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Submitted by Arlene Goodwin


Cherry Valley School Holds Second Reunion

Stafford Township

The second annual reunion of the Cherry Valley school, was held at the school house on August 8th, with a good attendance.

The forenoon was spent in renewing of acquaintances. At the dinner hour, a table was spread, which fairly groaned under its load of good things to eat. We were lead in prayer by Charles R. Scoville, after which they all partook of the bountiful dinner. Then pictures were taken, after which the president called the meeting to order. The secretary's report was read and approved. A collection was taken which amounted to $1.50. Charles Reign Scoville made a motion the old officers retain their same offices for the next year which was supported by all.

Reminiscents of good old happy school days were given by Mr. Scoville, Anna Bectol, Ella Strong, Ida Hadsell, Minnie Thomas and Ella Comparette Keenan.

Song, by Arline Dux Scoville.

A brief history of the school was given by which we gained the knowledge that J. S. Greenawald was trustee when the school house was built in the year of 1876 and it was where Charles Reign Scoville started to school at the age of five years, his home being near the school.

The first teacher to teach in the new building was Laura Nimmons Best. It was requested that a report of the meeting be sent to the Butler paper, also the names of some of the pioneer teachers, which were as follows: Joshan Lounsberry, Henrietta Faurot, Leiticia Coats Potter, Ella Comparett Keeran, C. J. Coats, Rebecca Seigler, Alice Chilson Emerson, Lota Chilson Mathews; Kate Hart. Amos Walsworth, Isaac Diehl, John Actor, Benjamin Firestone, LeRoy Works, Laura Nimmons Best, Anna Chapman, Will Boyles, Andre Thomas, D. Gib Bell, Christa Blaker, Lena Moltz, Ella Scoville Strong, John Campbell, Ed Barber, Frank Light, Irene Campbell Fralic, Geo. Pugsley, Ellen Joslin Wartenbe; Ann Best Bechtol.

The attendance was about forty. Coming from a distance, from Omaha, Neb.; Spartee, Mich.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Eureka Springs, Ark.; Pasadena, Calif.; Fort Wayne; Garrett; Hicksville; Auburn and Butler.

The meeting closed by singing, "God be with you till we meet again," followed by a prayer by Charles Reign Scoville.

The reunion will be held the same time next year, the first Thursday after the first Sunday in August. There were three teachers present.

(Re: Butler Recorder-17 Aug 1933)