The origin of the Dillon / Dillin name change.
Who shot the sheriff?

This letter is provided by MaryAlice Parks, who is unable to identify the writer. It is an interesting story.
I've been trying to find out more about the story regarding a Zach Dillon shooting a Sheriff.   I found an account in "The Craig/Brewster Family History (and allied families) by Judith Radke Craig.  This is a microfilm I got through the LDS library.  The sources are sited, so hopefully this is accurate.  I had been corresponding with Nancy, whose husband descend from Zachariah Dillon (b. July 12, 1830, son of Samuel Dillon and Elizabeth
McMahan), and we were trying to figure just which Zach this was.  Anyway, on page 8 of this account is the following:

Zachariah entered 160 acres of land in Bainbridge and Harbison Townships.  I
do not have the date of this land entry; however, on p. 357 of Geo. R. Wilson's History of Dubois County it states : "The Indiana Gazetteer" of 1850, in speaking of Jasper, says:  "It was first settled in 1830 by Dr. McCrillus, Col. Morgan, B.B. Edmonston, Zachariah Dillon, and J. McDonald"

In 1842, Zachariah Dillon (who was a justice of the peace) became involved in
a disagreement with Sheriff Thomas Wooldridge at Sixth and Clay Streets, at Jasper, and the sheriff lost his life.  It is said Dillon operated an illicit distillery on his own farm which was the West half of the Northeast quarter of section 22, 2 miles northwest of Jasper.  Both men were intoxicated (or "in their cups" as the old histories say) a condition not unusual to both citizens and officials in those days.

In speaking of the Dillon-Wooldridge tragedy the "History of Pike and Dubois
Counties" 1885 on p. 518 says:  "It was in 1842 and attracted considerable attention from the prominence of the persons interested.  The circumstances of the case seem to have been against the defendant and the extenuating ones few.  After a hotly contest trial Dillon was sentenced to a term of two years in the state prison and was pardoned before his time expired."  (This prison was located at Jeffersonville, Indiana, where the Colgate, Palmolive plant is
now located.)

On p. 262 of the "history of Dubois County from it's Primitive Days to 1910"
by George R. Wilson it states: In the summer of 1842 Sheriff Thos. Wooldridge was shot by Zachariah Dillon.  Both were very prominent, and the trial was a noted one.  Dillon was sentenced for two years in the state prison, but was pardoned, greatly to the joy of his friends."  It is said that on account of this tragic and unfortunate incident in the life of Zachariah Dillon the entire Dillon clan has fought the liquor interest ever since in all its forms and ramifications.

I think some of you already have this, but I thought I'd send it along.  I'm wading through the estate papers from Tyrrell right now.  Very hard to read - it's going to take awhile to transcribe.  Some interesting stuff though - James Dillon, who was the executor of Benjamin's estate was involved in a few lawsuits with Isaac and Charlotte.  It seems he sold off some of the estate (I think it was land or slaves) supposedly to pay off some of Benjamin's debts.  Charlotte and Isaac claimed that he kept the money for himself.  Haven't gotten through them all to see how that one comes out.  If I don't go cross-eyed trying to read these, I'll send along transcriptions of what they say as I finish them. 

Jasper, Indiana

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