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Julius Flick
Jasper Courier
Friday June 28, 1874

FATAL ACCIDENT: On last Thursday Julius Flick, who resided near Freeman's store in Dubois County, and where he had been operating a new mill for some time, came to Shoals for the purpose of making some collections and attending to his business matters generally. After attending to his business, he became considerably intoxicated and remained in town until after night, drinking heavily all the time. At night there was a dance at Trenton, and after the saloons and buisness houses had closed, Flick started for Ironton, walking the railroad. This was about 10 o'clock in the evening, and there is a freight train passes here about this hour of the night. The train came in on time and went steaming on east, but a short distance this side of Ironton the engineer discovereed a man crouched upon the track and whistled down brakes, but it was too late. On came the thundering train, striking the unfortunate victim of intemperance, taking off both his legs below the knees and otherwise mangling him. He was picked up as soon as the train could be stopped and taken to the residence of Thomas Tindall in Ironton, where medical aid was called in, but he was beyond medical assistance. He died about one o'clock A. M.......Martin County Herald