Re: Camp-Fire Chats of the Civil War, by Washington Davis, Chicago: W. H. Ives & Co. 1889. Pages 351/2/3/4/5/6.

Submitted by Arlene Goodwin, Auburn, Indiana,




April 12–13, Fort Sumter bombarded.

April 18, Harper’s Ferry arsenal evacuated. [more.

April 19, Massachusetts troops, under Gen, Butler attacked in Balti-

April 21, Norfolk Navy Yard evacuated.

May 24, Arlington Heights occupied.

June 3, battle of Phillippi, W. Va.

June 10, battle of Big Bethel, Va.

June 17, battle of Booneville, Mo.

July 5, battle of Carthage, Mo.

July 11, battle of Rich Mountain, Va.

July 14, battle of Carrick’s Ford. Va.

July 18, battle of Centerville, Va.

July 21, battle of Bull Run, Va.

August 10, battle of Wilson’s Creek, Mo.

August 29, battle of Hatteras Inlet, N. C.

September 10, battle of Carnifex Landing, Va.

September 20, battle of Lexington, Mo.

October 21, battle of Ball’s Bluff, Va.

November 7, battle of Belmont, Mo.

November 7, battle of Port Royal, S. C.

November 8, Capt. Wilkes takes Mason and Slidell from the steamer Trent.


January 8, battle of Romney, Va.

January 9, battle of Big Sandy River, Ky.

January 19, battle of Mill Spring, Ky.

February 6, battle of Fort Henry, Tenn.

February 8, battle of Roanoke Island, N. C.

February 16, battle of Fort Donelson, Tenn.

"I-I-I-I was there!" came in perfect chorus of voices.

"No talking in the ranks!" sternly ordered th Colonel.

February 23, Nashville, Tenn., occupied.

March 7 and 8, battle of Pea Ridge, Ark.

March 8, battle between the Merrimac and the Cumberland.

March 9, battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac.

March 14, battled of Newbern, N. C.

March 22, Columbia, Tenn., occupied.

March 23,battle of Winchester, Va.

March 23, battled of New Midred, Mo.

April 6, battle of Shiloh, Tenn.

April 7, battle of Island No. 10, Mississippi river.

April 11, battle of Fort Pulaski, Ga.

April 24, Farragut passes Forts Jackson and St. Phillip, La.

April 25, battle of Forts Macon and Beaufort, N. C.

April 28, battled of Ft. Jackson and St. Philip, La.

April 28, battle of New Orleans, La.

May 4, battle of Yorktown, Va.

May 5, battle of Williamsburg, Va.

May 9, battle of West Point, Va.

May 10, battle of Norfolk, Va.

May 12, battle of Natchez, Miss.

May 12, Bank’s retreat down the Shenandoah Valley.

May 23, battle of Port Royal Va.

May 30 battle of Corinth, Miss.

May 31 and June 1, battle of Fair Oaks, Va.

June 4, battled of Fort Pillow, Tenn.

June 6, battle of Memphis, Tenn.

June 27, battle of Gaines’ Mill, Va.

June 29, battle of Savage’s Station, Va.

July 1, battle of Malvern Hill, Va.

August 9, battle of Cedar Mountain, Va.

August 29, battle of Bull Run.

August 30, battle of Richmond, Ky.

September 1, battle of Chantilly, Va.

September 5, invasion of Maryland by General Lee.

September 14, battled of South Mountain.

September 15, battle of Harper’s Ferry Va.

September 17, battle of Antietam.

September 17, battle of Mumford, Ky.

September 19, battle of Iuka, Miss.

October 4, battle of Corinth, Miss.

October 8, battle of Perryville, Ky.

December 13, battle of Fredericksburg, Va.

December 29, battle of Holly Springs, Miss.

December 29, battle of Chickasaw Bayou, Miss.

December 31, battle do Murfreesboro, Tenn.–also January 2d, 1863.


January 1, Negro Slavery abolished.

January 1, battle of Galveston, Texas.

January 11, battle of Arkansas Post, Ark.

April 7, attack on Fort Sumter.

April 29, battle of Grand Gulf, Miss.

April and May, Union cavalry raid by General Grierson in Alabama.

May 1, battle of Port Gibson, Miss.

May 2 and 3, battle of Chancellorsville, Va.

May 14, battle of Jackson, Miss.

May 16, battled of Champion Hills, Miss.

May 17, battle of Big Black River, Miss.

June 9, second invasion of Maryland by General Lee.

June 27, Beginning of raids by the rebel Morgan.

July 1,2 and 3, battle of Gettysburg, Pa.

July 4, battle of Helena, Ark.

July 4, surrender of Vicksburg.

July 8, surrender of Port Hudson.

July 13 to 16, draft riots in New York city.

July 27, Morgan captured near New Lisbon, Ohio.

August 21 and 22, Quantrell plunders and burns Lawrence, Kansas.

September 1, battle of Fort Smith, Ark.

September 6, battle of Fort Wagner, S. C.

September 10, battle of Little Rock, Ark.

September 19 and 20, battle of Chickamauga, Tenn.

November 25, battle of Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

November 26, battle of Mission Ridge, Tenn.

November 29, battle of Knoxville, Tenn.


February 20, battle of Olustee.

February 20, Sherman’s expedition to Meridian, Miss.

March 14, battle of Fort De Russy N. C.

March 24, battle of Union City.

April 8, battle of Mansfield, La.

April 9, battle of Pleasant Hill, La.

April 12, Fort Pillow Massacre.

April 20, battle of Plymouth, N. C.

April 23, battle of Cane River, La.

May 4, Army of the Potomac crosses the Rapidan.

May 4 to 7, battles of the Wilderness.

May 7, Sherman begins his march to Atlanta, Ga.

May 7, battle at Bermuda Hundred, Va.

May 7 to 12, battles near Spottsylvania, Va.

May 14 and 15, battle of Resaca, Ga.

May 15, battle of Newmarket, Va.

May 19, battle of North Anna, Va.

May 25 to 28, battle of Dallas, Ga.

May and June, general Sheridan north of Richmond.

June 1 to 3, battle of Cold Harbor, Va.

June 5, battle of Piedmont, Va.

June 15, Army of the Potomac crosses the James.

June 15 to 17, battle of Lost Mountain, Ga.

June 18 to 21, Assault at Petersburg, Va.

June 19, the Kearsage destroys the Alabama.

July 5, Early invades Maryland.

July 9, battle of Monocacy, Mc.

July 20 to 28, battles before Atlanta, Ga.

July 30, Chambersburg, Pa., burned.

July 30, Repulse at Petersburg, Va.

August 5, Farragut’s Fleet enters Mobile Bay.

August 8 to 20, Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan taken.

August 18, Weldon Railroad, N. C. seized.

September 2, Atlanta captured by Sherman.

September 19, battle of Winchester, Va.

September 22, battle of Fisher’s Hill, Va.

October 19, battle of Cedar Creek, Va.

October 27, the Ram Albemarle destroyed.

October 31, Recapture of Plymouth, N. C.

November 14, Sherman begins his march from Atlanta to the sea.

November 30, battle of Franklin, Tenn.

December 13, battle of Fort McAllister, Ga.

December 15 and 16, battle of Nashville, Tenn.

December 21, Capture of Savannah, Ga.

December 24, bombardment of Fort Fisher, N. C., begins.


January 15, Capture of Fort Fisher, N. C.

February 17, Capture of Columbia, S. C.

February 17, Charleston, S. C., evacuated.

February 22, Capture of Wilmington, N. C.

February 27, Sheridan goes up the Shenandoah Valley.

March 2, battle of Waynesborough, Va.

March 12, Occupation of Fayetteville, N. C.

March 15, battle of Averysboro, N. C.

March 18, battle of Bentonville, N. C.

March 21, battle fo Goldsboro, N. C.

March 25, Rebels repulsed at Fort Steadman, Va.

April 1, battled of Five Forks, Va.

April 3, Petersburg and Richmond captured.

April 9, surrender of Gen. Lee to Gen. Grant, at Appomattox C. H.,

April 13, Sherman enters Raleigh, N. C. [Va.

April 14, President Lincoln assassinated.

April 26, Surrender of Gen. Johnston to Gen. Sherman, at Raleigh,

May 10, Capture of Jeff. Davis, at Irwinsville, Ga. [N. C.

May 26, the last Rebel force in the South-west surrenders to General Canby.