The Muncie Morning Star

Newspaper Articles from 1904-1905

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City Statistics - Births thru Dec 14, 1904

Marriage Licenses thru Dec. 13, 1904

City Statistics-Death's  Dec 1904

Funeral's  Jan 4 thru Dec 23, 1904

More Death's & Funeral's thru Dec 14, 1904

Misc Articles The Muncie Sunday Star, 1904

The Muncie Morning Star 1905

Muncie Star Social & Personal Columns Dec 1,1904

All articles in this section are being contributed and transcribed by DJ Faust
Contributed by D.J. Faust and Megan (a friends 10 year old daughter) who has come to understand the importance of saving history. She attends Lakeville Elementary School and spent her half -day off, helping me transcribe these articles. A good way to get kids interested is to show them old newspapers (98 year old papers) in this case. If you donít have, any go to the library or the local historical society. She was mesmerized by the old clothing shown in ads and especially the prices. It is also a good way to accelerate their reading skills. Megan read the articles and I typed them out. Good Job Megan!!!!!!


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