Muncie Central High School
Muncie, Indiana
Class of 1929


          Transcribed by.....Sarah Knecht Jones
Tom Hastings, President     “The original “Hurry Back” man.
John Pence, Vice-President      “He has positions galore.”
Vivien Livingston, Secretary-Treasurer     “The chemistry shark.”
Marcena Allison      “Brown eyes --- that’s enough.”
Fred Allison     “Me an’ my pipe.”
Dorothy Alvey     “Our Patsy.”
Regina Barbieux      “A whoopee typist.”
Earl Barlow      “The women sure fall for his eyes.”
Robert Barnet      “Clever in handling the pen.”
Dorothy Beath      “Like a bird she chatters.”
Margaret Bechtel      “She with the snappy comeback.”
Mary Bennington      “Many featuristic grimaces.”
Marian Bilby      “The talented girl.”
Eloise Bird      “Why scholarships were originated.”
Francis Black      “Speaks but words of wisdom.”
Jennie Bell Bloom      “The ideal maid.”
Joseph Bock      “Just a carefree boy in love.”
Mary Bond      “Sh disperses candy.”
Martha Bordner     “Behold, a Senior with poise.”
Arlene Bowman      “Like Cupid, she’s a bowman.”
Charles Brady      “A great man, ever able to belittle.”
Eunice Brinson      “Ultra-modern.”
Dorothy Brown      “Aspires to the movies.”
Carolyn Brunson      “A chummy girl.”
Blanche Bunner      “Happy-Go-Lucky.”
Lorraine Canaday      “She sticks to her job.”
Margaret Carmichael      “Boy friends are her specialty.”
Ralph Carmichael     “He’s Irish, and that’s something.”
Harry Cartwright      “Mystery’s his weakness.”
Sara Chalfant      “Clara Bow has red hair too.”
Carrie Chamness      “Has a nice grin.”
Ruth Chapman      “Such a wee small voice.”
George Rogers Clark      “The famous.”
Lintner Clark      “The fair sex bothers him not.”
Wilma Clark      “One of the few shy girls left.”
Virginia Clouse      “The short girl on the high heels.”
Alice Coats       “My, how she can type.”
Robert Cochran      “Never taxed for speech.”
Martha Coffman      “She’s quiet, yet happy.”
Elvan Combs      “A saxophomaniac.”
Esther Conger      “One of the famous generation.”
James Connelly      “Accommodating to the ‘wimmin’.”
Harold Cosby      “See you at the morgue.”
Lorraine Cox      “To sing is her delight.”
Harry Cranor      “An artist and a business man.”
Raymond Cranor      “Toot, toot, here comes Ray.”
David Curd      “He’s no egotist.”
Geneva Curd      “Let’s Talk, my friends.”
Bernice Curts      “On to Ohio State.”
Charles Davis      “Slow but sure.”
Frances Deen      “You can never judge by size.”
Katharyne Denny      “Composed and somewhat bashful.”
Daphna DePoy      “A good example of friendship.”
Lucille DeVoe      “Full of bright cracks.”
Layton Doster      “Always flipping around.”
Ray Dowling      “In the spring, a young man’s fancy….”
Dorothy Downs      “Likes to use the camera.”
Bernice Drumm      “A versatile actress.”
Donovan Duval      “Not a Spanish Don.”
Mary Jane Easton      “Always giggling.”
Ruth Edwards      “A living ad for Pompein.”
Ernest Elliot       “He likes those big cigars.”
Ruth Elliot      “The commercial department will miss her.”
Mary Ellen Elmore      “Senior salesgirl.”
Ralph Erwin      “A salesman with a line.”
Ivron Farmer      “And this boy can act!”
Robert Fee      “Cardinals wear red, all right.”
Doris Fell      “Leaves late and walks.”
La Vercia Field      “The babe of C.H.S.”
Wayne Finley      “Has so much to say---to boys.”
Forrest Finney       “The cut-up of 206.”
Charles Fisher      “Lots of enthusiasm.”
Louise Fisher      “Everybody knows her a Squeezix.”
Willie Fowlkes      “Central’s cinder star.”
Jama Freeland      “Senior Pavlowa.”
Philip French      “The Dapper Dan of ’29.”
Bernard Freund      “Not happy without an argument.”
Robert Full      “ Knows a lot about women.”
Mildred Gallimore      “The make-up girl.”
Virginia Garner      “She likes ‘em all---and how!”
Mary Kathryn Garr      “Reserved---but for whom?”
Grace Garret      “Art plus music = flirtation.”
Mary Louisa Garrison      “Speaks with the rights of women.”
Margaret Gaskill      “The girl with the lonesome complex.”
George Gentry      “Has ideas on anything you want.”
Irma Good      “Can you always rely on a name?”
Nimrod Good      “A natural-born mechanic.”
Beulah Graham      “She talks the eastern brogue.”
O’Dell Grant      “Demosthenes’ rival.”
Marilouise Greene      “Pep personified.”
Esther Guthrie      “Her hobby is to make friends.”
Harry Hagerty      “For he’s a jolly good fellow.”
Gwendolyn Hamilton      “This dark woman is some man’s life.”
Norman Harris      “His woman came in large numbers.”
Frederick Harvey      “She is my girl friend.”
Helene Hawk      “The poets that thrive in the spring—“
Lynn Hazzard      “Such sobriety!”
Alford Heath      “A man of dignity.”
Herbert Helms      “A lady killer.”
Catharine Hofer      “Class giggler.”
Mary Kathrene Hoover      “She plays the piano---and how!”
Eugene Hopping      “Bored of education.”
Mary Houser      “Always on the jump.”
Mary E. Huddleston      “O my, those lovely eyes!”
Mildred Hudson      “ Quiet but thoughtful.”
Belva Huey      “Her passion---Parisian finery.”
Elizabeth Huffman      “Where’s Anna Lois?”
Harold Hutchings      “Little Mr. Bide-A-Wee.”
Marian Hutto      “Confides in Fido.”
Thomas Hiatt      “He keeps dates in 221.”
Raymond Irelan      “Totes a Sousaphone.”
Virginia Irwin      “Her band cap has a saucy tilt.”
Montrew Isenhart    “Precision is her own.”
Lloyd Jarrell      “What a tough guy I am!”
Edith Johnson      “A pleasant little person.”
Robert Judy      “He’s a worried man.”
Annabelle Kabrick      “Oh, her winsome smile!”
Frederick Keesaer      “Seldom stops to think.”
Wade Kerr      “Tall, dark, and handsome.”
Clara A. King      “She’s always on time.”
Clara King      “A commercial student.”
Donald Knecht      “Talks more than a woman.”
Howard Largent      “His heart’s in St. Louis.”
Marion Leakey      “Our heavyweight champ.”
John Laughlin      “A math shark.”
Ruth Leeper      “Dimpled and smiling.”
Raymond Lightfoot      “He’s in love.”
Frank Litchfield      “A deliberate cartoonist.”
Ralph Livingston      “He likes his Chevy.”
William Long      “Plays a gob stick.”
Paul Lowery      “Oh, that curly hair!”
Lillian Lundberg      “She ain’t so dumb!”
George Maple      “A student and a Bearcat.”
Martha Walsh      “Way down in ole Virginny.”
Horace Martin      “Stars as the love-lorn lady.”
Lola Mae Martin      “Always talking.”
Harold Masters      “A hurler of type.”
Reginald May    “Spotted by the hall patrol.”
Alonzo McAllister      “Spiffy---those spats!”
Mahlon McCammon      “He knows his chickens.”
Frederick McClellan       “A Midget.”
John McClellan      “Just a red-haired imp.”
Ora McCutcheon      “A beauty contest entry.”
Murray McDavitt      “The Patsy’s bashful lover.”
Alexander McGalliard      “Proud of the band.”
Gladys McWhirt      “A would-be interior decorator.”
Frederick Meeker      “That plagued reporter.”
Nicholas Mentis      “Born a Greek---not elected.”
Luther Miller      “The cute carpenter.”
Dale Mitchell      “Likes to sleep.”
Charles Mixell      “Patent-leather hair.”
Ralph Mixell      “Always smiling.”
Irene Moody      “Very compact.”
Julia Moore      “Always up in the air.”
Amy Morris      “She’d make a good teacher.”
Charles A. Murray      “A radio big.”
James Myers      “ ‘Red’ is a real Bearcat.”
Nadine Myers      “Full of music.”
Hubert Nay      “Brute!”
Rosalyn Nelson      “Now let me tell one.”
Helen Newbold     “There, darling, there!”
Nellie Newlin      “Likes bright blue.”
Chester Newman      “Sleep, little boy, sleep!”
Martha Newport      “She has a southern drawl.”
Charlean Nibarger      “Dark-eyed distinctiveness.”
Ellen Nichols      “Named for the Lady of the Lake.”
Harold Osterhoff      “Salesman Sam.”
Martha Ann Ogle      “A new kind of ‘It’.“
Leonard Paris      “The victim of staff temperament.”
Morton Pazol      “Just a chip off the old block.”
Virginia Pearson      “The sewing-machine girl.”
Ralph Pence      “A tailor in the making.”
Martha Perdieu      “Oh, those eyes!”
Dorothy Jane Pfeiffer      “Senior mascot.”
Catharine Phillips      “Artistic temperament!”
Charles Phillips      “A dashing young actor.”
Wendell Pierce      “Can he drive a Ford?”
Charles Pieroni      “He’s a soda jerker.”
Charles Platt      “The last year at last.”
Dale Poffenbarger       “Mrs. Dalby’s pet.”
Mary Poffenbarger      “Sweet, but silent.”
Leonard Potter      “Always Potterin’ around.”
Leona Powers      “Wears her clothes well.”
Sarah Props      “Here comes noise!”
Veda Radabaugh      “She’s there---and how!”
Evelyn Ramsey      “She pops the popcorn.”
Richard Rankin      “One of the Rankin brothers.”
Virginia Rankin      “The Rankin sister.
Cecil Rector      “He takes ‘em riding in air planes.”
Margaret Rector      “Fond of sarcasm.:
Mary Rector      Not militant, she!”
Charles Reece      “Love sends a little gift of roses.
Donald Reed      “A bug on aviation.”
Garnet Rees      “Sweet but silent.”
Florence Reynard      “In college now.”
Dale Roach      “One for all, all for one.”
Ralph Rutledge      “Speeds in his Ford.”
Frances Roszelle      “Always busy.”
Eleanor Sadler      “Cling on, Eleanor.”
Ralph Satterlee       “An ex-Bearcat.”
Albert Schram      “I’m Lillian’s brother.”
Lillian Schram      “I’m Albert’s sister.”
Philora Schuster      “Toujours gai.”
Dorothy Seiple      “A modern lady Kreisler.”
Robert Sharp      “His ohm’s in electricity.”
Dorothy Shellenbarger      “Welcome, visitor!”
Addie Shelton      “Has a sense of humor.”
Marjorie Shroyer      “Wants to be a nun.”
Geore Silence      “The quiet little loud boy.”
Gladys Sims      “A laugh for everyone.”
Andrew Sipe      “The bell has rung.”
Harold Sipe      “The butcher’s boy.”
Emery Skinner      “Big butter ‘n’ egg man.”
Jane Smelser      “She’s a good little kid.”
George Earl Snyder      “He admires those that love him.”
Pauline Staley      “Tall and flaxen-haired.”
Lowell Stephens      “Least but not last.”
Mary Stetter      “Gone but not forgotten.”
Lois Taylor      “Likes to play baseball.”
Lois Thornburg      “A little Turtle.”
Julia Tierney      “She works in oil---paints.”
Evelyn Tilford      “Talkd little; thinks much.”
Leslie Titus      “Back again.”
Robert Tolan      “A studious boy.”
Virginia Tucker      “Knows how and when to laugh.”
Virginia Turner      “That natural wave!”
Philip Underwood      “Satisfied with a pipe.”
Grover Voyles     “Boiling over with pep.”
Alton Wade      “In the clothing business.”
John Walburn      “Our best boy dancer.”
Robert Waldorf      “He thinks he knows a joke.”
Anna Lois Wallace      “She can use her eyes.”
James Wallace      “Forward from Veedersburg.”
Mary Wallace      “Write me a note, Ellen.”
Margaret White      “A frequent visitor at Wabash.”
Wilburta Webster     “Am I late yet?”
Paul Wallace      “Studious!”
Adrian White      “Energetic and thoughtful.”
Raymond White      “He carries home the Kleen-Maid.”
Veda White      “Small but mighty.”
Paul Wilhelm      “The meek shall inherit the earth.”
Laura Wilkinson      “Hello, people!”
Thelma Wilkinson      “Full of fun.”
Emma Williams      “She’s a good girl.”
Helen Williams      “I could love two dozen.”
Mary Ruth Winebrenner      “Sweet, but what a pest!”
Josephine Wyninger      “Unexcelled dramatic talent.”
Glenn Wolf      “A fightin’ Bearcat.”
Marciel Worl     “Have you seen her diamond?”
Martha Worl      “She drives a car, boys.”
Ruby Wray      “She makes Whoopee!”
Myrtle Yates      “Upholds Kentucky’s reputation.”
Robert Zimmerman      “He had a Ford, but---“