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Joseph Ginther
Jasper Courier
Friday March 23, 1883

Obituary: Ireland--In memory of Joseph Ginther
Died Feb 24, 1883 of pneumonia, Mr. Joseph Ginther in his 24th year. Josie caught a cold. Josie, as he was called by us all, was indeed a young man of rare promise. He was the favorite of this neighborhood, much loved and highly respected by all who knew him. His death is indeed a terrible blow to his parents, as he was their mainstay and it may be truly said of him, he was a kind, loving and obedient son, always doing the will of his parents cheerfully. In the death of Mr. Ginther we are indeed reminded that the good must die young, and while he is gone from our midst forever, and we sadly mourn his loss, may his good example remain eve fresh to our memories. His remains were followed by a large concourse of people in their final resting place...... A.M.A.