A tribute to the 100th year of Ball State College
Sent in by Donata Boyle

Aug. 28th 1899 or is it Aug. 29th 1899 a building on campus was originally dedicated. (there is a pic in
the article of this building).

1899 - The EASTERN INDIANA NORMAL UNIVERSITY is dedicated (256 students enrolled ) paying  $10.00 tuition.


1901- President F.A. Kumier closes the school.

1902- The school is reopens as PALMER UNIVERSITY. supported by a $100,000 endowment from the retired banker Francis Palmer.

1905- Now called INDIANA NORMAL COLLEGE, 200 students enroll in Indiana Normal and College of Applied Sciences. With low enrollment, the unpopular President Francis Ingler resigns and the school is
closed in 1907

1907-1912 - A local family is allowed to live in the vacant Administration Building to retain its insurance. Hogs and cows are allowed to graze on the property.

1909- Supporters launch a 3rd attempt to get the state to take over the college property. The measure fails in a close vote in the State House of Representatives.

1912- Michael Kelly reopens the school with 806 students enrolled now.

1912-1917 School was called INDIANA NORMAL INSTITUTE.

1917- Despite feverish efforts, the school is never able to cover its debts and the Muncie Trust Company forecloses.

?-25-1917- The Ball Brothers buy the college property for $35,100. In 1918, they donate the property to the state, making it possible for the college to become a branch campus to Indiana State Normal School in Terre Haute.

June 17, 1918- The first students begin enrolling in the Muncie campus.

1920-21 - Enrollment is 235

1922 - The name is changed to BALL TEACHERS COLLEGE.

1924 - Benjamin J. Burris becomes the first president of a separate college.

1924 - Science Hall (Burkhart) is erected on McKinley Ave.

1925 - The first addition of Ball Gym opens.

1925-1926 - Enrollment is 294 men, 697 woman total of 991 enrolled.

1927 - Lucina Hall Opens

1928 - Lemuel A. Pittenger is inaugurated president and the Library and Assembly Hall are dedicated.

1929 - The Indiana General Assembly agrees to separate the Muncie campus from the Terre Haute school, creating Ball State Teachers College.

1930-31 - Enrollment is 371 men, 747 woman, total of 1,118 enrolled.

1935 - The Arts Building and Art Gallery are completed on the north side of the Quad.

1935-36 - Enrollment is 428 men, 723 woman, total of 1,151 enrolled.

1937 - Beneficence is dedicated to the five Ball brothers.

1940-41 - Enrollment is 694 men, 899 woman total enrolled 1, 593.

1944 - Wartime enrollment reaches a record low of 550.

1945-46 - Enrollment is 190 men, 820 woman total enrolled 1,010.

1945 - John R. Emens becoes the 5th president.

1946 - Wildlife preserve bought (Christy Woods)

1947 - North & South Halls (temporary military barracks) moved to the Northwest corner of Riverside
and McKinley for men and woman residence halls.

1950- Tally-ho restaurant on College Ave. is razed; WBST radio goes on the air.

1950-51 Enrollment is 1,637 men, 1, 507 women total enrolled 3,144.

1952 - The Pine Shelf of University Ave. is razed; first phase of the Pittenger Student center is completed.

1955-56 Enrolment is 2,085 men, 2,050 women total of enrolled 4, 135.

1956 - Frances Woodworth Ball Halls for women opens for 624 women.

1959 - First units of Anthony Apartments for married students opens for 38 families.

1960-61 - Enrollment is 3, 470 men, 3, 566 women total enrolled 7,036

1964 - John R. Emens College-Community Auditorium opens.

1965 - The General Assembly changes the college's name to BALL STATE UNIVERSITY.

1966 - Former Naval Reserve becomes the temporary home for the new College of Architecture and Planning.

1967 - Cooper Science and Mathematics complex opens

1970 - TV celebrity David Letterman graduates from Ball State.

1970-71 - Enrollment is 8,021 men, 8,609 woman total enrolled 16,630.

1973 - Mens volleyball team makes the NCAA final four.

1975-76 Enrollment is 8,232 men, 8,682 woman total enrolled 16,914.

1975 - Bracken Library opens, Ball State wins its first Mid-American Conference championship when men's cross country takes the league title.

1976 - First MAC football championship.

1978 College of Business is accredited by the American Assembly of Colleges and Schools of Business.

1980-81 - Enrollment is 8,226 men, 10,202 women total enrolled 18,428.

1981 - Ball State basketball team makes the NCAA Tournament for the first time.

1984 - John E. Worthen becomes the 11th president.

1985 - Gerald Ford is the first former U.S. president to speak on campus.

1985-86 - Enrollment is 7,502 men, 9,348 women total enrolled 16, 850.

1987 - Former President Jimmy Carter speaks to an overflow crowd at Emens Auditorium.
1990 - The mens basketball team advances to the Weet Sixteen round of the NCAA tournament.

1990-91 - Enrollment is 8,670 men, 10,674 woman total enrolled 19,344.

1992 - "Wings for the Future, the Campaign for Ball State" concludes having raised $44.1 million; University Arena opens; TIME magazine highlights Ball State as auniversity of the future.

1993 - Fall enrollment reaches an all-time record 20,717 Ball State celebrates its diamond anniverary.

1995-96 - Groundbreaking is held for a new $7.5 million Alumni Center.

1997 - The College of Communication, Information and Media becomes the ninth largest in the nation
on the day it opens; a history professor and a biology porfessor are named the best college teachers
in the nation.

1998 - The largest private gift is presented to the university, $8.5 million from the George and Frances
Ball Foundation.