Daleville 4th Grade Class, About 1932

    The people listed on the back probably aren't in order, but here are the  names written:
    Mary Jane Fenwicke -- Lydia Everett -- Vera Rinker -- Adell Luce -- Betty Foster -- Beverly Janney -- Cecilia Fish -- Nila Jean Mowrey (she is the 4th from the right  on the bottom row) Josephine Costersion -- Jean Lernea -- Lucille Landers -- Catherine Clevenger -- Charlotte Spangler -- Sarah O'Bryant -- Evelyn Singer Abbie May Montgomery -- Dorothy Young  Lilia Barnard -- Virginia Stewart -- Florence Huff -- Mary Biddle -- Lucindia M. Melson Emma Getts -- Cecil Kiger -- Lester E. Smith Gene Benton -- Junior Hayden -- Charles  Patterson -- Wilbur Richmann -- Warner Riley Leonard Clevenger -- Max Fish -- Marshall Barr -- Alma Smith -- Tressa McKee -- Jack Shoemager -- Robert Gentry -- Denny Bryant Dan Good -- Lloyd Landiss -- Lacey Ann  Graves -- Helen Leathers -- Teacher:  Paul E. Taylor

NOTE: This is a photo I recently received from a cousin.  My aunt Nila Jean is
in the photo.  She died that year in the living room stove explosion which
killed her little brother & their father in 1933.  As she was born in 1922, I
am guessing it would probably be in 1932.

Contributed By: Marilyn Barber, Danville, IN