Eaton Cemetery
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Eaton Cemetery

Eaton Cemetery

Eaton Cemetery

John R. Adsit

Andrews Family

Alvie H. Andrews

Chloe M. Andrews

Ernest Andrews

Forest E. Andrews

Joseph W. Andrews

Letta C. Andrews

Ashenfelder Family

Henry S. & William H. Ashenfelder

Jacob N.. Ashenfelder

Benaiah & Sarah Ashenfelder

Henry S. & William H. Ashenfelder

Bert E. Babb

Cora V. Babb

Cora Viola Babb

Cora V. Babb

David & Margaret Babb

David Babb

Margaret Babb

David E. Babb

David B. & Elizabeth Babb

Elias S. & Mary C. Babb

Babb Family

Eliza & Lusitta Babb

Sarah M. Babb

John B. Babb

J. Babb

John B. Babb

Julia Babb

Mertie Frances Babb

Minnie M. Babb

Harry Bailey

Mary & Edward Bailey

Mary Ella Baird

Mary Ella Baird

Hattie J. Baisinger

Mary A. & Josiah A. Baker

Charles O. Barker

Charles Barker & Unknown
Samuel & Angelinah
Kindrick C. & Emma E. Barley

Kindrick E. Barley

Belle White Baumgardner

Edith Blair

John F. Blair

Lola Blair

Loretta M. & Sherman E. Blair

Mary M. Blair

Mary M. Blair

Mattie W. Blair

David B. Blazer

Jacob & Elmira Blazer

Mary M. Blazer

Mary M. Blazer

Carl L. Bodecker

Mae Boedecker

Charles A. Bosman

Infant Daughter Bosman

Infant Son Bosman

Jennie Pearl Bosman

Lewis T. & Mary A. Bosman

Bosman Family

John P. Bosman

Mother and Father Bosman

John P. Bosman

Margaret A. Bosman

Risdon A. Bosman

Sarah E. Bosman

Sarah E. Bosman

Brandt Family

Brandt Family

David Brandt

Jane Brandt

Susan Brandt

Viola Brandt Bartlett

Brandt Daughters

Gertrude Brandt

Cloah Brandt

Infant Brandt

Martin Brandt

Mary A. Brandt

Mary A. Brandt

Clarence R. Brown

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown

Archibald M. & Samantha E. Campbell

Mary Campbell

Mary Campbell

Ida Younts Carmichael

Carmichael Family

Alcie M. Carmichael

William D. Carmichael

Lewis R. Carmichael

Patrick L. & Serena E. Carmichael

Roscoe Carmichael

Roscoe Carmichael

Samuel J. Carmichael

Absalum Carter

Elizabeth & Elisha Carter

Elizabeth Carter

Elisha Cass Carter

Carter Children

Denton Carter

Frank & Infant Carter

Infant Daughter Carter

Frank O. Carter

George W. Carter

George W. Carter

Lora Ann Carter

Mary & George Carter

Mary Carter

George Carter

Mary A. Carter

Mary A. Carter

Mary Jane Carter

Osborn Carter

William Carter

Oliver J. & Luella M. Chapman

Charles M. Cochran

Henry Cochran

Cochran Children

Henry, Charles & Hugh Cochran

Children of J.W. & E. Cochran

Hiram & Rebecca Cochran

Hiram & Rebecca Cochran

Hugh Cochran

John L. Cochran

Clarisa Coulter

John Coulter

Charles Cox

Kifer E. & Elzora B. Cruea

Chris C. & Clara J. Deeds

Rebecca J. Detter


Infant Daughters Dewitt

John W. & Ida A. Dewitt

John & Rhoda Dragoo

Adelia Dunn

James M. Dunn

Susan Edgington

Susan A. Edgington

Wilson D. & Hannah Edgington

Wilson D. Edgington

Hannah Edgington

Eben H. & Ella I. Edwards

Ebenezer & Mary J. Edwards

Harry G. Edwards

James & Nancy Edwards

James Edwards

Nancy Edwards

Martha J. Edwards

Martha J. Edwards

Maude M. & James P. Edwards

Unknown Edwards

William Edwards

William Edwards

Edith A. & William O. Ellis

Etta E. Ellis

George M. & Mary Ellis

Willman V. Ellis

Clyde Emdee

Martha Ann Emdee

Nellie Emdee

John B & Mary Ervin

John B. Ervin

Mary Ervin

William C. Ervin

Mary E. Eshelman

Mary E. Eshelman

Lottie F. & Fred Fadely

Adam & Jane Foorman

Estaline Foorman

Frederick Foorman

Ida A. Foorman

Infant Son Foorman

Sarah Foorman

Maud & Virginia Funfrock

Jackie E. Gilmer

Lou C. Green

Reed A. Green

Rufus S. Green

Mae Hachet

Oscar J. Hachet

Charles Harper

Charles Harper

Andrew Haynes

B.E. Haynes

B.E. & Andrew Haynes

Mary Ruhama & Benjamin F. Haynes

Catherine Eshenfelder Haynes

William F. Haynes

Jane Haynes

Jane Haynes

Jane & Mary R. Haynes

John Haynes

Mary & Charles Haynes

Mary Haynes

Charles Haynes

Mary Ruhamy Haynes

Mary Ruhamy Haynes

William H. & Josephine Haynes

Wright & Sarah Haynes

Avery E. Hensley

George & Lillie Hensley

Mary Arlos Hensley

Clarence & Lawrence Hershey
Clarence & Lawrence
James H. Hershey

James H. Hershey

Devonna & Duane Hile

Hitesman Family

George Hitesman

George Hitesman

Jonathan Hitesman

Sarah J. Hitesman

Hoffman Family

John D. & Elizabeth C. Hoffman

Perry Hoffman

John T. Holcroft
Minnie M. Ayers
Charles E., Vocal M. & Arthur D. Holdren

Mary E. Holdren
Jason W.
William & Sarah A. Hollingshead

Jason W. Hollingshead

William Hollingshead

Sarah A. Hollingshead

Samuel W. Hollingshead

Thomas J. & Prudence Hollingshead

Thomas J. Hollingshead

Prudence Hollingshead

Enoch Holmes

Hiram P. Holmes

John & L. Frank Holmes

John Holmes

Children of H.P & M.J. Holmes

L. Frank Holmes

Mary Jane & Children Holmes

Mary Jane Holmes

Lillie May Holmes

Enoch Holmes ?

Patience Holmes

W. S. Holt

W. S. Holt

Mary J. Horn

Fanny Hummer

Fanny Hummer

James & Fanny Hummer

Fanny Hummer

James Hummer

James & Fanny Hummer

Jarnagin Children

Jarnagin Children
Mirium & Isaac
Mark, Bly & Mirium Jester

Rollie A. Jester

Ethel B. Johnston

Dwight E. Justice

William E. Justice

Photos Contributed By: Gina Richardson

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