Selected City Directories

If you have any to add, please let me know.

Bowers, Frank, gatherer C H Over, h 606 S Madison
Bowers, Joseph F (Puckett & Bowers), bds 206 S Walnut, rooms 224 W Main
Bowers, Mrs. Rebecca J, wid of John L, h 116 E 3rd
Bradbury Robt B, h 415 s High
Braden Russell, wks Pulp Mill, hs s Pulp Mill Road, e of Pulp Mill
Braden Tice H, wks Muncie Pulp Co, h 11 s Watson ave between RR and s Walnut
(Brady Arthur W, mayor of the city of Muncie; also attorney at law, office Senate Block, 200-1/2 s Walnut, cor Jackson, h  607 e Charles)
Brady Mrs Catharine, wid of Jackson, h Elmira st, Perkins' add
Brady Edward W, bds Kirby House
Brady John, wks Kirby Bros, hs 1003 s Liberty
Brady John W, clk The Sterling Cash Grocery, hs 216 e Washington
Brady Miss Mary M, teacher Washington School, h 216 e Washington
Brady Patrick, watchman Kirby Bros, h 1003 s Liberty
Brady Samuel F, railway postal clk, h 216 e Washington
Brady Samuel Q, foreman Indiana Bridge Co, h 201 w. Willard
Brady Wm R, propr Eagle Hotel, h 313- 1/2 e Main
*Bragg M Alexander, lab, h 1009 Chestnut
Bragg Alonzo, wks Ball's Glass Wks, h 1111 e Adams
Brakefield Wm, lab, h 220 Winton ave, Winton Place
Branch Miner G (Branch & Bro), bds 214 e Gilbert
Branch Robt H (Branch & Bro and Bratton & Branch) hs e Gilbert
Branch & Bro (Robert H and Miner G Branch), dry goods, carpets and cloaks, 114 n Walnut
Brane John L, machinist Nail Wks, bds 1000 e Main
Brannan Chas, wks Muncie Natural Gas Co, bds Snider House
Brannan Levi D, wks D C Mitchell, hs 1312 e Adams
Branson Mrs Elizabeth, wid of Nathan, bds 903 w Adams
Brate George W, wks Muncie Woodworking Co, h West Side
Bratton B Frank (Bratton & Branch), secy School Board, h 217 e North
Bratton Mark W, letter carrier No 2, h 217 e North
Bratton Miss Mayne,bkpr Ball Bros Glass Mfg Co, h 217 e North
Bratton & Branch (B Frank Bratton and Robt H Branch), buyers and shippers of wool, 200 n Walnut
Braun (see also Brown)
Braun Andrew, propr Abbott House, h ne cor Mulberry and Washington
Bright Bayless, lab., h Hurst Ave, Chase add.
Brotherton, Eugene, wks Muncie Nail Company, h 1201 E Jackson
Brotherton, Mrs Martha R., wid of William, h 606 E Adams
(Brotherton, William at law and notary public, office Senate Block, s e corner Walnut & Jackson, h 606 E Adams)
(Chicago Store (The), Johnson & Moreland proprs, dry goods, notions, china, glass and queensware, 124 S Walnut, Odd Fellows block)
Childs Oscar E, timber buyer, h West Side
Childs Smith, bailiff Delaware Circuit Court, h S S Jackson, West Side
Chipman Wm F, wks Muncie Pulp Co, h 808 w Michigan
Chisholm Daniel, gas-well driller, bds Tremont House
Christian Church (Central), Howard, bet Liberty and Council
Christian Church (First), cor Council and Jackson
Church Chas H, cashier Delaware County Bank, h 914 e Adams
Church Geo H, master mechanic Muncie Pulp Co, h 122 S Elm
Church of God, Bethel, n w cor Chestnut and 3rd
Church Miss Leila, teacher, h 122 S Elm
Church Miss Mary E, teacher Jackson school, h 122 s Elm
Church Wm H, shipping clk Muncie Nail Co, h 914 e Adams
Cincinnati Store, L M Klein propr, dry goods, notions, la-dies' and gents' furnishing goods, 119 e Main
Citizens' National Bank, A L Kerwood pros, E C Shipley vice pres, W M Marsh cashier, The Anthony, n w cor Wal-nut and Jackson (see adv, co~ored p~ge)
City Bottling Works, Mauer & Peters proprs, bottlers of soda mineral water, export beer and ale, 208 S Jefferson
City Clerk's Office, Arthur L Shideler clerk, 118 5 Mulberry City Engineer's Office, Wm H Wood engineer,       basement of Court House
City Fire Department, Granville Shepp chief, n w cor Jef-ferson and Jackson
City Kitchen, 204 n Walnut
Clapper John, lab, bds 5 5 Ohmer ave, Chase add
Clapper Shelby, lab, h 5 5 Ohmer ave, Chase add
Clark Chas, wks heading factory, h 416 5 Plum
*Clark Chas H, barber W H Stokes, rooms 602 S Walnut
Clark Erasmus, wks Ball's glass works, h 818 e Adams
Clary Henry, wks Maring & Hart, bds 1218 e Jackson
Clark Jacob, wks M Cohen & Co, h 507 w Washington
Clark James A, wks Muncie Glass Co. h 809 w Charles
Clark Mrs Jennie, wid of Samuel, h 800 S Monroe
Clark John C, foreman job department The News, h 826 e Jackson
Clark John D, carpenter, b 709 S Vine
Clark Joseph, fireman heading factory, h 416 s Plum
Clark Mack, wks Jas Boyce & Co, h 1228 e Adams
Clark Ralph H, bkpr, h 801 e Adams
Clark Samuel D, h 416 s Plum
Clark Wm, bds 1428 Liberty
Clark Wm M, wks J S Reid & Sons, h s s Chase ave, Chase add
Clark ____, machine repairer, rooms 828 n Mulberry
Clavell John, blower Maring, Hart & Co
Claypool Abraham J, money broker, collections and loans; also agt for the Cunard Steamship Co, the German Lloyd Steamship Co, and
the Netherlands Steamship Lines; office Opera House block, s w cor Main and Walnut, h 415 w Charles
Claypool Frank J, editor The Farmer's Record, h country
Claypool Marcus S, propr Alameda Place, h 102 w Washington Clayton Joseph S, painter and paper-hanger, 808 Chesnut,h same
Clayton Lewis, wks Ball Bros Glass Mfg Co, h 808 Chestnut
Clee Geo W, job printer A C Stouder, h 412 n Mulberry
Clem Valentine, wks Ball Bros Glass Mfg Co
Clements Basil E, lab, h 1414 Liberty
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis passenger station, s end High, B F Gribben ticket agt
Cleaveland Wm P, salesman The Winters Shoe and Clothing Co, h 115 n Elm
Clevenger Chas E, box-maker Muncie Glass Co, h e s Franklin, bet Delaware and Michigan
Clevenger Clarence E, foreman J Emerson, h cor Ohmer and Perkins ave, Chase add
Clevenger Mrs Deliah A, wid of Solomon, h 1403 Virginia
Clevenger Earl L, wks Hemingray Glass Co, h n w cor Delaware and Lenon
Clevenger Francis M, lab, h n w cor Delaware and Lenon
Clevenger Frank W, groceries and provisions, 900 s Walnut, h 160 Winton ave, Winton Place
Clevenger Guy R, wks Hemingray Glass Co, h n w cor Dela-ware and Lenon
Clevenger Isaiah, grocery and meat market, e S Virginia, bet Florence and Michigan, h 1824 Virginia
Clevenger John E, wks Joseph L Thornburg, bds 608 s Hackley Clevenger John L, bartender John B Ervin, bds Blount House
Cooper, Archibald, h 801 Macedonia ave
Cooper, James A., wks Muncie Nail Co, h 801 Macedonia ave
Cooper, Wm H M, atty at law and abstracter, office 2d floor of Court House h 423 E. Adams
Cromer, Geo W, attny at law, office in basement of Court House, rooms =108 E Washington
*Davis, John, porter James Ferguson, 307 w Washington
Davis, John S., lab, h Hill ave, Chase add.
Davis, J Parker H, wks Consolidated Tank Line Co, h n e cor Adams and Boyce ave.
Edgington, Max, h s s w Jackson, West Side
Edgington, Miss May, millener, h s s w Jackson, West Side
Edgington, Otis, h s s Jackson, West Side
Edgington, Wm, clk Geo N Higman, h s s Jackson, West Side
Emerick, Mrs. Emma, h 426 w Washington
Emerick, Robt. W., cigar maker Chas McCaughan, bds 116 s Walnut
Lackey, Robt L., foreman E.P. Smith & Co., h 624 s Hackley
McDowell, John (McDowell & Jefferson), h 403 Wysor
McDowell, Loring R., h 1011 Kirby ave
McDowell, W. Andrew, driver H Roads & Co, h 1011 Kirby ave
McDowell, Wm F., foreman job room Times office, h 502 s  Mulberry
McDowell & Jefferson (John McDowell and Joshua I. Jefferson), all kinds of feed, 207 e Adams
Newbould, Geo. W., lab, h 621 3rd
Pugh, Mrs.Lana, wid.of John, h 810 W Charles
Pugh, Milton, machinist Muncie Architectural Iron Works, h se cor Madison and Willard
Pugh, Thos M., wks J Truitt, h se cor s Madison and e Willard
Pugh, Wm, driver, h West Side
Artie Pugh, outside Muncie, farming with 35 acres
Oliver, Frank, wks Muncie Nail Mill, h 823 S Vine
Orr, Thomas, wks Balls' glass works, bds 402 e Main
Orr, Wm Walter, attorney at law and notary public, 106-1/2 n Walnut, h 609 e Main
Sailors Shideler..........owned 4 acres
Sailors Rebecca Shideler.......... owned 1-1/4 acres
* Scott Mary, domestic, 617 E. Adams * represents colored
Sharp, Geo W, wks Hemingray Glass Co, h 816 S Plum
Sharp,Jas, wks Bandy Planing Mill Co, bds 722 S Jefferson
Sharp, Jesse J, wks Hemingray Glass Co, h 816 S Plum
Sharp, John C, carpenter, h 904 S Monroe
Sharp, Mrs Mary A., wid of Geo W, h 816 S Plum
Sharp, Wm C, wks C H Over, h 519 E Main
Shepherd, Harveym wks Enos Geiger, bds  419 S Franklin
Shepherd, Lewis G  (Sherpherd & Martin), h  515 Kirby Ave
Shepherd, Mrs. Rosa, boarding house, 319 S Franklin
Shepherd, Wm A, wks Central Union Telephone Co., h 319 S Franklin
Shepherd & Martin (lewis G. Shepherd and Oscar W. Martin), mnfrs of cigars, 515 Kirby Ave
West Samuel, wks Muncie Pulp Co
West Sherod B, wagonmaker, 803 s Walnut, h 117 Florence
West Wm T, teamster, h 117 Florence
Western Improvement Co, C F Hathaway pres, G M Hathaway vice pres, W J Hilligoss secy and treas;
dealers in options, real estate, corporation and syndicate property, Anthony Block
Western Union, Norvin Green pres, John F Wallick dist supt, Wm Patterson mgr, office 117 w Jackson
Westlake Chas S, architect, h 404 e Charles
Westlake Thos L, mnfr of hard wood mantels, and dealer in fire place trimmings, 301 n Monroe, h same
Westlake Will B, mantels and grates, art and plate g1ass, tile and marble floors, Muncie, Chicago &
Wetz Chas C, ydmastcr C, C, C & St L R R, h 422 s Franklin
Wever (see also Weaver)
Wever Henry C, wks Ball Bros Glass Mfg Co, h n s Fremont, bet Liberty and Franklin
Whalen Timothy, lab, h 1011 e Jackson
Wheeler Mrs Della, wid of Fredk, h 1144 e Washington
White Andrew J, wks JH Smith & Co, h Elmyra ave, Winton Place
*White, Mrs Belle, washerwoman, h 1009 Chestnut
White, Carroll, opr Central Union Telephone Co, h 504 Proud
White David, wks JH Smith & Co, h 714 s Jefferson
White Dennis, lab, h 314 w Howard
White, Edward, wks Muncie Casket Co, bds 724 Powers
White Henry, lab, h Logan ave, Chase add
*White James H, wks Muncie Nail Mill, h 803 5 Plum
White John, lab, h 502 s Beacon
*White, Lawrence, porter Youse & Heffner, h 217 w Main
White, Miss Lulu, domestic, s e cor Jackson and Wolf
White, Miss Nora, domestic, 507 s Jefferson
White River Jersey Cattle Co, S H Godman secy; JF Godman mngr; Breeders of AJCC cattle, Godman St, West Side, Telephone 48
White, Samuel A, sick nurse, bds 620 s Jefferson
White, Samuel C, wks Muncie Nail Co., h 1 n 523 Park st.
White, Mrs. Sarah E., wid of James C, h 402 e Main
White, Sylvanus V, platerer, h 504 Proud
White,Wm. Albert, driver Brooks Creamery, h 414 Proud
White, Wm E, plasterer, h 214 s Gharky
*White, Wm H, driver Muncie Architectural Iron Works, h s Walnut, nr same
*White Wm T, hod carrier, bds    717 s Plum
*White Wm Henry, wks Balls' glass works, h 215 w Main
Whiteman Edward, wks Muncie Nail Co, h n e cor Grant and Kirby ave
Whiteman Miss Mary, wks box factory, h cor Grant and Kirby av
Whiteman Wm, rnnfr of cigar boxes, also puddler Muncie
Nail Co, n e cor Grant and Kirby ave, h same
Whitney Albert E, treas Muncie Casket Co, h 115-1/2 s Mulberry
Whitney Mrs Emmer A (The Muncie Hospital), physician,
515 s Council, h same
Whitney Frank, wks stamp dept Ball Bros Glass Mfg Co, bds s S Delaware ave, bet Walnut and Virginia
Whitney Wm D (The Muncie hospital), physician, 515 s Council, h same
Whitson Ervin, driver Bud Thomas, bds 506 s Liberty
Whittaker Mrs Della, h 913 Chestnut
Whorton George, wks Muncie Glass Co, bds 437 Elliott
Whorton Perry, painter, bds 4S7 Elliott
Widmeyer Jas E, wks Wysor, Haines & Co, h Fremont st, Per-kins' add
Wierman Miss Amanda, h 817 e Adams
Wierman Miss Matilda, h 817 e Adams
Wiggins Saml, wks JH Smith & Co, bds 402 s Franklin
Wiggins Selma, wks JH Smith & Co, rooms 418 s Franklin
Wiggins Wm W, carpenter, h s e cor Harriet and Delaware
Wilcoxon Chas N, genl mgr Muncie Natural Gas Co, h 421 s Mulberry
Wilcoxon Mrs Jemima, wid of James E, h 322 w Adams
Wilcoxon Loyd, real estate, insurance and loan agt, 107-1/2 w Main, h 120 Dumont
Wilcoxon Lloyd P, painter and paper hanger, 322 w Adams, h same
Wildermuth Chas, bakery and confectionery and lunch stand, fresh home-made candies, 210 s Walnut
Wildermuth Edward C, clk Chas. Wildermuth, h 210 S Walnut
Wildman John F (Wildman & McClung), h 703 w Adams
Wildman & McClung (John F Wildman and Jas H and Chas T McClung), publishers of The Muncie Daily
Times & Muncie Weekly Times; also general book & job printers,Times Bldg,n e cor Walnut &Washington
Wiley, Mrs. Emma R, h s w cor Hoyt ave and Hill ave, Chase add
Wilhelm, John W, bartender SB Cunningham, h 202 e Gilbert
Wilkerson, Cyrus, carpenter, bds s e cor Port ave and Delaware, Perkins' add