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ROGERS - My brick wall is my gg-grandfather Emsley Rogers who shows up in Darke Co. Ohio for his marriage in 1835 to Nancy Rust/Rush. I cannot find any siblings or parents for Emsley Rogers but I do have information on his descendents. My direct Rogers line came through Randolph Co. into Delaware Co. IN. I have several contradictory pieces of information regarding Emsley's birth place (state/s only). If any ancestors of his other lines that may have come into Delaware Co. are out there, I would like to share or trade information with you. Marsha  Other surnames: Harmon, French, Sunday, Sommerville.

HARMAN - I am looking for an Elizabeth Ann Harman, who was listed on the 1850 census living with her step father and mother David & Elizabeth OSBORN in Mount Pleasant Township, Delaware County. Elizabeth Ann had an illegitimate son, Isaac Harman, on Dec. 25, 1846. Isaac is listed on the same census but as an Osborn. I have found court records for Elizabeth Ann Harman vs. William FENWICK for bastardy. These papers are dated from Sept. 1846 to Feb. 16, 1847, on the latter date William Fenwick showed up in court and paid $20.00 for the maintenance of the said bastard child. Elizabeth made her mark at the bottom, releasing William from any further claims. My brick wall is that after 1850, I can not find Elizabeth Ann Harman, or David Osborn anywhere. I found Isaac Harman living with his uncle John Wesley Harman on the 1860 Mount Pleasant census. Any clues as to the whereabouts of David Osborn or Elizabeth Ann Harman after 1850??? Gina Richardson

FLETCHER -Who are William's parents and siblings? Who are Elizabeth's parents and siblings? William FLETCHER was a shoemaker born in Maryland about 1828. William is living in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN in 1850. By 1860 William is married to Elizabeth, b. abt. 1835 in IN. William and Elizabeth FLETCHER move to Muncie, Delaware Co., IN before 1870.

Their children are Priscilla J. b. abt. 1854, Martha (Alice) b. abt. 1857,
Charles W.b. abt. 1859, Hattie M.b. abt. 1862, Oliver b. abt. 1867, and
Nettie b. abt. 1871.
Priscilla married Eli Paddock Apr. 1870 (Eli died in 1872), then John O.
Adams Apr. 1877, both in Marion Co.
Alice married Cyrus Personette Nov. 1878 in Delaware Co.
In 1920 they are still in Muncie, Delaware Co. Their daughter Floss (sp?), age 27 and son-in-law are living with them and their daughter Nellie, age 33.
Charles married Kate McConnell in Jan 1880, or in Apr. 1894 Charles marries Mary E. Lavin.
In 1880 Charles is married to Catherine, living in Muncie. He is a carriage painter.
In 1920 Charles and Katie are living in Frankfort, Clinton, Indiana with 3 boys Carl, 36; Clarence, 29; Harold, 19.
Is this the same Charles and Katie???
Hattie married Frank Beemer Mar. 1879, Albert Personett Oct. 1885, (dies Apr. 1908); Emerson Bell Jul 1913.
July 4, 1879 Hattie has a son, Wilbur BEEMER.
In the 1880 census Hattie is listed as living with her parents and single,
Wilbur is not mentioned. Frank is living with his parents and listed as married.
Hattie and Albert have a son Ralph abt. 1887.
Ralph is married to Minnie M. Anderson Dec. 1908. They have a daughter Dortha M.(sp?) abt. 1918.
In 1930 Harriet is living with Ralph and his family, and says she was 18 at her first marriage.
Ralph is a machinist at an automobile factory.
Ralph died in Dec. 1931.
Harriet moves to Richmond, Wayne Co. to live with her son Wilbur and his family.
Harriet died Feb. 1937
Nettie marries James Kehoe, has a daughter Lavena.
In Oct 1900 Nettie marries William Wagoner.
Nettie married William McCormick
July 1916 Lavena marries Ernest Shireman.
Contact Brenda

JETMORE - My brickwall is my grandfather's mother. My grandfather, John Isaac JETMORE was born 7 Aug, 1864 to Nathan Arthur JETMORE and UNKNOWN. The obituary notice in the Muncie Star dated 10 Oct, 1949 says he was born in Columbus, IN and moved to Muncie when he was 11 years old. It also listed a brother, Buris Prather of Indianapolis. His certificate of death lists his mother as unknown. In the Index to Supplemental Record Marriage Transcript Delaware Co. it listed John Isaac with his father Nathan and lists his mother as M. PERDUE. John Isaac was married 5 Oct 1892. Nathan was married approx. 6 times and his marriage to Minerva Purdue was 15 Dec, 1883 (not proven). According to paperwork I have Nathan was married 30 Mar 1890 to Nancy J. DRAKE in Carter Co. Missouri. I have been unable to find a birth certificate for John Isaac, nor anything that even hints at who his mother might be. I've checked every census I can think of and no help. Does anyone have any suggestions that might help me. Thanks so much for any help. Contact Sandi

FODGE/FUDGE - David M. Fodge (1822-1863), son of John and Priscilla (Porter) Fodge was married in Delaware County in 1844 to Martha Jane MANSFIELD. Their first four (or five) children were born in Indiana, supposedly in Delaware County, either Centre or Mount Pleasant Townships. However, I have searched the 1850 census and cannot find this family. Perhaps, some of the census missing? Any help, please email me at
 D. Grant Thank you.

BALTIMORE - Looking for Samuel B. BALTIMORE married Hazel Marie HITE in June 1929, but unable to find marriage record. I have been told that they married in Muncie, Indiana but not able to locate record there or anywhere else.

Samuel B. Baltimore was from Indiana and a disabled WWI Veteran. I don't know his date of birth; it is different on all birth certificates for Hazel Hite's three children as she used a different age on each birth certificate. I have Samuel's birthday as between 1894 to 1902.

I did find on the 1930 census in Montomery County, Ohio a Samuel Baltimore at a National Military Home for Disabled Veterans which showed him as married and from Indiana.

Hazel Marie HITE born 9 Sept 1909 in Turtle Creek, Warren County, Ohio died 12 Oct 1987 Sacramento, Sacramento County, California USA.

    They had 3 daughters and one son.
    Family told me that he and Hazel were together in 1933.
    Any information would be appreciated on Samuel B. Baltimore.


McDANIEL- My mystery ancestor is the brother to my grandfather (Matthew Turner McDaniel). The brother was born in Delaware County, Indiana on February 4,1896. This birth is on record at the Delaware County Courthouse, where he was recorded as Male McDaniel, and listed as the 6th child to parents, James Floyd and Louisa McDaniel.

My problem is that I have no clue what happened to this son. I have copies of the WPA Indiana Death Records, he isn't listed close to his birth date. I have copies of the 1900 Census for the parents, James Floyd & Louisa McDaniel; he doesn't show up with the family. James Floyd & Louisa McDaniel are my Gr.Grandparents. I have been to the gravesites of both my Grandparents & my Gr.Grandparents. James Floyd & Louisa (Lyde) McDaniel / Meservy are buried in Beechgrove Cemetery along with another of their sons, Robert Floyd McDaniel, who died at the age of 19 years, and is not the son in question. My Grandfather, Matthew Turner & Maude McDaniel/Kennedy are both buried in Elm Ridge Cemetery along with a son of theirs (Victor) who died at a very young age. I can't figure out what happened to the son of James Floyd & Louisa McDaniel, born on February 4,1896 in Delaware County. He doesn't show up anywhere, on census records, on death records or burial records with these families. I have even checked at the Delaware County Courthouse for a Death Record, I was told that if he wasn't on the WPA Indiana Death Records, that he didn't pass away close after his birth.

I have tried for years to find out what happened to this son, with no results. I'd really like to know what happened to him, what his name might have been,etc. I've really hit a Brick Wall, not being able to find a name for this child. At a standstill, can't try and find him without a name. If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this mystery, please contact me at the following: Rosalie Adkins 1301 N. Cherry Hartford City,Indiana 47348-- Phone: 1 - 765 - 348 - 4226
E-mail: Rosalie


BEVENS TURNER: Bevans was also recorded as Bivens, Bivans, Blevins, etc. His son, Minus Turner, recorded it as Bevans. Bevans is my great great great grandfather. Bevans Turner came to Randolph (and Wayne Counties) as a widower with three children (William, Minus and Jane, children of his first wife, Priscilla Beswick), in or around 1823 where he bought a tract of land in the 12-Mile Purchase.

Another record shows him having arrived here around 1830-31. He is said to have married Deborah Bowman but am unsure if it was in Randolph County or Delaware. She died and he married a Mrs. Butcher. After her death, he married a Mrs. Jackson.

Bevans shows up in Delaware county at age 85, living with his son Minus. After that he disappears. Logic tells me he died and the Delaware County History book shows that he died in 1863. However, I find no record to support that and no burial listing. There are several options: He could be buried with any of his numerous wives but I've not found a listing in Delaware County, Randolph County or KY where is first wife is buried.

There is what we believe is a headstone base we discovered behind Minus's grave in Beechgrove Cemetery in Muncie, but Beechgrove has no record of Bevans being buried there. They will not say he isn't either as the earlier graves there have not been recorded in all cases. It's also possible that Bevans had children by these other marriages, mostly likely the earlier one(s) in Randolph County. Is there more family I'm unaware of and, if so, is Bevans buried there?
Contact Shirley Pearson

COCHRAN/COCHREN - The 1860 Union, Delaware, Indiana Census lists the family of Phillip Cochran and his wife Barbary (I believe is Barbara M. Laturner) as:

     Cochran, Phillip, age 33, day laborer, born in Indiana
     Barbary, age 30, born Indiana
     Mary C. age 7, born Indiana
     Amanda E., age 5, born Indiana
     Wesley A., age 3, born Indiana

I can find no trace of these three children in any later censuses. In 1870 Hamilton, Delaware Co, Indiana I see Phillip Cochren living in the household of John F. Williams and his wife Cordelia Jane (Shipman). Phillip’s infant son Frank is living in the household of Cordelia Jane Shipman’s parents Hiram Shipman and wife Rebecca. The 1870 Mortality Schedule for Delaware County shows Barbara Cochran dying in Dec. 1869, shortly after her son Frank’s birth in Oct, 1869. I’m wondering what became of the children listed in the 1860 census: Mary, Amanda and Wesley. I’m also wondering if there were children born between Wesley’s birth in 1857 and Frank’s birth in 1869. If anyone can offer help, please email me at Becky Jamison Thanks so much! Becky Jamison.

MCCARTNEY, HAMLER - April 26, 2006

Looking for the Date of Death and Place of Burial along with any Information about my Great Grandma. Eliza or Lida McCartney, born May 1869 In Delaware County Ind. A Daughter of Andrew B. and Mary Walling McCartney both of Delaware and Grant countys. Lida McCartney married 1st to Levi Jack Oct. 31, 1885 Tipton Co Ind.

They had 1 daughter Mary Emma Jack who was born Jan 1, 1890. In September 1890 Lida and Levi Jack was devorced. Lida Mccartney Jack married 2nd Oct. 6, 1892 Tipton county to Eli Coats. In 1898 Lida and Eli Coats was devorced and Lida put her Daughter Mary E Jack up for adoption, Edward Walter Partlow adopted the child in Tipton co. August 24, 1898 Lida McCartney Jack Coats married 3rd to Jesse Hamler or Hammler. 1900 Census Lida and Jesse Hamler was in Howard county Ind.Kokomo. and Lida said she had 6 children and 5 alive. One Child I know of was Mary E Jack Partlow who was a 10 year old girl going to see her Mom Lida on Christmas Day 1900 in Kokomo and was Takin to Jail and sentenced 10 years in the Indiana Girls School in Clermont Co Indiana. For Truancy. The Girl school record dated 1908 showed Lida E McCartney Hammler Mother and Residence Muncie, Delaware co. The Next Record I have is a Marriage application for Mary Jack June 24 1912. Is Says Mother Elizabeth Hammler Muncie, Delaware co Ind. Lida moved to Muncie to be near family. The James P Walling Family her uncle and Lidas sisters and brothers. Mary McCartney born 1877, Etha J, born 1887, Whipple born 1883,Darah d born 1889, Charles P, born 1891, Myrtle McCartney born 1880.

That is where I have been at a Brickwall for 11 years Searching for what happened to my Grandmas Mom Lida and to see what happened to all the other children she had. I dont know if she gave them up for adoption also or raised them.

I also feel bad for my grandma for what she went thru and I dont know if grandma ever seen her Mom again. I use all the Names that Lida McCartney went by in different records. Lida, Lyda, Liza, Eliza, Elizabeth, Mary Eliza McCartney Hammler.

Any Help Is Appreciated! Or Anyone known to be related to Lida Please Email us as this has been A lifelong persuit by the whole family.
Other Surnames, McCarty, Hammler, Walling, Wallen, Dooley, Kunce, Coats, Jack
Thanks Alot
Dave Kennedy bigdavekus@yahoo.com or bigdavekus@aol.com

MAPES - April 26, 2006

My Mapes ancestors puzzle me. I wrote to Indiana Dept. of Health for death certificates but they can't find any records of my great-great grandparents. Charles Mapes was a grocer and butcher in Muncie and I believe he died in 1942 or 1943. I have an obituary from a Muncie newspaper, but it is undated. He was buried in Elm Ridge cemetery. His wife Jennie (nee Pointer) Mapes lived many years longer, dying sometime in 1959 or after, but I don't have the date. She is also buried in Elm Ridge cemetery.

I live in Minnesota so I hope someone in Muncie might have further information on my Mapes line.

Best, Sherry Gray

JONES, MORRIS, RANKIN - April 26, 2006

My father and I have been trying to research his grandmother who grew up in Muncie. Her maiden name was Lillian W. Jones. We think that her father's name was either Daniel or David Jones, from Wales and her mother's name was Martha Morris, from England. We know very little about this branch of the family and for years we have been coming up with nothing. Lillian had several siblings, one brother named Ben(for sure) and a sister named Jeanette(for sure).

Lillian was born in Philadelphia in or around 1880, and she died in Breckenridge, MI in 1976. She married A.H. Rankin in 1898-99 in Muncie, IN.
I hope that you can help.
Thank you, Sara Francis

POOR, WILLIAMS, HAYNES - June 10, 2006

Would love to connect w/ descendents from this family to share info. I am a descendent through Charles Poor who left Indiana for Clifton, AZ. to become a copper miner. He died Butte MT. leaving a widow and two twin daughters. I have just learned this was his family and would love to know more.

Thomas C. POOR ( b.ca.1817-d. between 1870-80). Born in North Carolina married first Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS b.ca. 1830 in Ohio. They appear in the 1850 census for Liberty Township, Delaware County, Indiana without any children. Elizabeth may have died in childbirth of their firstborn (1851), or from illness, but he remarried June 28, 1856 to Martha HAYNES while still in Liberty Township, Delaware Co. IN. and they had a large family. They appeared in 1860 census in Liberty Township, Delaware County, IN. They appear in Union Township, Delaware County, IN for 1870 and 1880 census.
Their children:
1. William H. POOR b.ca.1851 in Indiana. (Son of 1st marriage)
2. Mary E. POOR b.ca.1857 in Indiana (1st child of 2nd marriage)
3. Martha J. POOR b.ca.1859 in Indiana
4. Daniel POOR b.1860 in Indiana
5. Francis ‘Franklin’ POOR b.ca. 1862 in Indiana
6. Charles POOR b.ca.1863 in Indiana
7. Anna POOR b. ca.1864 in Indiana
8. Laura POOR b. ca. 1865 in Indiana
9.Ulysus ‘Grant’ POOR b.ca.1868 in Indiana
10.Rachel POOR b.Sept 1869 in Indiana

Thank You,
Cameron Ashley Heath
Lacey WA

BICE - June 10, 2006

BICE ~ Rubie Perline BICE. Trying to locate parentage of this 16 yr. old girl who died December 14, 1916.

Her obituary lists ONLY her Grandparents as Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. BICE and that she died at their home in six miles Southwest of Muncie in Mount Pleasant Twp. We do not know who her parents were or if they were living at the time. She is buried at HAWK cemetery and we believe she might be the daughter of Moral L. and Mary R. BICE. Any help would be appreciated including information on Warren L. BICE as well.

PATTERSON - June 22, 2009

Helen V. Patterson
Born March 22, 1909

Jack Patterson
Born June 6, 1913
Died April 1987 in Crossville, Cumberland, TN

I would like to locate these two children from my grandfather's marriage to Flossie Davis, m. May 14, 1907.

The marriage ended in divorce and the children left Muncie with their mother. It's possible they were adopted or took the stepfather's name of Hollowell.

Shirley Pearson

MOORE,MULLIS, SMITH - June 22, 2009

My brick wall (s) are my great-grandmother, and great-great grandmother.

On December 16, 1899 Savannah (Smith) Moore died in Delaware County. One of the things that has taken so long to find her death record is that her first name is misspelled as "Susannah." The records on this web site indicate that she died at Eaton. Savannah Moore was my father's mother, and her death is thought to have been accidental food poisoning. Until I received information in response to a query I put on the Delaware County board, I had no information that my Moore's had ever been in Delaware County

I have no information that my great-grandmother and/or great-great grandmother were ever in this county, nor did I find them listed on the Delaware Co. death records. Still, in tracking these three women since the 1850 census it's clear that they always lived either with each other, or next door to each other.

My great grandmother was a lady named (Ellen) Jane Smith (maiden name: Mullis. Jane's records all show her name as Jane, until the 1880 Howard County census listed her as Ellen J. Smith) She was born about 1830 in North Carolina, and was married to Thomas J. Smith of Fayette County, Indiana. Thomas and Jane Smith had at least six children: Anderville (who may have used the name Andrew), Savannah (whose true name may have been Nancy Savannah Smith), Jackson, George, William, and another daughter whose name I've never been able to decipher because of poor handwriting on the census, but it looks like it might be "Ernine."

Jane's mother who generally lived with her was Nancy Mullis, and Nancy is my most solid brick wall. She makes her first appearance in the 1850 Fayette County census. Unfortunately, she was either divorced or widowed by 1850. Census reports indicate this with a check mark in the column for "divorced or widowed" but it doesn't designate which. Nancy's census information was consistent, and accordingly she was born in or about 1810 in an unknown Tennessee county.

Since I don't know who Nancy's husband was, therefore not knowing who Jane's father was, I've been unable to establish a solid link to the Mullis family, so for years I've been stuck on this search. Neither Jane or Nancy is listed on the Delaware County death records, and because of the missing 1890 census I've been unable to establish when they might have moved to this county.

Any information about these two women would be very helpful.

Thank you, Jules

MOORE - June 22, 2009

I'm looking for any information on Amos Moore died in Muncie, IN. I don't know where is was born. He is buried at the Parker-Moore Cemetery. Amos Moore married Matilda Walden on Feb. 21, 1850 in Delaware Co. Matilda is not buried with Amos. My GG Grandfather was Araus Moore who was married to Edna McClain or McLain. Araus mother was Mary A. Moore and his father was Robert Clark. Araus was born out of wedlock and took his mothers last name instead of the fathers. Mary A. Moore's parent were Amos Moore and Matilda Walden. Until recently I did not know that my Moore side was part of the main Moore line here in Muncie. I still can't figure out how though. I can't find anything suggesting that he was. But being buried at the Parker-Moore cemetery makes me think so.

So any help is greatly appreciated, Michelle

SMITH - June 22, 2009

I am attempting to positively identify my Greatgreatgrandfather. My "Family History" says he lived "near" my Greatgrandfather, Abram Smith, in Harrison Township, Delaware County. Abram Smith died there in 1868 and is buried in Bethel Cemetery. Any information will be appreciated.

Eldred Smith

BURRIS - June 22, 2009

I am searching for any relatives including the parents of Lilburn M. Burris

Lilburn M. Burris-
Born Jan. 13th 1908 in Cedar Crest, Wayne Co. KY Married Myrtle Marie West April 3rd, 1927 in Wayne Co. Kentucky. Died May 16th 1975 in Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana Buried in Elm Ridge Cemetery, Muncie, Delaware Co. IN

Myrtle Marie West-
Born December 8th, 1909 in Bronston, Wayne Co, KY Died October 23, 1982 in Muncie, Delaware Co. IN Buried in Elm Ridge Cemetery, Muncie, Delaware Co. IN Parents for Lilburn- unknown Parents for Myrtle- David Enock West and Mary Etta Young

Lilburn M. Burris and Myrtle Marie West had the following children:

1. Lois Jean Burris- born Dec. 22nd, 1928 in Wayne Co, KY
2. Flaustine Burris- Born July 28th, 1930 in Wayne Co, KY
3. Mary Helen Burris- born July 7th, 1933 in Wayne Co, KY
4. Lydia May Burris- born August 22nd, 1934 in Wayne Co, KY
5. Dora L. Burris- born August 3rd, 1936 and died August 5th, 1936 in Wayne Co, KY
6. Lora D. Burris- born August 3rd, 1936 and died August 3rd, 1936 in Wayne Co, KY
7. Lela Pearl Burris- born May 16th, 1941 in Wayne Co, KY
8. Monace Burris- born November 7th, 1943 and died July 25th, 2005 in Muncie, Delaware County, IN
9. Thomas J. Burris- born February 24th, 1945 in Muncie, Delaware County, IN
10. Kenneth Burris- born June 26th, 1947 in Muncie, Delaware County, IN
11. Caleb Daniel Burris- born January 26th, 1953 in Muncie, Delaware County, IN

Thank you, Terance J. Weston

SMITH - June 22, 2009

I am trying to find out how my ggrandfather's brother died. Isaac Hughes, brother of Matthew Milton Hughes, was born January 19, 1943 in Bucks county, PA. The family moved and settled in Muncie, Indiana.

When the Civil War started, young Isaac enlisted in July 1861 in the 19th Indiana Infantry (the blackhats of the Iron Brigade). He managed to survive well until the battle of Gettysburg where he was shot through the right arm, captured, lost the arm, and was traded back to the Union side. In September 1863, he was sent home. I know that he applied for a pension and was awarded $8/month. I know he is buried in Beech Grove Cemetery next to his mother. What I don't know is how and when he died. His brother had a notebook with the notation that Isaac died August 13, 1864(rather confusing as another Isaac Hughes from Indiana also died on that day).

Any information on what happened to Isaac would be much appreciated. Margaret Kingsford

AUSTIN, FUSION - June 29, 2009

I am trying to find Info. on some distant relatives that originated in Monongalia Co. Va./Wv. Do you have any Info. about... Herbert Gail Austin, born 12 Nov. 1890, Delaware Co. Indiana and died about 1955 in Delaware Co. Ind. He married Hazel F. Fusion on 21 Apr. 1917. She was born 19 Feb. 1893, in Delaware Co. as well.

I would also like to find out more about the Austin/Porter Milk Co. (1916 thru abt. 1922? in Delaware Co. Ind.) any Info. you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You, Denzil Austin

STEWART, LAYMON - April 9, 2011

I am looking for either marriage or birth records of George L. Stewart to a Bertha Laymon. I am really most interested in knowing where and when George L. Stewart was born. Bertha Laymon was the daughter of Julia Ann Holmes, who was born in 1856 in Delaware County, IN, and Monroe Laymon. Thank you for any information.

Respectfully, Patrick J. Stewart

ACORD- April 9, 2011

I have hit a brick wall with my 6th great grandfather John Acord. I would really like to locate his parents and trace my line back to when my ancestors immigrated and from where. John was born about 1768 in Pennsylvania, married Rachel Combs in Shenandoah County Virginia August 12 1788, and died in Delaware County Indiana about 1835. Rachel was still in Delaware County in the 1840 Census. By the 1850 Census she relocated to Freemont Iowa. Acord has many spelling variations . Many people believe that Conrad (Eckert) Acord was John's father but this has been dis-proven. I am looking for any information that will help me find John's parents and siblings.

Joline Acord

MCCLAIN, SHARP- April 9, 2011

My brick wall is my father’s first marriage to Imogene Sharp. I believe that this marriage took place sometime between January and September 1941. My father, Emory McClain, was a life-long resident of Muncie, Indiana. Imogene Sharp was originally from Huntington, West Virginia, but was believed to have been living in Muncie, Indiana, at the time. Her sisters were Reba Hibbard and Odsie Plymale. Emory and Imogene had a son, Roger McClain, on September 8, 1941. They were divorced in June, 1942, and I believe Imogene returned to West Virginia shortly after that with Roger. I am looking for a marriage certificate to verify the date of marriage. Also, anyone that might have remembered my dad and Imogene may be able to shed some light on this event. I have just recently been contacted by Roger and we are trying to put together the puzzle that our family has left us!

You may contact me at lcampbell24@yahoo.com. Thank you! Lisa Campbell

BICE- April 9, 2011

My GrGrandfather was Moral L. BICE who was born in West Virginia and died in Delaware county, Mt. Pleasant Twp. on 25 May 1920. He is buried in HAWK Cemetery. On the Meeks and Sons information at the Muncie Public Library site, it states that there were flowers sent by Brother and Sisters. I have never been able to link Moral to any other BICEs even tho there were some in the area. Is there ANY way to find out about his siblings?

Thank You, Barbara J Markusic

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