Tabor Cemetery

Salem Twp, Delaware County, Indiana

Burial Records - Stone Readings

~(Do not confuse with Mt Tabor Cemetery)~

BOWLIN James Apr 19, 1874 63y 1m 7d
BOWLIN Mary J Feb 22, 1877 51y 8m 18d wife of James Bowlin
CARTER Reed E Oct 18, 1886 21y 11m
CARTER Zachariah Mar 31, 1861 15y 5m 5d
CLEVENGER Anna M Apr 27, 1856 14y 6m 1d daughter of J & Martha Clevenger
CLEVENGER Catharine Oct 13, 1857 29y 6m 8d wife of Elisha
CLEVENGER Elisha Jun 4, 1875 49y 11m 8d
CLEVENGER Nancy Sep 10, 1862 19y 3/8m 22d
CLEVENGER Joseph Mar 18, 1875 56y 1m 3d
CLEVENGER Margrate S no date no date no date wife of Samuel Clevenger
CLEVENGER Martha Feb 21 1894 73y  5m  11d wife of J Clevenger
CLEVENGER Mary C Apr 27, 1856 14y 6m 1d daughter of J & Martha Clevenger
CLEVENGER Nancy H Apr 27, 1856 14y 6m 1d daughter of J & Martha Clevenger
CLEVENGER Samuel Jan 12, 1881 84y 3m 15d
CLEVENGER Samuel Aug 17, 1851 1y 8m 22d son of Elisha & Catharine Clevenger
CLEVENGER Sarah Ann Dec 3, 1846 10m 26d
CRUSE Mary Matilda no date Dec 9, 1856 no date dau of M & Ruth Cruse
GOODWIN Samuel G K Aug 1, 1867 3y 3m 3d son Robert & Nancy Goodwin
HALE Elizabeth Jan 2, 1855 70y wife of Thomas Hale
HALE George W Apr 22, 1863 186? son of ??
HALE John T Jan 7, 1856 27y 11m
HALE John T no date no date 33y 7m 21d son of W & Mariah Hale
HALE Mary Ann Jan 20, 1865 11m 25d daughter of G W & E Hale
HALE Thomas Aug 6, 1850 38y 9m 16d son of Tho & Elizabeth Hale
HARRIS Nancy A Mar 39, 1797 Sep 16, 1863 66y 5m 16d? born in North Carolina
HOPPING Ethel Feb 12, 1885 Oct 26, 1885
HOPPING Pearl Oct 16, 1881 Nov 26, 1885 ss as Ethel Hopping
KABRICK Josephine Dec 31, 1883 24y 2m 22d wife of G W Kabrick
McKIMMEY Charles Jul 1, 1863 5d son of J W & L McKimmy
McKIMMEY James O Nov 28, 1864 19d son of J W & L McKimmy
McLAIN Emma J Jul 29, 1866 1m 18d
McLAIN Joannah 1833 1917 84y
McLAIN Samuel no date no date no date son of ??
McLAIN Samuel F May 11, 1885 27y 1m 9d
McLAIN Thomas J Jun 21, 1869 29y 11m 15d
McLAIN William Dec 17, 1860 32y 11m 23d
NEFF Lacey D Jun 13, 1881 8m 26d daughter of W H & H B Neff
NEFF Lucretia P Aug 19, 1879 26d daughter of W H & H B Neff
PAUL Berthena Jun 2, 1874 22y 4m 20d wife of W W Paul
PAUL Infant Jan 9, 1874 Jun 12, 1875 son of W W & B Paul
SKINER Wm C Oct 23, 1874 51y 2m 11d
SKINNER Manford B May 5, 1855 1y son of J H & Mary Skinner
SKINNER Sanford M Oct 11, 1885 1y 3m 16d (my note - son of J H & Mary Skinner?)
SWEIGEART Rebecca Mar 28, 1871 26y 28d wife of M Sweigeart
TROWBRIDGE * Amanda 1857 1915 hand carved marker-see asterick note below
TROWBRIDGE Dr D L 1834 1909
TROWBRIDGE Ernest L Aug 16, 1876 20d
TROWBRIDGE James G M 1849 1881
TROWBRIDGE Jasper J M 1849 1881 ss as James G M
TROWBRIDGE Jessie Jul 11, 1881 1y 11m 17d daughter of D L & Amanda Trowbridge
TROWBRIDGE John M 1825 1903 brother of Joseph P
TROWBRIDGE John P 1797 1883 Father
TROWBRIDGE Merret E Dec 11, 1863 3y 2m 4d
TROWBRIDGE Rebecca E Aug 18, 1876 39y 2m 22d
TROWBRIDGE Ruama 1808 no date wife of Joseph Trowbridge
TROWBRIDGE Wm A Oct 30, 1882 13y 23d son of D L & R E Trowbridge
TUTTLE Elandean G Dec 39, 1863 6y 4m 24d daughter of T W & C J Tuttle
TUTTLE Emma A Nov 17, 1866 23d daughter of T W & C J Tuttle
TUTTLE * Hannah no date* May 18, 1875* no date wife of Rev J S Tuttle-see asterisk note below
TUTTLE Harriatt May 21, 1806 Apr 4, 1873 67y 11m 26d wife of J S Tuttle
TUTTLE Infant no date Mar 20, 1864 no date son of T W & C J
TUTTLE Isaiah H Jan 10, 1857 30y 16d
TUTTLE Rev John S Jan 29, 1804 Apr 4, 1872 68y 2m 6d
TUTTLE Laura A no date no date 10m 15d daughter of D & M Tuttle
WILLIAMS * John Feb 25, 188? 28y 3m 25d see asterisk note below
WITT John G Feb 25, 1866 45y 5m 21d
WITT Susanna Nov 25, 1866 20y 2m 1d
A MARKER of Unknown Infant illegible
* names added to orginal list by ?
NOTE: A researcher very familiar with the burials this cemetery,
sent the following corrections for Hannah Tuttle: b 5/21/1806 d 4/4/1873.
Hannah was married to Rev John Smith Tuttle.
His birth date is 1/29/1804. He was married only once.
The researcher believes the name Harriatt is a mix-up with Hannah
because of a weathered stone, and doesn't believe a Harriat Tuttle is buried there.
Always Check Your Sources