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Mrs. Mary Evans
Jasper Courier
Friday January 13, 1882

DIED:  On Jan. 10, 1882, Mrs. Mary Evans, aged 83 years.
Mrs. Evans was one of the pioneers of this section. She was born at Georgetown, Ky, in 1798, was a daughter of Col. Eli Pigman, at that time quite a noted Indiana hunter. She was married at Georgetown, June 1st 1816 to Mr. Andrew Evans, and came with her husband to the then wilderness of Dubois County the next year. Possessed of a strong constitution and a hardy disposition they settled in the woods on the land on which she died, and she chopped trees with him in clearing the forest, and held one end of the crosscut saw while they were sawed into lengths for rails and a log house.
Afterwards, when the land was put on the market by the government, she took a four year old child on horseback behind her, and a babe in her arms with a bag of provisions, and started through the almost trackless forest for Whitewater, where two of her brothers had settled, to obtain money to pay for the land, and then rode from there to the Vincennes land office and entered it.
Her husband died shortly after. During her long life, she was always ready to help others in sickness and when the cholera scare swept over Jasper in 1849, she was nearly the only one able bodied person who would volunteer as a constant nurse, spending days and nights with only the sleep she caught in a chair beside the sickbeds. She was always remembered with gratitude for her exertions then by the older citizens. For several months she had been very feeble and nearly blind, and death came as a welcome messenger ot her. She leaves a large number of children, grand and great grandchildren. Her brothers and other kindred yet live in Fayette County, in this state, and are highly respected people.
(File note: The land purchased was the northeast quarter of Section 3, in Bainbridge Township, southwest of Jasper.)