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Submitted by: Lucy Funk, and Arlene Goodwin,


Teachers’ Institute


The DeKalb County Teachers’ Institute convened at Butler, on the 12th instant, and was called to order by Supt. Barns, at 2 p.m. Institute was opened with prayer, by J. G. Bowersox, and Mary M. Brundage and C. H. Thurstin were chosen as secretaries. After registering, elocution and how to teach reading and discussed by Profs. Ridge and Shortridge. Exercises in the evening consisted of a social, instrumental and vocal music—Number enrolled, 102.

Second day:

Institute opened the second day by singing, followed by an address by Mr. Shortridge upon the qualities to be possessed by the teacher. After recess a lesson was given in elocution by Mr. Ridge, and musical exercises were conducted by Prof. Ainsworth. Afternoon, Mr. Thurstin, conducted a recitation in grammar, followed by general discussion. Prof. Ridge continued his lesson in elocution. In the evening a lively discussion was engaged in on the self-reporting system, used in the schools. Contents of the Query box were read by the Superintendent, and answers given by members of the Institute.

Third day:

Institute opened, third day, with an enrollment of 160. J. S. Otis conducted a lesson in mathematical geography. Supt. Barns being called to meet the township trustees, the chair was occupied by F. B. VanAuken. Criticism of the geography lesson followed, with singing and a lesson by Prof. Ridge. Afternoon the first lesson was given by Prof. Ridge, showing the revolution of the earth and other planets. T. H. Shoub gave a lesson in history, followed by an elocutionary drill by Prof. Ridge. Prof. Williams, of Angola gave some very appropriate remarks upon the influence of mental and moral culture of teachers upon the minds of their pupils. The enrollment reached 182. In the evening an oratorical contest was participated in by C. H. Thurstin, J. S. Otis, Edith Jackman and O.Z. Hubbell—C. A. O. McClellan, W. L. Penfield and E.W. Fosdick acting as Judges. Mr. Hubbell received the first prize, a copy of Milton’s Poems; Miss Jackman, second, copy of Shakespeare; J. S. Otis third, copy of Tennyson’s Poems. C. H. Thurstin fourth, copy of Wordsworth’s Poems.

Fourth day:

Institute was called to order Thursday at 9 o’clock, by Mr. Barns. An exercise in arithmetic was conducted by Prof. Williams; and after recess, teaching drawing was given by Prof. Goodison, with illustrations on the black board. After moon exercises commenced with a grammar lesson by F. B. VanAuken.; drawing, by Mr. Goodison; history, by Mr. Barns, subject, classes into which senators are divided, in the order of their _____. In the evening an entertainment was given by Prof. Ridge. Number enrolled, 210.

Fifth day:

Friday’s exercises opened with lesson in drawing, by Prof. Goodison; and, after recess, a lecture on school government was given by Prof. Fertich, A discussion was then engaged in on giving prizes in school. A majority of the teachers decided to give rewards, on certain conditions to be attained by pupils, but that special prizes should not be given. Remarks to teachers on text books to be used in school followed. Afternoon, the subject of primary reading was continued by Prof. Ridge; also the lecture on school government, by Mr. Fertich. Object of punishment and modes were then discussed, followed by recitations. Remarks were then made to the teachers by Mr. Barns, on the work before them the coming winter. On behalf of the Institute, he thanked the people of Butler for their hospitality and kindness; for the use of the Lutheran church, for evening session; the Methodist church, for the use of an organ; and to instructors from abroad, for their presence and assistance. Total number enrolled 225. After singing, the Institute was declared adjourned sine die.


Following are the names of all the teacher who enrolled their names during the Institute:

G. W. Allen

Lillie Allen

Belle Arford

Nerva Ackley

J.M. Boyle

Melissa Ansbaugh

J. G. Bowersox,

F.K. Blake

J. B. Baxter

J. W. Baxter

Jennie Baxter

Lottie Brundage

Ella Bryant

C. Bowden

Mary Brundage

Nancy Ball

W. N. Boyle

Frank Burrell

A.W. Bair

W. B. Brown

Christie Blaker

C. H. Brown

Henry Coe

Wm. Chambers

Mary Crise

Jennie Crooks

Wm. P. Carpenter

Linnie Crooks

M. M. Eberly

Lucinda Daniels

R. A. Franks,

Josie Gillett

Marie Goldsmith

B.F. Frets

O. Z. Hubbell

C. H. Husselman

W.M Urie

A. I. Jennings

Laura Kennedy

B.G. Bell

J. R. McOsker

W. S. Maxwell

J. M. Merica

C. J. Maxwell

Katie Maxwell

J. M. Noragon

A. C. Noragon

Addie McCurdy

J. S. Otis

Edith Platter

Lizzie Rawsen

Israel Ringler

P. O. Smith

J. R. Shilling

A. P. Shurts

Id Swartz

Mary Greenawald

Frank Stahl

W. R. Snyder

Mary Gunsenhouser

O. H. Taylor

Henry Waters

Nannie Hornberger

A. R Wyatt

W. M. Wirick

Belle Hornberger

Clara Wiley

Flora Williams

Sue Hornberger

Charles Wiley

O. L. Young

Emma Young

Mary Young

Emma Yarlett

Sarah Zahner

J. P. Ensley

Ella Erehart

J. J. Eakright

Byron Grube

Cora Grube

Hattie Matthews

Ellen Imus

Ella Joslin

Millie Kester

Rubie Moody

Frank Miller

Etta Wanamaker

Ida Mann

Eva Mason

Ella Schamp

Sarah Shoub

Alla Shoub

Minnie Wagoner

Jennie Smith

Josie Thomas

Ella Scoville

Ida Wychoff

Hattie Wise

Theodosie Helwig

T. H. Saub

C. P. Houser

J. E. Dermott

J. Ringler

J. Conrad

Clara Gillmore

J. L. Wychoff

Mina Wyatt

W.J. Whetsel

Ida McCurdy

J. A. Knott

Mary Emerson

R. C. Baxter

W.T. Bopr?

C. H. Thurstin

J. C. Brown

Kate Barber

H. J. Shaffer

J. A. Krum

F.B. Coder

J. A. Campbell

G. Flint

L.L. Bain

Flora Scholes

Matie May

Joseph Hall

Priscilla Coder

Sarah Allen

Eliza Bearns

Edith L. Jackman

Mary Blaker

Mary Beard

Florence Jackman

Id Taylor

Ellen Taylor

Florence Wyant

W.S. Herrick

S. J. Kiser

Callie Whetsel

Lucy Blaker

J.J. Walter

Mattie Billings

Libbie Bevier

Frank Gillett

L.M. Bassett

Isaac Coy

Emma Danks

Lusanna Smith

J. C. Frets

Lucy Seery

B.H. Gillmore

S. Olmstead

Wm. Pepple

Minnick Knisely

J. E. Dilgard

J. M. Diehl

Frank Mitchell

J.N. McCurdy

J. L. Ackley

Della Parnell

Libbie Leas

Addie E. Leas

George Pugley

Lillie McTighe

Lottie Chilson

J.L. Firestone

Letitia Coats

Frank P. Blair

Olive Peterman

J. D. Essig

C. M. Merica

Luda Livergood

Ella Comparet

Nellie Parker

Frank B. VanAuken

Libbie Rice

Clara Parker

Lizzie Dickinson

G.W. Coats

Ella Imhoof

Kate Dickinson

Drusie Shull

Almeda Zerkle

Lucy Headly

C. S. Arford

E. C. Miller

B.B. McEnterffer

T. J. Baxter

L. A. Henning

A. B. Walsworth

Lida Beck

W. D. Miller

W. H. Hoagland

A. J. Beard

Rona Boyer

Joseph Kenestrick

Ida McDowell

John McCurdy

Laura Reynolds

B. A. Hadsell

Mattie Starr

W. N. Shatto

C.W. Stroh

Id I. Blair

D.B. Chilcoat

H. E. Little

J. B. Boyle

L.R. Williams

J. Barber

A. Conrad

W.H. Keeran

J. R. Irish

Rose Blair

James A. Barns

C. J. Hadsell

A. B. Coburn

W. H. Fertich

John C. Ridge

John Goodison

Mellie Peachey

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