William Applegate Family Bible

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Contributed By: Gina Richardson

This bible belonged to William Applegate, son of John & Elizabeth (Trafford) Applegate. He was born in 1818 at Blue Ridge, Kentucky and died February 27, 1886 in Delaware County, Indiana.

William married Lavinia Slater May 12, 1844 in Holt County, Missouri.

William & Lavinia Applegate had eight children. Almira, Angeline, Louis, Alameda, Riley, Mary, Lementine and Eliza. I believe the bible was passed down to their youngest daughter Eliza Applegate Gibson. Eliza out lived all of her siblings and both of her daughters.

At this time I do not know what happened to the bible after Eliza Applegate Gibson died in 1952. The last entry was for her daughter Bessie Gibson Haisley who died in 1951.

The Applegate Bible was rescued from a flea market in Eaton, Ohio by Pat & Connie Taylor. Pat Taylor is a Civil War Living History Lecturer and uses authentic items for his presentations. He found the bible and used it for a presentation at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Connie Taylor noticed the hand written dates in the bible and started searching Rootsweb, in an effort to return the bible to a descendant of William, which led her to my family tree and to me. Thanks to Pat & Connie's kindness, the Applegate Bible is now in my possession.
William & Lavinia Applegate's daughter, Mary Alice Applegate Brown, was my Great Great Grandmother. If you would like to share information regarding the Applegate Family, please send me an Email.

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The Holy Bible, Containing the Old & New Testaments
Translated Out Of The Original Tongues; and with The Former Translations
Diligently Compared And Revised. New York American Bible Society 1865

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William Applegate
Born 1818 In Blue Ridge, Kentucky
Lavinia Slater Applegate
Born May 8th, 1821 at Portsmouth, Ohio
Wm. died February 27th, 1886
Lavinia died December 11th, 1893

Wm Applegate died February 27th, 1886
Lavinia Applegate died December 11th, 1893
William & Lavinia Applegate married May 12th, 1844
Almira Applegate Born September 23rd, 1845
Angeline Applegate Born November 26th, 1847
Louis Applegate Born December 2nd, 1850
Alameda Applegate January 8th, 1853

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Riley Applegate Born November 27th, 1854
Mary A. Applegate Born February 2nd, 1857
Lementine Applegate Born January 25th, 1859
Eliza A. Applegate Born September 12th, 1862

Albert Applegate Born September 27th, 1876
Perl M. Brown Born January 9th, 1886
Garrett Gibson Died March 7th, 1937
Blanche Gibson Bogue Died May 19th, 1945
Bessie Gibson Haisley Died February 5th, 1951

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Lementine Died February 24th, 1868
Garrett Gibson Was Born June 10th, 1860
Eliza A. Gibson Was Born September 12th, 1862
Bessie Gibson Was Born March 6th, 1882
Blanche Gibson Was Born October 9th, 1887
Lola Gibson Was Born July 29th, 1890 and Died August 13th
Garrett Gibson and Eliza A. Applegate Was Married June 4th, 1881

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Lock of hair found in bible.

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Verses of a Poem found in the bible.

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Dried Flowers found in the bible.

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Loose sheet of paper found in the bible listing the children of Parker Applegate.
George, Jim, John, William, Alfred, Ed, Fred, Jonathon, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Etta

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Loose sheet of paper found in the bible with dates and notes made by Bessie Gibson Haisley.

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Page that appears to be signed by Eliza Applegate.

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Back inside cover.
William Applegate his book
Eliza Applegate