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Last Will and Testament of Arbena Doubt
28 Sept 1846

Contributed by: Kathryn

I, Arbena Doubt, of Delaware County in the State of Indiana, do make this and publish it as being my last will and testament; first I direct that my body be decently interred and that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with any estate and situation in life, and as to such worldly estate as it has pleased God to entrust me with I dispose of the same in the following manner, to wit: I direct first that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of the first moneys that shall come to the hands of any executors from any portion of my estate real or personal. I also direct that a fair valuation or appraisement be made by three judicious neighbors of all my said estate including my household furniture. I also direct that all my personal estate be sold at public auction for ready money on a credit not exceeding twelve months and that all the real estate of which I shall die seized, or possesses, shall be sold by my executors for its reasonable value for cash or on such credit and the amount thereof secured in such manner as is usual in like cases to insure the full and natural payment thereof and to effect this my intention I hereby vest any executors with full power and authority to dispose of my real estate in fee simple, or for a term of years, or otherwise in as full and complete a manner in every respect as I could myself do if living, except the two following described tracts of land, to wit: first, the home place on which I now reside. I direct in the following manner to wit: I bequeath said home place to my daughter Rosan Dipboye to have and to hold said tract during her life and after he death said tract of land is to be disposed of in the same manner as the other real estate is directed. Second I bequeath the following described piece of land to my grandson Daniel Dipboye, to wit: being the north of the south west quarter of section no. 25 town 19 N. of R no. 8, East, containing 80 acres more or less also the Sou E 2 of S.W. quarter of sec 25 T19 N. of R. no 8 E, containing 40 acres more or less & also one hundred fifty dollars in cash. Further I direct that my grand children all receive a share alike of all my estate both real & personal namely George M Dipboye, Abraham Dipboye, Margaret Graves, Joseph Dipboye, Jonathan Dipboye, Arbena Hurley, Elizabeth Johnson, Sarena Noland, Daniel Dipboye and also after the death of my daughter the proceeds of the home farm to be equally divided amongst my above named grand children and I hereby make and ordain my grand son Abrahan Dipboye & Sydney Graves executors of this my last will & testament . In witness whereof I, Arbena Doubt, the testatrix have here unto set my hand and seal, this 28th twenty eighth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six.

(Signed) with her mark Arbena Doubt 28 Sep 1846

Transcribed from :Elizabeth Noland, et al vs. Margaret Graves, et al
Delaware Circuit Court, State of Indiana, County of Delaware
Cause No. 2200 filed: 15 Mar 1878

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