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Submitted by Lucy Funk, and Arlene Goodwin,


Teachers of DeKalb County

(Re: Annuals of DeKalb County Schools)



Mr. H. G. Brown, Indianapolis, Ind., was Supt. in the years 1901-1905. Since leaving Butler, he was Supt. of Schools at Lebanon, Ind., until 1919. He is now traveling for the publishing house of Macmillan. He was for several years a member of the State Board of Education.

Mr. W. V. Payne, Bloomington, Ind. He was Supt. of Schools in the year 1905-06. After leaving Butler was County Superintendent of Marion County for one term.

Mr. H. E. Coe, Corunna, Ind. Supt. from 1912-1917. Since leaving Butler was a teacher in a country school. And is now Supt. of Schools at Corunna, Ind.

Mrs. Geneva Jordan nee Kimmel, Andrews, Ind. Principal of the High School during the years 1911-14. She writes, "Six years ago this Spring I took my departure from Butler School and Butler friends. In September of 1914, I was married to Mr. J. S. Jordan of Indianapolis. We lived there until February, when we moved to Springfield, Ill, where we were interested in the clothing business. We remained there two and one-half years, when Providence brought us to Andrew where we are living on my mother’s farm. Also let me add that our doors of hospitality are open wide to all Butler friends."

Mrs. J. B. Gardner nee Lipe, 226 E. Oak St., Louisville, Ky. She was teacher of History during the years 1911-14. Mrs. Gardner writes, "After the closing of school in 1914 I was united in marriage to Rev. John B. Gardner, May 20th. We lived in Butler for a short time and them moved to Louisville, where we are still located."

Mrs. Cash Maroney nee Drake, 825 E. Vaile Ave. Kokomo, Ind. She was Latin and English teacher in the years 1915-18. Mrs. Maroney writes that after leaving Butler she and her husband, Mr. Cash Maroney, moved to Kokomo, where they are now located, and are interested in the Garage Business.

Miss Marie Sumption, Kendallville, Ind., was Latin teacher in 1917-18, and the next year as Principal. Since leaving Butler she had been employed as Botany and English teacher in the Kendallville High School.

Mrs. Hilda Spooner nee Mayer, Jefferson, Wis. Mrs. Spooner was instructor of Geometry and Music in the year 1918-19. She writes, "I was married August 28, 1919 to Mr. Spooner. Traveled in northern Michigan and Wisconsin for August till Thanksgiving. No permanent home between Thanksgiving and Christmas After becoming interested in Jefferson Wood Products Co., settled in Jefferson."

Miss Hazel Harrison, Gary, Ind. She was instructor of Music and English during the years 1912-1918. She had been Auditorium Instructor in the Gary Schools since leaving Butler.

Miss Charlotte Galpin, Indianapolis, Ind. Miss Galpin was Music and English Instructor during the year 1917-18. She is now engaged in Community Welfare work. She had been engaged in this occupation since leaving Butler.

Mr. C. O. Nash, Redwood Falls, Minn. He was Principal of the High School during 1916-18. Since leaving Butler he has been Principal of the High School at Redwood Falls, Minn.


Fairfield Township Teachers

Copied by Troas Wise

(Re: Waterloo Press – 16 Dec 1969)





# 1

Lucy Tuttle

# 2

Daniel Chilcoat

# 3

Lewis Tongue

# 4

Margaret Duncan

# 5

Michael Long

# 6

None employed

# 7

Wesley G. Hartman

# 8

Joseph Conrad

# 9

George Ernest

# 10

Levi Grimm

Submitted by: Lucy Funk, and Arlene Goodwin,



Corunna Teachers

Compiled by Troas Wise

Submitted by Arlene Goodwin, and Lucy Funk,




T. J. Sanders


William Franks


S. C Urey


N. K. Miller




T. P. French


T. P. French ?


W. E. Aldrich


E. Shook


Perry F___?


J. H. Reinoehl


F. M. Wiltrout




F. M. Wiltrout


F. M. Wiltrout


W. E. Aldrich


W. E. Aldrich


M. T. Markley


M. T. Markley


M. T. Markley


M. T. Markley


M. T. Markley