Daleville 5th Grade Class - 1923

Contributed By: Marilyn Barber, Danville, IN. with this message added.......

My grandmother wrote the names on this photo. Some I can't make out, but I will try.
The only one I know for sure is my Uncle Charles Mowrey, the boy on the left front row.

Here is what she had:
Homer Reese, Oliver McLoughton, Larraine Nelson, Russell Hahn, Lawrence Keesling, Harry Leisure, Clarence Shrink, Forrest Applegate, Louis Scott, Paul Smith, Joseph Brown, Lloyd Branberry, Merlin Cox, Marcus Clevenger, Claudia Polhemus, Charles Mowrey, Raymond Gross, Crystal Coffman, Sarah Brown, Loretta Hoppes, Virginia Bowers, Margaret Firsting, Mary Kiger, Margaret Stewart, Carla Richman, Faerstine Helvie, Dorothy DeBrosse, Oesse Baker, Ruth Corterrison, Gertrude Williams, Geneva Hodson True, Teacher Can't be positive on some of the names; old tape marks covered some.