Cemetery Photographs
Delaware County

Photographs submitted by: Virginia Fyfe

Strong Cemetery

Delaware Township

LOCATION: Delaware Twp. - SEC 1 - Albany. Take State Rd 67 North to traffic light at outskirts of Albany. At light, go straight ahead on (State Blvd) to Water Street. Turn right onto Water Street, travel to and across low bridge, then turn on road curving to the right. Continue until reaching the cemetery on left side of road.
HISTORY: According to the Delaware County Historical Society, this cemetery was donated to the township by Alfred B. Strong. Historian Thomas Helm on the history of Delaware Township: "At an early date, there were several interments near the junction of Mud Creek with the Mississinewa, and this spot afterward became a public burial-ground. In later years, however, many of the bodies were taken from this place and re-interred in the cemetery donated to the township by Alfred B. Strong."

Cemetery Entrance

Close Up Of Entrance
Founded 1833 - Dedicated 1983

Overview Of Cemetery

Overview And Large Strong Family Stone

Wheeling Cemetery