Jeanne Fox Weinmann

I,  Jeanne Fox Weinmann, resident of Little Rock, Ark.; born  September 19, 1874; hereby apply for membership in The Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims by right of descent from Thomas Fox of Concord, Mass., born England 1622, died  April 14, 1658. I was born in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.

 1. I am the daughter of John Wesley Fox, born Wayne Co., Ind.,  November 7, 1843; died March 24, 1874, and his wife Ann Jeannette Compton, born Princeton, Ark., Junc 4, 1853 ; died Little Rock Novembcr 22, 1890.

2. The said John Wesley Fox was the son of John Fox, born Hamilton Co., Ohio, 1795, died Wayne Co., 1885, and his wife Katherine Miller, died Wayne Co., 1845.

3. The said John Fox was the son of Stephen Fox, born East Haddam, Conn., 1760, died February 25,1842, Wayne Co., and his wife Mary Butes, born February 1776, died Delaware Co., Ind., September 11, 1844; married 1790.

4. The said Stephen Fox was the son of David Fox, born New London Co., Conn., January 14, 1720; died March 1803, Hartland Co., Conn., and his wife Mary Chapman, born Lyme, Conn., November 27, 1726; died Granville, Conn., November 14, 1814.

5. The said David Fox was the son of Ebenezer Fox, born Med- ford, Mass., October 14, 1689; died E. Haddam April 25, 1752, and his wife Jane Stedman, born New London Co.1699, died E. Haddam Co., Conn.

  6. The said Ebenezer Fox was the son of Isaac Fox, born Concord, Mass., October 17, 1657; died May 5, 1735, New London, Conn., and his wife Abigail Osborn, born Charleston 1661, died March 12, 1718, New London, Conn.

7. The said Isaac Fox was the son of Thomas Fox, born England 1622, died April 14, 1658, Concord, Mass., and his wife Hannah Brooks, born England 1629, died New London 1692.

8. The said Hannah Brooks was the daughter of Henry Books of Concord, later Woburn, born 1592, died April 12, 1683.

Extra Information, Service in Army or Government. --See National No. Daugh- ters of Founders and Patriots of America. No. 999; also D. A. R. and National No.; War of 1812 and National No. U. D. Confederacy. Mrs. Wineman has the Thomas Fox and Brooks line in common with myself. Lillian Starkweather Higinbothan, State Registrar, Ark. D. G. P. H. Regent John McAlmont Chapt. D. A. I. State Genealogist 1812, State Gen.; Ark. D. A. R.,  mem. D. A. C., Auxy. American Legion.
Lineages of members of The National Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims
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