor asylum in April 1910, all members of the board being present,

On the day we visited the asylum there were 38 inmates, of which number 23 were males and 15 females. There are 2 insane men and 2 insane women inmates, the latter are given light work during the day under supervision and at night are locked in the insane building there is one honorably discharged soldier but no pension inmates. The sexes are separated by partition wall, the door which is kept locked

The building is kept scrupulously clean and special attention is given to personal cleanliness of inmates, all of who are required to bathe at least once a week.

We found the clothing of inmates ample and serviceable, beds, mattresses and blankets are clean and sufficient, furniture plan but good, building well heated, by steam and ventilated by windows, food is abundant, plain and wholesome, health of inmates is fairly good, plenty of reading matter is supplied and religious services are held occasionally.

The condition of main building is good except that a few needed improvements should be made.

As stated in our former report were would respectfully recommend to your honorable board that four toilets be placed on second floor, two in the men’s department and two in the women’s’ department in the most advantageous positions and that all toilets be screened from public view. The drinking fountains be placed in the hallways.

We also recommend that the attic be floored for safety and for storage. That a proper set of record books be furnished the superintendent, wherein he may keep a correct record of the farm and inmates.

Believing that the female help should be better paid, we recommend that their wages be increased commensurate with their duties. We unanimously commend Mr. and Mrs. Brown for the excellent condition in which we found everything about the premises.

The board also visited the county jail and found that institution in a clean and healthy condition. The day we visited there we found three prisoners confined for petty offenses, awaiting trial. Prisoners are well fed and compelled to keep themselves clean.

The male members of the board visited the lockups at Auburn, Butler, Garrett and Waterloo.

Auburn, John Keenan, Marshall- We recommended that a window be raised and lowered to be placed in the East Ventilation window to be 24 x 30 inches.

Butler, William Holtzberg, Marshal – We recommend that both closets be repaired to flush out, and the marshal agreed to see that it is done to order.

Garrett, P. Brennan, Marshal-Early building contemplated and no changes recommended in lock-up.

Waterloo, W. H. Ettinger, Marshall-We recommended an iron cage prepared in a fire proof building furnished with one or more good closets that will flush out thoroughly.

During our visits to the different towns we note a frank courtesy on the part of Marshals and a disposition to carry out our suggestions. We found the lock-ups in a cleanly condition.

Dated this third day of June 1910. Samuel J. Tarney, President, Lettie M. Boland, Secretary

Order Book 46 March Term 1911 Page 151 Carl Ortman vs. Effie I Ortman,

Case 9059 Reform School Superintendent of Indiana School for Girls files petition to remove Effie I. Ortman from said girl’s school to the Orphans Hoe at Mishawaka, Indiana

Page 159, 160 Comes now the Board of Children’s guardians of DeKalb and files a motion to the Court to be permitted to intervene in the cause and file petition praying for removal of defendant from Indiana Girls School to Mishawaka Orphans Home. The court sustains the petition. Court finds that the defendant has been abandoned by both natural and adopted parents and is now in charge of this Juvenile court. Child is about 11 years of age. The court rules child to be removed from the Indiana Girls School and into the custody of the Board of Children’s guardian of DeKalb who are ordered to place in the custody of the Mishawaka Orphans Home.

Order Book 46 May Term 1911 Pages 294, 295 (June 7, 1911)

Board of Children’s Guardians vs. Nathan Lochamier for the Custody of Child.

Defendant is three times called and in default. Court finds that it is necessary for the welfare of the child, Russell Lochamier be committed to the custody of the Board of Children’s Guardians of DeKalb County, IN. The father, Nathan Lochamier is desolate, intemperate ad idle in his habits and has no property or means to support or contribute to the support of said child. The child to be placed in the custody of the Grandparents, John and Edith Cockrell until a suitable person or proper place can be found.

Auburn Courier, June 15, 1911

By reason of an order from the court today the Board of Children’s guardians took charge of Russell, son of Nathan Lochamire and he will be kept in their custody until a suitable home is procured for him. On account of the queer actions of the lad’s father it was deemed best to take the by from his care.

Order Book 46 May Term 1911 Page 321

Board of Children’s Guardians of DeKalb County, Indiana vs. Earl Loy for Custody of Child.

Francis Loy mother of Earl Loy. Father of said child is dead and the mother is without mean so support and is obliged to work to as a domestic for her own support and leaves the defendant child alone without care or restraint during the day time. Said child will be 8 years old October 1, 1911. Associations of said child are such as corrupt him. Said child is committed to the custody of the Board of Children’s Guardians and the mother is allowed visiting privileges.

Order Book 46 May Term 1911 Page 449, 452, 466 Case 9214?

Plaintiff asks for a restraining order to restrain Defendant from removing child from the jurisdiction of the Court, also files affidavit of Alice M. Lewis in support of the action. Court grants temporary custody of children to the Plaintiff Page 452 Both parties agree on cause being continued until Sept 2 at 10: Page 466 Restraining order and custody of children to be continued until October Term.

Order Book 46 May Term 1911 (September 3, 1911) Case 9168

Board of Children’s Guardians of DeKalb County vs. Ora May. Custody of child. Cause is continued until October Term 1911.

Order Book 42

October Term 1908 Page 377, 397, 398

Board of Children Guardian of DeKalb County

Frazier, William M. et al

Other Defendant Kate Frazier.

Custody of Children. Case 8376. "Comes now Willis Rhoads president of the Board of Children Guardians of DeKalb C. files verified petition asking that an order be issued to Sheriff of DeKalb Co. for the children named in the petition. (Parts are missing. One name Verna Frazier and Don ? are readable). Pages 397 and 398. Most of document destroyed by 1913 fire. The name is definitely Don Frazier.

Order Book 44 October Term 1909 Page 20, 70 Board of Children’s Guardian Musser, Mabel   For custody of child. Board files petition to commit Mabel Musser to their control or the custody of some other institution. Page 70 Court rules that Mabel Musser be committed to the care & custody and control of the Board of Children’s guardian of DeKalb County, IN

Auburn Courier


October 11, 1909




A warrant was issued to Sheriff Thomas last evening for the arrest and detention of Miss Mabel, fifteen-year-old daughter of Mrs. Walter Musser of Auburn Junction. The girl while in the custody of Sheriff Thomas is not incarcerated but is permitted to enjoy the hospitalities of the Thomas residence in the jail. Mabel is a delinquent child, she is pretty and from appearances would develop into an accomplished young lady had she the ghost of a chance. It seems that she has been woefully neglected by her mother, in fact rumors have it that she has been encouraged in delinquency by her parent and the people who know of the circumstances have petitioned Judge Bratton to have the lass of tender years cared for by those who will guard her interest. When arrested Miss Mabel wept bitterly. The thoughts of her imprisonment were a horror to her, but when assured by the Sheriff that she would to be incarcerated she readily consented to go. The case will be disposed of in the very near future and in all probability a good home will be found for the girl.

Microfilm Roll Civ. 01

Index Point 002024

Board of Children’s Guardians of DeKalb

Littlefield, Benjamin Franklin

And Florence Heckman

Case 8648 index point 002024 to 002034 in the year 1909

Order Book 47

Dec. Term 1911 page 182, 183

Board of Children’s Guardians

Firestone, William and wife


Eldore aged 2, Lillie Bell aged 4, Saide C ages 7, Della aged 9 and Charley aged 12 the court is appointed guardians of said children and they shall care for the said children as they see best for the interest of the children.

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