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Bungling Burglar
Jasper Courier
Friday February 9, 1883

In Jail. Bungling Burglar.
On Wednesday night of last week the spoke factory of Snoddy, Mack and Eckert was broken into by removing a pane of glass in a sliding window, unlocking the window and sliding it back. About $25 or $30 worth of tools was taken. Suspicion rested on a young man named Thomas Pritchet, from his having been about there that day and he was shadowed, and seen to go down to the old fairgrounds next night and return with a load of something which he deposited in his trunk. On Friday morning he attempted to express his trunk to Dayton, Ohio, but finally concluded to buy a ticket to Louisville and go with it. As soon as he was gone a warrant for his arrest was taken out, and a search warrant, and Messrs. Ned Eckert and deputy sheriff McNerney started after him. At the Huntingburg depot they found  his trunk, but he had ordered it sent on the next train, and started to walk to St. Anthony, saying he had some business there which he could transact before the train got there. His trunk was broken open and the tools were found in it, closely packed with a quantity of dry goods, and notions, consisting of ladies skirts, boxes of thread, several pieces of calico, a lot of zephy yarn, about 100 handkerchiefs, ladies hose, etc., evidencing that although a young married man, probably not over 22 years old, he had a decided inclination for female apparel, and was providing for future possibilities, or had met an opportunity for storing his trunk at very little cost. The officers followed him on the passenger train, and found at St. Anthony that he had got on a freight going east. At Marengo the freight was overtaken, and as the went one direction to examine the freight, he went another to get on the passenger, where they found and arrested him. He was taken to New Albany, lodged in jail overnight, and brought back Saturday and upon examination was sent to jail in default of $500 bail for his appearance in court. It is rumored that the goods are a portion of goods taken from a box on a car at St. Marks one night last fall. It is said that Pritchet's father lives in Dayton, Ohio, and is a merchant and well respected, and the prisoner thinks he will put up the money and help him out of jail. He claims to have bought the tools from a man named Jones, a stranger, for $3.

February 16, 1883
On Thursday of last week the merchant from Birdseye whose box of goods was broke open on a car and a portion of them stolen last fall, came down and identified those found in Pritchett's trunk, when arrested for stealing Snoddy, Mack and Eckert's tools as a portion of the stolen goods. Pritchett realizes while languishing in jail that surely your sins will find you out.