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Francis X. Eckert
Jasper Courier
Friday January 6, 1882

DIED:  Dec. 31st, at near midnight, Mr. Francis X. Eckert, aged 77 years, one month and four days.
Mr. Eckert's 77th birthday was joyously celebrated only a few weeks ago by a large number of his friends, a notice of which in the Courier our readers will remember. He was then in robust health and entered heartily into the enjoyment of the evening, and in fact he continued in good health until the last day before his death, when he took a violent cold. How few can realize the mournful fact that he who added so to their enjoyment on so recent an occasion is now no more, that the golden bowl is broken, the silver cord loosened, and the spirit of their old friend Francis Eckert has been welcomed home by its gracious maker, after so long and useful a pilgrimage on earth. His life was always a busy one, seeking the development of enterprises that would assist his fellow men. Well may this part of his character be emulated by his successors. Always industrious himself, he expected all others to be also, and many are the poor persons he has assisted to employment, and started on the road to prosperity.
Mr. Eckert was born in Baden, Germany Nov 27, 18__, and lived there until he was 43 years old, coming to this country and settling in Jasper in 1847, on the same place on which he died, and raising a large family of children to maturity. He leaves four sons and one daughter, all married, 32 grandchildren and five great grandchildren, who were all present at his funeral, together with a large number of friends.