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Jasper Weekly Courier
February 9, 1877

Ireland's Tale

A Married Man Supposed To Have Abandoned His Wife And Family For The Charms Of A Maiden.

Our neighboring village of Ireland was thrown into quite an excitement this week by the disappearance of one of it's citizens, Mr. J. C. Corn, and the suspicion that he had gone off with a Miss Seek, whom it is said that he had been "seeking" with for some time.

She is a young girl, and not so young, either, being about 20 years old, while he is about 40, and it is said that she became enamored with his singing, and he in love with her personal charms.

She went from home ostensibly to Washington last Wednesday, and he left home for Evansville on Monday, saying he was going to purchase land of Willard Carpenter. But their tales were not trusted, and Ireland's tongue wagged, and one of her brothers, accompanied by Dr. Blackburn and Mr. Kellams, followed him to Petersburg on Monday, but without ascertaining his or her whereabouts, and came back Tuesday as empty as they went.

If the parties are together, they are probably far enough away by this time, and as he had sold his farm before he left, and had the money with him, his wife and family are left to shift for themselves, without anything.

Courtesy Of Cathy Clark

File Note: This story is in error with respect to their ages. Jesse Corn was 33 in 1877 and the lady in question, Margaret A. M. Seek was about 31. Census and marriage records in Cleburn County, Arkansas also support that.  He left behind his wife, Julia Ann Elizabeth Wineinger Corn and four young children. Julia Ann never re-married, and is buried at Shiloh Cemetery.