Husband: Joseph Finley Bilbrey


       Birth: 30 Jan 1871    Overton Co, TN                         

       Death: 22 Feb 1968    Yorktown, Delaware Co, IN              

       Marriage: 22 Nov 1888    Overton Co, TN                         

       Father: William Harrison Bilbrey

       Mother: Sarah J Riddle


Wife: Rebecca Phillips


       Birth: 3 Nov 1872     Windletown, Overtson, TN               

       Death: 3 Jun 1955     Yorktown, Delaware Co, IN              

       Father: James Marion Phillips

       Mother: Margaret Lou Robbins




 1 F Sarah Luella Bilbrey

       Birth: 11 Oct 1890    Overton, TN                            

       Death: 3 Oct 1979     Yorktown, Delaware Co, IN              

       Occupation:  Homemaker, also worked at Warner Gear  

       Spouse: William M. "Billy" Looper (m 20 Jun 1906  Putnam Co, TN) 2nd spouse: Albert        Park                         


 2 M William Marion Bilbrey

         Birth: 22 Nov 1892    Overton Co, TN                         

         Death: 15 Jul 1971    Fentress, TN                           

         Spouse: Martha Mercie Watson (m 23 Dec 1917  Overton Co, TN)                  


 3 M James Porter Bilbrey

         Birth: 21 Aug 1895    Windletown, Overtson, TN               

         Death: 1911   Wilder, Overton, TN                    


 4 M Arkley Lee Bilbrey

         Birth: May 1897  Windletown, Overton, TN               

         Death: 1962     Muncie, Delaware Co, IN                

         Occupation:  Factory worker, and also miner in Tennessee

         Spouse: Minnie Lassie Herron (m 25 Jun 1916  Overton Co, TN)                  


 5 M Hollis General Bilbrey

         Birth: 5 Feb 1900     Overton Co, TN                         

         Death: 31 Jan 1927    Pickett Co, TN                         

         Spouse: Maggie Cook (m 19 Jan 1921  Overton Co, TN)                           


 6 M Basil Bilbrey

        Birth: 2 Oct 1902     Windletown, Overtson, TN               

        Death: 26 Apr 1946    Cincinnati, OH                         

        Burial: Tennessee                              

        Spouse: Lori Elva Booher (m abt 1931  Tennessee)                          


 7 M Charles Avery Bilbrey

         Birth: 1904    Windletown, Overtson, TN               

         Death: 1941   Muncie, Delaware Co, IN                

         Burial: Tennessee                              

         Spouse: Cordie Reagan (m 29 Aug 1926  Overton Co, TN)                         


 8 F Icie Delavine Bilbrey

        Birth: 25 Sep 1908    Monroe, Overton Co, TN                 

        Death: 17 Feb 1970    Long Beach, CA                         

        Burial:   Yorktown, Delaware Co, IN              

        Spouse: Shirley Castro Reagan (m 28 Feb 1924  Overton Co, TN)   Also 2nd Hankins &         3rd Evilsizer


 9 M Everett Clinton Bilbrey

         Birth: 11 Mar 1911    Windletown, Overtson, TN               

         Death: 12 Sep 1979    Muncie, Delaware Co, IN                

         Burial:  Gardens of Memories, Muncie, IN        

         Spouse: Myrtle May Step (m 31 Aug 1930  Tennessee)                       


10 F   Willi Jo Bilbrey (still living)

          Birth: --------------    Crawford, Overton, TN                  

          Spouses: ------------


11 M Thomas R Bilbrey

          Birth: 1918   Overton Co, TN                         

          Death: 1936   Ruptured appendix in C. C. Camp        

          Burial:   Tennessee                              




Sarah Luella Bilbrey

First husband shot and killed in Overton, TN


James Porter Bilbrey

Death: Died in mine accident


Hollis General Bilbrey

Death: Drowned.


Charle Avery Bilbrey

Death: Run over by bus.



Submitted by
William Campbell
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