Muncie High School

Muncie, Indiana

Class of 1925

Transcribed by LeeAnne Thompson


Class Officers

Dick Robbins - President of M.H.S. ‘25

Mable J. Jones - Vice President of Senior Class

Doris E. Whinrey - Secretary of Senior Class

Earl Martin - Treasurer of Senior Class

Miss Wilson - Senior Class Sponsor

Mr. Swan - Senior Class Sponsor

Martha Vinton - Chairman of Social Committee


Willard Arnold - “Football - Track Yea Kokomo.”

Betty Arnold - “English Club Betty’s Feature Editor.”

Margaret Allan - “A Little Tow-Headed Dickens.”

Howard Albersmeier - It’s A Helluvva Note To Be Called, Good Looking.”

Leslie Arnold - “Who Hustles While He Waits.”

Horace Allison - “He Really Is “Happy””

Crystal Ammon - “Crystal Is A Model Pupil - Usually.”

Hal Aspy - “We Never Knew He Was Here, Oh! No!”

Grace Atwood - “For Late Comers - The Bones.”

Amos Otstot - “Class Musician, We All Like Amos.”

Bernice Bales - “Little And Cute, Smart To Boot.”

Opal Bailey - “Rooty Toot Toot What I Know Bout U.”

Ernest Bales - “The Early Bird Gets There Just The Same.”

Olive Beck “Gayety Rules The Day.”

Virginia Barrett - “There Is No Car Like A Chevy. Ad.”

Robert Bartlet - “While We’re Alive Let’s Live.”

Gladys Bisel - “Learning, By Study Must Be Barned.”

Pauline Benbow - Truly Is Poesy A Gift of Gods.”

Vera Bilby - “Eloquence From Her Finger Tips Doth Flow.”

Harold Boyer - “President of Dramatic Club, Which Meaneth Something.”

Paul Bowden - “So Serious! Oh! So Serious!”

Dane Boyle - “No So Slow But Might Sure.”

Dale Boyle - “Why Talk, Deeds Speak For Themselves.”

Paul Boyer - Talk A Great Deal - Err Not A Little.”

Aleck Bracken - “A Man After His Own Heart.”

William Brown - “I Profess To Be No Less Than I May Seem.”

Elizabeth Brooker - “Peppiest Girl And An Ideal One At That ~.”

Mildred Brunton - “Why So Intrested In Last Year’s Class?”

Garland Buckley - The Apology To Briggs, And - Jigs.”

Owen Calvert - “The Ones His Freckles Don’t Get, His Cornet Does.”

Lois Bullock - “There Is Only One Proof Of Ability - Action.”

Don Burton - “Ye Olde Sparke Juggler.”

Maybelle Castor - A Plate Of Current Fashion.”

Hazel Casper - “Eyes Of Blue And Golden Hair.”

Edith Cecil - “Continual Cheerfulness Is A Good Policy.”

Arthur Cheesman - “The Dramatic Club Villian.”

Nina Clark - “Cheerfulness And Good Will Make Labor Light.”

Sylvia Cole - “It is Not Good That A Shiek Should Be Alone.”

Garvice Clark - “Don’t Think He Is Big Headed Because He Knows A Lot.”

Ruth Clemens - “She Wanted To Look Natural So She Smiled.”

Virginia Coate - “What Is A Man Anyway?”

Esther Cole - “Does E. M. Sound Better Than E. C.?”

Mildred Cole - “She’s Like Our Barometer - Always The Same.”

Elizabeth Clark - “Dramatic, Science Friendship Clubs Sociology Shark.”

Clifford Conn - “Virtue Is Like A Rich Stone - Best Set Plainly.”

Hallie Connor - “Hallie Is Our Living Question Mark - - .”

Bertha Costin - “She’s Found The One Man In A Thousand.”

Martha Covalt - “My Fair Heir His Heart Enchained.”

Alma Cox - “Not Much Talk, A Great, Sweet, Silence.”

Edna Cox - “Nellie And Charline’s Better Third.”

Elizabeth Dale - “She Wields A Mighty Pen.”

Edna Davis - “A Good Natured Person Is Never Out of Place.”

Irvin Diffenderfer - “My Appetite Never Fails Me.”

Margaret Dawson - “Yes, I’ll Be Brief This Time.”

Clifton Denny - “Cliff Is So Bashful That Every Time He Laughs, His Voice Blushes.”

Margaret Denny - “Cicero Would Never Have Had a Chance Against Me.”

Pauline Dewitt - “What Cares She Has Are Not Reflected in Her Face.”

Kathryn Dragoo - “Kate’s Heart Is Like The Moon, There Is Always A Man In It.”

Lillian Dewitt - “Page The Fellow With The Lexington Sedan.”

Ruby Drumm - “She’s A Drum That Can’t Be Beat.”

Burl Durman - “The Boy With The Curly Hair.”

Lois Early - “We Wonder, Will She Ever Get Her Phil.”

Harold East - “Boy! Wimmin Are Nothing in My Young Life.”

Edward Elkenberg - “Football ‘24, ‘25. Ed’s Strong For Purple and White. (‘N Brown).”

Robert Elliott - “Am I A Chemistry Shark? Oh Yes!”

Inez Evan - “She is, Herself, Of Sweet Things A Collection.”

Ernest Evans - “He Thrummeth Marvelously On The Persian Lute.”

George Ellis - “Don’t Think George Is A Shiek Because He Grew Up With a Camel.”

Emmel Fink - “A Ford Coupe Is All It Takes.”

Loraine Everist - ""Glasses And Lasses Are Both Brittle Wares."

Nina Fields - “She’s Pretty To Walk With, And Pleasant To Talk With.”

Viola Favors - “Her Mind - Her Kingdom.”

Hester Findlay - “A Bright And Shining Senior.”

Jeweldeen Flesher - “Quite Quiet, Somewhat Shy.”

Beulah Frees - “The Sweetest Garlands To The Sweetest Girls.”

Violet Freeman - “Some Think The World Is Made For Fun And Frolic And So Do I.”

Moulton Fulmer - “A Second Thornburg.”

Robert Galliher - “If All The World Were Just Like Me, What Kind Of A World Would This Be?”

Helen Gant - “Ain’t It Grand And Glorious To Be Able To Make Pictures.”

Ruth Garceau - “Shortridge Must Be A Pretty Nice School.”

Ralph Geisler - “If He Weren’t So Noisy We Wouldn’t Know He Was Here.”

Martha Garner - “Senior Beauty A Close Student Of Parisian Modes.”

Harriet Gault - “Oh These Blue Eyed Men!”

Mary Garrett - “She Doesn’t Have Any Trouble Keeping Up The Family Rep.”

Charline Gilbert - “She Can Talk. My How She Can Talk.”

Florence Golliver - "In Faith Maiden You Have A Merry Heart."

Gayle Green - "Life Is Short And So Is Gayle."

Vinton Gough - "A Good Guy, All Around."

Margaret Green - "Straight A's In Chemistry Mean Something."

Nellie Grimm - "Never Idle Or Lonesome A Minute."

Walter Grieswell - "Beuing Good Is An Awful Lonesome Job."

Orville Grow - "President of Pep Club. Yea Bearcats."

Eugene Gwaltney - "Mathematical Shark Electrical Wizard."

Martha Harrington - "Oh Pshaw!! No. Shaw."

Yon Harrell - "Faint Heart Never Won Lady Fair."

Thelma Harmon - "I Thought And Thought And Called Hey Winsome."

Randle Hawkins - To Flunk Is Human, To Pass, Divine."

Philip Hartley - "Most Popular Fellow Lois Early or Late."

Herbert Hawk - "I'd Walk A Mile For A Campbell."

Fred Hastings - "Peppiest Fellow. (That's No Lie)."

Kenneth Hayden - "That Star Surely Get's 'Em."

Jack Helker - "All He Needs Is The Moustache."

Ralph Henderson - "I Love Everyone That Loves Me."

Monzelle Hines - "Away Varlet. Bring Thither My Jester."

James Hogan - "The Living Ad For Stacomb."

Settle Houk - "He Works While You Sleep."

Joseph Houser - "One Of The "Students." Uh Huh."

Mary Hummel - "True Blue."

Gladys Hurry - "Atta girl Gladys. Life is All Too Short."

Thelma Ivins - "The Best Things Come In Little Packages."

Florence Jackson - "A Bright Example For Any Class."

Paul Jackson - "The Latest Edition of Steinmetz."

Viva Jackson - "Zealous And Modest. Some Combination."

Martha Jaffe - "Coming From Abroad Our Newcomer Has Quickly Become One Of Us."

Virginia James - "Speak For Yourself, John."

Esther Jefferson - "A Violet By A Mossy Stone - Half Hidden."

Byron Jester - "Cupid's Really Got Him Down."

Arthur Johnson - "Youth Comes But ONce In A Lifetime So Why Not Enjoy It?"

Margaret Johnston - "Quite Quiet And Demure. A Maid In Truth."

Norbert Jolliffe - Who Did Make His Little Debut On The Stage."

William Jones - "Someone Once Let Bill Look at a Dime And He is Still Happy."

Fred Joy - "All That His Name Implies."

Mary Joyce - "Carefree yet Serious, Sweet and Attractive."

Belva Kattness - "Arrested for Speeding - On The Typewriter."

Juanita Kennedy - "She Doesn't Talk By Union Hours."

Marshal Kern - ""Chink" is one of the "Boys."

Maud Kibler - "Maud Would Not Live Without The Love of Her Friends."

Pauline Kelly - "She Can Surely Rag A Typewriter!"

Edward Kirk - "Don't Think That Ed is Dumb Because He Makes Signs."

Adele Laduron - "Girl Athlete. Our Star Bearkitten."

Charles King - "Beethoven? Naw! Charley."

Thelma King - "A King is Always A Good Card."

Catherine Laughlin - "The Marquise of The Watteau Picture."

Lelah Leach - "So quiet and so sweet a style."

Alice Leaky - "Her Ways Are Pleasant, And All Her Marks Are A's."

Ione Lewellen - "Music Is Truly The Speech of Lovers."

Janice Lewellen - "So Happy, So Kind, And So Loved."

William Lewis - "Jolly And Clever, Athletic And Carefree."

Frances Lindsay - "Give me Pep, or Give me Death."

Mary Alice Lillie - "Eyes of Blue. Accompanied By A Smile."

Thelma Lloyd - "Yea - Raw - Chase."

Ethel Lynch - "Me And The Boy Friend."

Fred Lockwood - "Yell Leader For Ol' M.H.S."

Edith Ludington - "Just So He's A Bearcat."

Martha Manifold - "Dependability is Truly Admirable."

Gird Maggs - "Honor Thy Teachers That Thy Visits To The Office May Be Few."

Dorothy Morris - "Bright Eyes."

Irene Maldegan - "She Was Made For Happy Thoughts."

Kathryn Martin - "She Has A Reserved Seat For The Ninth Period IN 221 - ."

Sarah E. Martin - " She Smiled And The World Was Gay."

Lois Masters - "Oh, These Fraternity Rings."

Harry Maxon - "He Thinks You Think He's Thinking."

Lois Miller - "She's Hot On Keys Of Any Kind."

Harold Melvin - "Another Young Cole Man."

Lola Mock - "Everything Undertaken Is Well Done."

Lulu Mohr - "Who Succeeds In Pleasing Everyone."

Jeanette Morgan - "Why The Midget Sweater?"

Jesse Morgan - "Basketball '24 '25. Football '24 '25. Senior Shiek."

Mildred Moppin - "Sweet Enough To Eat. (Maybe She Does)."

John Morgan - "He Thinks Twice Before He Speaks."

Mariam Moore - "Nominally And Literally The Most Popular Girl."

Mary Alice Moore - "Curly Hair And _______________."

Dorthy Morris - "How About OUr Lillian Gish Bob?"

Virginia Morrison - "She Chuggeth Divinely In Her Fliv."

Harold Myers - "Class Prophet. A Real Worker."

Bob McCahan - "The Say That Study Claimed Him, But Me thinks They Lie."

Clarence McConnell - "Nature Gifted Him With A Real Mind."

Gerald McConnell - "Little To Say, But You Know What That Means."

Carleton McCray - "The Representative Of The Gas-House Deestrict."

Elsia McGuire - "Quiet But Never Idle."

Margaret McCreery - "On With The Dance."

Margaret McFatridge - "Senior Class Shark She Delights In Mental Exercise."

Katherine McLearie - "A Girl Who's A Pleasure To Have Around."

Mildred McIntosh - "It's The Little Things That Tell."

Martha McKinley - "Girls Will Be Boys. That's All Right."

Freda McGunegil - "To Dance All Night And Dress All Day."

George Newbold - "President of Science Club. Don't Think He's Lazy."

Bob McMillan - "There is No Royal Road To Trig."

Isaac Nichols - ""Penrod" Personified"

Geraldine Nichols - "How About The Bearcat's Of Bygone Years???"

Jane Nottingham - "Dates are my favorite fruit."

Don Nixon - "The King is Just a Man as I am."

Dorothy Nossett - "Always Fall Of Pep."

Richard Norgross - "Dick Came From The Sunny South. (We Spose That Evansville's Sunny)."

Glendon O'Dell - "Hobby? Oh, being Tardy."

Edward Olsen - "Ed Has Enough A's For The Whole East End."

Mary Oren - "A Charming Personality to Match Her Face."

Evan Owens - "He Kills Time, But Never Works it to Death."

Florence Paris - "A Smile You Don't Forget."

Imogene Paris - "So This is Paris! Tres chic, Nest-ce pas?"

Florence Pettijohn - "Musicians Are Ever Cheerful And Free From Care."

James Petro - "Ye Gods! How She Likes Me! Rubbish!"

Evelyn Phillips - "The Good Points of This Maid Quite Astound Us."

Roy Phillips - "His Funny Bone Never Fails Him."

Clara Poe - "A Permanent Wave and Natural Too."

Max Poland - "Kreisler's Understudy."

David Powell - "If You Want A Thing Well Done - Let Dave Do It."

Louise Powers - "Class Flapper And They Call Her Louisville Lou."

Frances Powers - "She's Half Of The Wonder Working Powers - ."

Stanley Post - "Track - Hi-Y Stan Handles The Dough."

Betty Ramey - "A Wilful Woman Must Have Her Way."

Clifford Quick - "He Likes Everyone But No One Knows It."

Ruth Price - "If God Can Love 'Em All - Surely I Can Love A Dozen."

Mora Prosser - "Hiking - English Club. A Lover of Courts - Tennis."

Elizabeth Rector - "Friendship, Virgil Club Oh! These Gypsy Rovers."

Eugene Reed - "Dont Work For grades - Make 'Em. Virgil Club."

Lois Reed - "Well Known In Everything - Well Liked By All."

Francis Rees - "He Has To Guard His Heart As Well As The Basket."

Harry Richardson - "Be Prepared He's A Good Scout."

Helen Ridgeway - "Not Too Serious - Not Too Gay - A Very Good Girl In Every Way."

Frieda Hamming - "She Just Got Here in Time To Leave."

Milo Roe - "Cease Your Funning Milo."

Harvey Ru Desill - "Our Boy Chemist From Detroit."

Lowell Roesner - "A Mind Not Much The Worse For Its Wear."

Paul Rossbacher - "What Is Work And What Have I To Do With It?"

Helen Rossbacher - "The Girl With The Million Dollar Smile."

Thelma Rutledge - "All Passes, Art Alone Endures Forever."

James Rutter - "A Blower Of No Little Note."

Mariam Russell - "Her Ways Are Ways Of Pleasantness."

Swain Russey - "Excuse My Dust Or Just Try And Pass Me."

Noruiel Satterfield - "He Thinks As Fast As He Talks - He Talks Fast."

Marjorie Seldomridge - "Another Girl Basketball Player."

Helen Ryan - "Why Does Helen Have So Many Dates? She's Calender Ed.."

Ross Selman - "Calm, Composed, And Somewhat Shy."

Roberta Seward - "For Tis The Mind That Makes The Body Rich."

David Scott - "A Smile For Every Boy, And Two For Every Girl."

E. Sharp - "Who combines humor with originality to show a personality all his own."

Florence Shaw - "Music, A's, And Her Hair Are The Things In Which She Shines."

Vernie Shores - "When He Says A Thing, You Just Know He's Right."

William Shields - "Basketball - Football - A Big - Bad - Bold Bearcat."

Wayne Shields - "This Bearcat Has A Great Reserve - He Likes The Ladies But Lacks The Nerve."

Dorothy Skinner - "As Sweet And Musical As Apollo's Lute."

Fred Smith - "He Tells A Bigger One Every Day."

Rema Smelser - "A Studious Likable Sort Of A Girl."

Thelma Snell - "Good Sense And Good Nature Travel Hand in Hand."

Vergil Snider - "Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit."

Edmund Spangler - "Wonder If He Ever Thinks Of Doubling For Wesley Barry?"

Carrol Spradling - "A Good Natured Person Is Never Out Of Place."

Isabel Snyder - "Nothing Great Is Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm."

Helen Snodgrass - "I'm The Daughter Of My Father's House And My Brother Too."

Ruby Stanley - "Calmly - Serenely She Treads Her Life Away."

Oren Stark - "Track - 23 -24. The One You Thnink Is The Other One."

Owen Stark - "Track - 23-24. -Is The One The Other One Aint."

Doan Stephens - "Dramatic - Science - Love Is The Life Of Man."

Glen Stepleton - "Central High's Paderewski."

Ruby Stoneberger - "Lively, Liked and Laudable."

Gertrude Stiffler - "Her One Ambition Is To Be Tall and Slender."

Virginia Streeter - "Fair to Look Upon, And Better Yet To Know."

Elva Umbarger - "Giggles, Giggles, And Then Giggles Some MORRRRRE."

Fred Surber - "Munsonian - With The Deserts Of Poetry They Fed Him."

Claron Sumwalt - "Dramatic - What! Talking Again - or Yet? ? ?"

Margaret Thompson - "Always Ready To Smile Out Loud."

Margaret Thornhill - "If There Are More Like Her At Parker "Parker James"."

Otto Thompson - "A Four(teen) Year Man."

Robert Study - "Great Men Are Quiet Men - Bob Is Quiet."

Roberta Van Buskirk - "French - Virgil Clubs - Music Is The Poetry Of The Air."

Mary E. Van Camp - "A Little Nonsense Now And Then Is Relished By The Best of Men."

Helen Willis - "All Right, Let's Get Quiet Now."

Mildred Van Dell - "Her Only Labor Is To Kill Time."

Pauline Bibler - "We Hear That Pauline Has A Date Now And Then."

Marion Wammes - "He Was The Mildest Mannered Man That Ever Cut A Maiden's Throat."

Erwin Walsh - "Basketball - '23 '24 '25 - Football - '23 '24 '25 "That Red-headed Gal.""

Thelma Walters - "She'll Probably Piner Life Away After She Leaves M.H.S."

Iola Wagoner - "A Cemetery Is No Place To Go Alone At Night."

Mildred Whipple - "Our Dashing Dark Secret. Hiking - Pep and Friendship Clubs."

Stafford Wallingford - "All He Needs Is A Bucking Bronco."

William Warfel - "The Pest - and Politician."

Albert Weirbach - "Better Late Than Never But Better Never - Late."

Dorothy Wilson - "It's Quite A Trick To Go to College Before You Finish High School."

Mary Wilson - ""As Bright As A Two-bit Shine - English Virgil - Friendship Clubs."

Louise Whiteman - "Louie's Still Betting on The Hottentot. Virgil English - Friendship."

Ralph Whitinger - "Magician Staff - Munsonian Staff - English - Science - HI-Y."

Louise Willman - "She Plays Leading Lady For Muncie's "Valentino""

Lyla Wilson - "Fashion Plate Fashion Has Always Led By A Nose."

Dorothy Wolfe - "By Her Good Nature Ye Shalt Know Her."

Mildred Yingling - "Is It Our Treasurer's MONEY, That Attracts Her ??????"