Cemetery Photographs
Delaware County

Submited by: Virginia Fyfe

Macedonia Cemetery

Monroe Township

Established in 1840, Macedonia Cemetery seems to be the only remaining "old" part of the little town of Macedonia. Several old, small homes are gone, replaced by modern houses. For unknown reasons, Macedonia Cemetery was started just a few years after the establishment of Fairview Cemetery, which is just down the road. Perhaps someone knows the reason for this. Perhaps the Fairview Cemetery was fully occupied.

LOCATION: SEC 14 200E & 700S.

Macedonia is a lovely, green, shady cemetery. Puzzling as to why a large section of the center area seems to be barren of grave markers. Did the markers collapse from ravages of time? Or perhaps no burials occurred in the unmarked areas? Or perhaps the bodies were moved to the newer Beech Grove Cemetery in Muncie.

A cluster of newer tombstones on the left side of the cemetery, when facing the cemetery.

Photographs by Donald Fyfe

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