Lafayette Monroe McCormick
Delaware County's first rural mail carrier
Nick-Name (Cricket) he was born in Connersville, Indiana on Nov15,1846 and came to Muncie with his parents Dr. William Henry Harrison McCormick and Katherine Anne Drennen when he was eight years old..He lead an active and useful life. Coming from a family noteable for there musical talent. for Twenty-Five years he played the Cornet and Trombone in the Muncie Band with his sisters and brothers, and with the McCormick concert company.He met his wife Mary Emorillis Leonard at a Street Dance and they were Married June 23rd 1870. When he Married  Mary Emorillis "Emma" the McCormick's accepted her, but considered her outside of their Social Status. Her father was a Medicine Man and she and her sisters-and mother traveled through-out Ohio and Indiana like Gypsies. In the later years The McCormick's soon realized that she maintained stability thru their family life.. She died in 1934.For twenty years he was a member of De Ember Tribe #30, Order of Red Men, a popular Fraternal at that time. His Political life was active with the democrat party and a long time member as secretary of the gray club organized during Grover Cleveland's campaign.When the United States Post Office Dept. established free rural delivery McCormick was the first rural mail carrier in Deleware County -he had his own horse & buggy. The McCormick's were clannish folks who did not mingle with anyone except relatives. Most of them lived on the west side ff Muncie,Indiana near Ball-State University. Lafayette died  January 05, 1923 in Delaware Co, and is buried in the Beech Grove Cemetery

Contributed By: Kelly Runyon Bragg,-
gg- granddaughter of  Lafayette Monroe McCormick