This unidentified tintype or Daguerreotype photo was in the family photos I inherited and I have tried to pin a name on him for a number of years by comparing features.

My problem was that he, judging from his features, appears to have some American Indian blood in him. I knew of no American Indian blood in this side of the family.

The one day, strictly by chance, I had the photo up on my screen and glanced over at a photo of my grandmother. Since she looks more like her Dickerson father, I must, at this point assume the unidentified man is also a Dickerson.

It was after that I started hearing many, many stories that the Dickerson's have American Indian blood.

I'm still looking for a name and relationship for this man.

My Dickerson's come down from the Richard Dickerson line.

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Sent in by Shirley Baston Pearson