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Death Notice
Jasper Courier
Friday January 6, 1882

GONE:  Once more the death angel has visited our circle of friends and snatched one of the loved ones for its own. Once more the grave has closed over a dear friend. Once more school mates have followed one of their number to the grave. Dear school mate, Grant, is dead! Taken from us, as it were, in almost a moment of time. O! well do I remember the last time I saw him, only a few short weeks ago, a smile of welcome on his face. But now he is gone. O! can it be that we will never see that brave, manly form again. That frank honest boy is gone from us. Never more will his voice resound through that "dear old school house", never more can his teacher call for Grant to recite; his place is now vacant; his desk empty; his books unopened, The scholars have lost a school mate and his desk mate a boy companion. The name of Grant Bissey will ever be remembered by us with affection and esteem. Tenderly and tearfully they laid him to rest in old Shiloh Cemetery, there to sleep until the morn when the dead shall rise and the little birds as they tilt by will warble a song over Grant's grave. .....A School Mate
(File note: Grand Bissey died December 8, 1881, at age 17)