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Submitted by: Lucy Funk, and Arlene Goodwin,


Auburn High School through the yearbooks

Year-by-year at Auburn High School with highlights from the pages of school yearbooks.

1880---Frank McDowell becomes first graduate of Auburn High School. Later becomes City’s civil engineer.

1904---First yearbook, "The Star," is published. All 11 seniors are female.

1905---Auburn High School Athletic Association is founded.

1906--- Girls Basketball team is formed. School Board provides uniforms of brown flannel, trimmed in red.

1907---Football team wins state championship.

1910---Students flock to newly built Eckhart Library for studying and reading.

1911---Baseball team chalks up eight wins without a loss, including an 11 to 10 victory over Tri-State College. Sophomores put yearbook together due to senior lack of interest.

1912---Extracurricular activities include boys basketball, baseball, track and glee club, girls basketball and glee club, and orchestra. Boys football eliminated because of Indiana law requiring all players to have physical exam.

1913---W. H. McKenney becomes principal.

1914---First School play, "Cupid at Drake," is staged. Also first operetta, "Windmills of Holland." Ligonier beats boys basketball team 107 to 14.

1915---Debate team and literacy society are organized. Senior Albert Lumm dies from tuberculosis. Helen Schaab and Wayne Weaver win prize for composing high school song.

1916---Boys basketball team crushes Waterloo 100 to 8, girls team finishes season 11-0. Students hold pageant in honor of Indiana Centennial. Gum chewing is banned in school.

1920---First vocational agriculture class offered. History and radio clubs form. "Chatterbox," the first school newspaper, begins publication, Yearbook hence forth called "Follies."

1922---First boys swim team organized. Boys "Hi-Y" club forms to "set high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community." Football team reorganized.

1923---W. H. McKenney becomes superintendent of Auburn City Schools.

1924---Girls Basketball team stomps Butler 110-2, finishes season 12-1.

1925---Cecil "Zeke" Young is hired as physical education teacher and coach of football, basketball, baseball and track teams. New 2,200 seat gym is finished.

1926---Sophomore Virgil Korff becomes first Auburn High school student to earn a four-years college scholarship, as Purdue gives him a full ride for corn-raising project presented at the State Corn and Potato Show. Girls basketball team earns state championship after 13-1.

1928---Girls Basketball team shares state title with Garrett.

1931—First school band forms. "The Red Shadows" becomes first team name.

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