Muncie Central High School

Muncie, IN



Transcribed by LeeAnne Thompson


School Board

Frederick F. McClelland - President

Edward Tuhey - Secretary

George L. Haymond - Treasurer

Thomas F. Fitzgibbon - Superintendent of Schools



Grace Fern Mitchell - Executive Secretary to Board of Education and Superintendent

Mrs. Marguerite Bayless - Purchasing and Supply Clerk

Velma C. Minor - Audit Clerk

Elizabeth Coleman - Office Assistant

Frank Allen - Principal

L. S. Martin - Assistant Principal

Susan B. Nay - Dean of Girls

Altena Hutchins - Librarian

Deborah Edwards - Head of English Department

Mary Kibele - English

Clare Hilling - English

Lucille K. Mayr - English

Edith Prentice Lewis - English

Josephine Harmon - English

Beulah Yeager - Public Speaking

Florence Wilson - English

Charline Jamieson - French

Mariam O’Meara - Spanish

Emma Cammack - Head of Latin Department

Edna Beall - Latin

Juanita Crowder - Latin

Bernice Hamilton - Latin

Helen Hopkins - Latin

Flora Bilby - Art

Leonard Glover - Head of Music Department

Jane Campbell - Music

Martha I. Ivins - Head of Mathematics

Lucy Applegate - Mathematics

Ellen Houtz - Mathematics

Frank Wilson - Mathematics

Emily Clara Wood - Mathematics

Margaret Lotz - Mathematics

W. B. Minnich - Head of Commercial Department

Lorene Turner - Commercial

Mariam Gill - Commercial

Nellie Foster - Commercial

Roger S. Lingeman - Physics

Edwin Kelly - Physics

H. E. Fenimore - Chemistry

Roy D. Black - General Science

Edward Eaton - Botony

Frances Andrews - Botany

Maurice Murray - Supervisor Boys Physical Training

Raymond Myrick - Assistant Supervisor

Meribah Ingham - Supervisor Girls Physical Training

Clara Hunter - Music Supervisor Ward Schools

Hubert Ellis Brown - Head of Social Sciences

Adlai Dalby - History

Josephine Clevenger - History

Walter Swan - Sociology

Charles Hampton - History

Florence Lentz - Civics

Glenn C. Kaiser - Civics

Marie Lancaster - Medical and Attendance Clerk

Gladys Lord - Writing Supervisor

Adaline Cates - Drawing

Glen D. Brown - Director Industrial Education, Director Manual Arts

Jane Harris - Office Assistant

Wesley C. Pierce - Printing

Irvin L. Morrow - Drafting

C. E. Peacock - Machine Shop

Gilbert Blackwood - Electricity

Maurice Riekeberg - Head of Wood Working Dept.

Clyde Wellinger - Wood Working

H. W. Macy - Manual Arts

T. Main - Manual Arts

Richard Brown - Mathematics

Erma Christy - Supervisor Home Economics

Ola Courtney - Home Economics

Ella Hollenback - Home Economics

Grace Pittenger - Home Economics

Carol St. John - Home Economics

Mildred Johnson - Home Economics

Nelle Massey - Institutional Cookery

Olive Ludy - School Nurse

Carrie Dunn - Attendance Officer