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(Re: Newspaper clippings)



Only Six of the Hundreds of Gallant Young Men Who Enlisted in 100th Regiment Present

The annual reunion of the 100th regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry was held in Auburn Wednesday. Auburn is the permanent meeting place for the 100th. Of the hundreds of gallant young men who enlisted in this unit of the Union army during the rebellion, only six were present Wednesday to sit together at dinner at the Hotel Auburn, transact the business which accumulated during the past year and recount the experiences of the war. Those six were Dr. W. B. Graham, of Auburn, President of the organization, a member of company A; A. Gilbert Rhoades of Berlin Heights, Ohio, company B; Addison Cleveland, Etna Green, Ind., company B; Frank Rhoades of Orland, Ind., and H. S. Woodworth of Omaha, Nebr., residing at 1428 Fort street, a member of company B who came the greatest distance. (Re: Newspaper unknown)


Maryville, Mo., Dec. 23—Two tattered bugles that sounded "cease firing" to the war-weary hosts in blue an gay at Appomattox courthouse on an April morning 64 years ago were laid away today to be silent forever. Nat Sisson, 88, raised one of the bugles to thin, uncertain lips yesterday and played "taps" at the graveside of his boyhood chum and comrade of old age who had owned this other. The two had been boyhood chums down east. When the Civil war came, Sisson joined the union army as a bugler. Childress became a bugler for the confederacy., for four years they sounded the martial calls that urged north against south and south against the north. When Lee surrendered they blew the signal for peace. Reunited, the veterans settled here. Yearly on Memorial Day their bugles sounded the call for those who had gone on before them. Now that Childress at 92, had joined the host in the other world where no bugles blow, his friend will blow his bugle no more. (Re: Newspaper unknown)



Readers who have soldier relatives buried in any of the cemeteries near Auburn are requested to scan the following list closely and report any omissions to Co. A. L. Kuhlman, phone 98.

Soldiers of the Civil war in cemeteries of Auburn and vicinity, revised to Mary 30th, 1931:

John Anthony

Joseph Albright

Henry C. Altenberg

John Anthrup

Hugh Adams

Martin Arthur

Frank W. Barclay

Charles Baker

Archibald Bates

David Bishop

William Baughn

Henry Baker

George A. Bishop

Joseph Burnier

Christian Benner

Isaiah Baughman

David Beber

Isaac O. Bachtel

Oliver Benward

Lewis Brown

Edson Burton

Cyrus Bailey

Mahlan Baker

Philip Cobler

John Cannon

John A. Cowan

James K. Culbertson

William Clark

Christopher Cloy

Joseph Culler

Benjamin Crew

Enos L. Casebeer

Jacob B. Casebeer

James Clifton

Samuel Culver

Benjamin F. Connor

Hiram Cupp

Miles Clup

Martin L. Duck

Peter Ditmar

Ezra Dickenson

Jonathan Detrick

Wm. De Maranville

Isaac Ditmar

James Donaldson

James Draggoo

James Ewers

John H. Ehlers

Henry Epson

William Elson

Charles Eckhart

Samuel Ford

Clark Ford

Robert Feagler

Samuel Feagler

John B. Feagler

John Fretz

Asam Foltz

George W. Gordon

Robert Gilmore

John C. Hill

Leonard Hoodelmier

John Hamilton

George Hamilton

William Huffman

E.P. Harris

Chester P. Hodge

Henry H. Hoisington

Dewitt C. Headley

John Hanes

Ezra D. Hartman

James R. Howey

Amos Hilkey

Thomas Hallam

George Hoodelmier

Hiram Housel

John S. Israel

Silas B. Johnson

Nathan Johnson

William Johnson

Daniel W. Jenners

John Koons

Alfred Keesler

Moses Kinsey

George Long

Franklin Leasure

James Lightcap

John Lawrence

William Likens

Isaiah Likens

Charles Latson

Reuben Lockwood

Joseph W. McKay

Silas McGowan

George McNabb

John McClellan

Alexander McClellan

Rinaldo McDowell

Henry McCullough

William McClure

George H. K. Moss

Edward Matthews

Dyer Matthews

James J. May

O. P. Myers

David Marvin

John H. Martin

James Metcalf

Henry Melton

John Morr

Frederick Morr

John Moore

Sheridan Mott

Samuel Maurer

Moses B. Masters

John Neff

Anthony Olinger

Daniel Olinger

John S. Olinger

David W. Olinger

David Ober

William Oiler

John Otto

Cyrus Olinger

Anthony Palmer

Chancellor Powers

George A. Porter

Joshua Parker

Adolph Pairan

William Poorman

John A. Provines

Sylvester Parrett

Henry C. Peterson

Adam Prosser

Joseph Prosser

James Provines

James E. Pearse

Charles E. Rush

George W. Ragan

Daniel W. Roether

Alexander M. Richards

James Rowland

Joseph Rainier

Albert Robbins

Jonathan Rosemond

Perry Romine

Jonathan B. Rummel

William Sanderson

Nathan Sebring

Milton Simonton

S. B. Scott

James K. Shepard

John Springer

Valentine Seitz

David Squires

Ephraim Shull

Eli W. Shull

Horace Shoemaker

George Shuman

Philip W. silver

Nathan Squires

Samuel Shehan

William E. Sergeant

George Swank

Philip Schaab

William Sheffer

Henry Shellhouse

Theodore Sergeant

William shook

David J. Swartz

Joseph Stafford

B. F. Sponhour

James Sherlock

John Strong

Robert Simpson

Edward Shull

Thomas H. Tomlinson

Samuel J. Tarney

Jacob R. Thomas

Joseph Truett

John Treman

James Umber

John Weeks

John Wilson

Robert H. Weamer

William Wilcox

George Weeks

Adam Walters

Henry Wolf

Cyrus Wyland

William T. Wyatt

Lewis Walters

James Whittington

Joseph D. Williamson

George Walker

William Werntz

Sylvester Walter

John Weaver

Moses B. Willis

Dewitt Watson

Oliver H. Widney

Columbus Welch

Basil Zegenfus


Total of Civil war reported to May 30th, 1931, 203.

Soldiers of the Mexican War: Samuel West. Soldiers of the war of 1912: David Cosper, Hugh Adams And David Kutzner. (Newspaper unknown)



The Old Soldiers of Auburn and Vicinity

At the request of the Courier Major Kuhlman, the postmaster, has kindly furnished us with the names of the surviving civil war soldiers living in Auburn and vicinity. They are as follows:

Captain John Otto

Captain M. B. Willis

Robert Simpson

Joseph O. Davidson

W. H. McIntosh

Charles Eckhart

William Sheffer

Joseph Rainier

Dr. J. B. Casebeer

Cyrus Olinger

John Olinger

Alfred Kessler

James May

John Haines

James H. Rowland

Perry Romine

Moses B. Masters

John Koon

Thomas Hallam

Joseph Prosser

William Murphy

Samuel DePew

Samuel J. Tarney

Jacob R. Thomas

Hiram H. Cupp

John B. Feagler

George W. Walker

Joseph D. Williamson

Sylvester Parrott

David S. Ober

Albert Robbins

John H., Weaver

Isaiah Baughman

John Pifer

George R. Driver

William Snyder

H. L. Carnahan

Isaac Ditmar

Isaac Mobley

Eli W. Shull

Samuel Williams

James Pearce

John Strong

Oliver Benward

James B. Gibford

William S. Schermerhorn

Anson P. Green

Samual Maurer

Henry Schelhaus

Adam Prosser

Samuel Fretz

William H. Huffman

Benjamin F. Conners

Joshua Parker

Reuben Lockwood

Lyman Lockwood

Edward Smith

W. H. Stafford

Joseph W. McKay

Benjamin F. Sponhouer

Basil Zegenfus

A.W. Bates

Dyer R. Matthews

D.H. Richey

John Deetz

Milton C. Jones

James W. May

Moses Kinsey

D. C. Marvin

Isaac Likens

Lewis Brown

Thomas Brown

Jacob Grimm



(Re: Auburn Weekly Courier – 14 May 1908 page 2, col. 6)