Muncie Central High School's 1927 Senior Class list

Muncie Central High School
Muncie, Indiana
Class of 1927
Transcribed by LeeAnne Thompson

Ried Thompson, President “His heart is in his work.”

Blanche Jones, Vice-president “Blanche is fond of dates and Glenns.”

Helen Ludington, Secretary “Independent. She goes with a swing.”

Selby Martin, Treasurer “One of the Martin pep presidents.”

John Singer, Sergeant-at-Arms. “Johnnie doesn’t sing, but he makes the sparks fly.”

Elva Abbett “Elva May, and then again she May not.”

Ruth Albert “She runs circles around the other math sharks”

Willene Allison “And she certainly can sing!”

Eula Allred “A pleasant face works wonders.”

Jack Altschul “Jack, the lady-killer”

Glen Angel “Oh, for hair like his!”

Kenneth Angel “He’s the brown-haired angel!”

John Arnold “Here’s a hard-working man for some girl.”

Grace Arthur “Gracious as her name implies.”

Ida Ashby “Rough and ready.”

Fred Baldwin “A youthful Arthur Brisbane in the making.”

Robert Balfe “Ambitious to be editor of something bigger than The Magician.”

Carl Baney “A crank kicked him once.”

Robert Barnes “Yes, girls, this is dear Robert.”

Dwight Bartlett “He may be harmless but he makes up for it.”

Arthur Bateman “High, high, high up in the skies.”

Kathleen Bell “Bright and sunny is she, always.”

Joseph Beall “One of Pierce’s printing devils.”

Carrie Bebout “Senior snake charmer.”

Irene Benbow “When she hears Irene, Paderewski will give up music.”

Freda Berg “She sure is quiet.”

Willa Bethea “Ah dn’ mind”

Fred Bogart “A soda jerker from the Northwest.”

Georgia Boyd “The perpetual giggler.”

Scott Bowles “Our ‘27 banner boy.”

Margaret Bradburn “Goodness, what pep!”

Robert Brady “I don’t know, and nobody else should.”

Vilas Bratton “Another popularity-plus Bearcat.”

Eithel Brown “A permanent honor-roll fixture.”

Eleanor Brown “Quiet, but she sure makes the grades.”

Helen Brubaker “She and her old side-kick make a good pair.”

Russel Bryant “Don’t be jealous of his curly hair, girls.”

Lucille Buell “What do you want now?”

Christopher Bunner “I’m not a dew drop; I’m a splash.”

Estelle Campbell “Timid and shy.”

Virginia Campbell “A genial spirit who smiles on us all.”

Edison Canada “Tisn’t my fault, I’m a jolly old fruit.”

Tom Cannon “Tom outrivals them all in variety of activities.”

Mildred Carey “Where’s Frances?”

Marjorie Carlton “When are they going to turn off the water again Marjorie?”

Kenneth Carmichael “He plays a gob stick - don’t worry, it’s just a clarinet.”

Helen Carney “Quiet dependability combined with a friendly manner.”

Fred Cartwright “Cartwright, how are you Rankin?”

Victor Carver “He lives most who thinks most.”

Uva Cassell “It?” Well, rather.”

Ralph Chalfant “One of Central’s boosters.”

Erving Chancellor “An electric shark.”

Frances Clark “Where’s Mildred?”

Owen Clark “Owen insists that he is a Fatima Brother.”

Bernice Clinger “And many’s the pennies she’s charged us.”

Rhea Cole “You’ve heard about the small packages?”

Margaret Collins “Cute and Clever as well.”

Zoe Conger “Hike, hike, hike, the girls are hiking.”

Dale Cortner “We don’t know what happened, but Dale was courtin' her.”

Clyde Corey “A reg’lar fellow.”

Edgar Crago “Our important “Eddijohn.”

Mildred Crago “Hank??”

Hilda Curry “Always full o’ pep.”

Crystal Curtis “As clear-minded as her name implies.”

Arlo Curts “A great man is always willing to be little.”

Christine Dalton “Gee! You’re a quiet little girl!”

Edith Davis “A mighty nice girl.”

Enola Deane “Smiling and obliging always.”

La Von Deane “Oh, the sufferings of a bashful boy.”

Elizabeth Denney “An all-around nice girl.”

Raymond Desmond “Daring Dan, the two-gun man.”

William Deutsch “A gridiron Bearcat.”

Ruth Diffenderfer “My motto: Say nothing and saw wood.”

Lloyd Dill “He tends to his own business.”

Moreta Dilts “As has been said before, “Art, where art thou?”

Elizabeth Dinsmore “A studious, likable girl.”

Grace Doyle “Agreeable to all things and everyone.”

Clara Driscoll “Those dreamy eyes.”

Elizabeth Dungan “She plies a mean paint brush.”

Catherine East “East may be West, but this is East.”

Lois Elabarger “She minds her own business and does that well.”

Birdell Elliot “Every man for himself.”

Dorothy Ellis “It looks liker her, doesn’t it?”

Sara Ellis “She likes to be called Susie.”

Herbert Faris “Oh, I’m in love with ________.”

Dorothy Fields “If you see Dorothy, you’ll see Arnella.”

Kathryn Finan “We’re sorry we didn’t know her better.”

Albert Findley “The fair sex troubleth him not.”

Frank Fisher “If I had a piano, I’d be a Paderewski, if I could play it.”

Roland Flinn “Those curly eyes and dark-blue hair.”

Marcella Flora “I have a heart with room for every boy.”

Robert Fox “He is wise yet sayeth little. That’s why he’s wise.”

Marguerite French “A gorgeous strawberry-blonde with quiet ways.”

Kenneth Futrell “I’m just breezin' along.”

Doris Garrett “She is short and sweet.”

Melba Garver “Isn’t that grand?”

Wilbur Gibson “Always belittlin'”.”

Paul Gilbert “Good lookin'? My!"

Ronald Godlove “Let’s say nothing about silence.”

Lora Gove “Whom are you telling now, Gove?”

Margaret Grady Words fail, but ------- oh! Gee!”

Pauline Grater “A blonde with vivacious spirits.”

Mary A. Green “Are you tardy again? Oh, my!”

Morna Jayne Green “Did you see her in that style show?”

Garnet Grimes “Not related to those golden apples.”

Harold Guthrie “Six feet-two, eyes of blue. Harold will not be forgotten.”

James Hammer “All is fair in love and war. He knows both!”

Earl Haney “Much misunderstood! There’s one in every school.”

James Harris “The boy with the million-dollar mind.”

Dean Hartley “A modest Dean.”

Mary Hatcher “Nope. She hasn’t a lamb.”

Gaylord Heath “Who’d like to be another Valentino?”

George Hinkley “Blonde too, by gum.”

Phyllis Hoffar “Cute, but not from riding a horse.”

Lucy Hogue “How is Anderson?”

Lillie Holbert “More ability than stature.”

Carl Hole “Whose middle name is work.”

Charles Holt “Sleep not too much, child.”

Herbert Houk “Just a lawyer from wayback.”

Chris Huddleston “Works so hard he thinks rest is in ministering.”

Joseph Huffer “If you want him, call Barney’s.”

Mary Alice Huffer “I’m busy. Call again.”

Dorothy Hughes “She goes in for contests.”

Opal Hughes “Talking is her chief diversion.”

Louise Hummel “Invaluable to her friends.”

Naomi Hurd “Naomi is a whole herd combined in one.”

June Hurry “Belongs to that famous group, the Titan blondes.”

Monzelle Hutchings “An arch girl? No, an Art-ful one.”

Leonard Ireland “Our “Seize her” shark.”

Edythe Jones “Her genius is her friendliness.”

Florence Jones “Much more than her size would indicate.”

Matt Joris “The best-looking all-’round athlete Central ever had.”

Mary Katness “Has Mary a Bear “Katt?”

Margaret Keesee “Our wild Irish rose”

Mary Keppler “Fond of southern states ---- Ky. Especially.”

Wanda Kirk “Created to rule.”

Armstead Klein “His future is among the money changers.”

Russel Knecht “Our Antonio Moreno.”

Grace Knott “Our bonds of friendship are tied in one Knott.”

Juanita Lamb “Owner of the jolliest smile ever.”

Edith Larkin “Her only weakness --- being good.”

James Leaky “A combination of athlete and Star boy.”

Howard Leech “A modern cave-man.”

Lilian LeMay “Boys, she drives a car.”

Elizabeth Lewellen “Our office help.”

Corrinne Lewis “Silence is an enviable virtue.”

Gertrude Losh “Chemistry and sweetness seem to go hand in hand.”

Helen Love “Quiet and shy, but me, oh, my!”

Malfin Love “Malfin’s diversion is barbers and”

John R. Ludington “They all fall, sooner or later.”

Nora Ludwig “She says height is an advantage in a crowd.”

Charline Leudemann “Good students are sometimes known to giggle.”

Sidney McClellan “One of the boys with taking ways.”

Albert McConnaughey “Central’s cartoonist de luxe.”

Garnet McConnell “You’ll se her in the library.”

Hugh McCoy “And quite brilliantly he did orate.”

Geraldine McGuire “Yea, track team!”

Virginia McKee “Where are those long curls?”

Helen McVey “A good saxaphone sounder.”

Earl Mace “Snub,” because like snubbers he catches the rebound.”

Mary Manifold “Leading lady cartoonist.”

Edith Marks “Boy friends and boy friends.”

Mary Ann Martin “The other Martin pep president.”

Arnella Mathias “Women of few words are few.”

Lois Maxon “To whom class sharks don’t even compare.”

Donald May “It’s an ‘el ‘va ‘abbett to be so unconscious.”

Teressa Meshew “If Teressa doesn’t know, don’t ask anyone else.”

Robert Millhollin “Many a delightful hour with him and the violin.”

Garnett Miller “Say, where did you get those eyes?”

Georgia Miller “Hook’s Drug Store figures greatly in Georgia’s life.”

Gerald Miller “Another advocate of the never-hurry-never-worry system.”

Lawrence Miller “Aw, I think sayings are dumb.”

Clarence Millspaugh “Do all gentlemen prefer blondes?”

Kenneth Mitchell “Talkin’ of real sports --- Kennie’s there!”

Maurice Mitchell “Says he’s read every book in the library. Who’s library?”

Margaret Mix “Colleen’s understudy.”

Dorothy Monks “I should worry!”

Clinton Moore “That laugh really gets ‘em.”

Harold Moore “His distinction is being both yell leader and “M” man.”

Marjorie Moore “The youngest of a famous generation.”

Lillian Morgan “Good-humored and well-liked”

Mildred Morgan “She loves her Scotch. No, not to drink; he’s a man.”

Doris Morris “It wasn’t she who invented the renowned chair.”

Martha Morris “A modest violet.”

Irene Mulkey “A girl with a promising voice.”

Esther Murray “ ---- was combing her auburn hair.”

Beatrice Neely “One of the original kittens on the keys.”

Leah Newton “The Fairbanks twins have nothing on these.”

Leona Newton “Which is which?”

Joan Nichols “Sane and sensible with a sense of humor.”

Martha Nichols “Such popularity must be deserved.”

Helen Nottingham “Now we know California’s a real state. Helen is from there.”

Virginia Olsen “Yes, we like to argue.”

Margaret Orr “She “leads” ‘em all.”

Rachal Osborn “The fiddle she doth play quite expertly.”

Donald Paden “Is he actually related to that other Paden?”

Robert Paden “Interested in railroads and everything else.”

Harry Allen Paris “Talk - no words to express it.”

Roy Park “Some day he’ll be a cabinet man.”

Kress Patrick “A ladies’ man -- watch him for a few years.”

Lucille Payne “Does her name mean anything?”

Howard Peck “A bushel of dramatic ability.”

Maryhills Pfeiffer “Maryhills is majoring in clubs.”

Robert Pierpont “Small in size but with plenty of pep.”

Nellie Pingrey “Pleasing and quiet.”

Wilhelmina Poland “Prove it to us that you aren’t bashful.”

Sophie Potomkin “It takes Sophie to express thoughts.”

Dessie Powers “An Irish beauty, fond of sewing.”

Carl Puckett “Another shocking juice man.”

Wilbert Rankin “Tha Rankin o’ Cartwright.”

Philip Rector “He’s here; he’s there; he’s everywhere.”

Alberta Rees “Baby face.”

Howard Reeves “He has a job, but he doesn’t know what it is.”

Helen Retherford “There seems to be competition.”

James Reynolds “The shooting star of the juice men basket team.”

Ivan Roetkin “Girls, what does the ring that he wears, say?”

Howard Rogers “Our sheik of the wood shop.”

Janet Rogers “She’s a good student.”

Leo Rooney “Works so much we never see him.”

Betty Root “If Betty led yells, we’d all know how to root.”

Andrew Rose “And he goes to college, already!”

Alma Roush “All she sees is work.”

Mildred Russell “Another brilliant commercial student.”

Paul Satterfield “Patent leather hair.”

Arthur Sauvain “We all like Art. He’s an all-’round fellow.”

James Schwartz “Our one and only.”

Glen Schwartzkopf “These electricians really plug.”

Lyle Schwartzkopf “Lyle, how do you say it, anyway?”

Helen Shaw “When you want something done, ask Helen; she is a real scout.”

Walter Shaw “Such a worker you’ve never seen before.”

Nellie Shear “Our girl athlete.”

Carl Shelby “If I had the wings of an angel---the angel would probably come after them.”

Martin Short “Modesty becomes a young man.”

Glen Silberman “It won’t be long now, pop.”

Virginia Slack “Short and sweet.”

Helen M. Smith “Smitty! Another of Central’s grads.”

Paul Smith “Class pest.”

Virgil Smith “A perfect gentleman.”

Thelma Snodgrass “The basketball she wears isn’t a Midget’s.”

Mary Snyder “The prettiest mouth you ever saw.”

Alberta Stafford “Meek and mild as a child.”

Clyde Stafford “A ventilator from Morrow.”

Roy Stafford “Mighty quiet --- mostly mighty.”

Norval Stephens “Tho’ the road to success be narrow, I’ll make it.”

Phoebealice Stephens “More dramatic ability in the A-1 class.”

Harold Stout “Piggly Wiggly --- help yourself.”

Earle Swain “Dramatician, journalist, track man, star student, or what have you?”

Marvetta Teal “Camp isn’t lonely --- oh no!”

Mary Frances Thornburg “Strains of sweet melody from your violin.”

Ruth Toney “A friend not to be forgotten.”

Elizabeth Toombs “Speech is silver, but silence is golden.”

Catherine Touhey “Don’t! I’m ticklish!”

Ruth Treffinger “Hard does she study and much does she know.”

Velma Upton “Ain’t love grand?”

Harry Vandergriff “Up among the stars.”

Alice Vardaman “A pleasing friend to have, indeed.”

Robert Walburn “A heavy worker.”

James Walker “He never did agree with another person.”

Gene Wasson “Oh, those dimples!”

William Watkins “I like the girls, but “I can’t help it.”

Alice Watson “Sugar isn’t in it with her.”

Audrey Weirbach “Let’s go swimming, Audrey.”

Maybelle Whipple “I sure like Bearcats for pets.”

Madeline White “A world unto herself.”

Ruth White “You’ll find her in the commercial department.”

Ernest Wiggs “Gone but not forgotten.”

Mildred Williams “Dimples?”

Orval Williams “What’s it all about?”

Ruth Williams “She is noble who performs noble deeds.”

Francis Wilson “A printer second only to Ben Franklin.”

Herschel Wilson “He’s on the right track.”

Martin Wilson “One of those football Bearcats.”

Florence Wise “Sometimes silence is more eloquent.”

Joanna Yingling “Tall and stately and flaxen-haired.”

Helen A. Young “Her middle initial stands for art.”

Jonathan Young “Now, as I was saying _____.”

Robert Ziegler “Class schemer” seems quite appropriate.”