Delaware County Fact's
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Did you know....Long before it was a city, the Muncie area was home to the Munsee or Wolf Clan of the Delaware Indians. The Delaware Indians, after whom the county is named, established a tribal town along the White River. Munseetown, from which Muncie took its name, was located within the present boundaries of the city.

Did you know....During World War II, America's major league baseball teams were required to conduct spring training in northern states. Indiana towns became training sites for the following teams: Chicago Cubs (French Lick, Orange Co.), Chicago White Sox (French Lick and Terre Haute, Vigo Co.), Cincinnati Reds (Bloomington, Monroe Co.), Cleveland Indians (Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co.), Detroit Tigers (Evansville, Vanderburgh Co.), and the Pittsburgh Pirates (Muncie, Delaware Co.). These teams formed an informal circuit that came to be known as the " Limestone League ".

Did you know....Work on the Anderson, Lebanon St. Louis Railroad (also called the Chicago Southeastern) began in 1875, although planning had commenced four years earlier. Colonel T.N. Stilwell was the railroad's first president. Progress on the railroad's construction was slowed by the refusal of many Madison County residents to pay the tax supporting its construction. Other problems experienced by the railroad included the inability to raise funds and several other unnamed obstacles. There were several changes in ownership before the tracks reached Brazil, Indiana in 1893, its apparent termination point. An effort was made to extend the track to Muncie in 1894, but this failed because of a lack of funds. The railroad probably ceased operating around the turn of the century.

Did you know....When natural gas was discovered nearby in 1886, Muncie attracted industries from all over the U.S. and was the center of glass and steel manufacturing in the state at one time.   Five brothers from the Ball family brought their glass manufacturing plant from New York in 1888 and, until 1998, Ball Corporation's world headquarters were in Muncie. Over past decade two new corporations were spun-off from Ball Corporation. These corporations are Ball-Foster Glass Container Company, L.L.C. and Alltrista Corporation. Both of these corporations continue to maintain operations here.

Did you know....Muncie entered the national consciousness in 1929 through the writing of two sociologists, Robert S. and Helen M. Lynd, who described the city and its people in the classic study, Middletown . In 1935, the Lynds followed up with a second study, Middletown in Transition . In 1977, the University of Virginia conducted a further study of Muncie, called Middletown III, to determine what changes may have occurred since the Lynds' second study. As a result of these three studies, Muncie gained its identity as the typical American city.

Did you know....Ball State University, opened in 1918 as the Eastern Division of the Indiana State Normal School in Terre Haute, experienced dramatic growth during the 1960s and 1970s, reaching a current enrollment of approximately 18,000 students.

Did you know....David Letterman - CBS late night talk show host, attended and graduated from Ball State University in Telecommunications.

Did you know....Jim Davis - famous cartoonist - creates his "Garfield" comic strip from his studio outside of Muncie.

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