Muncie Business Directories

Abstracts of Title

Cooper, William H. M., Office 2nd floor Court House
Koontz, H.M., 215-1/2 S Walnut, Turner block
Little, Wm L., 104-1/2 E Main
Meredith, E.E., sw corner Main and  Walnut
Moore, Wm. R., office in basement of Court House

Agricultural Implements

Long, J.M., 107 W Main
Oard, C.A. & Co., 400 E Main, cor Elm
Shirk, W.W., 114 S Walnut
Spradling, F.C. & Co.,  205 S. Walnut
Thompson, R. & Son, 112 W. Washington


Wykoff, I. C.,  201-1/2 S. Walnut
Yates & Keelor, room 8 Anthony block

Architectural Iron Works

Muncie Architectural Iron Works, cor S. Walnut and Belt RR (see adv)

Art Studios

Adams, J.O., Little Block, 203-1/2 E Main
Forsyth, Wm., Little Block, 203-1/2 E Main

Attorneys At Law

Behymer, B., 109-1/2 W Main
Brady, A.W., 200-1/2 S Walnut
Brotherton, Wm. R., Senate block, SE corner Walnut  & Jackson
Cooper, Wm. H.M., office 2nd floor Court House, (see adv)
Cromer, G. W., office in basement of Court House
Duckwall, J. F., River Side
Ellis & Walterhouse, office in basement of Court House
Gregory & Silverburg, 101-1/2 N. High
Griffith, R.C.,  200-1/2 S Walnut
Hickman, Will H., office room 3 "The Anthony," NW corner Walnut and Jackson
Keener, John A., 116-1/2 E Main
Koons, Geo. H.,  office room 3 "The Anthony," NW corner Walnut and Jackson
Koons, W.P., 106-1/2 N Walnut
Leffler, J.G., 106-1/2 N. Walnut
Medsker, Chauncey L., room 4 Boyce block, 218-1/2 E Main
Meredith, J.F., SW corner Main and Walnut
Moore, C.W., SW corner Main and Walnut
Nation, Chas, West Side
Orr, W.W., 106-1/2 N. Walnut
Rose, T.F., room 2 Patterson block, SE corner Main and Walnut
Ryan & Thompson, office in basement of Court House
Sanders, J.F., 114 W. Jackson
Shideler, Arthur L.,  office in basement of Court House
Spence & Cranor, room 7 Little block,  203-1/2 E. Main
Stephenson, Geo. W., 108-1/2 N Walnut
Templer, C.B. IOOF block, 120-1/2 S Walnut
Templer, E.R.,  room 7 Boyce block
Templer, J.N.,  room 7 Boyce block
Warner, Rollin, 108-1/2 N. Walnut

Awning Maker

Cory, A.W., 217 E Main (see adv)

Bakers and Confectioners

Cunnington, R. 601 S Walnut
Geiger, Enos, 417 S. Walnut
Groves, S.L., SW corner Adams and Boyce ave.
Hummel, J.R., 211 E Main (see adv)
Lockwood, T. J.,  116 S Walnut
Rodman, F.H.,  311 E. Main
Star Bakery, Wm. N. Franklin prop., 219 S Walnut (see adv)
Wildermuth, Chas, 210 S Walnut

Banks and Bankers

Citizens' National Bank, A.L. Kerwood, Pres.,
E.C. Shipley, Vice Pres., W.M. Marsh, Cashier;
"The Anthony," NW corner Walnut & Jackson. (see adv)
Delaware County Bank, R. Sprankle, Pres.,
J.R. Sprankle, Vice Pres., C.H. Church, Cashier; NE corner Main & Walnut (see adv)
Farmers' Bank (The). Geo.W. Spilker, Pres.,
Carl A. Spilker, Cashier; 111 E Main (see adv)


Bray, N.L., NW corner Mulberry & Jackson
Chandler, Louis D., 620 Kirby ave
Davis, J.L., 605 S Walnut
Evans, I.T., 818 S Walnut
Harris, G.W., 110 W Charles
Homer, Joseph M., 1 S 614 S Hackley
Icerman, C.C.,, 110 S Walnut
Morin, Dr. John A., 215 E Main
Murphy, C.M., 103 N. High
Nixon, John, 1202 E Adams
Stephens, P., 223 S Walnut
Sterling Barber Shop, Wm. Edwards Robbins propr, 115 W Jackson
Stokes, W.H.,  508 S Walnut
The Bon Ton, P.F. Rentfrow propr, 303 E Main

Barrel Swing Manufacturer

Kinert, Wm.E., SE corner Jackson & Boyce ave


Davis, J.L., 605 S Walnut
Icerman, C.C., 110 S Walnut
Morin, Dr. John A., 215 E Main
Stokes, W.H., 602 S Walnut

Bed Springs

(My grandfather, J.Earl Patterson, had penciled this one in on the margin of the page.
Apparently it had been left out of the directory.)
W.C. Burdette & Son  (no address noted)

Belting - Leather and Rubber

Keiser, Geo & Co., 308 S Walnut
Scott, Robt, 304 S Walnut

Bending Works

Smith, J.H. & Co., office, 718 S Liberty


Kirk Bros., agents Spaulding's sporting goods, 202 E Main (see adv)
Long, J.M., 107 W Main (see adv)
Spradling, F.C. & Co., 205 S Walnut
Ullery, David H., 213 E. Adams (see adv)

Billiards and Pool

Cunningham, S.B., 103 N High
Davis, Geo P., 112 S Walnut
Fullhart, E.E., 106 N Walnut
Glenn, J.F., 111 N High
Griesheimer, John C., 213 E Main
Heaton, John W., 1101 E Main
Mulreed, John,  209 S Walnut
National Hotel, Saloon and Billiard Parlor,
W.E.H. Marsh, propr, 506 S Walnut (see adv)
Sweigart, J.L., 125 W Main

Blacksmiths and Horseshoers

Bartle, W.K., 821 S. Walnut
Carter & O'Hara, 124 W Gilbert
Dungan, Leonidas, 115 W Adams
Hawk & Huffman, e s Boyce ave, between Adams & Jackson
Hutslar, J.W., 803 S Walnut
Ihinger, Geo M., 859 W Jackson
Jackson, Henry, 207 W Gilbert
Lutz, Moses, 167 Boyce ave
Shields, J.J., 315 N High
Shinn, J.S., N end High
Simmons, J.L., 305 N Walnut
Welch, Wm. H., Fremont st, Perkins' add
Wilson, A.J., 310 N Walnut

Boarding Houses

Arnold, Mrs. Rachel E., 1118 E Main
Brackin, Mrs. Elizabeth, 1237 Kirby av
Haisley J., 214 W Jackson
Haisley, Mrs. Mattie, 408 S Franklin
Howell, Mrs. Emma, 702 W Charles
Lawler, J., 701 S Mulberry
Lutz House, 1105 E Main
Maguire, Mrs. M.A., 508 W Jackson
Park House, John Dix propr., 212 E Charles
Pickering, Mrs. C., 114 N Monroe
Shaufelberger, Mrs. Mary, 402 S Franklin
Shepherd, Mrs. Rosa, 319 S Franklin
Shideler, Mrs. M., 810 S Walnut
Shinn, Mrs. M.E., 615 S Mulberry
Snider House, Jas. B Snider, propr., 214 N Walnut
Thompson, Mrs. Mary, 425 S Monroe
Thornburgh, Mrs. S., 620 S Jefferson
Windsor, W.R., 402 E Main

Boiler Compound

Blackman, H., "Acme" Boiler Compound, office Pulp Mill

Boiler Makers

Muncie Boiler Works,  H.F. O'Meara, Mgr., 618 S. Mulberry

Books and Stationary

Andrews, Geo H., 123 S Walnut (see adv)
Lyon, Wm. L., 218 E Main
Nickey, F.B., 125 E Main (see adv)
Shick, L., 115 S Walnut
Star Drug Store, V.E. Silverburg & Co., proprs., 110 N Walnut
Stewart & Stewart, Sun Drug Store, 114 E Main

Boot and Shoe Dealers

Economy Shoe House, Jacobson & Levy proprs., 116 N Walnut
Howe, J.E. (Ned Howe of Course), 107 E Main
Koons & Manok, 117 S Walnut, "The Anthony" (see adv)
Kuechmann, M., 206 E Main
Little, W.L., 102 S Walnut
Neely, Lon M., (men's and boy's shoes), 209 E Main (see adv)
Palace Shoe House, Smith & Fox proprs., 207 S Walnut (see adv)
The Winters Shoe & Clothing Co.,215 & 217 S Walnut
Wilkinson, Allen A., Eagle Shoe Store, 220 E Main, Boyce block
Youngman, D.T., 108 E Main

Boot and Shoe Makers

Abbot, J. H., 628 S Walnut
Bole, Wm., 211 E Adams
Hutchings, J.O., 107 W Jackson
Ihinger, Geo, M., 855 W Jackson
Keating, P.H., 107 E Main
Palace Shoe House, Smith & Fox proprs., 207 S Walnut (see adv)
Roush, H.P., 106 N Mulberry
Shellenberger, John, 617 Kirby ave.
Teverbaugh, J.W., 217-1/2 S Walnut

Bottling Works

City Bottling Works, Mauer & Peters proprs,  208 S Jefferson
Sweigart, J.L., 125 W Main

Bowling Alleys

Cunningham, S.B., 103 N High
Glenn, J.F., 111 N High

Breeding Stables

Alameda Place, M.S. Claypool propr, Wheeling pike
Baker, Henry L., 226 N. Plum
Barr, P.N., 606 W Main

Brewer's Agents

Griesheimer, John C., 213 E Main
Sweigart, J.L. for P. Lieber & Co., 125 W Main

Brick Manufacturers

Bennet, B.W., Boyceton (see adv)
Mock Bros., office and factory 1/2 mile s of city limits, Macedonia ave (see adv)
Prutzman, Joseph, S Walnut, 1/2 mile s of city limits (see adv)

Bridge Builders  (Iron)

Indiana Bridge Co., corner of Liberty & Willard

Brokers (Money)

Claypool, A.J., Opera House block, sw corner of Main & Walnut
Davis, Vernon, & Co., 120 E Jackson
Heath, F.W. & Co., 121 W Main (see adv)

Burial Robe Manufacturers

Muncie Casket Co.,  corner Mound & Big Four RR

Business College

The Muncie Business College & School of Shorthand, J.W. Howard principal, Anthony block (see adv)

(see meat markets)

Buyers & Shippers of Horses

Beouy, Owen, 311 N Jefferson
Karn, O.F., 225 N Walnut

Carpets and Oil Cloths

Branch & Bro, 114 N Walnut
Cowan, SC & Co, Boston Store, "The Anthony", 119 & 121 S Walnut (see adv)
King & Morrison Bros., 224 & 226 E Main, Boyce block (see adv)
Mock, M.G., 518 S Walnut
Temple of Economy, J.C. Elsass propr., 321 & 323 S Walnut
Youse & Haffner, 217 E Main

Carpet Weaver

Freeman, Mrs. Sarah, 1108 E Jackson

Carriage, Buggy & Spring Wagon Manufacturers

Gass, Chas, 212 E Main (see adv)
Klopher, Fred, 301 E Main (see adv)
Muncie Carriage Works, C. Heckenhauer propr, 218 W Main

Carriage & Buggy Dealers
(see also Carriage & Buggy Mfgrs)

Wachtell, C.S. & Son, 120 S Walnut (see adv)

Carriage Wood Work Manufacturers

Smith, J.H. & Company, 718 to 780 S Liberty

Carving School

Muncie Carving School, 2nd floor Anthony block

Casket (Burial) Manufacturers

Muncie Casket Company, corner of Mound & Big Four RR

Casket (Burial) Lining Manufacturers

Muncie Casket Co., corner of Mound andBig Four RR

China, Glass and Queensware

Darnell Bros & Co., 124E Main
Franklin, C.P., 202 S Walnut & 107 E Jackson
Gennet & Hine, 205 E Main
Hickman Bros, 123 S Mulberry & 122 E Jackson
Huffer, D.S., 108 N Walnut
Johnson & Moreland, 124 S Walnut
Mock, M.G., 518 S Walnut
Smith's China Store, A.E. Smith mgr, 106 E Main
Temple of Economy, J.C. Elsass propr, 321 & 323 S. Walnut

Cigar Box Manufacturer

Whiteman, Wm., corner Grant and Kirby Ave

Cigar Manufacturers

Arnold, Augustine A., 601 Railroad, between Madison and Monroe (see adv)
Baldus & Smith, 119 W. Main (see adv)
Lutz, A.C. & Co.,  107-1/2 N. High
McCaughan, Chas S., River Side, Wheeling pike
Riekeberg, J., 203 S. Walnut (see adv)
Shepherd & Martin, 515 Kirby Ave.

Cigar and Tobacco Stores

Baldus & Smith, 119 W. Main (see adv)
Ervin, J.R., 107 and 109 S. Walnut
Hoover, Eli, 103 S. Walnut
Kilsheimer, L & Co, 200 S. Walnut
Riekeberg, J. 203 S Walnut (see adv)

Cloaks and Shawls

Branch & Bro., 114 N. Walnut
Cowan, S.C. & Co., Boston Store, 119 and 121 S. Walnut, The Anthony (see adv)
Hene, M., 111 W. Main
Johnson & Moreland, 124 S. Walnut
King & Morrison Bros, 224 and 226 E. Main, Boyce block (see adv)
Klein., L. M., 119 E. Main

Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods

Bender & Shoemaker, "The Globe", 214 and 216 E. Main (see adv)
Bliss & Keller, 201 and 203 E. Main (see adv)
Leon & Metzger, 103 W. Main and 107 S. Walnut
Love, E.M., (Pants), 508 S. Walnut
Shonfield, R. & Son, "Trade Palace", 117 W. Main (see adv)
The Winters Shoe & Clothing Co., 215 and 217 S. Walnut

Clothes Wringer Manufacturer

Ball, R.M., corner Council and Big Four RR

Coal (Blacksmith)

Muncie Transfer Co., 410 S. Walnut

Coiled Hoop Manufactuers

The Muncie Coil Hoop Co., corner Tillotson Ave and and LE & WRR, West Side

Collector of Indian and Mound Builders' Relics

Mock, M.G., 518 S. Walnut

Commission Merchants

Ellwanger & Son, 513 S. Walnut and 200 E. Main
Harper, L. H., 310 S. Walnut

Confectioneries and Fruits (See also Bakeries and Confectioneries)

Coon, E.B., 604 S. Walnut
Everett, Wm.,  123 N. High
Mason, W.F., 224 S. Walnut
Roler, Henry, 118 S. Walnut
Turricchi, J & Co., 306 S. Walnut

Confectioners - Wholesale

Davis, E.A., 221 W. Main
Jacobs, J.K., 812 E. Adams
Mason, W.F., 224 S. Walnut

Contractors and Builders

Carpenter, James, 115 N. Ebright
Hager, Orlando J.,  211 S. Cherry
Hancock, U.G., 406 E. Adams
Johnson, W.H.H., 421 E. Jackson
Lamb, J.N., 113 W. Charles
Ludlow & Glass, 213 E. Pearl
Mitchell, D.C., 214 E. Pearl (see adv)
Reigle, Chas. J., 215 S. Monroe
Ribble, Wm. T., 322 Boyce Ave.
Roof, James W., rear 428 Proud
Sayler & Co.,  417 S. Council (see adv)
Searles, Ezra, 808 E. Washington
Witemyre, I.W., 804 W. Main (see adv)


Hohe, Henry, 313 S. Cherry
Jackson & Matthews, Macedonia Ave.
Snyder Bros., 319 N. Walnut


The Brooks Creamery, George W. Brooks, propr., 245 Kilgore Ave. (see adv)


Budd & Son, 116 W Washington (see adv)
Garner, J.W., Patterson's blk, se corner Main and Walnut (see adv)
Keltner Bros, Opera House blk, sw corner Main and Walnut
McLain, D.A., 102-1/2 N Walnut

Directory Publisher

Emerson, Chas, 321 E Jackson (see adv)

Display Window Fixtures

The Nichols Mfg Co., W.L. Little, receiver, Tillotson Ave, West Side


Bennett, Lucy L.,  615 Kirby Ave
Berg, Miss Amanda, 304 S. Gharky
Boyle, Mrs. V., 207 W Main
Courtney, Mrs. Allie, 208 E. Charles
Dunham, Mrs. Hattie, 417 E. North
Davidson, Miss Belle, 408 W. Washington
Fleming, Mrs. C.R., 202-1/2 E. Main
Fortner, Mrs. W.H., 412 S. Walnut
Gartin, Mrs. Nannie, 508 E. Main
Gibson, Miss Hattie, 308 E. Wysor
Gibson, Mrs. M., 208 N. Walnut
Haisley, Miss Minnnie, 214 W. Jackson
Hanna, Mrs. C., 822 Seymour
Harris, Mrs. Sarah H., 816 E. Adams
Hughes Sisters, 407 W. Jackson
Kelly Sisters, 309-1/2 S. Walnut
Kendall, Miss F., second floor Chicago Store
Koehler, Mrs. M., 419 S. High
Langdon, Saloma C., 603 S. Monroe
Lee, Miss Mary, 802 S. Walnut
Melton, Miss Flora, 716 W. Jackson
Mikesell, Mrs. Robbie, 118 S. Mulberry
Miller, Miss Ella, 107-1/2 E. Main
Montgomery, Mrs. Lizzie, 1005 E. Jackson
Mortan, Mrs. M., 512 S. Liberty
Nation, Mrs. Dee, West Side
Neff, Elizabeth, 211 Wall St.
Ricks, Mrs. M.C., 518 S. Liberty
Rieker, Mrs. Sarah D., 513 S. Hackley
Shires, Mrs. Wm. M., 206-1/2 E. Main
Stewart, Miss Emma, 333 E. Jackson
Temple, Miss Mary, 219 S. Franklin
Wood, Miss Jennie E., 418 S. Franklin


Andrews, Geo. H., 123 S. Walnut (see adv)
Bowles & Beemer, 104 S. Walnut
Lyon, Wm. L., 218 E. Main
Nickey, F.B., 125 E. Main (see adv)
Nihart, D.H., 220 S. Washington
Richey, H.L., 122 E. Main (see adv)
Ricks, W.R., 600 S. Walnut
Star Drug Store, V.E. Silverburg & Co., proprs., 110 N. Walnut
Stevens & Durham, 201 S. Walnut
Stewart & Stewart, Sun Drug Store, 114 E. Main

Dry Good, Notions, Etc.

Branch & Bro, 114 N. Walnut
Cowan, S.C. & Co., Boston Store, 119 & 121 S. Walnut, The Anthony (see adv)
Hene, M., 111 W. Main
Herrmann, L., 120 E. Main (see adv)
Johnson & Moreland, 124 S. Walnut
King & Morrison Bros.,  224 and 226 E. Main, Boyce blk (see adv)
Klein, L.M., 119 E. Main
Vatet Bros., (The Fair), 222 E. Main
Wachtell, J. A., 109 E. Main

Dye Houses

Hayes, Wm. T., 715 S. Walnut
Schaubhut, August, 123-1/2 W. Main


Boyce, Chas. W., Boyce block
Marsh, Harry B.,  114 W. Washington (see adv)
Springer, E.E., Little blk

Express Offices

American Express Co., Isaac Beck agt, 112 N Mulberry
United States Express Co., H.L. Richey agt. 122 E Main

Feed Stables
(see also Livery, Feed and Sale Stables)

Braun, August A., rear Abbott House
Bryan & Benbow, 118 E Gilbert
Muncie Transfer Co., 406-410 S Walnut
Troxell, Thos., 211 N High

Feed Stores

Crabbs, OW, 710 S Liberty (see adv)
McDowell & Jefferson, 207 E Adams
Miller, FB, 700 S Walnut
Muncie Transfer Co., 406-410 S Walnut
Woorheese, Joseph V., 111 N Elm
Williamson, Mrs. JH, 122 and 124 N Walnut

Fence Machine Manufacturer

Muncie Novelty and Brass Co., George H. Gilpatrick receiver, Tillotson Ave, West Side

Five and Ten Cent Goods

Denihan D W, 103 E Main
Gennet & Hine, wholesale and retail, 205 E Main

Flour, Feed and Exchange Mills

High Street Mills and Elevator, J H Williamson & Co proprs, S High, between railroads
Miller, F B, 700 S Walnut
Wysor & Hibbits, N end Walnut (see adv)

Foundry - Brass and Iron
(see Foundry and Machine Shops)

Murphy Patrick (Union Foundry), Macedonia Ave and nr nail wks

Foundries and Machine Shops

Muncie Architectural Iron Works, cor S Walnut and Belt RR  (see adv)
Wysor, Haines & Co, (Muncie Foundry and Machine Works), 618 S Mulberry.


Ellwanger & Son, 513 s Walnut and 200 e Main
Garst A J, 221 s Walnut
Harper L H, 310 S Walnut
Howell Chas E, 515 Proud
Koerner Geo, 123 w Jackson
Lockwood Chas E, 118 s Walnut
Miller 0 M, 319 e Main
Palmer T M, 614 s Hackley
Swain E W, 431 Proud
Wright W R, 323 e Main


Green Chas H, 117 e Main (see adv)


Crews I E, 121 e Main
Lane & Ullery, 309 s Walnut
Meeks R & Sons 115 e Main (see adv)
Mock M G, 518 s Walnut
Temple of Economy, J C Elsass propr, 321 and 323 s Walnut


Dragoo James P, 308 e Gilbert
Dragoo Wm, 317 e Jackson
High1ands H H, 313 s Walnut (see adv)
Keiser Geo & Co, 308 s Walnut
Kepley J A, 628 s Walnut
Kirby & Stanfield, 121 w Jackson (see adv)
Miller John H, 1323 e Jackson
Mohler J A, 410 e North
Stauf F W, 101 n High (see adv)


Mohler J A, 410 e North


Ball Bros Glass Mnfg Co, cor Meridian and Meriweather
Hemingray Glass Co, cor Macedonia ave and Belt R B
Maring, Hart & Co, Bellaire ave, Boyceton
Muncie Glass Co, Anthony st, Avondale
Over Chas H, cor Macedonia ave and Belt B B
Port Glass Works, Hutchison ave, West Side


Crabbs 0 W, 710 s Liberty (see adv)
High Street Mills & Elevator, J H Williamson & Co proprs, s High, bet railroads
Williamson Mrs J H, 122 and 124 n Walnut
Wysor & Hibbits, n end Walnut (see adv)


High Street Mills and Elevator, J H Williamson & Co proprs, S High, bet railroads
Wysor & Hibbits, n end Walnut (see adv)


Beech Grove Greenhouse, Harry E Hanking propr, 298 Kilgore ave, telephone 106
Miller Geo F, at the old Water Works (see adv)
The Carnes Greenhouse, J Carnes propr, 110 w Willard

GROCERIES (Wholesale)

Goddard J A & CO, 300 and 302 s Walnut, cor Adams (see adv)
Roads H & Co, 812 e Main (see adv)


Adams H C, cor Charles and Kilgore ave
Adams W K, 1204 e Adams
Anderson John, 711 e Jackson
Bacon J C, 415 w Jackson
Baldwin, Ollie 113 e Main (see adv)
Bastine Emil, Elmyra st, Perkins' add
Benadum Frank H, n e cor Madison and Willard
Botts Albert J, n w cor Hoyt and Hill ave, Chase add
Cecil John H, 1521 Franklin
Clevenger F W, 900 s Walnut
Clevenger Isaiah, e s Virginia, bet Florence and MichiganCollins James E, n s Florence, 2 w Virginia
Cropper C A, 510 s Walnut and 465 Hoyt ave
Cropper J N, 122 s Walnut
Darnall Bros & Co, 124 e Main
Davis Alonzo, 812 e Adams
Dotson Thomas F, w s Hoyt ave, Chase add
Drumm Robert S, s s Hill ave, Chase add
Ellingwood John, ss Meriweather, bet Lincoln and Macedonia
Ewing & Hawkins, 1409 s Walnut
Franklin Carl P, 202 s Walnut and 107 e Jackson
Groves S L, s w cor Adams and Boyce ave
Hawkins Geo W, Elmyra st, Perkins' add
Hickman Bros, 123 s Mulberry and 122 e Jackson
Hopkins P C & Co, The Sterling Cash Grocery, 118 e Main
Jones G R, 325 s Walnut
Kirkwood J R, 415 e Jackson
Koerner Geo, 123 w Jackson
Krull Henry G, 622 s Monroe
Lacey W L, 305 e Main
Laugdon Elisha, 611 s Monroe
Leager & Rickard, 101 s High
Martin Henry C, n s Jackson, West Side
McCreight Fisher, 226 s Walnut
Moore J W, 714 w Charles
Muncie Tea Store, Trullender & Williams proprs, 118 n Walnut
Newcomb John 0, 614 e Main
Palmer T M, 614 s Hackley
Personett & Thornburg, n e cor Samson ave and Florence st, Perkins' add
Phillips A B, 105 w Main
Randolph Geo W, 815 s Walnut
Sanders James L, 514 2d
Sargent L R, 811 e Adams
Scott S C, 820 s Walnut
Shirk B F, 219 s Walnut
Smell & Priest, 225 w Main
Squire Geo W, 504 s Beacon
Squires D M, 311 e 3d
Stadtler John M, 2 Main, Boyceton
Stewart W H, 510 w Adams
Stipp John R, w s Hoyt ave, Chase add
Storer Fernando C, 608 s Walnut
Summers Geo W, West Side
Thornburg Joseph L, n w cor Hackley and Kirby ave
Troxell Thos, 211 n High
West End Grocery, Mrs E Williams propr, 800 w Jackson
Williams Bros, 329 Boyce ave
Williams Josiah P, 1123 e Main
Wise Jas T, 1109 e Main


Muncie Handle Works, Jas Boyce & CO, proprs, cor Washin(g)ton st and Boyce ave

Compiled & Contributed by......
Shirley Pearson