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Orphans' Home

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Letter transcribed from copy.

Delaware County
Department of Public Welfare
Court House
Muncie, Indiana

October 3, 1940

Mr. Oliver McLaughlin
314 Madison Avenue
Anderson, Indiana

Dear Mr. Mc Laughlin:

The letter of September 28, 1940 addressed to you from J. F. Blackerby, state Registrar of the State Department of Health of Kentucky (which letter you had sent to Mrs. Martha E Gamble, Matron of the Delaware County Children's Home) has been turned over to this department for reply.

In connection with the suggestion of Mr. Blackerby that you secure certified copy of record pertaining to your experience in the Delaware County Children's Home, we wish to give you the following information which we believe will be satisfactory as establishing your age.

The records at the Home indicate you were admitted to the Children's Home September 13, 1916, you, of course, being a ward of the county and the date of your birth being indicated as July 6, 1909. The name of your father was John McLaughlin and your mother's maiden name was Leva Waller. The records also show you were taken from the Home to the home of Mr. Mark Campbell of Daleville, Indiana on February 20, 1919. No further information is available from the Children's Home records.

We trust the above information in this letter, which carries our department's seal, will serve the purpose desired.

Should you be in this vicinity at a later date, we shall be glad to have you call at our office on the first floor of the Delaware County Court House.

Very truly yours,

(Written signature)

E. S Janney, Director
Delaware County

Submitted by: April Mullanix

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