Indiana Soldiers

Spencerville, Spencer Twsp. in DeKalb County

The following information is from a book written by Dr. Willis Carey and as printed in 1952. The book says "the following men are known to have served in the Civil War and enlisted from Spencerville:" The book says all are buried in Spencerville White City Cemetery except those I've marked with an *.

Civil War

Barney, John

Barney, Lucius

Beams, George

Beams, John

Bishop, George A.

Buchanan, Florence*

Butler, Irvin

Carnes, John

Chellis, Benj.

Cole, Sam

Dailey, Alex

Davis, John*

Davis, William

DeVilbis, Allen

DeVilbis, John

Dragoo, James

Erick, Rev. Enosv

Farver, Isaac

Farver, Lemanuel

Fisher, Leslie

Fisher, Lewis

Friece, Charles

George, Sam

Gibford, James


Hannan, Enn

Harnish, Sam

High, Fredrick

Hobaugh, John

Hoffman, Charles

Horn, Israel

Horn, John

Horn, Milt

Hull, Amos

Hush, Benj

Jno, Furlo

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, Thomas

Jones, Nicholas

Keesler, Martin

Keister, George

Kelley, Sam

Kennedy, Phil

Kirst, Thomas

Kline, Theo.

Koontz, Baltzer

Lake, George

Leighty, J. D.*

Leighty, John

Markle, Henry

McNabb, John

Miller, David

Nichols, Josh

Oberholtzer, Isaac

Pervines, William*

Poince, George

Provines, Ino A.*

Reed, William

Rhodes, Charles A.

Rhodes, Elijah

Rhodes, Marquis

Rummell, O. W.

Samuel, George

Scott, Henry

Scott, John M.

Smith, Isaiah

Steward, James

Steward, James L.

Steward, John M.

Ulm, Jeremia*

Van Zile, Milo

Wade, George*

Watson, William

Wearley, Calvin

White, Edward*

Zimmerman, Hiram

Zimmerman, John A

Zimmerman, Jonas

I have spelled the names as they are spelled in the book, however, he lists Leighty, J. D. also as Lieghty (Jacob).

Submitted by
Cheri Bushee

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