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Submitted by Lucy Funk, and Arlene Goodwin,



(Re: Commissioners Book—Auditor’s Office)



March 6, Aaron B. Fetterer, Spencerville,

March 8, Michael Hart, Auburn

March 14, Woodbury & Watkins, Auburn

May 1st, J. E. Sawtell, Spencerville

July 8th, Edward Wright, Fairfield Twp.

July 10, Nelson Payne, Auburn

Sept. 4th, Jonathan Poffenberger, Auburn

Sept 9th, Jeremiah Rhodes, Newville

Sept. 12, Alanson Plum, Auburn

Sept. 20, Thos. Freeman, Auburn

Sept. 30, John F. Swift, County

Oct. 23, Trent & Moneysmith, County

Nov. 27, Solomon McAndaffer, County

Dec. 4th, David Hoffman, Butler Twp.

Dec. 6th, *A___ Watkins, Newville

Dec. 26, Woodbury & Watkins, Auburn


January 1, Rameo, B. Catlin, Spencerville

March 6, Henry Fales, County

March 7, David Jeffords, Orangeville

March 22, John G. Dancer, Auburn

April 3, Hoover & *Warrell, Fairfield

April 20, Sherwood & Beecher, County

May 1, B.G. Cosgrove, County

May 1, N. L. Thomas, Newville

May 16, Nelson Payne, Auburn

May 24, Simon Fryberger, County

June 29, s. V. & R. Carpenter & Co, County

July 7, John Butt, Auburn

Aug. 24, N. L. Thomas, Newville

Sept 12, Alanson Plum, Auburn

Sept 13, *Jane Poffenberger, Auburn

Oct. 2, *Phileler, A. Swift, Spencerville

Oct. 9, A.F. Beecher, DeKalb Co.

Oct. 17, Joseph Steifel, Auburn

Oct. 23, H. S. Moneysmith, DeKalb County

Oct. 29, John Weaver, Auburn

Oct. 29, Wm. C. Roberts, Newville, or Co.

Oct 29, Thomas Goe, Newville, or Co.

Nov. 30, W.H. Chandler, DeKalb County

Dec. 3, David Hoffman, Butler Twp DeK. Co. Ia

Dec. 8, Butt & Rush, DeKalb County

Dec. 10, Brandon, & Weaver, Auburn DeK Co. Ia


January 7, *Roneld Catlin, Spencerville, DeK Co Ia

January 20, Edward Wright, Fairfield, DeK Co Ia

January 28, H. N. Curtis, Orangeville, DeK Co Ia

March 5, B.G. Cosgrove, DeKalb County

April 29, Woodbury & Watkins, Auburn DeKalb Co

May 17, N. Payne, Auburn

June 12, D. M. Watkins, Auburn

Aug 21, N. L. Thomas, Newville

Sept 7, Jane Poffenberger, Auburn

Sept. 24, Joseph Stefel, DeKalb County

Oct. 14, Hoover & Warrell, Fairfield Twp DeK Co

Oct. 29, Henry *Cruilling, DeKalb Co

Nov. 25, Geo W. Trout, DeKalb Co

Dec. 4, David Hoffman, DeKalb Co

Dec 5, Joseph Rex, Newville, DeKalb Co

Dec. 11, Valentine Weaver, DeKalb Co, clock

Dec. 11, Valentine Weaver, DeKalb Co, Merchant

Dec 29, R. B. Catlin, DeKalb County


January 23, Geo. Hopkins, Auburn DeK Co

Feb. 1, H. I. Moneysmith, DeKalb County

March 14, Alanson Plum, Auburn

April 21, Butt & Ford, DeKalb County, Ia

April 22, Simon Fryberger, DeKalb County Ia

May 3, Wm. H. Wilsey, DeKalb County, Ia

May 13, Nelson Payne, DeKalb County, Ia


Dec 22, Alanson Plum, Auburn , one year


Jan. 7, Thos. J. Freeman, Auburn, one year

Jan 19, George Dehoff, Norristown, one year