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(Source for newspaper articles: Muncie Public Library, transcribed by Shirley Pearson)

Muncie Daily Times
February 27, 1895

Orphans' Home

The Institution Well Managed and the Children Contented

Those who have recently visited the Orphans' Home of Delaware county have complimented its management and say this: the children seem happy and contented and are well provided for. The management of the Home at present is entrusted to an association of twenty-one members, one representative each from the twelve townships and the rest from Muncie. Assisting this board are Mrs. S.V. Jump, matron; Mrs. Kate Ma - -, asst. matron; Mrs. Kern and Michael Luix.

Since November 19 nine children have been admitted and a similar number have been found good homes. Much has been done for the comfort of the children. They were kindly remembered on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Concerning the management of the Home, it might be said that all the baking is done in the institution; an item of this department is that from eighteen to twenty-four large loaves are baked daily. The children are given a healthful and stable diet.

The children number twenty nine and their names and ages are as follows: (These are difficult to read!) Lone Braise, 7; Emma Cannaday, 10; Minnie Stout, 9; Pearl Stout, 7; Clarence Wilsey, 15; Earnest Wise, 13; Andrew Wise, 14; Frank Fudge, 12; Charles Watkins, 10; Thomas S - ell, 8; Herbert Sweigart, 11; Chauncey Thomas, 11; Wi - - -e Luix, 9; Gola Luix, 7; Walter Ware, 7; Harry Faulkner, 7; Morris Faulkner, 5 (6?); Ellsworth Farr, 9; Freddie Farr, 7; George Stansb - ry, 7; Harry Slater, 6; Harry Nickleson, 7; Chester Foulk, 9; Daniel Fletcher, 8; Andrew Fields, 10; Ira Bartlett, 7; Chester Livingstone, (colored) 8.

Muncie Evening Press
Feb. 7, 1906

Homes Were Found For More Than Score of Orphan Children In 1905

Children's Home Association Elects Officers for the Year and Hears Annual Report of Matron

The Delaware County Children's Home association at it's annual meeting yesterday afternoon, elected the following officers: President, Dr. H.A. Cowing; vice president, John. W. Dragoo; secretary, Mrs. Nellie (Nettie?) Souders; treasurer, Hardin Roads; directors, A.M. Van Nuys, T.E. Davis, George H. Koons, S.C. Pershing, Dr. George R. Green, C.E. Lambert, Mesdames (sic) M.C. Smith, ????? Richey (not clear), James Charman, Martha James, E. B. Ball, F. B. Jones, Benjamin Glascock, Ida Rea, John Mock, P.P. Busch, George Lowe (Love?), Miss Mayme Johnson.

The annual report of Matron Jump, of the home, showed that there are now 31 children there, all but eight of whom are in school, they being below the school age. Attendance upon Sunday school is also a regular feature of the work of the children. Two children were discharged during the year, having reached the age limit; two were sent to the Feeble-Minded institute (sic) at Ft. Wayne, and one died from the effects of injuries sustained in a runaway. Homes were found for 32.

The receipts of the institution for 1905 were $4,031.31, and the disbursements $3,145.10, the greatest expense being for salaries for those in charge of the home.