Minnie S. Gilbert Wall

       I, Minnie S. Gilbert Wall, resident of Muncie, Indiana; born Mulberry Corners, Ohio; married Harold C. R. Wall, hereby apply  for membership in The Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims by right of descent from John Miller (Captain), born Craigmiller, Scotland, died East Hampton, Long Island, buried  East Hampton, Long Island. Service: A landed proprietor, owned property before 1648, Easthampton, Long Island, Book  A, p. 57--, Vol. 2, E. H. T. R., pp. 17, 18 and 19, sub-divisions of his land.

     I was born in Mulberry Corners, a part of Cleveland, Chester  County, Ohio. 1. I am the daughter of Warren C. Gilbert, born December 1825, died 1890, and his wife Exene Miller, born June 15, 1829; died Octo- ber 4, 1911; married July 4, 1852.

The said Exene Miller Gilbert was the daughter of John Miller, born April 16, 1795; died February 21, 1868, and his wife Annis Skinner, born February 22, 1793; died April 19, 1876; married December 22, 1822.

 3. The said John Miller was the son of John Miller, Jr., born 1767, died October 26, 1836, and his 1st wife Phoebe Osborne, 2d wife Jane Hedges, born June 9, 1793; baptized December 1762; married p. 491, E. H. T. R.

4. The said John Miller, Jr., was the son of Lieut. John Miller, born November 18, 1739;died October 26, 1808, and his wife Ame Mulford, born March 10, 1745; died after 1808; married E. Hamp- ton.

5. The said Lieut. John Miller was the son of John Miller, Sr., baptized March 16, 1706;died March 1, 1791, and his 1st wife Mercy Conkling, born about 1711, died July 30,1744, and his 2d wife Rebecca (mentioned in will) born E. Hampton, died E. Hampton.

 6. The said John Miller, Sr., was the son of Daniel Miller, born Appaquogue, will written1769, and his wife Elizabeth Bucklan, baptized 1733, died after 1769; married December11, 1699.

  7. The said Daniel Miller was the son of John Miller, born East Hampton, L. I., 1654, died 1738, and his wife Mary, born 1659, baptized April 23, 1727; died January 6, 1737; married p. 424  E. H. T. R.

8. The said John Miller was the son of George MilIer, born East Hampton, Long Island, died December 4, 1668, and his wife Hester Conkling, born Southold, Mass., died after 1668; married 1657  (Conkling Family History, Hedges History East Hampton, Il. I.)

9. The said George Miller was the son of Captain John Miller, born Craigmiller, Scotland, died Bur. East Hampton, L. I., aud his wife Ame Pierson, born p. 305, Hedges History East Hampton, L. I.;  married East Hampton, L. I.

 [Extra Information, Service in Army or Government.--Captain John Miller, landed proprietor, Civil Service; George Miller, landed proprietor, Civil Service; John Miller,landed proprietor, Civil Service; John Miller, Jr., landed proprietor, military expedition against the Narragansett Indians. From colonial Records. Given Sunday, May 23, 1926. (F. W. J/G. Fort-Wayne Journal Gazette.) Daniel Miller, landed proprietor, civil service; John Miller, Sr., landed proprietor, Revolutionary service; Lieut. John Miller, landed proprietor, Revolutionary service and signer of The Association; John  Miller, Jr., landed proprietor, trustee]

[of Clinton Academy, E. H. T. R. L. I., November 20, 1787; John Miller, landed proprietor and tanner.Exene Miller Gilbert. ]
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