Granville Cemetery

Niles Twp, Delaware County, Indiana

Burial Records/Stone Readings

Surveyed by Unknown
Contributed by Gina Richardson

My note: Reseachers might find some entries to be a little confusing, but I have transcribed the records as they were written by the surveyor, with a few of my notes added. Corrections/Additions will

be noted with an asterisk * at the end of the records.
Row 1 Dick Henry Apr 12 1812 Apr 15 1896 84y 3d
Dick Emelia Dec 28 1818 Mar 24 1886 67y 2m 26d
Lewis Mary Feb 28 1866 33y 1m 9d
Dick William Oct 18 1866 17y 6m 18d
Dick Henry Apr 12 1812 Apr 15 1896 my note: surveyor listed this name twice
Row 2 Flinn Isaac T Mar 8 1881 43y, 10m 18d
Cranor Luvina Aug 29 1871 31y 7m 17d, wife of Vernon, dau of James & Mary Flinn
Flinn James Jan 16 1895 82y 4m 25d
Row 3 Lewis George M Jan 6 1864 son of J W & Mary Lewis
Martin Iseal Aug 3 1851 41y
Martin Isaac Apr 1 1885 17y 2m 14d, son of V E Martin
Row 4 Battreall Elizabeth Apr 15 1849 23y 2m 4d, wife of V W Battreall
Battreall John Jun 27 1845 51y 7m
Black Susanna Mar 29 1838 1y 9m, dau of J C Black
Martin Isaac Feb 6 1847 67y 4m 4d, was in War of 1812
Martin Elizabeth Feb 11 1858 71y 2m 22d, wife of Isaac Martin
Lewis George Jan 29 1867 13y 3m 19d
Lewis John Feb 28 1852 15y 5m 1d
Row 5 Wilson William Jul 10 1862 3y 11m 24d
Wilson Sarah May 6 1856 42y 22d, Consort of Amos
Green Ann May 25 1845 55y 8m 13d, "In memory of Ann Green"
Row 6 Battreall William Jul 5 1834 16y 11m, son of J & L Battreall
Wilson Robert L Oct 7 1844 3y 4m, son of Amos & Lucinda Wilson
Hatfield Harriet Ann Jun 16 1853 11m 20d, dau of John & Sara Hatfield
Wilson Martha Mar 28 1869 61y 10m 24d, wife of Renoni Wilson
Wilson Frank E Oct 26 1869 5y 6m 6d, son of Amos & Sara Wilson
Wilson Rev. Amos, Sr Oct 27 1854 85y 6m 6d, He said he served as a chaplin in Revolutionary War
Row 7 Bobo Martin Apr 13 1835 50y, was in War of 1812
Bobo Sarah Jul 27 1841 53y, wife of Martin Bobo
Basisinger Barbara Oct 15 1880 69y 2m 4m, wife of Peter Basisinger
Row 8 Unknown
Brackin Lafayett Nov 5 1858 1y 11m 3d, son of Isaac & Mary Brackin
# Not a row - two head stones by themselves
Row 9 Mott G.E.D W. May 10 1852
Mott Susanah Sep 1 1877 wife of G.E.D. Mott
Oliver W my note: no other information, could be W Oliver
Brackin Elizabeth J May 13 1859 18y 4m 9d, dau of Jesse & Margaret Brackin
Ruggle Hannah Aug 2 1844 44y 6m, "In memory of Hannah Ruggle"
Jackson Sara J Dec 12 1858 21y 26d, wife of Daniel Jackson
Battreall George Jun 29 1872 39y 8m 14d
Unknown Elizabeth my note: no other information
Row 10 Unknown
Russey Sarah Nov 26 1869 21y 8m 9d, wife of Daniel Russey
Russey Elizabeth Feb 27 1866 20y 6m 10d, wife of Daniel Russey
Reading Sarah Jul 25 1846 25y, dau of Charles & Sarah Reading
Stout Sarah Ann Jul 29 1849 22y 2m 1d, wife of David H Stout
Faulkner Margaret E May 18 1853 2y 9m, dau of E W & Lydia Faulkner
Roe Archibald Jan 23 1852
Dudelston Ralph Dec 12 1848 23y 4m 8d
Green Nancy Oct 25 1882 77y 9m 27d, wife of William Green
Green William H Sep 12 1855 76y 6m, Was in the War of 1812
Row 11 Unknown
Unknown Samuel son of ???? & Lydia ????
Basisinger Rebecca Nov 26 1852 52 y 1m 27d, wife of Petter Basisinger
O' Neal William Jan 13 1863 67y 4m 24d
O' Neal Thomas Co K 34th Ind Inf, Cut in half by a stray cannon ball 1hour after the Civil War over
Row 12 Andrew Hugh Mar 27 1862 51y 6m 25d
Fishburn David Aug 18 1851 47y 11d
Unknown 20y 9m 27d - my note: no other information
Fishburn Catharine Jan 20 1874 68y 11m 6d
Unknown Large head stone, face down
Moore David Aug 31 1890 88y 8m 22d
Sloniker Joseph W Aug 28 1885 45y 6m 20
Sloniker Sallie C Mar 15 1873 25y 9m 9d, wife of J W Sloniker
Row 13 Unknown
Large Stump
Culbertson Francis A Jun 24 1880 33y 7m 2d
Mansfield Jane Jun 17 1875 21y 6m 24d, wife of George Mansfield
Sloniker my note: no other information
Row 14 Niccum Mary M 1874 1913 my note: apparently ss John W Niccum
Niccum John W 1869 1939 my note: apparently ss Mary Niccum
Moore Susannah Racer Aug 17 1851 5y 20d, dau of D C Moore
Black Isaac Stone hidden in bush.
Row 15 Cavanaugh David Apr 2 1877 73y 1m 18d "In memory of David Cavanaugh"
Green Hiram Mar 17 1866 44y 11m 14d
Green Daniel Aug 7 1866 20y 10m 29d, Co B 84th Reg Ind Vol, son of ??? Green
Unknown Stone laying against Daniel Green's stone
Row 16 Starts in the middle. They are laying on the ground
Battreall William May 1 1857 66y 6m 15d
Bradshaw Peter R Aug 13 1851 71y 5m 7d, A member of the M E Church for 44years.
Battreall John Aug 2 1860
Clements James Sep 18 ???? 20y 2m 16d, son of B & A Clements
McMillan Susannah 19th of 8th mo 1846 25y 7m 12d
McLaughlin James Oct 3 1843 43y 1m
Row 17 Graham Alma A Mar 30 1875 25y 4m 3d, wife of Perry Graham
Graham Eliza Jan 9 1823 Jan 15 1904 81y 6d, wife of Edward Graham
Graham Edward Apr 2 1881 63y 6m 28d
Row 18 Large Stones
Rizin James Sep 10 1868 58y 3m 23d
Unknown Large head stone, face down
Row 19 Clark Moses 1831 1905
Clark Emmaline 1832 1882 wife of Moses Clark
Clark Samuel Oct 20 1881 79y 3m 23d
Clark small
Clark small
Clark small
Battreall Priscilla Jul 18 1835 23y 6m 13d, 1st wife of Jacob Battreall
Battreall Mary Apr 28 1846 33y 11m 8d, 2nd wife of Jacob Battreall
Battreall Malinda Aug 9 1852 29y 10m 25d, 3rd wife of Jacob Battreall
Battreall Ellen Apr 28 1870 40yr 7m 3d, 4th wife of Jacob Battreall
Battreall Jacob Apr 3 1872 61y 7m 11d
Jackson Luckey Dec 6 1862 51y 14d, wife of Isaac Jackson
Spencer Ellen Reede Jan 20 1868 51y, wife of Isaac Spencer
Row 20 Earley Isreal Mar 21 1845 51y 3m 6d
Earley Elijah Co D Nd In Div Cav
Battreall Isaac D Oct 12 1862 19y 20d, son of Jacob & Mary Battreall, "Killed in the service of his country"
Battreall Melind Aug 9 1852 29y 10m 25d, dau of Jacob & Prisicilla Battreall
Row 21 Looks like a chair
Roberts Elizabeth Jun 6 1880 45y 3m 19d, wife of Rev James Roberts
Roberts Emily Ann Oct 6 1859 2y 10m 21d, dau of James Roberts
Langdon Henry Aug 4 1865 25y 9m 15d, Served 2yr 10m in Co D 84th Reg Ind Vol
Row 22 Hance Infant son son of W G & L A Hance, Lamb on top
Hance Rebecca Aug 13 1864 31y 8m 9d, wife of Augustus Hance
Hance Benjamin Nov 27 1863 32y 11m 16d
Unknown* *my note: see additions below
Unknown* *my note: see additions below
Unknown* *my note: see additions below
Unknown* *my note: see additions below
Hance* *my note: see addition below, Large Stone which is broken.
Row 23 Starts at the second to last tree from from back
Edgington Job S Sep 8 1810 Sep 28 1868
Edgington Job S 1868 might be same person
Edgington James S Oct 10 1869 18y 4m 13d, son of Job S & Huldah A Edgington
McC???? W my note: no other information
McColly Elizabeth Ellen Sep 29 1863 6y 8m 13d, dau of Clark & Mary McColly
McColly Phebe C Jan 1 1856 wife of John McColly
Unknown The one in front of this one might belong to this one
Marshall John F 1820 1876
Marshall Harriet Jul 1 1860 64y 7m 22d, wife of John Marshall
Marshall John Dec 25 1872 80y 7m 19d
Mason Harriet E Oct 15 1909 81y 11m 23d
Row 24 Unknown small
William G my note: no other information
McCormick Robert Dec 20 1853 20y, son of W & C McCormick
McCormick Barbary E Apr 20 1856 21m 26d, dau of W & C McCormick
Unknown Large Stone
Raynolds Rosa A Sep 29 1877 4y 1m 8d, dau of G A & M J Raynolds, Large metal marker
Raynolds Monta Sep 29 1872 3y 11m 19d, son of G A & M J Raynolds
Raynolds Sarah Nov 15 1871 1m, dau of G A & M J Raynolds
Cates Addison Apr 29 1857 2y 5m 23d, son of A & N G Cates (my note-see Mason below)
Cates Lettecia Dec 28 1862 dau of A & N G Cates (my note-see Lettin below)
Left Blank William
Cates - Children of Anderson & Nancy G Cates
Cates Nancy C Oct 8 1879 wife of Anderson Cates - my note: listed under children by surveyor
Cates Smith May 9 1850 17y 2d
Cates Elizabeth Jan 28 1856 2y 10m
Cates Mason Apr 29 1857 2y 11m 23d
Cates Lettin Dec 8 1862 2y
Thomas John Jan 29 1863 60y 11m 1d
???lice Unknown my note-could be Unknown, ???lice
Unknown leaning against below
Thomas Amanda M Aug 11 1907 77y 6m 12d, wife of W H Thomas
Thomas William Haren Jan 2 1886 57y 11m 10d
Thomas M T Sep 27 1884 25y 6m 4d, dau of W H & A M Thomas
Row 25 Fullhart William Jul 20 1890 11d, son of M C & F M
Unknown has a poem on it
Father & Mother
Cartright Barabra Jun 6 1890 61y 4m 6d, wife of Henry Cartright
Cartright Henry Dec 29 1893 76y 4m 28d
Father, has a poem on it
Cartright Nancy C Apr 13 1871 10y 3m 22d, dau of Henry & Mary Cartright
Fullhart John Jul 2 1861 60y 7m 19d, Was in the Mexican War
Gessell Willie Jun 18 1868 1y 8m 27d, son of John & Sarah Gessell
Morris Emaline Sep 1 1834 17y 1m 8d
Left Blank Emily my note: no other information
Left Blank Madison son of ???
Row 26 Large Metal Marker
Sloniker Elizabeth E Sep 27 1881 74y 6m 3d, "Mother", wife of Jacob H Sloniker
Sloniker Jacob H *Died 27 1880 75y 13d, (*my note: month of death not given), Eastside of marker "They died as they lived- Christians"
Unknown Poem
Holloway Henry H Jul 25 1889 Apr 11 1891 son of L H & F A Holloway
Holloway James E Sep 26 1894 Sep 22 1895 son of L H & F A Holloway
Unknown poem
Mansfield Abigail Apr 3 1855 dau of J R & R Mansfield
Mansfield Lydia Apr 2 1865 34y 9m 11d, wife of J R Mansfield
Mansfield John R May 5 1870 46y 5m 6d
Futrell Isaac H Sept 12 1862 17y 6m, son of E & S Futrell
Futrell Eilit Jan 8 1863 52y 6m 2d
Futrell G B Co D 2nd Ind Cav
Futrell J A Co D 2nd Ind Cav
Hunter Walter S Aug 19 1855 1y 8m 9d, son of D T & H Hunter
Hunter Harriet Jan 4 1863 36y 2m 13d
Mitchel Elenor Nov 5 1859 wife of Moses Mitchel
Left Blank Susannah
Turner Sely Ann ??? Jan 6 1864 5y 2m 22d
Williams Fanny William May 27 1853 41y, wife of Thomas Williams
Williams Ann Oct 29 1858 47y 4m 13d, wife of Thomas Williams
Williams Mary Aug 20 1858 20y 3m 24d, wife of Enoch M Williams
Williams Thomas Sep 18 1858 5m, son of E M & M E Williams
Williams Thomas Apr 12 1863
Left Blank William 1878 1y 6m 3d
Row 27 Neff David G Feb 26 1872 son of A S H & I Neff
Neff Orie R Mar 14 1872 2y 10m 3d, son of A S H & I Neff - Lamb on top
Neff Infant son Apr 25 1873 son of H I Neff
Neff girl Oct 28 1870 1y 5m 20d, dau of H I Neff - Lamb on top
Unknown Large Stone
Gregory Large stone face down
Row 28 Thomas Mary 1844 1937
Thomas Jeremiah Nov 27 1892 53y 1m 17d, 57th Ind
Collins Ellenor Jan 1 1856
Collins Emelia J Dec 27 1862 20y 2m 2d, wife of James Collins
Collins John P Oct 11 1868 35y 9m 14d
Gregory Nancy Apr 2 1857 35y 1m 15d, wife of John Gregory "Mother"
Wood James Apr 11 1821 May 29 1892 my note: James Wood and Susanah probably on ss
Blank Susanah Nov 15 1822 Apr 26 1903 my note: Susanah probably wife of James Wood
Turner Epherim Dec 2 1897 36y 7m 23d
Saah ??? Dau of ???Small stone by large tree
Unknown Aug 27 1868 ??y 11m 11d, south of large tree
Row 29 Father & Mother
Shiedler Large stone on ground
Abbott Rosa Dec 6 1881 79y 3m 6d, wife of James Abbott
Ulery Nancy Keenan Aug 22 188182y 4m 18d, wife of Isaac Ulery
Abbott James Oct 14 1874 80y 7m 17d, Regular Baptist Church mbr for 35y, soldier in War of 1812
Unknown Reads "Little One"
Unknown Infant
Unknown In bush
James V & Nancy Abbott Children
Abbott Louisa Sep 24 1863 5m 18d, my note: connected to initials L. A. below?
Abbott John Apr 19 1860 10d, my note: connected to initials J A below?
Abbott Rosey May 21 1860 1m 12d, my note: connected to initials R A below?
Abbott James W May 13 1899 31y 3m 4d, my note: father? connected to initials J W A below?
Abbott Lydia Jul 20 1871 9y 10m 20, my note: connected to initials L E A below?
Unknown laying upside down
Gur?? in thicket
Thomas Louisa Jan 8 1863 52y 9m 1d, wife of William Thomas
Row 30 Thomas Matilda J Mar 7 1908 88y 8m 13d
Thomas Price Jun 12 1883 44y 9m 11d
Blank James my note: no other information
Shideler Joanna Sept 30 1816 Apr 6 1837 wife of A Shideler
Unknown Small stone leaning on below
William Enoch M Jul 1 1875 41y 3m 18d
Williams Laura B Jul 11 1881 18y 2m 9d, dau of E & B Williams
Collins Martha 1849 1875
Collins Laura 1874 1876
Thomas Samuel K Apr 24 1899 67y 11m 20d
Thomas Gretta Ann Jan 1 1879 15y 11m 25d, dau of S K & S A Thomas
Thomas Sarah Jan 13 1881 51y 8m 12d, wife of Samuel Thomas
Row 31 Wasson William Jan 22 1882 17y 7m 16d, son of W & Sarah A Wasson
Sons of Inman and Hester Decker
Decker Inman Apr 11 1863 40y 9m 19d, my note: father?
Decker Wilson Jun 17 1873 21y 13d
Decker Jonnie Aug 21 1869 7y 7m 21d
Row 32 Last row against the back fence
Brackin Emma D Dec 30 1870 dau of T M & E G Brackin
Brackin James H Oct 28 1873 son of T M & E G Brackin
Brackin Elvira C Nov 28 1873 29y 9m 2d, wife of T M Brackin
Thompson H Jul 13 1918 67y 11m 11d
Sloniker Macie Aug 29 1872 son of Sloniker, lamb on top
Dudelston Susan* Mar 23 1877 40y 4m 3d, wife of Charles Dudelston
Dudelston Charles Now 3 1889 53y 7m 24d
Dudelston Susan* Mar 23 1877 40y 4m 3d, wife of Charles Dudelston--my note: surveyor listed Susan twice
Dudelston Charlie* Jan 31 1881 Apr 3 1882 son of C S Dudelston--my note: father & last name is incorrect- see below
1) * Corrections from researcher, Gina Richardson:
Susan Dudelston had two daughters on her tombstone: Dorkas, died Sep 2 1873, 5m 1d & Infant dau died Feb 19 1877
Charlie Dudelston is actually Charlie ADDINGTON, son of William & Savannah (Dudelston) Addington.
2) * Additions from researcher, Christine Smith:
Augustus B Hance, consort of Rebecca Hance, died Oct 19 1854, in his 20th year
In Memory of Sarah Hance, wife of Elder Willis Hance, Died April 20 1857 (Christine's note: my records show her born August 20 1793)
Willis, son of A B & R Hance, died Nov 17 1854, in his 4th month
In Memory of Elder Willis Hance, died August 9 1857, "A member of the Baptist church 38 years he stood upon the walls of Zion 30 and five"
Ambrose D Hance, died August 16 1889, 63y 2m 21d;
Mary consort of A D Hance died January 19 1878, 47y 4m 23d
Christine's source: Ball State Archives & Special Collections (cemetery survey by Alert Tingley Morris)

Delaware County Records