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Banker Robbed On River Boat
Jasper Courier
Friday May 6, 1881

BANKER ROBBED:  On last Monday night Fred Schulte a wealthy banker and note broker of Huntingburg, took passage on the steamer James Guthrie at Louisville for Rockport. Thinking to save a few cents he put his baggage in the room of an acquaintance, Miss Hallwachs, and took deck passage himself. While sound asleep with the deck hands at night some scamp cut his pocket and took his pocket book with about $42 in cash and a $200 promissory note. On waking he discovered his loss, but no trace could be found of the thief and he is out the $242 and his pantaloons ruined. Next time he will not be so anxious to save a few cents, if he has to sleep with roustabouts.