Selected Land Owners and RFD Patrons
1909 - 1910

Lawson Edward E (Grace), Wheeling RFD1
Lawson Nathaniel (Margaret A), (Russel H 15), Wheeling RFD1 - h  9-1/4a, w 10a
Sailors Alonzo (Rosa L.) (Luther J 12, Hilda M. 10, Edna A. 8, Bonnie J. 6), R F D, 2 acres
Shoemaker Arthur W (Mamie H), (Harold 12), Daleville RFD1, j  100a
Shoemaker Calvin (Lillie) (Pearl 30), Stockport
Shoemaker Charles A (Maude) (Hazel 11), Yorktown RFD2
Shoemaker David M estate - 65-3/4a
Shoemaker Esty B (Gertrude), Daleville RFD2
Shoemaker Esther, Daleville - 1-1/8a
Shoemaker Fred C (Myrtle P), (Freadus 12, Iva 10, Mamie 8), Shideler RFD1
Shoemaker Fredk C and Linius A, Shideler RFD1 - 10a
Shoemaker Ira (Cordelia, Shideler RFD1-  j  1/2a
Shoemaker John F (Elmira), (Ray 20, Ralph 16, Ruth 14), Shideler RFD1 - h  25a
Shoemaker John P, Daleville - 270a
Shoemaker Jonas F (Lovicy E.) (Ethel 25, Catherine 21, Morrell 19) Muncie RFD11 - h  41-1/2a, w 30a
Shoemaker Joseph R., Daleville - 125-1/2a
Shoemaker Joseph R., trust, Daleville,  120a
Shoemaker Leah, wid of David (Sarah 54), Shideler RFD1
Shoemaker Lester V (Grace), Daleville RFD1
Shoemaker Margaret, Middletown, 120a
Shoemaker Roy (Martha), Shideler RFD1
Shoemaker Simon R (Amy M) (Charles 17), Gaston RFD1 - 1a
Shoemaker Sanford H. and Esther, Daleville, 1-1/4a
Shoemaker Vance (Vira), Daleville RFD1
Shoemaker Wm A (Mariah), Daleville RFD1- h  166-1/2a
Robert J. Wilson, Albany RFD patron, with wife Fay, children Harry - 10, Jacob - 6