Muncie, Indiana Directory, 1893
(partial list)

Abbott A, lab, bds southwest  corner Main and Dill, West Side
Abbott Miss Bertha M, Muncie Skewer Co wks, 828 north Council
Abbott Henry V, Muncie Skewer Co wks, 823 south Council
Abbott Andrew Braun, House prop n east corner Washington and Mulberry
Abbott John C (Annetta D), The Citizens' National Bank, clk, w south Wheeling pike, 2 north of Bridge
Abbott John H (Louisa), shoe shop, 828 south Council, 825 1/2 south Walnut
Abbott Jeshua A (Myrtle) A L Johnson & Co wks n southeastFremont, 1 east Harriett
Abbott Marion, Wheeling pike, River Side
Abbott Wm (Fannie M), Citizens' National Bank, director, w south Wheeling pike, 1 north Bridge
Abel Adam E, Midland Steel Co, asst supt, 425 south Monroe
Abel Geo (Elizabeth J), Midland Steel Co, secy, 425 south Monroe
Abel Geo, The Muncie Arch'l Iron Co wks, bds south Walnut, near Indiana ave
Abel Miss Ida M, 425 south Monroe
Abernethy Wallace, carpenter, s Madison, near Thompson
Abrnms Frederick, L E & W R R, bds 822 south Monroe
Abrams Jas (Alma), bod carrier, n south Chase ave, 2 w Oak
Abshire Albert, Muncie Transfer Co, driver, 611 south Jefferson
Abshire Eva Alva, Muncie Glass Wks, s south Hill ave, 4 w Ash, Chase add
Abshire Miss Lou T, The R E Hill Mfg Co, s south Hill ave, 4 w Ash, Chase add
Abshire W E  (Martha J), teamster, s south Hill ave, 4 w Ash, Chase add
Acker Miss Laura E, 417 w Washington
Ackley Alford, farmer, bds southeast corner Logan ave and Ash
Adair John O  (Lyda E), White River Iron & Steel Co, engineer, s south Elmira, 3 w Hoyt ave
Adams Albert, White River Iron & Steel Co wks, bds 807 Roberts
Adams Dawson J (Louella), L E & W R R, brakeman, 518 w Main
Adams Mrs Emma, physician, 905 south Grant
Adams Harry, The Citizens' National Bank, porter, 308 w Washington
Adams Harry C (Nova B), Muncie Times, collector, 825 w Charles
Adams Mrs Phoebe L Fordyce, House propr 112 and 114 east Adams
Adams James W (Minnie M), The William N Whitely Company wks, 9th between D & E Whitely
Adams John,  carpenter, bds 5th at Whitely
Adams J Q Adams (Flora), house and safe mover; supt of moving beavy machinery same office 510 1/2 south Walnut
Adams John Q, Muncie Nail Co, puddler, bds south side 2d, 4 east Hackley
Adams  John Q (Naomi) 816 east Adams
Adams J Ottis, Art Students' League, artist and instructor, bds Kirby House, stndio room 13 Little block, 203 1/2 east Main
Adams Joseph, The Times, job printer, bds Abbott House
Adams Mrs Martha, 308 w Washington
Adams Miss Mildred, 329 east North
Adams Wm C, driver hose wagon, fire department, 303 w Washington
Adams W J (Kathleen),  dealer in choice wines, liquors, and cigars, Harriett, near Abbott ave, s Wahst, near
Indiana ave
Adams Wm K (Rebecca),  grocery, 1200 east Adams, 1204 east Adams
Adamson A G (Carrie T), patent attorney, 428 east Adams, office 428 east Adams
Adamson Chas E (Louisa A), The Adamson Company, genl mgr; patent agents; patent attorney and solicitor, w Jackson, West Side
Adamson Chas E, Adamson Company,  genl mgr, patent agents office Patent Office building, West Side
Adamson Mrs Emily, 217 north High
Adamson Lorenzo D (Cora Lee), Muncie House Furnishing Co, clk, 217 south Cherry
Addington Wm (Savanna), Maring Hart & Co wks e south Coffeen, 3 south Jackson
Adelman Miss Frances, domestic, 402 east Main
Adsitt Julian (Dora),  J H Smith & Co wks, 207 south Madison
Adsitt Mrs Julia, New Era Steam Laundry wks,  207 south Madison
African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1018 east, Jackson
Ailes H B, railroader, bds Swiss Cottage
Ake Sam'l (Lizzie) resturant and lunch, same room, 208 w Main
Alameda Place, M S Claypool, breeding stables; proprietor, trotting bred horses, Jersey cuttle, and Shropshire sheep, home of Gift Jr, Agricola, Mesalla, and Silver Tone; River Side
Albany Land Co, D J Manor; J H Grover (The) prest; secretary and genl mgr office room 2, The Anthony
Albertson August, lab, bds northeast corner Berlin and Powers
Albright Albert (Olie), H H Highlands, gas fitter, 805 south Monroe
Albright Frank B (Maud), barber shop, rooms same, 108 south High
Albright Foster, clk, rooms 321, east Jackson
Alderson Geo W (Mary B), Indiana Iron Co wks, 501 3d
Alderson Joseph, Martin Livery Barn wks, bds 212 north, Liberly
Alderson Moses (Lissie), lab, 818 south Grant
Alderson Moses S (Sarah E), lab, 501 3d
Alderson Pearl, Ball Brothers Glass Mfg Co, wks 501 3d
Alderson Thomas M, bds 501 3d
Alderson Wm L, Nut & Bolt Works, wks bds 501 3d
Aldrich R L, Aldrich Land and Building Co (The) (Limited), chairman of board of managers, real estate dealers, office room 8, Boyce block, 218 1/2 east Main
Aldrioh Ralph L, Aldrich Land and Building Co (The) (Limited), chairman of board of managers, rooms 323 east Adams,office room 3, Boyce block
Aldstadt Miss A Edna, 916 east Washington
Aldstadt Daniel Brandt, The John McVoy Co, wks, 916 east Washington
Aldstadt Jacob W (Ellen S), teamster, 916 east Washington
Aldstadt Miss L R 916 east Washington
Alexander Geo, plasterer, bds 119 2d
Alexander James (Susan), Wm W Taylor & Co meat cutter, 616 south Hackley
Alexander John P (Carrie H), C W Gilmore, traveling salesman, n w corner Goodale and Plum
Alexander Miss Lena, Ball Bros Glass Mfg Co wks, 820 south Grant
Alexander Levi (Jane M),  railroader, 820 south Orant
Alexander M J, Muncie Land Co, secy and genl mgr, Pittsburgh, Pa?
Alger Lizzie, Ball Bros Glass Mfg Co wks
Allace Jacob, J H Smith & Co wks, bds 711 Powers
Allen A, brick mason, bds Abbott House
Allen Eugene, brick mason, bds 606 w Washington
Allen Francis (Laura), Indiana Iron Co, puddler, n w corner Webster and Grant
Allen Harry, Tappen Shoe Co wks, bds East End Hotel
Allen Irvin O, Maring, Hart & Co, glass cutter, bds Blount House
Allen Jno, Indiana Iron Co wks, n w corner Webster and Grant
Allen John J (Mary E), Muncie Glass Co, blower, 808 Powers
Allen J Clifford, 119 1/2 w Jackson
Allen Mrs Lola M, 400 east Charles
Allen Lorin, Maring Hart & Co, glass cutter, bds Blount House
Allen Seth  (Julis), physician and surgeon, 119 1/2 w Jackson, Larole block office 119 1/2 w Jackson, Larole block
Alles Jacob, lather, bds 711 Powers
Allison Frank S  (Laura B), Muncie Nail Co wks,  n south Dudley, 4 w Windsor
Allison Luther C, The W N Whitely Co wks, e south Plum, 1 north Washington
Allison Wm, carpenter, bds 300 w Howard
Altschul Benj F, B F Altschul & Co, bds Kirby House
Altschul Benj F, Altschul B F & Co, proprs Metropolitan Tailoring Co and Moneis Shirt Factory, 121 east Jackson
Altschul Harry S, Metropolitan Tailoring Co, entter, bds Kirby House
Alvey Chas (Souain), Brooks'Creamery wks, 215 Kilgore ave
Alvey Miss Emma, Muncie Casket Co wks, 215 Kilgore ave
Alvey Geo E , Brooks' Creamery wks, 245 Kilgore ave
Alvey Miss Hattie, Port Glass Works wks, 245 Kilgore ave
Alvey Wm, Brooks' Creamory wks, bds 245 Kilgore ave
Ambrose Jacob, Ball Bros Glass Mfg Co, blower
Ambrosius Albert, Muncie Glass Co, blower bds 437 Elliott
American Express Co agt, Isaac Beck, 112 north Mulberry
Amidon Em, Muncie Transfer Co wks, bds Blount House
Ammon Benj F (Malinda E), The W N Whitely Co, carpenter, 511 Proud
Ammon Jacob (Mary C), Muncie Glass Co, blower, e south Prond, 5 south Charles
Ammon John, Muncie Glass Co, blower
Ampy Miss Nancy, Wheeling pike, River Side Anelle Club House, cor Jefferson and Adams
Anderson Abrabam, carpenter, n south Webster, 2 w Plum
Anderson Miss Agnes C, 910 east Washington
Anderson Mrs Catherina J, 910 east Washington
Anderson Miss Carrie C, 910 east Washington
Anderson Con, The W N Whitely Co wks, bds Broadway, Whitely
Anderson Chas, M H Tyler turner, bds 1015 Seymour
Anderson Chas H, dairyman, 709 east Jackson
Anderson Chas H, Muncie Casket Co, traveling salesman, bds New Southern rooms room 12, Little block, 203 1/2 east Main
Anderson Miss Dora M 814 w Charles
Anderson Edward M (Catharine H), 611 south Madison
Anderson  Geo W (Laura A), cooper n south Ohmer ave, 1 w Parkins ave
Anderson Jas, brick mason, bds 719 Powers
Anderson James H, John MoVoy Company mgr, 910 east Washington
Anderson John (Maggie S), dairyman, 709 east Jackson
Anderson John F, John McVoy Co, bkpr, 910 south Washington
Anderson Robt K (Lillie), carpenter, 1113 Sullivan
Anderson Frank W (Mary E), restaurant and lunch-room, 326 south Liberty, 626 south Walnut
Anderton Miss W Laura, 326 south Liberty
Anding Wm (Jennie), Muncie Boiler Wks, boiler maker, 800 south Monroe
Andrew Philip P (Julia P), lab, Wheeling Pike, River Side
Andrews Arthur A, 608 south Washington
Andrews Arthur (Clara), Penn, near Heath
Andrews Miss Carrie S, 608 east Washington
Andrews Geo H, clk, 608 east Washington
Andrews Charles H, Muncie Nail Co wks, 1217 east Main
Andrews; Mrs J Daniel, H Williamson, driver, 501 south Mulberry
Andrews Ed, Ball Bros Glass Mfg Co wks
Andrews Miss Emma D, house keeper, 118 2d
Andrews Ephraim (Phillas), Muncie Nail Co, puddler, 1217 east Main
Andrews Geo H (Lydia E), dealer in drugs, physicians' and aurgeons' supplies, books and stationery,
newapapers and pariodicals, 608 east Washington, 128 south Walnut
Andrews Geo R (Meck), Lake & Andrews, 424 w Charles
Andrews, Jr Geo R, L M Klein, clk, 501 south Mulberry
Andrews James C (Charlotte), slone mason, 311 2d
Andrews Jno E (Hannah), High St Mills, miller, 501 south Mulberry
Andrews Walter M, Geo H Andrews, clerk, 608 east Washington
Anthony Alonzo (Myrtle), lab, 818 south Grant
Anthony Chas H (Harriet B), Heath, Lenon & Anthony, 303 south Walnut
Anthony Ernest (Julia), C H Over wks, s south Webater, 2 east Blaine
Anthony Mrs Emily B, 1028 south Walnut
Anthony Mrs Rebecca G, 1028 south Walnut
Antrim Commodore P (Frances E), e south Martin, 4 south Washington, West Side
Antrim Mrs Etta, 330 Fremont
Antrim John Wm, Coil Hoop Wks,  e south Martin, 4 south Washington, West Side
Antrim Miss M Estella, Port Glass wks, e south Martin, 4 south Washington, West Side
Apple Chas, T P Kirby wks, rooms 214 w Jackson
Applegate Alfred T (MAnna) Maring Hart & Co, night watehman 12 Bellaire, Boyceton
Applegate Ed, Maring Hart & Co, blower, Boyceton
Applegate Gus, Maring Hart & Co, gatherer, Boyceton
Cannaday Calvert R (Clara E), A L Johnson & Co, timber cutter, 1201 south Walnut
Cannaday David A (Lydin), A L Johnson & Co,  timber cutter, 1308 north Walnut
Cannaday Geo (Lou), Big Four depot, day baggageman, 312 w Anthony
Cannaday Wm (Mary E), W R Higgins, cook 404 Hoyt ave
Cannaday Wm, 1201 south Walnut
Carmichael Ephraim F (Bidd), Indiana Iron Co, carpenter,  n w corner Madison and Delaware
Carmichael Firman (Lilly) leamater Hartford, near Harriet
Carmichael Jesse L, Morning Nema reporter, 175 Kilgore ave
Carmichael Munuel C,  gas well driller bds, southwest corner Main and Dill, West Side
Carmichael Milton, The Morning Nema; aset chief Muncie Fire dept, city editor, 175 Kilgore ave
Carmichael Oliver (Martha), 175 Kilgore ave
Carmichael Rebecca, 511 Proud
Carmichael Valentine G (Samantha B), evangelist, n east corner Kirby ave and Pollock
Carmichael F M, Foorman house and saloon, propr
Carmichael James M, dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes
Carey Geo L (Ida), W L Lacey, clk, rms 225 north Vine
Cary Mrs Mary, Childrens' Home, ??inoudress, Central pike, North View
Case Mrs Abigail P, 220 east Gilbert
Case Arthur W, Muring, Hart & Co wks, 718 Chestnut
Case Austin C (Harriel F), J H Smith & Co, shipper, 320 south Liberty
Case Elijah, retired farmer, bds 608 w Howard
Case Emerson B (Alice V) R M Mall wks, n south Powers, 1 east Proud
Case Frank B (Jenois), contractor, 309 w Jackson
Case Frank D, Budd & Son, student, 718 Chestnut
Case Harriet F, High school building, teacher, 320 south Liberty
Case Mrs Leretta A, s w corner Dill and Jackson, West Side
Case Lambert L (Mary E), Maring, Hart & Co, invoice clerk, 718 south Chestnut
Chapman Mrs Haunch?, Childrens' Home, matron, Central pike, North View
Dickerson Miss Bonnie L,  s w corner Oak and Logan ave
Dickerson Wm Dickerson (Martha E), lab, s w corner Oak and Logan ave
Gibson Miss Anna, L Herrmann, clk, 308 Wysor
Gibson  Andrew (Susan), Darnall mill wks, n east corner Salliran and Monroe
Gibson Andrew (Mary), lab,  s w corner Ash and Hill ave, Chase add
Gibson B, Indiana Iron Co wks
Gibson Chas (Flora Bello), Albert Greely wks, 920 south Walnut
Gibson Miss Clara M, polion and ribbon dept Boston Store,  saleslady, 501 w Adams
Gibson Clark (Rebecca E), 501 w Adams
Gibson Garrett, Hemmgray Glass Co wks
Gibson Geo (Ellsa J), teamster, 920 south Walnut
Gibson Goly F, Muncie Pulp Co, machine tender, n south Elmyra, 1 east Birch, Winton Place
Gibson Hattie, gents furnisbing dept, The Fair mgr, 808 east Wysor
Gibson John W (Florence J), lab, 720 2d
Gibson Lewis R (Sarah F), Darnall mill wks, s south Webster, 5 east Blaine
Gibson Mrs Millie, 303 north High
Gibson Richard T, Hemingray Glass Co wks,  s south Webater, 5 east Blaine
Gibson Samuel (Nancy E), Muncie Paint and Rooting Co wks, 908 east Wysor
Gibson  Samuel R, room G P Daris, mgr billiard, 920 south Walnut
Gibson Valentine (Emma), Muncie Nail Co wks, s south Sallivan, 8 east Blaine
Gibson Walter W, Herald, office printer, 501 w Adams
Gibson Will, Ball Bros Glass Co, blower, 831 north Hackley
Gibson Wm (Catharine J), retired farmer, 881 Seymour
Gibson Wm J (Chriatina), Muncie Pulp Co wks, 1628 south Walnut
Harrold Elbert,  J H Smith & Co wks, 715 south Monroe
Harrold Emory, J H Smith & Co wks, 715 south Monroe
Harrold Geo W  (Elizabeth),  Muncie Nail Co wks, n south Sullivan, 2 w Vine
Harrold Grant V (Laure),  J H Smith & Co wks, 801 south Madison
Harrold Jas, Mall Bros Glass Mnfg Co,  blower, bds 609 south Vine
Harrold Jesse (Lucanda), Kirby Bros, teamsler, 715 south Monroe
Harter Barton S (Mariah A), west Orphans' Home, North View
Harter Chas, Ind Iron Co wks bds, south Monroe, near Boston ave
Harter Miss Minnie, Leager & Richard, waiter
Harter Walter, Midland Steel Co wks
Heath Cyrus R, Harper L H & Co, genl real estate, Ioan, rental and insurance rm 8, The Anthony
Heath Clay, Ball Bros Glase Mnfg Co wks
Heath Cyrus R, L H Harper & Co, 714 east Adams
Heath Earl, Ball Bros Glass Co wks, s east 2d, 1 east Heatley
Heath Fred W (Laura), F W Heath & Co; Heath, Lenon & Anthony, 317 south Walnut
Heath Fred W, George L Lonon Heath F W & Co, real estate, mortgage note and loan brokers and bank of discount, 121 w Main
Heath Rev Jacob W, real estate and loans, 714 ?? Adams, 121 w Main
Heath Jas (Nora), C H Over wks, n east corner Sullivan and Monroe
Heath James F, Gill Bros wks, s east 2d, 1 east Hackley
Heath Miss Mae A, 714 east Adams
Heath Mrs Mary E,  s east 2d, 1 east Hackley
Heath M LaRoy (Eva H), Ball Bros, machinist, 711 south Jefferson
Heath Morton, Ball Bros Glass Mofg Co wks
Heath Walter M, lab,  s east 2d, 1 east Hackley
Heath W D, Ball Bros Glase Co wks,  s east 2d, 1 east Hackley
Husted F S  (Lacey E), portrait painting, bds 2 south Willard, 2 w Grant
Hutchison Wm (Ada) Whitely Co, wks 8 st, near 2d, Whitely
Hutchinson James,The Common Sente Engine Co, molder, bds northwest corner Vine and Meriwesther
Hutchinson Thomas (Maggie),The White River Iron and Steel Co, wks, n south Michigan, 2 w Perhins
Kiger Miss Emma L, short-hand dept, Muncie Business College, nast teacher, n 215 east Main
Kirkwood Miss Amanda, 511 east Charles
Kirkwood Mrs Catharine, 511 east Charles
Kirkwood John R (Mary C), groceries, 312 south Madison, 415 east Jackson
Kirkwood Levingston A,  journalisl, 511 east Charles
Lacey Clarence L, W L Lacey, clk, 316 east Oilbert
Lacey Elias, domestie, n east corner Charles and Jefferson
Lacey Warren, Hall Bros Glass Mnfg Co wks
Lacey Wm L (Emma), W L Lacey's, Cash Grocery, propr, 316 east Gilbert, 305 east Main
Lacey's Cash Grocery, W L Lacey, propr, 305 east Main
Lacey Henry, M E minister
Leonard Miss Clara, Cincinnati Store, saleslady, 1258 Kirby ave
Leonard David W (Mary J), Muncie Nail Co, puddler, 1258 Kirby ave
Leonard Miss Eliza, 606 w Jackson
Leonard Geo W (Eliza L), painter, bds 128 w Washington
Leonard James N (Sarah), Indiana Iron Wks, wks Hamilton, 1 south Jackson
Leonard Oscar A (Mary Ann), Ball Bros Glass Mnfg Co, blacksmith, 715 Powers
Leonard Miss Ora, s w corner Delaware and Sampson ave
Leonard W, The White River Iron and Steel Co wks
Losh Chas M  (Emma), teamster, south of Fair grounds
Losh Miss Ida, south of Fair grounds
Losh Miss Iva, south of Fair grounds
Losh Perry, Muncie Ire Co, engineer, south of Fair grounds
Lykins Andrew,  lab, s south Ohmer ave, 1 w Ash
Lykins Miss Dora, K E Hill Mnfg Co wks, 260 Hoyt ave
Lykins Mrs Jane,  s south Ohmer ave, 1 w Ash
Lykins John (Sarah J), lab,  s south Hill ave, 2 w Hoyl, Chase add
Lykins Leander, Malland Steel Co wks, bds 828 south Plum
Lykins Lon, Ball Bros Glass Mnfg Co wks
Lykins Wm, lab,  s south Hill ave, 2 w Hoyl ave, Chase add
McCormick Miss Eva, Jackson school bldg, teacher, 805 east Jackson
McCormick Miss Fannie H, music teacher, 802 w Gilbert
McCormick LaFayette M (Emma), s w corner Main and Dill, West Side
McCormick Thos K, depot to post office, mail carrier, s w corner Main and Dill, West Side
McCormick Wm  (Dora), Kirby Bros, glasier, w south Dicks, 2 north North, West Side
McCormick Wm C, s w corner Main and Dill, West Side
Mitchell Abraham (Dora I), carpenter, 613 3d
Mitchell Miss Alice, H E Hill Mnfg Co wks, 1210 south Franklin
Mitchell  Mrs A Laura, 512 south Laberly??
Mitchell Chas, Port Glass Works, gatherer
Mitchell Chas, agent, bds 323 east North
Mitchell D Clinton (Emma), contractor and builder, 419 south Jefferson, 214 east Poart
Mitchell Emma, nurse girl, 216 north Monroe
Mitchell Elmer, agent, bds 325 east North
Mitchell Harvey (Catharine), physician, same office 303 south Walnut
Mitchell James Q (Susan), carpenter, 1002 south Monroe
Mitchell John R (Marinda E), L E & W R R, car inspector, 1010 south Monroe
Mitchell  J Wm (Malinda E), Midland Steel Co wks, n w corner Cypress and Winton ave
Mitchell Joseph R (Sarah E), carpenter, 315 east North
Mitchell Miss Laura, R E Hill Mnfg Co wks, 1210 south Franklin
Mitchell Miss Lillian, 419 south Jefferson
Mitchell Lola E, Avondale school bldg, teacher bds, 1327 east Jackson
Mitchell Louis, lab bds, 500 south Hackley
Mitchell Marcellas W (Ella), carpenter, 723 Kirby ave
Mitchell Omer, Ball Bros Glass Mnfg Co, blower
Mitchell Miss Sandie, R E Hill Mnfg Co wks, 1210 south Franklin
Mitchell Victorrcene H, 816 w Chestnut
Mitchell Web H (N Angte), Indiana Bridge Co,  pattern maker, 1210 south Franklin
Miller Leonard (Mary E), lab, 306 w Gilbert
Moon C Rollie, The Muncie Arch'l Iron Co, machinist, 1819 east Jackson
Moon Elsworth, The Muncie Arch'l Iron Co arch'l, Iron worker, 1819 east Jackson
Moon Elkaun H (Lucinda J),  The Muncie Arch'l Iron Co arch'l, eng, 1819 east Jackson
Moon Jabez T, Tappau Shoe Mnfg Co, cngr, 1819 east Jackson
Moon W Harley, The Common Sense Engine Co, machinist, 1819 east Jackson
Moon Wm A (Anna), Wm N Whitely Co, bolt maker, Whitely
Reno Miss Dinah, domestic, 331 east Main
Shepherd Andrew J (Millie F), Youse & Haffner, carpet layer,  s south Heckin, 8 w Vine
Shepherd John Q (Alice), Walsh & Milo, cutter, 817 east Jackson
Shepherd Lewis G (Lodeska), C E Johnson, cigar maker, 9th between B and C sts, Whitely
Shepherd Wm (Rosa), Central Union Telephone Co wks, 819 south Franklin
Shick Charles A, Shick's Book Store propr; mngr, dealers in books, stationery, wall paper, pictures and picture frames, 118 south Mulberry
Shick Leonard (Delilah), Shick's Book Store, propr, country
Starr Leonard E (Rhoda A), Kirby Bros, salesman, 925 east Jackson
Stebbens Leonard N (Johanna), Midland Steel Co, carpenter, 704 Kirby ave
Stephens Claude, W L Lacey, clk Jackson, West Side
Stiffler Miss Alta, High School bldg, teacher, 405 east Adams
Stiffler Charles, White River Iron & Steel Co, lab bds, 1114 Kirby ave
Stiffler Jacob (Elizabeth), Stiffler & Koontz, loan agent, 405 east Adams
Stiffler  Joseph (Cora), gas fitter, 405 east Adams
Stiffler Wm (Mina), teamster, 216 south Elm
Stiffler  Wm (Eveline), The White River Iron & Steel Co, lab bds, 1114 Kirby ave
Stiffler Jacob Harv M, Koontz Stiffler & Koontz real estate and insurance agents and notaries, 215 1/2 south Walnut
Stout Clarence P, 725 east Jackson
Stout Oliver M,  lab bds, 917 Inlow
Stout Will, Ball Bros Glass Mnfg Co wks, 1882 colored Jackson
Wiley Chas L (Anna), contractor and builder, 415 Ohio ave
Wiley Mrs Emma R,  n south Ohmer ave, 2 east Hoyt ave
Wiley Joseph C,  expressman, bds 288 Hoyt ave